Firmware (v2.42) Now Available

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Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that a PS3 firmware update (v2.42) is now available for download. This update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software.

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  • well………Thanks anyway Eric O__o

  • @43

    If you or anybody else sees that the bluetooth problem is fixed or still an issue please tell us, I have nobody online to help me test it right now.

  • Fix your freaking servers Sony, I am getting a 6 kb/s download over here with 4 hours to go…this is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Please implement: Password lock for PS3 User accounts and the account management. different ones!

  • @Sora57

    dude the “we fixed stuff” comment would be too much information in Eric’s eyes!! and besides Eric has to make it sound like he’s actually doing things in hopes that SONY doesn’t actually catch on and fire him for being useless…LOL

  • Pretty cool stuff.

  • Eric—

    Can you comment on the Trophy’s loading faster?

  • Yeah Sony!!!

    Patch Notes EVERY time!!!….Or else…or else…uummmmmm…….I’m going to burn my PS3 to the ground!???

    OMG get a life guys!! You act like Sony just committed the most unholy of unholys!
    Its a god D^M game box.
    How bout ya take a chill pill (and maybe a lil break from the blogs/forums) and play a game for once….

  • Does this fix the freezing issues I have been having with Lego Indiana Jones and 1942?

  • Hey…I don’t mean this in a bad way…but I’m sure it will sound that way though :)
    Why don’t you guys at least throw in some new avatars when you put up featureless updates?
    Its been a while… :(

  • I hope it brings back the old Platinum Trophy.

  • Why is everybody complaining? Apparently the update was needed so…

  • @37
    Stop asking for flash 9! There is no flash 9 SDK, so it’s not going to happen. Go pester Adobe to make a new flash SDK.

  • life with playstation release- end of the month

    end of this month- this thursday

    thursdays- PSN updates

    Midnight firmware update patches for…
    Life with playstation which comes in this thursdays update!

    Amiright? Do I win an internet?

  • Wow… I cant believe it. I LOVE it how other people get off topic in a random topic begging for something thats not related to it. :|

  • @Stoffinator:

    Once again, I have to quote myself from n4g a couple of days ago. Jeez . . . I JUST got through having to do this on GameFAQs……anyway:

    Yeah, so many delays recently.
    It’s sucked! I mean, the Burnout update got delayed, the video store got delayed, the PJ Eden demo got delayed, in-game XMB which was supposed to be here in the summer got delayed . . . it’s been a mess!

    *gets handed a note*

    Wha…..? All of these things came out exactly when they were supposed to come out? You mean they DIDN’T get delayed at all? So, you mean this Stoffinator guy has NO CLUE what he’s talking about?

    Wow, amazing.

  • Ok guys. You test out the firmware and in a few days if there aren’t any bricks, then I’ll allow mine to update. Please post your model and your problem, if any.

  • Eric, is there a way to set up some sort of auto install feature on all content that’s downloaded?

  • @63
    I hope you’re right. I’m not holding my breath though. Life is coming soon, but whether they will actually come through and deliver this thursday, idunno.

  • nothing dude the update works fine, and this would be the place to inquire about next releases features, yeah?

  • i cant download the update. ever since it kicked my off psn i can barely connect to the internet with my ps3 let alone get the update

  • Just wondering, do u ever read the official PS forums? in the “Updates” section for PS3, there are a number of ideas that would make ur console a beast. check it out

  • I’d gladly test the firmware if I could download it.

  • regarding download: eternity has a new meaning!

  • @MNWestStudent: 80gb MGS bundle unit, no problems.

  • regarding downloading update: eternity has a completely new meaning now!!

  • anyone got any errors?

    should i do the update?

    i was in the middle of playing cod4 when it disconnected me off psn. thanks

  • I did the update fine.

    Nothing new here though.

  • hi there,

    these are just a few ideas for future firmware update that i thought it might be useful for the PS3 + PSP users,
    i believe most of them are doable, and some of them are just compliants and hoping it can get fixed really quick.

    01. wireless file transfer between PSP and PS3 during remote play (photo, music)
     wouldn’t it be nice when you’re outside of your house(w/ wi-fi access of course), nd being able to get your music from your ps3 to psp and bring it on the go, right?

    02. bettary indicator overlapping clock display (love the clock, but overlapping..BAD!)
     i know it only takes 3 sec for it to disappear, but it gets really frustrating after awhile.when i’m playing with my psp, i like to press home to check time very often, it sucks when youhave to wait 3 sec to get the time and get back to the game in ps3. (and no, i don’t have clocks around me)

    03. suggesting removral of un-useble icon(most of the setting icon for example) for in-game xmb
     it does kind of annoying and messy keep been asked that you have to leave the game to do this and that.

    04. in-depth profile (location[!], hobbies, interest, game preferrences[!]) source:
     just some good ideas to got from other website, makes you know your new friends better don’t you think?

    05. In-game voice chat, cross game invites(people keep asking about it, sure you’d noticed)

    06. maybe the ability to change PS store server location(JAP, US, UK) without changing PSN account?
     then able to delect alot of overlapping accounts? b/c there are some demos/games that other store don’t have please don’t be so independent..3 locations can work together to provide the best service for customers :)

    07. Flash Player upgrade. (For PS3, PSP if possible..please)
     really…just hoping….hoping ever since the day i got my psp..(and my 2nd psp[slim])..

    08. more media file type supported. (people’s request, personally.. i’d just use media server)

    09. frames selection (just like the psp when watching video and press square[PSP can do it, why not PS3?])
     again…PSP can do it…why not PS3? i found this function really useful

    10. how about some playlist for PSP music/photo? and RSS feed/channel for PS3 ?
     not everybody likes to take out psp and select music that them want to play right? something to think about.

    11. save the character encoding for certain web page that you go very often? tired of changing them everytime.
     yes, it’s really*n very*n frustrating for multi-language users.

    12. i know these are marketing issues, but i really like to see GPS on psp in NA region. (currently in CA)

    thats about all for now, and i’m hoping to see at least some of them in the far, sony has been doing a great job, and does listen to what customers have to say. and yes, we know it takes time to develop new features, it’s not going to popup overnight. but it is always nice to hear from the developers(about firmware) what they have been doing. even if its only once a month.

    and i really hope somebody can see these and take some actions on it. Cheers !

  • what happen with life with PlayStation.

  • Sneaky firmware updates…stealth like…

    You guys asking for B/C are not going to get it. It was just announced about its removal…you think they’re going to undo it?

    Give it a rest…well, it’s easy for me to say that…I have a 60 gig…lol

  • oh my god its stuck at 1 percent for past like 10 minutes lol

  • This update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software.

    I like improvements.

  • Well currently I’m trying to download the update so I can play online, but it’s no even allowing me to. It starts at 0% and doesn’t move.

    I’m going to assume it’s the servers, cause I’m also trying to download it as the PC version, and it’s been going for 15 minutes, and I’ve only got 10% of a 130 MB file downloaded. That’s even worse then dial up.

    I hope it gets fixed soon, cause I would like to play online tonight before having to hit the sack.

  • I dunno, right now I think what’s most important is the bluetooth mic issue, then perhaps the battery indicator..

  • dragon_unleashed



    stop wyning mate why the hell would you want to go in your xmb during a movie?

    I’m very glad that the made the ingame xmb and thank sony for listning too us…

  • ####################################


    Eric, here is My wishlist :D

    #Fix Battery Indicator over Clock. (Move Above Clock Please!)#
    #Auto Timer to Shut Off Controller ( Set to Own Liking Example: 5,10,15,20,25,30 mins )#
    #Make Clock Visable when tapping the PS Button during playback of DVD’s Blueray Disks#
    #InGame XMB for PS2/PS1/DVD/Bluray.#
    #Backward compatibility for PS2 for all PS3 models.#
    #Music Playback from Network and USB Devices Ingame.#
    #Upgrade Web Browser (at least Java and Flash Please )#
    #Make PSP as a Controller for the PS3 Via WIFI connection#

    Think of more later! :O

    Thank You Again for Reading 8)


  • awsome!!
    But when can we expect movies for canadian users

  • 85

    I think that anything communication-wise should be available during everything, chat during movies or whatever. When home releases I figure a lot will change with that, I’m not sure how well home will be integrated with the system though.

  • I like updates, but is there any way that Sony can inform their users a day or so in advance of these, and more explicitly what these do? Lack of information can breed misinformation, especially on the internet. Thanks!

  • man this is a joke…… i go home from work early just to do a system update that takes a long time to load…….

  • I wish the update came with more info. Please be more spacific.

  • Kotaku was right! this surely was quite a Ninja move. snuck right in while i was playing Aerosmith, booted me off the network so i knew it was an update. I’m gonna hold off till I know there are no bugs as I’m sooooo afraid of bricking my 60gig launch PS3, after that 2.4 nightmare fiasco.

    see you guys online in a couple days!


  • @Eric the music problem remains….please do something!we cant f.fwd/rwd/pause! a track while on the internet of watching photos…this is really annoying,when you try to adjust your music in a slide show! Are aware of this Eric?

  • Why do u fellas want ps2 backwards compatibility? dont you have a ps2? (you can get them used for cheap!)

    no point in making more workload for the devs when we really dont need it! I am glad there isnt ps2 backwards compatibility because that would drive the price up!! some of us wouldnt even have a ps3 then!

    I think ps2 backward compatibility is a hardware thing…nothing they can do on the software side so in the end I also think its just not possible.

  • is this not working for anybody else? i can’t download this…

  • I cant download the new firmware nore can i sign in to the network…

  • its now downloading for me :) finnaly, i hear beeps from my speakers lol…. so yay its moving 1 PERCENT EVERY 10 seconds!!!


  • More than anything else on the PS3, the chat and microphone fixes are needed. There are numberous issues due to the inconsistency between games on how and when the mics can be used (eg. in Battlefield:Bad Company they work for 2 minutes before crashing or stupidly no in match talk during Soul Calibur 4). All these differences and bugs in the implementation make this using this peripheral almost useless.

    PLEASE update the firmware to take the voice chat out of the individual game deveolpers hands and implement it better in the XMB so that you can chat to how ever many people from the XMB and all through a game and back out again.

  • i lied 25 seconds a percent :D , at 15% as of right now

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