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I have to admit: my first Comic-Con International (this one) is not what I expected. While it’s got everything you’d expect – cosplayers, “limited edition” everything, and, yes, comics – there’s really a lot more. I’d venture to say, even if you’re into videogames and couldn’t care less about comics – this is still the place for you.

As we indicated yesterday, the PlayStation area is where the public gets hands-on access to our upcoming games – many for the first time. Because I know that many of you can’t make it down to San Diego this week/weekend, and because tickets have become rather hard to acquire, I shot this booth tour during yesterday’s “Preview Night.”

Sorry for the “but wait, there’s more!”-style, but if you can make it, we’d love to have you drop by.

BTW, here’s that Sweepstakes URL referenced in the video: http://www.us.playstation.com/ep/promotions/321/?ILC-psblog&PRMO=comicconsweeps08

Even if you can’t make it, you can still try to win a free PS3!

More from Comic-Con tomorrow!

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  • Awesome, I wish I was there, I’m too far away.

  • I want a swag bag, pleeeease. :-p

    Good coverage as always so far. Look forward to more.

  • Jeff,
    Pleased to be detailing your most shocking experience at this event thus far?

  • From the contest page you pointed out, what is: PAIN™ Movie Lot?

    hmm… maybe it’s just a part of the PAIN Labs upcoming release. But could it be more?

  • this is cool jeff and thanks for videos update.any word on what happen to the guy from capcom he said he was suppose on the blog yesterday i believe.also jeff what about taking some of those lil big planet bags and giving some of them to us blog reader.i really am looking forward to that one game.do answer back this time

  • I’m a fan of comics and games…wish I could be there! Thanx for the coverage in my abscence.

  • Just entered the sweepstakes!

    Thanks for the link and the info.

  • Does it cost to get in?

    Btw, I know the guy 2 minutes into the video, with the long hair lol.

  • Cool info Jeff =)

  • Jeff this is the first time i seen you. For some reason i pictured you as a 40yr old man with a full brown beard just based off your name. Weird huh?!

  • I want that swag bag just because it looks cool lol

  • Dear Jeff,

    Could you please tell whom ever is in charge of getting PSone Classics on the Store, that we are hungry for more titles and simply jealous that Japan not only has much more titles but gets them on a regular basis. Just to name a few are Gex: Enter the Gecko, Silent Hill, G-Police, R-Type Delta, Need for Speed, Colony Wars, Wipeout XL, Legend of Dragoon, Ehrgeiz. Heres an idea, put a poll on the Store or send it as a message through PS3. Watch the floodgates open wide.

    Thank you,

    Daniel B.

  • Jeff one thing I wanted to correct you on from your video… not all refridgerators are “incomplete” without magnets. It is true – my new stainless steel fridge isn’t “backwards compatible” with magnets. Seriously, no magnets work on this thing – so much wasted space.

  • @rahstar2003,
    It’s ok. I think most people picture him as a rodent with a blue hat and yellow scarf. It’s easier that way.

  • More socom please… I’ll pay you!

    I just need to see a knife attack and a sniper kill AHHHH!

  • I’m really jealous of anyone who gets one of those awesome LBP bags… Wish I could make it to Comic-Con but it’s just too far away for me to travel right now, there’s always next year though.

  • You gotta do more of these video presentations, Jeff!

  • COMIC-CON>>>>>>E3

  • Just entered for the PS3. Hope I win!1 ^_^

  • wish i was there . . Wow people get to play little Big and Socom. Westcoast seems to have all the kick ass events . Any love coming to the East?

  • Jeff you should introduce yourself at the beginning of the video.Seems weird you just start talking.

    I wish I could try out LBP and socom they look great.

    Thanks Jeff

  • I want to try Socom. Where the hell is my Socom beta >:(

    Comic con sounds like a good time, even though i wouldn’t go there for the comics :P

  • Thanks for the post.

    Too bad the draw isn’t for everyone and only includes US citizens, I would have loved to enter.

  • Sweet stuff Jeff. I hope you have a fun time there. Also will there be any new video shown of different games. May be some thing like DC universe.

  • Jeff, any way we’ll get it a round up of the show on the PSN?

  • Nice vid Jeff. Liking the LittleBigPlanet schwag bag. Unfortunately I can’t make it to Comic Con either.

  • I wish I was there. Well I get to try out Street Fighter IV in the U.K on Saturday so there is something to look forward to!

    I want my Rockman 9 PSN fix LOL!

  • Sorry I can’t make it. Next year perhaps.

  • Comics? Sweet.

    Video games? Sweet.

    Comics AND video games?! Nerdgasm.

  • I’m most excited for Battlestar Galactica & Watchmen. I’m excited for the Watchmen game also but I wish there was a BSG one worth mentioning.

  • Damn, I hope some impressions from average players come out about Socom and LBP.

    I want free stuff ;_;

  • Some really great stuff there. Wish I was there. Too bad I’m stuck here in the Netherlands :'(

  • Socom and LBP !!!

  • **hopes for swag contest**
    Anyways, I can’t make it… :( looks sweet though. ITCHING to try those games darn it. I’m a 4 hr drive from LA and SF so…arg. Well have fun people who are there(I’ll gun you down later).
    Nice video Sony, keep up the good work.


  • hay, can I have one of those Little Big Planet bags please. I live in NY, so I can’t go to comic-con :(

  • Hey, would you be able to ask if they are coming out with Little Big Planet plush dolls? I wanna rock one of those for my g/f.

    Many thanks.

  • @36: Same here, all we got is Digital Life but Little Big Planet will be out by then.

    In other news, man you’re tall or everyone at Comic-con is short lol.

  • People, that is not Jeff in that video

  • Jeff,

    Please, how do I get a LBP Sackbag?

    Texas is too far from Comic-Con in San Diego.

    I like SWAG! :)

  • Jeff, can you grab me one of those LBP bags? ;)

  • send me a swag bag please =(

    is comicon free?

  • @4 (me),
    Maybe the PAIN Movie Lot is SCEA’s name for the new PAIN replay editor? That’s what satriales tipped me off to over on the playstation.com forums.

  • Man. I live about 10 mins away from Downtown SD (IB) but the tickets ran out so i couldnt go!
    @42 no the tickets are sold out now

  • The GC in Leipzig will be the biggest console-event in europe , therefor the tickets aren’t sold out yet ;)

  • incretible!

  • It’s amazing how much hands on stuff you can pack into that booth! Thanks for he vid, it looks like a lot of fun. Too bad it’s sold out, I was tempted to take a ride down.

  • SKYPE for ps3 :D

  • Wanna be theere!! :(
    ohh and great vid! of course!

  • i tried getting into the convention, but since i am so tall, the security guards said noone taller than Jeff could attend.

    So i just pulled a solid snake and climbed in through the vents.

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