Siren: Blood Curse rises today

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Escape from BYOUIN

The first survival horror game available on the PS3 is coming to the PLAYSTATION Store today! We have worked on this for many a month now, and cannot express enough how anxious we are to hear what you think when you finally get to play this game!

Let me give you just a little bit of background information to get you familiar with the story, in case you haven’t seen the trailers or tried the demo yet (there’s one embedded below).

An American TV crew sets out on a journey to Japan in hopes of shooting a documentary piece about a mysterious village that supposedly disappeared under a mud slide 30 years ago. Upon arrival in this village, they immediately stumble across a disturbing ritual taking place. In the midst of the confusion and terror, a siren screams out. It’s a spine chilling sound. Is it a warning to stay away? What is the meaning of it? Why do the inhabitants keep coming back to life? What is going on here? I would love to tell you more, but that’s for you to find out…

As the player, you get to experience the unique sense of fear this game delivers as you control 7 different playable characters, each character witnessing a different part of the horror and the mystery. And of course there is the unique sight jack system, which lets you see things from the perspective of your friends and even of the deadly Shibito undead, which I think really adds to the kind of horror you can experience with this game.

You should definitely play at night, lights out and surround sound on. The shivers you will get are perfect for the summer heat.

And yes… Let’s talk about pricing and how the product will be released.


So, how do you pick up Siren: Blood Curse? Very easy. Just head to the PLAYSTATION Store on your PS3 and go to the Siren category page. There should be banners up, and it should also be found in the “new releases” section. Now, the game is split into 12 easily digestible chunks, like episodes of a TV series. You’ll be able to purchase the game in three separate packs, consisting of 4 episodes each. These will run at $14.99 per 4-episode bundle. Or, right off the bat, you can purchase the full game for a nice discount at only $39.99. This is all available only through the PS Store. Remember, this is a full-length game, much larger in scale than most of the downloadable games available on the store. It’s on par with full-scale Blu-ray disc releases, and is all part of our effort to expand our selection of game content on the store.

If you want to try out the game before you buy, be sure to download the demo from the PS Store for a taste of the full game has to offer.

While you’re on the PS Store, be sure to check out the cool wallpapers and PS3 Theme we’ve come up with. There will also be a few more awesome wallpapers available next week as well.

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  • I’d LOVE to buy this game, but here’s why I won’t:

    I don’t want to permanently dedicate 10gb of my PS3 drive to a single game.

    When a Blu-Ray game asks me to install 5GB or something, I don’t really mind. Because I can always delete the file and reload it at a later date.

    But with a download, I don’t really have that option, unless I’m willing to re-download the whole 10GB at a later date.

    But who wants to re-download a 10GB game?!

    You guys need to rethink your distribution channels. You’re missing out on a whole chunk of potential customers with this silly approach.

  • Scaredy Cats !


  • I’ll be buying this if it has trophies.

    I played the demo and loved the voice acting and gameplay mechanics. I love the horror genre but…

    I seriously hope Trophies are supported. It would be horrible if trophies are not implemented. Why announce an awesome feature and not support it?

    Jeff Rubenstein we are all STILL waiting on those details for Elefunk Trophy support.(Which I haven’t bought like many others due to lack of trophy support.)I know E3 must’ve left you exhausted but…

    The Elefunk release post is flooded with comments asking about trophy support.

  • First, I played the Japanese demo, and while confused I somehow made it through.
    Next, I played the US demo, and died a few minutes into it (Right after acquiring the pistol), haha! Anyway, here’s my situation:

    The game apparently does 720p but not 1080i. I have a 32 inch LCD that does both, but not 1080p. I’m just wondering if the game will display in 720p and not revert to 480p, which would suck.

  • when the heck is it going to be released????they said the 24 but dang i still dont see it.

  • Sounds really interesting. I will definitely check out the demo.

  • Usually the US PSN Store updates after 5PM EST

  • thx for the answers of my questions………………………………….

  • How come this game isn’t available on the Australian store?

  • How come this game isn’t available on the Australian store yet?

  • I’m very excited by this, not only for the game itself (I did enjoy the demo), but for what it represents: a full-scale, brand new game released for digital distribution on a console. Congrats to the dev team, and looking forward to checking it out!

  • I’ll be buying this in its entirety today!

  • Awesome. Can’t wait.


    way to clog up our hard drives even more…

    No way i’m getting it unless it’s on a blu-ray.

    (otherwise when my PS3 goes kaput AGAIN, i’ll have lost it and have to DL it again.)

    too bad, it looks pretty cool!

  • I love downloadable games but I’m really bothered by the idea of having to delete games I purchased in a few years when my hard drive is full.

    Is there some way of storing the game on your PC, memory stick, external drive or something?

  • I just bought a 250 GB HD for CHEAP! Storage problems solved :)

  • Thanks Sony for not letting us in Mexico buy PSN stuff and expansions for our games. I think I’m going to buy some stuff in Xbox 360 arcade titles or Nintendo Wii store, because those stores accept our credit card. Thanks again SONY!!!

  • Disapointed in the lack of a Blu-ray release.

  • I’m online and the game is not in the Store yet… I’m from Canada, when will it be up?

  • I WANT PSN CARDS!!!! :(

    I think it would be better if you also make a Blu-ray version of the game :D

  • Few questions

    1) Is there online co-op? :3 (;D might need a buddy to team up with to embark on this adventure)

    2) Planned Blu-ray release?

    3) Trophy Support?

    4) Custom Soundtracks?

    ~ Thanks! =D

  • where can i get a psn card?
    so i can buy this.

  • can you download one episode at a time?

  • So still no answers about Life With Playstation. Is it still planned to release in the next few days right?

    Will it record all games, and how will it work? Is it a program similar to that of Halo’s replay saving?

    How much can we save?

    When Is it coming?

  • I’m sooo glad that this is an actual SURVIVAL HORROR, I dunno what happened to the Resident Evil franchise but I was more interested in the old school version compared to the new ones RE4/RE5, they seem more like Action horror or something. Doesn’t deliver much scares…altho I think Fatal Frame 1 was the scariest game I’ve played cuz of the limited weaponry (camera). I won’t even bother saying anything about Alone in the Dark except for…wow SAD lol. Oh! And Silent Hill is still creepy atleast the last time I remember but I haven’t played the latest. Keep it up, i’ll be sure to pick this up soon!

    • to deadxbabiesxinc:

      Thanks you for your support.

      I\’m sure you will enjoy this game if you like the old-school survival horror approach.

      The storyline, and the playable characters being \”normal\” people really adds to a unique experience.


  • this is great the game lok awsome the dim lighting and textures really add to the horror. i loved the demo is was exciting and scary i liked how you put the sixaxis control to block the door that was unexpected this is a game that i must have.

    • to babybluedb:

      Thanks again.

      Yes, I think the SIXAXIS implementation was done very nicely, as well as the DUALSHOCK3 rumble when the enemy Shibito is near by. It simply adds to the horror experience.

      I\’m sure you will enjoy the final product.


  • just the EU version is up at the moment its actually shocking we get something FIRST ok it might not be that much sooner than every where else but still is FIRST for a change :D

    JEFF are you back in the office yet? Are you walkin back from taco-bell?? heh

  • I really want to buy this game, but no trophy support? Really? At this point that unacceptable.

  • first i want to know will be a blu ray release like Europe is getting?
    i love the demo and i love horror game i don’t like the fact that its 7 gigs too much memory for a downloadable game.

  • I really need to know where I can buy PSN cards. PLEASE!!!!!! I want to buy this game

  • trophy patch? who cares!!! day one purchase for me!! i got a 160gb anyway :D

  • @73

    I think you can only download the chapters in blocks of 4: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12.

  • hopefully its not a resident evil copy or somethin

  • hopefully its not a resident evil copy or something

  • From what I have seen the game looks really awesome. Keep the good work Tsubasa and team :D

  • @82

    it is available as 1 download the whole thing £20 here :D finaly some leveled pricing for us europeans

  • Great, I will wait for a review…..or when PSN cards arrive.

  • Played the demo and it was definitely awesome! I can’t wait to purchase the whole 12-part series (anyone know if all 12 episodes will be available immediately?), I just wish there were trophies, i’m pretty much almost done with Super Stardust HD.

  • @86

    Not sure how much that is here in the States, but that sounds like a good price. We can purchase and download the entire package for $40… or pay $55 for the Blu-ray import.

    I’m thinking of just buying the disc version.

  • @87

    Check post #28 for a link to a review.

  • When all the chapters are done will this game make it to Bluray? For those of us who aren’t able to get stuff from the store?

    *Hint hint Sony at getting those PSN cards out there. No more of this “they are on the way”.

  • Thanks “The_culture”

  • I can’t wait for this!
    Have a question though, will this be released on BluRay? I would rather buy it than download it.
    Still, can’t wait to play it! :)

  • I reallyb wish my PS3 wasn’t broken.

  • This and the Eden demo are sooooooooo mine :) Everybody complaining about too many FPS on the PS3 please support titles like this, speaking with your wallet speaks louder then a blog rant.

    Eurogamer loved the game and gave it 9/10

  • Is there any chance of this game coming out on BluRay?

  • Did everyone miss the part where he said “This is all available only through the PS Store”? Come on guys

  • I can’t remember if I tried the demo yet or not, guess I’ll have to download it when I have a spare moment.

  • It looks so scary….maybe I will get it…but I think I’ll be too scared to play alone. :)

  • Any chance Siren will come out on Blu-ray. Because a game like I would like to own more on a disk over as a PSN game.

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