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Recently we had the incredible opportunity to share with you a first look for the MAG project at the SCEA E3 Press Conference. We’re thrilled with the early responses from everyone and have been amazed at all the creative speculation about the game. If you haven’t seen the news, MAG is a new online shooter coming in 2009 where up to 256 players wage battles as 8-person squads in a new and unique World. You can watch the press event here or download it from the PLAYSTATION Store.

Though it’s early to talk in depth about MAG, we can definitely quell some fears we’ve already heard from you about how MAG will need to compromise on gameplay to support its size. Well, it may be massive but it is an action shooter at its core. You can run around and shoot enemies, throw grenades, and drive vehicles just like any other shooter except with MAG you’ll do it with up to 256 players. The team at Zipper was one of the pioneers of online gaming on consoles with the SOCOM franchise and they’ve used this knowledge to create a brand new server architecture to make an original game like MAG possible.

Here’s a sneak peak from one of our internal play sessions:

MAG 1st look
We’re anxious to talk more about MAG and all its features as soon as we can. Until then, stay tuned to the PlayStation blog for more details and official news.

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  • Amazing looking game! cant wait! Mr.Rade Stojsavljevic, Sir I know thim might be too personal and Im sorry for taking up your time, but I was wondering what your backround is? Because Im Serbian and your last name is very familiar to other Slovik names, for example mine is Andrijevic.

  • Great looking game! Mr.Rade Stojsavljevic, sir Im sorry for getting off topic and I know this might be too personal but I was wondering what your backround is? Because Im from Serbia and your last name is very similar to many Slovik names, for example mine is Andrijevic.

  • sorry for double post blog had error.

  • I’m definitely impressed, but also somewhat concerned. The fact that everyone is so syked about 256 players means that it must be really hard to accomplish and keep it running smoothly. So does this mean there will have to be trade-ins elsewhere in the game?
    For example, with so many players the data being received by the ps3 on character looks alone would be substantial, so will there only be three or four characters to choose from? (thats exaggerated, but you get my point: reduced content for smooth gaming, like Haze traded in graphics for 4 player co-op?)
    And I know it’s too early to be talking about this, but what about the maps? With the size needed for all those players, will there be just one huge map or a lot of really big ones? And if you go the rout of Operation Flashpoint 2 and use just one huge map, and it’s the one in the CG trailer and the screenshot, I have to say that that would be kind of depressing. From what was shown, it seems to be going right along with all the other awesome next-gen (current-gen?) titles, that have great graphics but everything’s the same color (either brown or gray)and overly saturated. Has anyone looked out the window lately? Those so called ultra-realistic graphics have absolutely nothing in common with the real world, at least as far as color is concerned.
    Another question is: how will spawn points be managed? If too many squads choose the same spawn point a la Battlefield, I could imagine some serious lagging. Will squads spawn by parachuting (like in the screenshot)? that would be friggin’ sweet, but would that also mean you have to wait before all of your squad mates die before spawning?
    One last question: what kind of game modes are planned? We all saw a kind of conquest mode, where one team had to capture some sort of facility (or at least it looked that way), while the other defended it. Will there be something like a squad based free-for-all? Something like that would grow all by itself, with clans taking the initiative, temporary alliances, backstabbing and all sorts of other fun. If such a game mode hasn’t been considered yet, pleease do?

    PS: Is there a target ESRB rating? I hope it’s not Teen, like Battlefield: Bad Company. (Only reason I didn’t get that game was because I kept on getting stabbed by my immature teammates ‘cuz they wanted to drive the tank or shoot the artillery. Grrr!!)

  • WhereIsWipeoutHD

    Will you have offline bot support? Will you have private servers?

  • Is this game part of Home? I watched this part of the E3 conference in a hurry and didn’t get if the game is a disc release, PSN release or a game included with Home.

    About Home I would prefer Sony developers making all PS1 games purchaseable through the PS Store than making Home. That would bring more happy faces and a lot of money in their wallets!

  • What are people talking about? Who doesn’t love the name “MAG: Massive Action Game” I mean, seriously. Its massive, its got action, and its a game. I think its a great name, and I hope it isn’t a placeholder name for something else.

    I’m getting the game day one, whenever the release date is, and I can’t wait for it.

    Keep up the amazing work, because I know I won’t be jumping into an average shooter when I get this, I’ll be jumping into a war! Yeah, no cheesy lines here fellas.

  • Is this game going to be TPS or FPS? Or could it be both? Other than that I can’t wait to see in action GJ Zipper.

  • I didn’t read through the comments so sorry if its already been said, but will you need a better connection for online. Better then what is required to play online now with out lagging around.

  • In-game, it looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing it in motion later on (hopefully soon).

  • Massive Action Game

  • More screen-shots please

  • This is why I stick with Sony. You can say what you want about now in game footage, and boo to cgi trailers at expos but Sony always has something up their sleeve. Its Zipper, they created a robust online (and underline robust and online) experience for the ps2 (underline ps2 as well). I think they might know how to push hardware.
    They also have a reputation to uphold…me thinks they wouldn’t announce it unless it wasn’t possible.

  • amazing!

  • Wow we are really getting great people on the blog today, anyway I haven’t checked yet but if it’s possible can you visit the forums and go to the MAG forums and answer some questions we have the author is BFrosty. Anyway I am really looking forward to the game and by looking at the live gameplay of people parachuting from the plane I am guessing it will start off with you getting of the plane and that’s how you respawn? Also people are saying 3rd person has been confirmed, I don’t mind but I would prefer if you could have it where you can use both views by pressing the SELECT button

  • I wonder if you can answer this or not. But has Zipper given up on Socom. I always liked the Socom games and was looking for a new Socom game with a great story. I really do not like just playing online and as good as MAG looks. It just is not my kind of game.

    Also I wonder if you can answer this too. Seeing as you just showned MAG my guess would be no but I’ll ask any way. Any chance Zipper might make a new IP. May be an RTS, or a new action adventure game.

    Also how many people work at Zipper.

  • Wow, if this works out how you say it will…well, it should be EPIC!

  • Wow, that actually is in-game, huh? That’s a lot better than what I was expecting. Amazing. I look forward to seeing more, though now my concern is that there will be some sort of monthly charge or something…

    Eh, I suppose it really doesn’t affect me. It looks amazing and I’m sure for anyone that enjoyed/enjoys Warhawk, this will be great, but I do not play online pretty much at all. Still, this is definitely a sweet bragging-right. :D

  • I want to see this game inn action, Many people predicts it will ridiculous lag or it will feature ps1 graphics. Hope to see a final good product.

  • A 256 player war, that looks that good! I’m sold, as long as the game play is tight.

  • looks siiiiick! can’t wait for some intense huge online multiplayer!


  • This game looks good!

  • I attended the SONY E3 press conference in person and MAG was the main attraction. When they said 256 player everyone was stunned. I can not wait for the game to come out.

    Any possibility of getting a larger screen shot… and maybe a few more?

  • Screenshots look good but why so small? How far into production is this game?

  • when can you show us a gameplay video? before TGS please, like this week!


  • 1. Aside from the 256 player count, how are you guys going to differentiate this game from all the other FPSes out there?

    2. Things I would like to see.
    – real time strategy elements such as base building and resource gathering. There are going to be people(leaders) who would enjoy creating things such as energy station(that power and supply the army), factory buildings for (tanks and other vehicles), army depot for class specialization and weapons upgrades, fortified bunkers and other etc….

    – deployables like sentry gun, radar/sensor towers, minefields
    – classes such as scout, sniper, medic, assault, spec ops (cloaking unit), engineer, hackers(disable or take control of opposing team’s units), etc..

    3. don’t stick to this time period. have it more sci-fi. This way there can be more weapons with good strategic value such as shields, emp weapons, etc….

  • So this is what Zipper was working on.

    This game looks incredible. I can’t wait to play it.

  • Haha, xbox360 fanboys can cry when they look at this. 256 players!

    Anyways, Sony, why arent you printing the FF7 remake?! You’d be basically printing money…

  • Looks and sounds amazing. This will definitely be a technological accomplishment if you actually manage quality gameplay between 256 people online. However, part of me is crying on the inside. Another online shooter? We already have 3 big name online shooters coming in the next few months. Is there nothing else for the PS3? At what point does the market become saturated with shooters? Online games are great but we definitely need to explore some other genres. No wonder Little Big Planet took G4’s best of show: it actually WASN’T a shooter (zomg!)

  • Wow that’s nice! Finally a in-game SS, and it sure looks good! The lighting’s awesome. So this game is released in 2009 right? I would love to see more info about this game~ ^_^

  • Hey Rade, this is going to be a semi-long post, but I would appreciate it if you read it thoroughly as it is a suggestion concerning spawning. (If you can parachute spawn) you can actually ride in a transport plane (sitting down in seats on the sides [inside]) that will be in a wave spawn. Then once you’re about 30 seconds away you all stand up in a line facing the back doors, then the doors open as normal, then about 5 seconds till the insertion point is reached people start jumping out the back and then it gives you the controls… (to control you and your parachute) But, as you are sitting in the plane waiting for the insertion point to come up, you **can** (Like by pressing an unused button) look at a satellite view (overhead) of what is going on in the battlefield. Either that or look around using the left analog stick.

  • Hey Rade, this is going to be a semi-long post, but I would appreciate it if you read it fully, as it is concerning spawning.

    (If you can parachute spawn) you can actually ride in the plane (sitting down in seats on the sides [inside]) that will be in a wave spawn. Then once you’re about 30 seconds away you all stand up in a line facing the back doors, then the doors open as normal, then about 5 seconds till the insertion point is reached people start jumping out the back and then it gives you the controls… (to control you and your parachute) But, as you are sitting in the plane waiting for the insertion point to come up, you **can** (Like by pressing an unused button) look at a satellite view (overhead) of what is going on in the battlefield. Either that or look around using the left analog stick.

  • Wow killer screen shot, can’t wait to find out more about this. It was one of the most intriguing parts of the Sony E3.

  • dam i hope it won’t mess up during online play

  • RADE??
    You are not answering the question if there is going to be a monthly fee with this game or not. Please be upfront with your consumers, just tell us if there will be a monthly fee, or no monthly fee, or you are looking at the model to see if a fee is needed. Can you answer this one simple question please?

  • Why there isn’t a trailer of MAG on PSN?

  • Now this is my kinda game!

  • Hello,

    I am interrested in MAG and I have one question: does the game handle four players split screen ?

    I enjoy this features in Warhawk with friends, and I was very disapointed when I learnt that R2 didn’t handle that, it is something that is rarely implemented and it is a shame, 4 player split screen is very fun, and I hope to get more co-op 4 players split screen in the future.

    So good luck for your development (From France)!

  • I have absolutely no doubt that the PS3 running on state-of-the-art dedicated servers is fully capable of this kind of action. I know the game will work.

    However, I question if the game is for me. I know SOCOM certainly isnt. However, I love Warhawk.

    I hope MAG takes the opportunity to appeal to all action gamers, not just people who have no job, or don’t mind paying for another one. Warhawk provides an amazing and exciting ‘pick up and go’ experience I dont think MAG is aiming to replicate. I’ll give it a look, but I dont expect it to be my thing.

  • @187, im guessing that it can be 8 player co-op, since the squads are 8 players each.
    So, it’d make sence.

  • So what vehicles can we expect and how long will a game session run?

  • Wow! So many people, I will need new places to hide. :)

  • @45(Netweb): I would really like to see ships, boats, and small submarines in this game. The inclusion of nautical vehicles & combat would pique the curiosity of gamers & make them more likely to purchase MAG.

  • this game look so good i wouldn’t mind if there’s a monthly fee, as long as there’s no lag.

  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • This is going to be sweet! Pure action!

  • MAG looks incredible! It was one of those E3 “wow!” moments for me. My first thought was… human A.I.!
    My only concern would be if this game is a monthly fee type game. I hate to be tied to a monthly fee and miss other games that come out. I’d far prefer the Warhawk model of booster packs.

  • I think you should just call the game “HOLY [DELETED]!!”….cause I’m sure that’s what most people will say once they are playing it :D.

    Actually I’m cool with MAG, I can’t wait to see more as it becomes available!

  • Please please please make a Third person perspective i get dizzy playing fps’s…..pretty please.


  • @198 Mattchewie

    Your alternative game name has my vote… that fits in my opinion.

    Truly this game looks to be about impressing, I’m sure they plan on impressing people with more than just sheer number of players, and visuals, There is probably some never before seen gameplay mechanics, and online combat hooks, that have yet to come to light, they can’t give us even 10% of the picture at this point, my bet is we won’t find out more about this game until it’s at least 50% completed, possibly even near 100% completion.
    I know from my personal experience as a developer, that forums and blogs really do impact the direction a game can take, you might have that initial vision, and the A-builds might look promising, but it’s the cold hard truth that the fans, and the subtly intrigued members of the gaming community provide that give you the incentive to rethink things that may/or may not be of substantial value in the project.

    Sometimes, and from my understanding, most often, a project will be generally it’s most hectic, near the end, due to the opportunity to make more frequent, and large scale changes, and evolve certain aspects of the game in general.

    I think MAG has something brilliant and never before seen, because it’s been hugely hush hush, and I theorize they’ve got a long way to go, because they don’t seem very responsive to the people posting questions about the actual gameplay, etc.

    nonetheless MAG is a ride, that I’ll be first in line, ticket clenched in hand for.

    Zipper rocks!

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