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Busy week = fat reading list. As the many gaming blogs and websites digest all the games they went hands-on with at E3, expect to see a *lot* more impressions in the coming week.

Any good coverage we missed? Link it below. Please note that links may take a little while to show up, so only post the comment once!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 7/14)

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  • Jeff, please! We need that song!

  • Jeff, can you please tell us the song at used in the montage at the beginning of E3?? :(

  • Lmao, the PS Forums is DYING to know the song name (me too :P)

    Lots of links – I thought ‘Universal access to psn’ = Universal Ps store :P guess not.

  • Ahem, check your email… Jeff. A couple ideas.

    On a side note, I can’t really find any other links for you to post, which means good job. ;)

  • The song must’ve been really popular with the community. Thanks again Jeff for putting up links for the community.

  • I wonder what the second game with trophy support will be…

  • Boy look it at all that stuff. What a week, thanks to E3 of course.

  • Please Jeff we all need that songs name.

  • Forget about the song… I want the video store in Puerto Rico :(

  • any chance ye could give incognito a ring and ask them when the trophy patch for warhawk will be done?

  • This week’s links came and went so quickly that I actually did miss a few. It was a good week- thanks for everything you guys did to make it all the better. :D

  • Is the video store coming to Puerto Rico?

  • What song is everyone talking about?

  • Been a good week.

  • Stfu about the song and gtfo. No one cares, and if ANYONE tries to say “Oh shut up and stop being a…”

    Btw, stop getting off topic. Go cry about your song somewhere else.

  • @ Jeff

    Is there any way you could make a “inside the developers studio” with Darkstar Industries?? I just can’t get enough of Fat Princess!

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    1-yo Jeff can you confinc sony’s big boss to change there strategie about third party games and bigen securing some exclusive games(specially RPGs) for the console.

    2-can you kindly ask Alex from Media Molecule a bout these questions:
    A-does this game have some support for home service.
    B-will you be able to install the game in the hard drive to reduce the loading time.
    C-does this game have i support for youtube uploading.

    3-can you gave as some information a bout (Life with Playstation).

  • I would like to now when the video store will be available in Canada

  • Did this to the list:

    Did Valve Help Make PS3’s Orange Box Suck?

  • I was a little dissapointed with E3 this year nothing mind blowing was really anounced which is a real bummer.

  • No we will not STFU about the song. and it is Playstation related (it has to do with PLAYSTATION’s montages.) Did you see the Playstation emphasis there? So ya we really need the song please. People are declaring manhunts on this song and not just on PSU. Also, great article on InFamous, it’s my most anticipated game. Also I love your icon since well….I’m a total Sly Cooper fanatic :)

  • Anyone got a youtube link so i can listen to the song that everyone is talking about?

    Oh and someone got a link to that PS forum thread thats been “dying” to figure out what that song is?

    But anyway, the killzone 2 footage is amazing, the littlebigplanet presentation was amazing, the GoW 3 trailer was amazing, my only disappointment was that there were no RPG’s :s, i hope at leipzig that there will be a few.

  • Have u guys noticed that Jeff and the others stopped responding to our questions ever since u guys smack talked about loosing FF XIII exclusivity? Well…dont listen to them Jeff, I am still ur friend!

  • We would like some RPGs please. Try to work with third parties, because it seems that Sony only cares about shooters.

  • I tried looking fro the song and I believe it is exclusive it was only made for the purpose it serve the opening sorry I’ve been at it for 5 hours and nothing I listen to the song so much i like it now so I ran the video through my computer recorded the sound and now I have it still no artist or title its currently on my PS3 just thought I would let you guys know.

  • Great post Jeff. lotta links there but you missed the one that PS3fanboy just posted about LBP and how users might be able to charge for their created content. sounds interesting.

    I still want that song Jeff…


  • Jeff, please tell us the song, its epic xD

  • Jeff, please tell us the song!

  • Thanks for the post.

    As for other news, not sure everyone is aware about the Wipeout HD website you people have,
    so here it is once again:

  • jeff do u know if we should be happy or piss with what square enix is planing on showing in 2 weeks?

  • @23 did u forget sony is working on ps3 rpg including the shooter they have.did u forget about white knight.i do agreed with u that we do need more rpgs that are only on the ps3.

  • hi jeff and all the rest of the playstation blog.i would love to have more in fo in the new upcoming service life with playstation. although, nothing new it still excites me the way its going to be implemented. also, i would like to give an idea to eric lempel. we need more visualizers for the ps3 music, i would love to have one showing the different cities of the world like the eiffel tower in paris,the mount fuji in tokyo,the panama canal in panama,miami or miami beach(bikini visualizations hell yeah lol)las vegas ..i think u get my drift ;) thanks

  • Okay Jeff time to ask again.

    Please, can you find out the name of the intro song that was played during the intro video of Sony’s E3 conference? Everyone is searching for this song.

    It’s turned into a manhunt for a band o.O

    Info would be nice, if they’re an actual band, or if it was just a custom song for the event.

  • @15

    Hey moron, it’s playstation related. It was played during their frickin coference.

  • Hello Jeff I just heard that Killzone 2 will not have Co-op and split-screen. Tell Guerrilla to add those to KZ2. I don’t play online that much and so being able to play Multi-player with just my friends is all I want to be able to do. I don’t like playing games online.

    So if these features are not added to KZ2 I will pass on buying KZ2. Because why would I pay for a 60 dollar game when the main campaign will only last 5 hours.

    Also tell Guerrilla to put secondary fire back in the game even if it needs to be turned down. If it can’t be in multi-player at least add it to the main campaign.

    Please Jeff ask Guerrilla to add co-op and Split-screen. Because I do want KZ2 but like I said if the game is not long I will have to pass or if GG could at least make the game ten hours then I would buy it because I don’t like short games.

    Also seeing as Insomniac can do it and Resistance 2 is coming out before KZ2 I see no reason KZ2 can’t have these features.

  • Who cares…I would rather hear more about the Phyre Engine. What’s the deal with that? When will it be available? How open will Sony make PSN development? I mean in the sense of game development? How tough is it to get a kit?

  • Hey, Jeff! We didn’t hear a peep about White Knight Story at E3 this year. This was being lauded as one of THE reasons to own a PS3 and there was nary a word about it. What gives? Is this game still on track or what?

  • hey jeff any chance it is possible to update the ps3’s web browser’s flash to 9? is this possible? i know many people on the fourms have asked for it and im just trying to bring it to your knowlegde.

    thanks jeff keep it up

  • Oh, and one more thing… FYI, all this lack of information or updates on White Knight Story are really killing the buzz on this game. I had nearly forgotten all about it. Games like Valkyria Chronicles and even the ports of Eternal Sonata and Bioshock are weighing more heavily on my brain now. Might want to poke the guys over at Level 5 in the ribs and tell them to get on the ball if they don’t want all their hard work to tank simply because they aren’t keeping the hype up.

  • Give me some Patapon 2 info.

  • It was a week…though i did wish that E3 blow me away …. most of the info and news was expected and future releases were also expected.

    Sneak at Need For Speed
    PSP updates news exclusives… anything that will make me use mine more.

    Don’t get me wrong i loved everything that was shown and told but….

  • E3 was ok. Looking forward to the games and other feature Sony will be offering.

    This is probably a late topic but to not have rumble for the PS3 for a game that will be in the gaming history books as one the best shooters ever created is just awful. Yeah rumble was late but i am beginning to believe when some say our American developers are lazy and their excuse is that they have production schedules to adhere to is like saying i got do what mommy or daddy tells me to do or else. COD on PS2 must have had rumble how different could the coding be. Maybe Infinity could send the code to Japan or Europe and have them simply write up the rumble code, probably get Mcdonalds or Burgerking to sponsor it. COD5 is not my forte so even if that had rumble it’s not the same as COD4.

  • I think a PS3 with Little Big Planet Bundle would be a pretty good idea…

  • Little price. Big planet. the new 80gb LBP bundle

  • @15
    Wow …I’m gonna add that guy to my friends list! He’s awesomely cool!

  • PLEASE get some Simpsons episodes on video download!

    Add MidnightBlues if you want me to destroy you in GTA4!!!

  • Add thetruefiziks if you want me to destroy you on elefunk

  • We really need that song! come on at least a single responce plz….

    this is the link to the song for those don’t know

  • @22

    Any smack talk about FF13 they get, they deserve. They haven’t gotten White Knight Story out, Microsoft gets better support from SquareEnix than Sony does, etc.

    With what 14(?) million or so 360 owners. If only 10% of them picked up a PS3 for FF13. It would translate into 1.4 million PS3 sold.

    Not to mention that anyone who was sitting on the fence about which console to buy would have had to weigh getting a PS3 for FF13 in future or getting a 360 for jrpgs now.

    It was a short sighted move, as they pumped countless millions into Killzone 2, a game in a genre which is already pretty well represented on the PS3. Now, instead of paying for exclusivity, they going to be paying for FF13’s marketing just to remind people that the PS3 still has FF13 coming out. Kind of like they did with Assassin’s Creed, COD4, and DMC4. Only to watch the 360 version outsell the PS3 version anyway and further remind developers that they should focus their efforts on the 360 or the 360 version.

    Don’t expect me to be one of the early adopters next time Sony. Not interested in going to bat for jrpg fans? Fine, but don’t expect them go to bat for you next gen or even this gen if they haven’t jumped in yet.

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