Link Your PlayStation Underground and PLAYSTATION Network Identities

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We wanted to share with you the new ability to add more convenience to your PLAYSTATION Network experience by linking your PlayStation Underground ID with your PLAYSTATION Network ID.

The PlayStation Underground is the community of PlayStation fans you join by creating an account on or by registering a PlayStation product. As an Underground member, you can participate in community forums and manage your account on Underground members are also kept “in the know” about new games, hardware, events and contests—so you can maximize your PlayStation experience.

Linking your IDs is a new feature on that allows you to make the connection between your Underground ID on, and your PLAYSTATION Network ID that you use for online gaming. So, for example, the people you play with online (using your PSN ID) will be able to read the forum posts you’ve made on (using your Underground ID) and see that you are the same person. Once you’re linked up you’ll also receive a PSN ID graphic including your Avatar and “About Me” Message that has been made portable for the Web.

Having an ID that you can post on your favorite social networking sites and gaming communities allows you to amp up your visibility throughout the PlayStation universe. You can use your beloved (or feared) PSN ID wherever you go on the web and everyone from your buddies on your Friend List to newbie gaming challengers will know you by your PSN ID. For complete details, go here and read all about it. From there, it’s pretty easy to get started linking up.

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  • Good feature, but why do the Portable ID’s only show the player’s name, avatar and comment? Why can’t they show the player’s trophies? Does it show what game(s) you’re currently playing?

  • It’s a nice feature, but Trophy support will make it much better….

  • I know it may be a bit of a stretch, but I think Sony would be able to combat Microsoft’s partnership with netflix by releasing a subscription service to the Video store. I currently have blockbuster online’s 3 at a time for $20 bucks a months, if they charge something like that and put similar restrictions on rental content (even if they charge a bit more for the in your living room convenience, lets say $25-30), I think they’d have something on the market that neither iTunes nor Microsoft’s video download service has. They would be setting the precedent and be the first to capture the market in such a manner.

    I’m sure content would only be playable on an “activated” system (one activated PS3 with the owner’s PSN ID linked to it as well as an activated PSP, this is to avoid copyright infringement and such), but I’d definetely pay $25-30per month on a recurring billing cycle. Most people I know will initially be hyped with the video store and download a movie or two, but eventually people will be become very stingy with their purchases (due to the prices) and I highly doubt they would be spending anywhere near $25-30/month on the video store on individual rentals.

    Please read this Son, bring us a subscription service!

  • Those who are having trouble linking accounts, try signing in onto the PS Store from your computer and in another browser window try linking your account. I was also having trouble until I did this.

  • cool beans! Just did mine.

  • Yeah, this actually took off on Monday or so. Why so late on the blog??

  • HELP! I can’t link the correct PSU/GAP accont to the correct PSN account. I have two PSN acconts. a main and a sub. I don’t use the main.

    Also, why not make the blog user friendly with the PS3 browser… better yet, why not make the PS3 browser user friendly with the blog and ?

    We can link our id from aywhere in the world. (well most, I can’t). But or PS3 can’t communicate with PSU?

  • im of subject
    why was their no ps eye love at e3??

  • I love that you guys are improving the service and looking forward to see what else you have in store for us later, especially concerning trophies and how to show them on a gamercard (if thats happening). But these really are core features (don’t misunderstand me, I think they are great) that should be available to europe aswell at the same time they get available. I mean, the official europe forum got linked to PSN id for months now so why doesn’t we get this feature now aswell?

  • I think the entire Playstation 3 site could go for complete make over.

    Get rid of that long loading flash. Even on 7 meg broadband it takes too long to load.

    Have the main site neatly organized, with mini friends lists, gaming news, links to the common sections like support, forums, and so on. Less “Flash” fluff more content!

    Once that is done the PSN Graphic ID should show at least current game being played, maybe the last game played, but that big huge graphic is well empty and boring.

    Create alternate official PSN ID graphic that’s maybe 1/4 the size of the current one for use other places.

    Let us choose customer color themes for the graphics too.

    MORE official Avatars would be nice, there is something like 230 now, we need 2300. With a better browser to pick from displaying 40 on the screen not 10 )

    (To those requesting custom Avatars IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! So stop it now. Last thing we need is a bunch of obscene graphics giving the PS3 a bad reputation/press)

  • I have a main PSN ID and a sub account that I always use. I accidentally added my main instead! How do I de-link my PSN ID, or update it to another one? Help!

  • Did it two days ago :)

  • There is currently no way to change which PSN account one’s PS Underground account is linked to.

    I’ll admit that I screwed up and linked the wrong account. Now how do I undo that and link my coveted Pwnasaurus PSN to its proper Underground ID?

    There’s already some uproar in the forums about this, but I thought I’d try to get the word out through as many channels as possible.

  • Already done.

    Thanks. :D

  • Nooooooo! Please make it so you can remove or change PSN ID’s that are linked :(

  • why is the video store not available here(CANADA)?

  • check done! i love being able to see who’s online without booting up the ole ps3! its pretty tight… def sweet.


  • It’s probably licensing issues or copyright stuff that’s keeping the store from Canada at the moment. At least, that’s my guess. I assume they’ll try and bring the video service to as many users as possible.

  • Works perfectly, but I would have liked the process to quicker as in not doing it from the account profile section on the PlayStation site.

  • Is there a way to UNLINK the PSN account? I accidentally linked the wrong account.

  • I was pretty suprised when i received the mail inviting me to link ids its great to finally see some integration between our ps ids im really hoping to see more of this in the future some trophy integration on the ids would be grat bet well just have to wait and see

  • Ok at least im not the only one that did this days ago…the BLOG is just a wee bit too slow with ALL stories as usual…sorry Chris nothing against you i know you dont control post times and knowing SONY im sure a post has its “approval” process…or should i say it’s “red-light” process…LOL

    ya know would i be expecting too much to expect SONY’s “OFFICIAL” BLOG to post “OFFICIAL” news before you could read it on other gaming sites? or “hype” a game or feature before other sites…cuz otherwise by the time it makes it to the BLOG its like old news already…or is that just me?

  • Would like to know if it’s possible to UNLINK your ID. I have two PSU account. My original one, which I basically never use for everyday stuff, and my second account which is my every day account. Sure enough, I’ve linked the wrong one.

    Cannot find anywhere a way to unlink it. And if I try from the second account, it does tell me that the account is already linked.

  • hey guys i love the idea i just signed up for it about an hour ago and i have to say right now there is no point i am not saying it is stupid i like it but you need to add more to it because when you read all the things you can do it says you need to access the ps3 console to acces certain things you should allow us to send a friend request on the website and accept them even read and write messages i hope you guys can do this because if you can it is an awesome idea

    p.s. this still it an awesome idea and can you please right back

  • I would like there to be a proper “About Me” page on the PSN. One where you could upload a picture of yourself, say abit about yourself, where your from, what your intrested in, those kind of things.

    Its hard to judge a person from their “About Me” that is only 21 characters long.

    I know this is from Xbox and I hate the damn thing, but a “Reputation” type of thing would be cool. This helps with who your actually playing against, if the cheat in CoD, talk smack on the mic, or just generally a nice person. You could rate that person.

    I want to know who I’m playing against, not just see that they are level 1 on the Trophy system. I think this idea will build a great PS3 community as people can get to know more about other people.

    So if someone from Sony is reading this, please take this into consideration. Thanks, Luke

  • i know i just commented but i noticed something that would make me and other people happy when i am looking at my friends list and there is only 10 people per page and there is still a big gab and can you fill that gab to atleast 30 people and on the ps3 friends list we have a choice of how we can have the list set up can you give us that choice so we can see who is on online frist then the people who arn’t online last please and thank you

  • Great start. Alot of what I had in regards to my wish list has been taken care of with this one move:

    * Integrate Playstation.Blog and Playstation Forums ID’s w/ PSN ID’s.
    * Allow users to connect to the Playstation Store to purchase and activate downloads (over the web remote play).

    As others mentioned, sending messages, and more would be great to boost the community. Even go as far as linking your first party community sites together as part of the single sign-on cloud.

    PSN ID = Blog + Resistance 2 Site + Other Game sites + PS Forums + PC Store + PS Store + Home. Have one site “to rule them all”. I would love to go to 1 location that feeds in information from all other sites regarding what my id is tied to and allow me to easily pop in and out of each site with ease. If you want a mock up I can create one for you ;-)

  • It’s good to see the groundwork coming to the public for something like this but I must say I have a few concerns with the overall design.

    First off, I noticed that to make any changes to the portable ID ‘card’ you need to log-in and update it. IF these ‘cards’ are meant to eventually display the information about what game a user is currently playing, I very much doubt they are going to launch the game, then head online to update their Portable ID to reflect that change. I’m sure there are ways around this such as displaying last game that was played or something along those lines, but it’s just something I thought of.

    Secondly, with all of the information available from the website once linked and logged-in, I can only hope that more of that info will make it’s way to the cards themselves. I’ve seen a lot of requests for trophies (which I totally agree with, especially as more and more titles start to utilize them) and I’m sure there are many other creative ideas you guys have been brainstorming about. Hopefully soon?? :)

  • Please allow us to show our trophy collection or at least our number of trophies online! Also if its possible to synch what game we are currently playing that would be awesome!!!

    You guys should make trophies standard…if a developer doesnt want to include them…dont allow them to make games for your console, every game I buy I WANT TROPHIES!!!

    Who can I e-mail or call at Rockstar games to try and convince them to patch trophies into GTA IV? ? You guys would have access to that right?! please I want to tell them how badly their fanbase needs trophies!!!

  • So i’m all linked up, theoretically, my avatar should pop up here on the right???
    or do i have to change my profile settings?
    Lets see

  • Love this idea, but wish it was properly available in the EU also, as I had to fake my address.
    Next thing (apart from EU availability) is messages and maybe a list of about 3-4 games we played last, starting with the current. Perhaps also the ‘level’ the user is on (trophy system).

    I wouldn’t complain if we were able to implement the feature into facebook and bebo also :)

  • Chris Hagedorn PLEASE HELP!

    I linked my PSN account to an old PlayStation Underground account which didn’t match my PSN ID.

    I couldnt UNLINK it so i deleted the PS Underground account.

    I then tried to link my PSN ID to my current PS-Underground account but it wouldnt let me, I got a message saying my ID is already linked!

    I love my PSN ID and now have some Trophies! However I really, really dont want to lose my ID. No one on forums can help.

    I think the PSN card is a fantastic idea that Ive been waiting for, for a very long time. Can you PLEASE HELP with this (hopefully) teething issue?!

  • One quick question. Does anybody remember the Official PSP web page from your PSP browser? In case you don’t know how to get to it:
    1. Open the PSP browser
    2. hit triangle and move to bookmarks
    3. hit X and then got to the PSP link under my bookmarks.

    Will you be able to use your PSN link there as well?
    Will the users on the PC or PS3 see that you are on/using the PSP?
    Will you be able to send and receive messages on the PSP?
    Why is Sony letting this gem go to waste?

    That site seems like a waste of some ones hard work and time. You have a decent foundation for a video download service, music DLS, demos, you canpost on the forums from there (and hopefully the blog as well), and pics already setup! The sad think about it is, that it is functional for what most of us want to do. I travel a lot, and I don’t always have a computer by my side, so to be able to use the function from my PSP would be great. Please look into this webpage!
    Thank you

  • Nice to see that europe is as always ignored by sony… “You are the best PS3 customers but for features, just [DELETED] off please”.

  • Good idea! I’ll go do this now.

  • Hello Chris! I hope it isn’t too late for me to share my input on the new PSN feature.

    I heard about this feature a while back when it first became available for the PSU-EU boards. Now that I’ve taking it for a drive I can comments on it. I know there is more to come but it doesn’t hurt to give some suggestions.

    -New Portable ID styles and layouts. I find the current Portable ID too bulky.
    –Here is a quick Portable ID style I made to better help me express my suggestion.

    -[I know this have been said already but one more time will show how much the community wants it] Portable ID support to display: Latest Acquired trophies [at least 3 on sig], current level, total number of trophies, latest played game, online status, avatar, and the current PSN ID and About me Info.

    Of course not everybody would like to show all that information on their Portable ID while others would, so being able to pick and choose what to show would be a good feature as well. Maybe different layouts based on the information and how much each take to be displayed on the Portable ID.

    -An online PSN profile to support the Portable ID. Here the list of trophies I have acquired will be displayed with all the information surrounding them. ex. From what game, what it took to win it, the date on which it was acquired etc.

    An online profile like this has a lot potential and a lot can be done with it. The PSU is undergoing an PSN transformation [takeover] thus making it the right nest for a PSN online profile.


    Well, I hope that I’ve hit the nail, at least once. These suggestions are sure to improve the PS3/PSN experience not hurt it, so I hope you guys take it under consideration.

  • Been waiting for this for this

    Its great to be able to do that now. :D

  • Same boat as a few other people with having linked the wrong ID to my Underground account.. Is there anyway to un-link it? or change ID’s?

  • This linking of online ID’s is a great idea and adds tremendous value. I can’t wait until I am not only able to check which of my PSN friends are online while I’m logged into the web from a PC, but also chat with them and set up gaming sessions as well, just like Jack said at the E3 conference. Great job!

  • I did it already and I have a couple suggestions: Link the PS ID to the blog that way I don’t have to use the stupid Gravitar thing which has never worked for me. I tried contacting Customer Service both here and @ Gravatar and had no response from either, It’s annoying to say the least.
    Also while I am here: a way to find all the posts you’ve made would be great for checking to see if anyone commented on or helped you out with your problem here on the Blog.

  • The PSN and PSU ID’s seem to be linked via the common email address… if a mistake was made and the incorrect PSN ID (some users have several) was linked, is there any way of unlinking them and re-linking them correctly?

    This isn’t an issue usually… but GAP membership is restricted by a specific PSU ID. Some users are linking to an incorrect PSN ID (or simply changing their minds) and would like to change the linkage.

    Ugh… that really does sound complex doesn’t it!!

  • Though I’ve read through all of this multiple times, I still have yet to really understand what this means for those without a PS3.

    Seems like a bonus for those with, since you get to link your online name to your gaming system, but for those without it seems to do very little.

  • @Korlithiel… It doesn’t make a huge difference to those without a PS3 at the moment… but in the future what it means is that when someone registers for the forums they will use a PSN ID, and they can then use that same ID when gaming if they buy a PS3 later. It provides for continuity so that if people are active on the site, they don’t have to list a separate PSN name for people to find them in games.
    For those that don’t currently have a PS3 ID, they are essentially being given the option to reserve a name in advance.
    Eh… my thoughts anyway. :)

  • This PSN ID Linking with your Playstation Underground has been a complete mess from the start. Many people have linked their Underground Account to a PSN ID they did not want to link to, or simply never use. Also, Sony Customer Service has been zero help, only responding to all of our emails with canned automated responses with links to a Playstation Network FAQ.

    First of all, when you go in to link your PSN ID, it simply asks for your PSN email and password. When you type it in, you are instantly linked to THAT PSN ID without any confirmation screen or anything. BOOM, you are linked to that PSN ID. If you typed in the email address and password of a PSN ID that you did not want to link to, that is to bad and you are stuck. That is very disappointing and has many users furious on the Playstation Network Forums.

    We get no splash screen or pop up telling us “Do you want to link the Playstation Underground Account ‘3rdamention’ to the PSN ID ‘RodneyChing’?” It happens instantly. If you link to the wrong PSN ID, right now, Sony is telling you that is too bad cause linking is immediately permanent.

    The problem is, many of us have created Master Accounts, Sub Accounts, an other accounts and may have entered the wrong email address and password. Sony actually encourages this by allowing you to set up multiple accounts on one PS3. We never get to confirm that we wanted to link to that account, you dont even know what account you are linking to until it is too late.

    There is nothing telling you this is permanent, there is nothing telling you what account you are linking to, NOTHING until it is too late.

    We are humans, and we make mistakes. Right now, this setup does not allow for any mistakes or human error, and does not let you see what you are doing if until you have already linked to it. We are not robots, we make mistakes.

    I am guilty of getting excited, wanting to link my account as soon as I saw it was available, so I typed in my email address and password, then linked to an account I HAVE NEVER PLAYED 1 GAME WITH. I just typed in the email I thought was associated with the PSN ID I use every single night, and I was wrong. Now I am stuck with nobody from Sony seeming to want to help me or anyone else.

    Many people on the Playstation Forums have simply suggested for me and the others who have linked to the wrong PSN ID to, “Just create a new Underground ID and link the correct PSN ID to that!” But this is the WORST suggestion out there.

    I have been an Underground member since 1996 and a GAP member since 2002. I have a Playstation 2, PLaystation 3, and PSP all registered to my Underground Account. I cannot just create a new account and register those again. I cannot create a new Underground account and instantly become a 12 year Underground Member. I cannot simply create a new Underground account and instantly become a 6 year GAP Member.

    I want to link to my PSN ID that I beta tested Warhawk with and finished 12th OVerall. I want to use the PSN ID that I have played every single game with since I created it on launch night.

    Sony is alienating us for simply making a mistake. I typed in the wrong email address out of excitement, just like all of my friends did on the Playstation Network Forums. Now I cannot use any of the cool PSN ID Linking features. I cannot look at my friends list and show off my accomplishments because the PSN ID I am linked to has never been used.

    If Linking your PSN ID is truly permanent, how about a screen saying so? How about a screen actually giving us the choice of SUBMITTING or CONFIRMING that we truly want to permanantly link to that particular PSN ID BEFORE we actually do it and it becomes permanent? If there was just one splash screen or one pop up that showed us what we were doing and allowed us to CONFIRM or SUBMIT, then we would have zero issues and everyone would be happy over on the forums.

    I hope that someone can at least go over and read the thread on the PLaystation Network Forums called “Change PSN ID LINK?” and read how dissapointed many Playstation Customers are.

    I hope that someone associated with the PSN and Sony can email us, or give us a link to submit our information if we accidentally linked to the wrong PSN ID.

    I hope that someone can help all of the excited Playstation 3 owners who were eager to try out one of the PSN’s latest and coolest features and made a simple mistake.

    Sony, Please Dont Turn Your Back On US! We need help getting this corrected so we too can share our Playstation Accomplishments and truly be conneted to this expanding Networked Community.


    David D.

  • Re: 144

    I want to add my name to the growing list of folks who ended up with bogus PSN IDs linked. I’ve sent repeated emails to customer service only to get canned or info on totally unrelated issues in reply. Enough is enough. The service dept. needs a complete overhaul and we need to have the ability to unlink PSN IDs.

  • Are you guys working on the delinking PSN ID issue? Is it possible for us to change our linked ID? Think this will be resolved in the forseeable future, or are we stuck like this?

  • I am another user that incorrectly linked my Playstation Underground account to the wrong PSN ID. In my case, I linked to a sub-account that another family member uses. I’m also a GAP member and Beta Tester, so I want to ensure that my primary PSN ID is linked to my Playstation Underground account.

    It seems to me that this should be a fairly simple database change, so hopefully a process can be implemented quickly for those of us who made a simple error.

  • Well, unfortunately I have to chime in with the others in saying that the system incorrectly linked my Underground account name with the wrong PSN name. It linked it to a name that I don’t use anymore.

    What is really UN-user-friendly about the process is that I was never given the chance to choose or confirm.


  • Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, but I have a lot of friends who have PS3’s, myself included, and we just want to know if sony is gonna do anything about the flash player on the PS3’s. We keep getting error messages saying it need to be updated but there is not update from adobe. Can you guys work with adobe for a newer more compatible flash player. Thanks

  • Its a start, msging your friends, trophy lists, changing avatar through the web will make it worth using.

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