E3 Day 3 PLAYSTATION Store Update

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Hey again, everyone! Here’s your daily dose of fresh E3 content, including Part 1 of yesterday’s press conference (downloadable for PS3). We had to break it up into three parts since the file size is huge due to the 720p high-def quality of the video.

See you again tomorrow!

PS3 Store

Downloadable Games

  • Fantasy Football: Draft Day Application


  • SONY E3 Press Conference (Part 1 of 3)
  • PS3 Compilation Video
  • PSN :30 Second Sizzle
  • PSN Sizzle Video
  • PlayStation Family Video
  • PS3 Sizzle Video
  • DC Universe Trailer
  • Mirror’s Edge E3 Trailer
  • Dead Space E3 Network Trailer
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa E3 Trailer
  • Valhalla Knights 2 E3 Trailer

Themes and Wallpapers

  • Resistance 2 PS3 Theme
  • PixelJunk Eden Wallpaper
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift Wallpaper
  • Siren Wallpapers (x4)

PS Store for PC (PSP)

  • PS3 Compilation Video
  • PSN :30 Second Sizzle
  • PSN Sizzle Video
  • PlayStation Family Video
  • DC Universe Trailer
  • Valhalla Knights 2 Trailer

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  • cheers for skanking off europe and
    thanks for the official anouncment of when the rest of the world might get to see the vid store, you really show how much your customers mean to you

  • Thank-you….love those E3 downloads from the store…keeps us in the loop for now.

    Hope to see more of this stuff later on Home when it becomes available.

  • i’m starting to think that home will come out on 2045 or something…

  • nah! More like 2010

  • I read around Sep 08 for Home Beta and 2009 for full.

    I guess we’ll see when it happens.

  • @102 I understand you’re only expressing your opinion, but why is it the trend I have noticed is that it seems you come here only to complain. If it’s not obvious E3 is a SCEA and if you can’t understand North American event. Why would you expect them when you already know that SCE is divided and do their own things to give anything daily to the Europe store. We don’t really get anything from other countries when they have their respective events. I’m sure you will get some stuff from the show at some point. And again this is SCEA why don’t you go to ThreeSpeech and voice your complaints where the SCEE normally resides to. Then and only then your complaints would be a little more valid. I do hope for your sake and the sake of others that SCEE opens up soon and gives out information a lot of it’s user base is looking for.

  • Hey, is anybody else having this issue? My Trophy category is showing a question mark. Everything works fine but instead of showing the regular folder with the Trophy icon on it. It’s showing a question mark instead. Should I be worried about this?
    Any feedback would be cool.

  • Oh btw I meant to say thanks for the daily updates, look forward to todays update for the PS Store. *crosses fingers* Hope we get at least a couple demos from the show.

  • @108 I would check your Theme . . . some themes were made before Trophies and without them in mind so they don’t have an icon and show the “?” I would try changing your theme.

  • Nice update again! I hope Canada will get the video store soon :)..

  • Can we have some more info on what kind of anime Sony will bring to PSN? We would love to see some uncut Naruto, Bleach, and even some other great TV shows.

  • According to European sources around here, the open home beta will release in Autumn and then Sony will announce the official release date of “home” on the PS3. I doubt 2010, most definitely late 2008 / beginning 2009.

  • where is naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Demo?

  • Your prices are miles too high for the video, way way way way too expensive. Netflix rentals, 6 at a time, $34 a month, approx. 24 movies a month. To consume equal parts digitally would cost (assuming HD) would be $144. Think about a subscription service b/c this just doesn’t make sense in the least.
    Good idea, horrible implementation as far as price point.
    Second, $4 per ep. for an anime rental (25 minutes), that’s $.16 a minute, take out intro and ending thats about 22 minutes, $.18 a minute. 10,000 BC 109min.’s, $6 in HD: $.05 a minute… With a movie you get a conclusion.
    The whole scheme doesn’t seem to add up, if Sony made up this model they really need to rethink it if you want it to actually work. Seems like basic basic economics, remember alot of this stuff can, and will be, gotten for free online. I don’t do that, but I also don’t waste my money on excessively non-sensically expensive things.

    My 2 cents.

  • Since Warhawk v1.4 was released yesterday and v1.5 was made simultaneously with v1.4 i think they should have been released together, but thats just me.

  • @114 Even though the store was updated late the update was for wednesday not thursday. The regular update later today should include the Naruto demo.

  • Nice content update.

    btw, Dead Spece –> Dead Space?

  • Hi Noel, I’m gonna paste here a post I made on the E3 day 2 section (who nobody answered), please read it ok? :


    I’m from latin America, and just before some of the a$$holes who are around here tell me to “go back to Mexico” or some other stupid thing, I’ll like to clarify that I was born and currently live in Costa Rica, and I’m pleased to know that you will be giving us more attention from now on as you mouthed on E3 day 2.

    Now I have a question, and please answer me there, What will happen to all of us, Latin Americans who already own a US PS3 (because we had to import it from US to have one!) ? I mean, will our current main account be redirected to the Latin American PSN server maybe via IP or something?

    Please note that we are a considerable amount of people down here that already own an US PS3, I guess you can check that just by looking at how many people connect to the PSN servers with Latin American IP addresses

    On a side note, we would like to have access to the Video Store too, since we are NTSC region TOO !!!”

    Now, Noel, I know you are not directly related to the Video Store, I’m aware of that, but would you be kind and pass along this message to the people who are in charge of the Vid.Store? Otherwise I’ll be forced to start summonning Meteors over some houses ;)


  • @119 Sephiroth…..there was a mention about the video store on post @25…here it is:

    Noel Silvia replied on July 16, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    I don’t have any information on the Video Store for Canada and other territories right now.
    I know that things are being worked on to bring the Video Store to other regions.
    Look for more information to appear here when they are ready to roll it out for y’all.
    I’m sorry I don’t have anything more on it, but if I find out more, I’ll have Jeff let you know!

    So hopefully it will be coming soon !

  • @120 GGCAN: Thanx! Anyways I wanted to make sure SCEA reads my comment because I’m really interested in their announcement about giving us Latin Americans some love ;)

  • Sony..where are new games, platformers, jrpgs??WTF!!??E3 is the one big joke.In this year ther will be premiere of 3 to 5 jrpg’s games on xbox 360??!!I have a better, more expensive entertainment system but i don’t have any good games!!It’s your fault Sony.Giv me games, not tabels and another-not important stuff to a gamer like movies, vod ect.

    P.S. Sorry for my english..

  • Nice!!:D

    Why is the update divided into three parts?
    Either way its all good…..

  • Brilliant ‘E3’ guys ;)
    I would like to see “Original Versions” of –

    Space Invaders
    Scramble ;-P
    Dig Dug
    Bubble Bobble ;-P
    Rally X
    Pole Position
    Rainbow Islands ;-P
    Return of the Invaders
    Missile Command

    On the PSN Store??? Just a thought! ;)

  • I really need to figure out when they post these thing (because they only answer first page questions)i need a serious question answered. When are psn cards going to be out nation-wide

  • they should have everything they have for ps3 for psp. for the themes, just take the stuff the psp does,t have off.

  • #124 is absolutely right. I love Warhawk, GT5 prologue, Super Stardust HD, and all of the original new PSN content, but we’re really missing out on some of that great old school arcade action.

    Of all the great games out there…we got Q-Bert!! That game was bad back when it was NEW! The Midway games were nice (MK2, Rampage, Gauntlet 2, etc) but after that, we got nothing.

    Are there any plans for bringing more classic arcade titles to the PSN or are we just going to have to make do with MAME? Oh and I’d LOVE to see Pac Man Championship Edition make its way to PS3 one day.


  • No MAG video yet???
    I think a lot of people lost the last part of the Conference when they DVR’d the show because the show ran over it’s alloted time… I saw it live, but recorded it for my husband… MAG was the highlight of the show!!

    Please upload the MAG portion as soon as possible! The streaming video of the internet really doesn’t do it justice.

  • good thing the video store is being released to other regions, however, I have a question. Is the video store growing silently or will we be notified of new arrivals?

  • Wow great job this this year this PlayStation store is packed full of E3 content. Not so much demos but I understand these games are still in development.

    However it still worries me that the Video store is not available in Puerto Rico, hope this gets sorted out soon.

  • I dont understand why the hd rental dont have surround sound, i can rent a bluray movie for 5 days for 5 dollars…

  • Hey, I’m from Puerto Rico and I wanted to know if the video service will ever be available over here, we’re technically part of the US(aren’t we? :p)

    Also when are demos for Eden and Fat Princess coming out(if they are)?

  • Bummer no bf:bad company update :(

  • I have a question…

    I live in Mexico, and since the video is region-locked it doesn’t even appear on my PS Store,but what worries me is that now that it’s been said that HOME will be region-locked would that mean that people like me that live in Mexico (or other countries)won’t have access to Home just like the video store? or is it something different?

  • Is it possible to get the name of the song used for the PlayStation Family video? Or at least can you post the song for download from the PSN Store like you guys did with the PAIN Theme Song? Thanks.

  • Thanks for providing the Pressor in HD, that is a pleasant departure from last year.

  • Hey, love E3 and the PS updates. Can someone kindly tell me the song played with the Playstation family video? the one that goes: ” your my uh oh”.

    thanks alot

  • nice update im hopeing for a God Of War 3 demo hope i See it soon


  • where’ s naruto ultimate ninja storm demo?
    and if someone knows why didnt they include CANADA in the video store, please let me know! like many other canadians we were realy disappointed that they didnt include CANADA in north america!

  • Yo Canadians, don’t worry you ain’t missin out on much right now, until they drop some dimes ,[ well Rambo and the Anime is dope } ok it is pretty dope damn it sucks for you guys.

  • Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, but I have a lot of friends who have PS3’s, myself included, and we just want to know if sony is gonna do anything about the flash player on the PS3’s. We keep getting error messages saying it need to be updated but there is not update from adobe. Can you guys work with adobe for a newer more compatible flash player. Thanks

  • Noel Silvia…..Can we get some games that support trophies….PLEASE??!!?! I have beaten stardust….I NEED MORE trophies!! or at least some more downloadable content for stardust…I bought all of them and got all the trophies…thats all I care about…so get on it!

  • I need to know, what is the song that plays in the Playstation Family Video that was posted????

    I tried to Google the lyrics:

    Your my sun in the sky
    but you’re just burning my mind

    ….and no luck. PLEASE help me. I need to know this song so I can legally download it somewhere!

  • Jeff…Why Sony don’t buy Square Enix??? You own 13% of Square and if you buy it, you have the best First Party Developer Team and Sony make lot of money if Sell the white engine to third party developer…

  • @147.

  • Just videos and fantasy football??? Worst Update Ever!!

  • Hey just so you know the second part is framed incorrectly. It cuts off the top bottom left and right just enough to bug the crap out of you. I know its not a setting because other users have confirmed and first one is fine.

  • @122

    wtf are you talking about, there’s tons of games coming out

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