E3 Day 2 PLAYSTATION Store Update

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As promised, we’re delivering many (most, really) of the videos seen at today’s PlayStation E3 press conference to the PLAYSTATION Store for your enjoyment.

As announced at the event, the video download service will hit the store tonight, and will *not* require a firmware upgrade. Recent PSP Firmware v4.05 also enabled compatibility with the video service, for taking TV shows and movies on the go.

As far as video of the entire press conference is concerned, we’re working on converting that video now, and will post it on the Store when it’s complete, so you can see everything we showcased today.

We hope you enjoy this fresh E3 update, and we’ll have more for you as the week progresses.

PS3 Store

*Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on ($4.99)

Rock Band
* Rock Band The Best of the Who Rock Band Edition Track Pack ($19.99)
(12) individual songs ($1.99/ea)

  • Amazing Journey
  • Baba O’Riley
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • Eminence Front
  • Going Mobile
  • Leaving Here
  • My Generation
  • Good Looking Boy
  • Sea & Sand
  • Summertime Blues
  • Who Are You?
  • Young Man Blues


  • God of War III
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • Xam’d Lost Memories
  • Buzz PSP
  • Resistance: Retribution
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • PAIN Amusement Park
  • Gran Turismo TV
  • MKU vs DCU
  • Blitz The League II
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Resident Evil 5
  • This is Vegas
  • TNA Impact! Wrestling

PC Store


  • Resistance: Retribution
  • Buzz PSP
  • God of War III
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • Xam’d Lost Memories
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • PAIN Amusement Park
  • Gran Turismo TV

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  • ha first

  • w00t w00t 3rd

  • Will the E3 keynote be on the Store like last year?

  • can’t wait to get a look at the video store, but I’m guessing it’s US only? can you deny/confirm?

  • @5,

    Will it atleast be in Canada?

  • That’s what I’m talking about! Finally video download service for the PSP. Hopefully music is next on the list. Thanks for the good news Ro!

  • It’s a wrap. Go to bed everyone.

  • @4

    NVM, I completely forgot to read the entire post. My mistake.

  • It’s about time the SSHD team pack got back up.

  • When will the video store go up? Will we need a firmware update?

  • Sweet, but:
    Business is all about what you have and what they don’t have. We’re of course talking about the exclusive titles, the games that will have a huge impact on the consumer’s decision. Sony you were the number 1 choice with the PS2. Sony, you’re the number 2 choice with the PS3. You lost exclusivity to GTA, RE, and now..it hurts me everytime i say it..Final Fantasy XIII. Why should i own a PS3 now? The 360 is now cheaper, offering so much more in online features, and well i can play games for free. I have purchased a 360 2 hours ago, but haven’t sold my ps3. i’m unsure what to do with it, since the only title from Sony i am excited is God of War 3. Sony, you have lost this gaming era. Oh and next time, during your keynote, please do not say “Ps3 is all about exclusives”. Thanks.

  • May I just say THANK YOU for finally delivering Rock Band content on time with 360. Hopefully you’ll keep doing this but I doubt it. Not that I’m even getting anything this week but I just felt it was necessary to make a point of this.

    and thanks for mass amount of other stuff too, really appreciate it, can’t wait to try the video service out!

  • Is GOW3 a PS3 exclusive? hopefully it is because i would hate to hear that it is coming out on the other console.

  • @mctorz

    It’s PS3 exclusive.

  • Even though I know you guys said rumors about PS2 downloads from the PS Store were unfounded at the time they were made, it would be a good idea to implement this. Also it would be nice to unlock in-game music playback for all games, instead of waiting for developers to do it.

  • Where are the exclusives? Where are the third party games? Where are the RPGs?

    What a load of BS. All we get is more shooters.

    Enjoying having your shooterstation in last place.

  • @14

    GoW3 is one exclusive we can’t lose. It’s published by Sony.

  • Oh and i have to ask, really have to:

    The PS3 is as of today the XBOX. yes the xbox, not the xbox360. All PS3 has and will have are First Person Shooters. I don’t know what happened you, but you better fix everything up..cause sony you’ve done too many mistakes, and it WILL cost you.

  • What time can we expect the video store and will there be any more information online?

  • Thanks XxBigP123xX. After we lost FF13 as an exclusive I didn’t know what to believe.

  • Well the new Anime Series looks cool (From the Trailer). I’m guessing the first episode releases tonight, with the Video Store?

  • oh and I second misteroy. You totally need to rake up exclusives because there is nothing else to distinguish you from other platforms. Sure your hardware may be more powerful but when developers develop on two systems they make sure it’ll look the same on both, there is no point for them to make one slice of code better or even to add more. As it seems now your only bet for exclusives(assuming you keep with the way you’re doing things) will be due to the fact that games may start overflowing onto too many discs making it unreasonable to package them as dvds.

    Just my two cents for now but I love me some Sony and I do not want MS to retain lead of the market into the NEXT gen.

  • @17

    We have……erm….Folklore!!!! Yeaah!


  • Quick question – Is the Video Store exclusive to the US?
    Do us brits/eurpeans have to wait months for a video store like they did on the Xbox 360?

  • sweet, some nice videos to look forward to…

    as others have stated, where exactly are the RPGs? I think you’re listening to the wrong PS fans a little too much.

    also, where are the trophies? I was hoping you’d at least have a few more games ready for us this week to gain trophies in. Speaking of trophies, not much mention of them. I figured you’d have at least been able to state that all software coming out in August or September on out will support them. We finally have this great feature yet we’re left with nothing more than this unusable feature.

    Hate to be so critical but I see the ball dropping left, right, and every other which way. I love my PS3, I love my 360, but w/o features people want, and the games it’s nothing more than another 360 with more bells and whistles…

  • It’s a great day to be PS3 owner.

  • Resistance 2 HD video(s) please! specially the the fight with the 300f boss.

  • Its nice to hear that the entire conference is coming to download…

    It was prettyt awesome…

  • Thanks for the update.

    Any chance that some day we’ll be able to re-download purchased content from within the store and not using the download list? I currently have over 200 items in my download list so it takes a while to do through them if I realized I forgot to DL something or if I need to re-download it.
    Specifically Qore. Couldn’t we just have the single episode show on the store even if we have an annual subscription so we don’t have to go searching through our lists?

  • I can’t wait to play my favorite Who song “uper Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on ($4.99)”. It’s a classic ;)

  • @18 aaquib2

    Not only is it published by Sony, Santa Monica Studios develops the game.

  • On the loss if FFXIII exclusivity, I don’t know if it was MS money hats or if it was that the 360 is easier to program for, but if its the latter, then hopefully the guys who design Sony hardware will learn 2 major lessons.

    1. Overly complicated cpu architectures are not the only way to go. Go with multi-core cpu’s much more similar to the ones found in pc’s

    2. Anemic video memory must be avoided. Put as many gigs of video memory possible. You most likely even want multiple gpu’s

    3. Have the user interface run on its own dedicated core with a robust amount of dedicated memory so you don’t have to squeeze obvious features into such a small space.

    Hopefully, consumers will see the change in Sony with the release of the PSP2 and PS4. If these changes aren’t seen, I fear the PS4 will be the last console Sony makes. You won’t have a movie format to fall back on.

  • Thanks for the update but I would really like to know if the video store is coming to Canada tonight ?

  • That was a pretty meaty conference SONY, nice work. :)

  • I officially dub today: PSN Video Download day.

  • Um thanks but can you tell us when we will be having the psn cards I really need them to buy stuff on the network it seems rather unfair to only release them in Meijer stores which are located in select states

  • Woo; I hope you guys have some beefy bandwidth available, between all this stuff and the video store going online tonight :) Great work, look forward to checking out some of these trailers on the big screen at home this evening.

  • Terms of service and user agreement has been updated. If you go to Section 9 you will see added information about video renting and buying.

    It says it us only, but we will see if i can rent a movie using a US account and a US internet credit card. Time will tell when its up.

    (Please, dont lock this Sony. If its not a loophole there I will just go back to the pirate bay.)

  • Sweet! I now have a lot more stuff to watch while i “work”:p

  • Just realized that Xam’d is an exclusive anime and I do love me some loads of anime. You should totally have a pimped out anime section in the video store.

  • Why isn’t the MAG trailer not posted on there? That’s the one I’m looking forward too the most.

  • For the video on demand , i wonder if they will bring french languages too on videos?

  • @ 12:

    I don’t care if a game isn’t ps3 exclusive; just so long as the ps3 has the game, I’ll be satisfied. I also wouldn’t spend $300 on another system and have to buy $40-$60 games all over just because they are no longer exclusive to a console I already own (and supports my 1080p TV).

    @ 26:

    You’re totally right. The ps3 is an x360 with more bells and whistles. But those are some pretty beast bells and whistles, and when you have so many more bells and whistles, they start to add up

    @ the rest:

    What’s a JRPG?

  • So… FF XIII is no longer exclusive. MGS4 is likely to go to the xbox, with achievements and in-game music support, I’m sure. I’m very sad. I bought my ps3 just last april, after carefully weighing it against the competition, and determining that the greater variety of games (all the games people love on the 360 are FPS, and I hate FPS’s), MGS4, FF, and avoiding the RROD makes it much more appealing. Now seeing that very little that isn’t an FPS is even being mentioned in the ps3’s future, well… I’m starting to regret having bought the ps3. Though I guess since you guys already have my money, you don’t care… I guess at the very least I’ve enjoyed GTA, Uncharted, and MGS4 from the beginning.

    FFXIV will probably be an xbox exclusive, as will MGS5 and GTA V.

  • LOL, Super Star Dust HD is costing about $23.00 in total. That’s just ridiculous!!! You guys lucky it’s the only game with trophies at the moment.

    That’s a total rip off.

  • I AM LOVING THIS!!! I just wish or at least hope that the vid store allows billing instead of credit cards….

  • RPG’s BLOW!! FF13 blows, square enix blows, Micro$oft and their dashboard HOME ripoff blows.

    GOW3 is a Sony exclusive and Kratos kicks the crap outta FF13.

    Resistance 2 ruled. The new Video DL service rules.
    The PS3 owns the 360. (ever had a RROD on your PS3?) Like the one video said, it’s only a matter of time before devs really start tapping into the power of it.

    You RPG fans, keep whining like babies, eventually there will be some of those lame-azz games for you. So what if M$ stole FF13 away, it’s still coming out on PS3 and it’ll be better than the 360 version.

    Exclusives don’t mean crap anymore. You own the best all-around multi-media entertainment hub there is.

    @23 exclusives won’t mean crap because in just a short matter of time devs won’t be able to make the same games for both consoles. The other console is limited with it capabilities. DVD, no mandatory hard drive. The other consoles games will end up coming up short.

  • (J)RPG RIOT!!!!!

  • @ 33:

    Nah, it’s neither of those problems. The one lesson sony should have learned from the whole console war loss thng is to release your system before the other guys.

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