PLAYSTATION Store E3 Release Plan

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Hi everyone – I’m Rommel Hernandez, and I manage the PLAYSTATION Store schedule.

With the E3 summit going down in LA this week, the PLAYSTATION Store will feature daily updates featuring fresh content straight from the conference. Check back often to download HD videos of some of hottest games featured at E3 from publishers like Capcom, Namco Bandai, Activision and THQ.

Also, here’s a quick look at some of the notable game content releasing this week:

– The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition
– Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on
– Elefunk an upcoming PLAYSTATION Network downloadable puzzle game

For daily update news, keep an eye on the PlayStation.Blog’s Twitter page or the module on the right sidebar. With all this E3 stuff going down, don’t forget to log on to peep out the normal Thursday update! This week promises to be one of the best ones yet with a variety of free and premium content for every type of gamer!

Have a great week!

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  • Sweet! My account is all mixed up from linking it up last night. Still need help!

  • Thanks for the post.

    Finally an answer to those people that are waiting for the SSHD Team pack add on.

  • sounds good!!!

  • Thanks Ro Hernandez on giving us the PS STore rundown for this week.

  • well last year was great so this year has to be better, i’m interested in elefunk

  • we want a FF13 trailer or versus 13. Thank you

  • last year i got to see the presentation so the news last week that you would be putting it online for download is cool since i’ll be in class or at work during the presentation this year.

    can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us. elephunk i think i’ll be picking up. i’ve liked pretty much all the PSN games that have come out. (although we’re pretty well stocked on dual analog joystick shooters at this point :lol: )

  • Does Elefunk have trophy support?

  • Great news :) Thanks for keeping us up to date and look forward to the new content :)

  • when does this dayly update start today or tomorrow? after all today is ea press event

  • Could you guys add more avatars?

  • Its gonna be a good week my fellow PS3 owners and lovers.

  • PSN Cards, trophies, in-game music and lots of FP games.

  • Awesome!
    I was hoping you’d do daily E3 updates!

    *fires up the PS3*

  • You think you guys can update the news/rss app on the PS3 to tell us when this content becomes available? I don’t want to check the store every day only to be disappointed.

  • This is great Sony!!!! Keep it up and make it a tradition for next year.

    The “other” box is not the only one, bringing it home. Thanks Sony for supporting your gamers.

  • Hey Rommel, what’s going on with the thousands of PSone titles that should be in the store? Sony bragged about having them available before PS3 even launched. Have you guys shifted away from that or do you not care that we want these games? Do you even realize how many people are willing to pay for these downloads just to play them on PSP? Please help me understand why this avenue is not being taken advantage of.

  • Good to hear it will be updated daily with stuff. Here’s to coverage of E3 !

  • @39, The icon for trophy is a trophy, you may be using an old custom theme. Old themes done before 2.40 are going to show a question mark as an icon for any features added to the XMB.

    If you change your theme to a newer version for 2.40 or to the original theme, you will see, that the icon is in fact a trophy. Hope this helps.

  • Awsome, cant wait for the VIDEO DOWNLOAD SERVICE.

  • What about the Euro Store?

  • Great Job……. Sony are doing really well as of late… Thanks for all the great work.

  • I 2nd the request for more PSN profile avatars.. We need some new ones Sony.. Please.

  • when are the psn networkcards coming to canada

  • Killzone 2 demo please? lol I doubt killzone 2 is ready for a public demo, but i would be happy if it was!

  • SUPER. Can’t wait to download all the E3 goodies to watch and play. Motorstorm 2 demo please!

  • @kingv84- I know the firmware has trophy support. I was talking about more games having that feature, making it mandatory, also lets not forget in-game music should also be mandatory.

  • well i’m off from work early so i’ll be watching it on G4tv i’ll post any good news

  • yeah i hope they post the whole Sony event on the Store like the 360 does.

  • I hope the network stays up for it? ;-]

  • Thanks for letting us know about that SSHD update! much appreciated!

  • I’m hoping to hear a release date for WipeoutHD!

  • e3 will be awesome!!!

  • Europe left in the dark again? No surprise there, I guess Sony doesn’t want my money anymore.

  • So was the SSHD expansion leaked on accident the night v2.40 was released? I have a friend who has it, but I couldn’t get my hands on it. (I WANT IT!!) Last year’s E3 we got TONS of videos that showed at the conference. Will we be getting tons of E3 videos this year as well? Perhaps keynote speeches?

    Release date for PixelJunk Eden maybe?

  • I applaud your courage in poking your head into this particular shark tank :) Dare we hope that this might indicate a more general shift away from Thursday-only releases?

  • Sony you have a LOT to prove after the Microsoft E3 press conference!

  • E3!!! Wow, Fallout3, SOCOM Confrontation, HOME, Little Big Planet, Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider Underworld? anyone?, Mercenaries 2, Lord Of the Rings Conquest, and the list keeps going!!!

    You know what would have been nice a free E3 ’08 pass giveaway!!!

  • Great looking forward to this.

  • Ro, To my knowledge, this is your first post to the PSBlog; Welcome! Thank you for sharing this exciting news with us! Hopefully you will be bringing us the entire Playstation E3 presentation given by Jack Tretton and Peter Dille in it’s entirety as a video download on the PSN. This is the next best thing to attending in person. The more E3 content, the better! Thanks again! :)

  • i just saw Microsoft rip-off SingStar and even Eye Toy.
    the lips thing is a direct rip-off from Singstar as it even has the sing bars and everything.

  • MS Lips wireless mics just pwned Sing Stars ass. It’s a Damn shame Sing Star didn’t come wireless mics. ;_;

  • yep!! good week!
    except for today that fallout 3 is getting exclusive content for 360/pc..

    what gives?!!? well whatever i’m still getting ps3 one!!
    announce some good stuffs tomorrow sony!! remember everyone loves the PlayStation brand at heart!!

  • Square Enix are [DELETED]!!!

  • Square Enix are A$$holes!

  • XBOX 360 is getting Final Fantasy???? WTF?


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