Burnout Paradise – Codename: Cagney update is live

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Wow! Week #3 for Criterion Games on the PlayStation Blog!

Week #1 we set the blog alight with details of the new game modes coming to Burnout Paradise in the Codename: Cagney update.
(And mentioned 1080i support for those who have HD TVs that only support that mode!)

Week#2 we talked about the Timed Challenges coming to Burnout Paradise in the Codename: Cagney update. (And broke the news that we’re supporting PlayStation Trophies retroactively in Burnout Paradise at some point, too!)

This week…

Well, we’re pleased to announce that Codename: Cagney – the FREE update game of changing content for Burnout Paradise is here!

To get it – just put your Burnout Paradise disk into your PlayStation 3, launch the game and it’ll download automatically.

It’s that easy – and it’s all FREE – new online game modes, new vehicles and a stack of enhancements and fixes to make playing Burnout Paradise even better.

But even with all that there’s more – there’s the Game’s new Live Page, which is the thing we’re really excited about and want to let you know about this week.

Burnout Paradise - Live Page

The Live Page does two cool things:

First, it serves up news about the game – so that’s news about updates and the kind of stuff you’d expect on, but it’s also news about what’s happening in the game – so, expect to find news about what you’ve done in Paradise City as well as about what’s happening online, like when we hit the 100 millionth crash, for example.

Secondly (and this is the really, really cool bit), it’s where we can, using the Game Calendar, create what we’re calling ‘Live Broadcast Gameplay’. This is how it works:

If you check out the Game Calendar, you’ll see certain dates on it are ringed. These represent ‘Live Events’ that will occur on that day. In the news panel on the Live Page there’ll be a corresponding story telling you about what’s happening on those days.

So, for example:

Saturday 12th July 2008 – Prize Cars Weekend
Where for one day, if you go online we’ll let you try out all of the Carbon and XS Cars (that are normally available only when you complete the offline game) for you to test drive in races and Freeburning.

As this shows – it really allows us to mix up the game, and we’ve got a schedule packed with cool events that stretch out through the summer.

This breaks down as:

  • Test Drive Tuesdays
    Every Tuesday, we’re going to mix things up online by focusing the game around a specific set of cars. For a whole day, your online junkyard will look radically different. This coming week (Tuesday 15th July 2008) will see only Speed Boost cars online.
  • Face Off Thursdays
    Every Thursday, we’re going to mix up racing (both ranked and unranked.) Everyone’s junkyard will be as normal, but in races we’ll supply a certain set of cars to race in. This will really level the playing field in racing.
  • The other great thing about Live Events is that it allows us to award our players with all kinds of cool stuff. So, starting in a few weeks’ time:

    Graduation Weekends
    In these, we’ll let you try out new cars and new liveries for a whole weekend. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll be able to test drive our vehicle of choice, and if you want to keep it, then we’ll set up an online challenge for you to complete.

    The first such event will be our “Mount Olympus” event in which you’ll get to test drive the new Hunter Olympus, and, if you win an Online Road Rage event in it, you’ll get to keep it forever.

    We’ll be running multiple Graduation Weekends that will introduce even more vehicles and for those players who participate in all of them, there’ll be a special prize.

    So there you go – more exciting and innovative stuff from Criterion Games. Now, let’s see what we can come up with for Week #4!

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    15 Author Replies

    • Great Update!!

      Criterion are awesome!

    • I have had this game since it came out but havent played it in a while im about to update and start kicking a** again im updating as i write this mrssage love u guys and the support u are giving this game!

    • It is amazing how Criterion is supporting Burnout after it was released, the game is great and I will continue to play it.

      I’m looking for the Bikes update!

    • I knew this update would entice me to start playing it online even more, but damn! 1080i support is perfect for my almost-full-HD television! The new Live Page looks amazing as well, I cannot wait for those events. Gotta download this update as soon as I get out of class!

    • @toxic-inferno,
      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Stellar job! You guys are the best… thanks for all your continued work and support for this great game! :)

    • Criterion with this adds ( Cagney + trophies )just make me buy now this game. Congratulations.

    • I’ll definitely re-buy this game as soon as they incorporate trophy support.

    • Awesome game awesome update!!!

    • Criterion is by far the best supporter of their game with –FREE– DLC and updates. Love the work guys.

    • 60th post…LOL awesome update, Bunout has beem one of my favorite games i’ve played on the ps3….great job guys!! now back to taking punks down!

    • kudos to Criterion Games.
      Not only is Paradise a nice game, the support is awesome (especially for PS3 in comparison with other multi-games).
      I wonder how they still can be so customer-friendly with EA as publisher. You would expect of them to want like 0,99$ for each new paintjob (sorry EA) XD

      I am for example so disappointed from IW/Activision, that they don’t bother to include rumble, ingame-Music or Trophy in CoD4, that was such an unexpected big success. The should have made enough money to let IW add some stuff…
      I even regret buying CoD4 new for full price and in the contrary, I’m glad I did so with Burnout. So folks, get BP, Developers like Criterion should be rewarded :P

      One question regarding 1080i: Like in similar Updates for other Games, I always have 1080p then, too. Is the PS3 automatically convert it to 1080p? While I can understand, users with HDready Displays should stick to 720p, I own a fullHD and the 1080p Mode didn’t seem to be worse than 720p (or should I check my eyes? ^^). I actually prefer 1080p, cause my TV can disable Overscan in that mode.

      To Sony: I’m a bit concerned, that no one will include custom Soundtracks into PS3-Games.
      The system Burnout Paradise now uses is not the new one but the older XMB-System, which was available over a year now (introduced by Mainichi Issho). Why would the Developers include Custom Soundtracks now with the ingame-XMB-System, when like 95% did not bother to use the old system before? :/

      Please open up Ingame-Music to all games – even without Game-Updates every User can manually disable the Music-BMG in every game.
      Is it a patent problem with MS? I know it is already possible in the non-public-Firmware, so PLEASE… ;_;

      • I guess at the end of the day, I\’d suggest working out what works best for your eyes!

        Official word from the guys on the team is that 1080i is better than SD (as you know we added that support for TVs that aren\’t fully \”HD Ready\” – in Europe \”HD Ready\” means 720p and 1080i minimum – that\’s why we said \’almost HD sets\’ in our updates)

        720p is the way it was meant to be played and what it was optimised for.

        1080p? I guess your TV must be doing some kind of upscaling – taking our 720p and stretching it. If it works for you, and you\’re enjoying Paradise, then stick with it – it\’s great to have such enthusiastic and excited players in our game.

    • I cannot wait to play the calendar challenges.Such innovation in a game from a developer. I could see a sales spike in Burnout Paradise.

    • Pretty sweet! Thank you guys!

    • Many thanks to you guys for given us all this support, But I want to ask you a favor. Please give us the option to turn of the take down camera & same goes to crush camera & also to be able to change to buttons for the control.

      Thanks in advance & keep up with this great work.

    • Now I feel bad for not purchasing this game a log time ago :(. I’m going to buy it right now:)

    • What’s going on guys? I have tried to download this update 3 times and every time it gets to 44% and then gives me the “An error occurred during the download operation. (FFFFFFBBBBBB)” I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS UPDATE! Burnout Paradise is one of my favorite games and I was looking forward to this all day at work! PLEASE FIX IT CRITERION!!!

      • All I can say is, check your network connections and stick with it. The download operation is entirely out of our hands at Criterion – it\’s the PlayStation Network that handles that side of things for us.
        But hang in there – we really appreciate you coming on this fantastic ride with us in this Year of Paradise.

    • I purchased this game about 2 months ago after I heard about the coming updates.
      This update, and those planned, are ideal to ignite interest. Thank you for making a great product even better!

    • Hmmm, Wonderful update! I have yet to purchase this game, but I played the hell outta the demo back when I first got my ps3. I might have to pick this game up in the next few weeks or so, as soon as trophy support comes around ;)

      PSN ID: Zemus101 (Invite me! Compare trophies!)

    • Flamenblade, the problem is not with the patch. It has to do with the volume of users trying to access the update globally.
      It took me about 45 mins to download but I got it 2 hours after it went live.

    • @GeminiBoy
      Ahhh. Thank you. You saved me from sending an angry email to Criterion :)

    • I will be playing this tomorrow!

    • Onna76_NL, just desselect 720p in screen settings. But anyway even developers say that it’s better to leave 720p if supported by TV (1080i is just upscaled 720p in Burnout).
      Take care

    • Great job on the patch guys!! You seem to be one of the few developers that actually care about your playstation community support.

    • Ok 1st of all people where are the promised motorbikes n planes n day/night time and that new island? Please I love this game but when I downloaded n installed update I saw little change, please someone correct me if I am wrong.

      • Hey Homer!

        Come on over to – we\’ll tell you what\’s coming in our MANY updates through the year of Paradise.

        This is what\’s changed/been added in Cagney:

        Not bad, for a FREE update, eh?

        Next comes the Davis update, that will features Bikes, night and all types of other goodness.

        (Although I want to make it clear that Davis, like Cagney will contain a lot of free content, there will be some premium content like the bikes that you\’ll have to pay for – this we\’re working to keep at as low a price as we can – can\’t say what it will be yet – but it will be very good value for money by current DLC standards. Don\’t forget that to continue this kind of support with a 100+ team for 12 months, means that we\’re going to have to charge for something some times.)

        Then there are the updates beyond Davis:

        Which include the island – again, this will be free, but there will be premium content that enhances the game that you\’ll have to pay for.

        So, if you\’ll do check by our site or sign up to our CRASH TV video podcast on iTunes, you\’ll find we never promised \’motorbikes n planes n day/night time and that new island\’ in one single update.

        It will all come – it takes time to make this stuff, so enjoy Cagney, join us for the live events and keep checking and our blogs here throughout this Year of Paradise.

        Hope that helps!

    • I live in England so I don’t know if that affects anything?!?!

    • gahh!
      Another game to add to my “need to buy” list.

    • No Trophies BOOOO!!!!

      • Yes, we didn\’t promise that in Cagney (read my post last week.)
        But, all your progress now will count to trophies when the update (not Davis) arrives that then retroactively unlocks them for you.

    • Ill get the game and the update when it supports trophies.

    • @Flameblade (67)
      I am having the same problem. I tried it 7 times already and cannot download it due to this error code FFFFFFFB…

      Any suggestions? What shall we do?

    • Must buy this game NOW.

    • Criterion Games – Best third-party studio!

    • In response to HomerJSimpson…

      The bikes/night and day cycle (august) are part of the Davis update and the island is for the Eastwood update (fall).

      Criterion never said that these features would be added to the Cagney update. It’s very clear on their site.

      By the way…Cagney adds a lot to the game.

    • On behalf of the 100+ extremely talented and hard-working folks here at Criterion – thanks everyone for such kind comments and sticking with us/joining us in Paradise City.

      We hope you can make it for all our calendar events on the Live Page, and we look forward to seeing you online over the coming months and here on the blog.

      Have a great day in Paradise!
      Simon P (and the Burnout Team)

    • @ 67
      Simon responce is right
      check your internet
      yesterday i couldnt download anything since my friend had crappy internet and had NAT type 3 and i was getting the same error at viewing profiles trophies chat rooms downloads.

      Oh i was reading some of the comments down the list and notice some one talking about Airplanes. is that official that you and your team are going to add them to burnout?

    • Great update, you guys rock!

    • i dont care, i want PSN cards

    • @Simon Phipps, regarding 1080i/p (and thx for commenting ^^)

      Nope, like most TVs it displays the current Video-Feed (from the PS3). 1080p can be set as output in Burnout Paradise for FullHDTVs, when you disable 720p (and 1080i).
      When I only enable 1080i, I get also the 1080i Info from my HDTV.

      I guess it’s PS3-thingy, that it can output in both i/p. Hey, good we are on a Sony PS3 blog, any comments? :P
      On a fullHDTV, I can hardly (of course, one is upscaled by the ps3 and the other by the TV) see any difference between 720p/1080p (minus the Overscan :D ). I do notice the interlaced picture in 1080i during motion, so yeah, you should only use that if nothing else is supported by the TV.
      But if it is no PS3-thing, also Kudos for 1080p Support ;)

      anyway, looks great as always. Can’t wait to see it with the day/night circle in the next Update.

    • very cool update, but why is the custom soundtrack not from xmb access? are devs having problems doing this?
      i just don’t get this, for being a feature available no patches that have come out since 2.4 are supporting it properly.

      • Hey Prezhulio,

        As a fellow PS3 owner who wants to keep up on the absolute latest firmware and features – I want it all now too!

        I can assure you though that such things like this aren\’t a lack of expertise on behalf of devs. But it\’s not the console manufacturer\’s faults either.

        On an exciting, dynamic, ever-changing and expanding system like the PlayStation 3 it\’s simply down to scheduling – games and updates are moving forwards at a rapid rate, firmware versions are moving forwards too at a similar pace.

        While console firmware continues to update and evolve, you\’ll always see this happening.

        The alternatives are manufacturers never updating their console\’s capabilities, or massive delays while dev teams constantly chase the absolute latest firmware, trying to get their products out the door at the times when they can guarantee that they have every single feature covered.

        I think you\’ll agree that we\’re in a much better place than the old days though, where the console you bought on day #1 was exactly the same 3 or 4 years down the line.

        Likewise, the game that you buy on the disk now isn\’t going to be the same 12 months from now. That\’s what we\’re committed to doing in Burnout Paradise.

    • Downloading now, 80%. It’s running slowly but everyone wants this update. Thumbs up Criterion!

    • Just bought the game. Kind of annoying that I have to download the older updates first, but it should be worth the wait.

    • Every developer needs to do this this generation, and that is: offer more value post-release through free DLC and feature adds. With games costing $60, customers like me are more apt to consider buying games that have continuous “free” replay value. This in turn builds loyalty and word of mouth advertising from me to my friends.


    • I apologize in advance if this has been talked about already.

      I am over 50% finished with the game and I grabbed the updated this morning expecting the retroactive trophies to show up, unfortunately they aren’t showing up, whats going on?

    • Good the hear ‘almost HD’ users can run the game on their TV too!

    • Sorry my bad I must have misread it lol, anyway ty for your quick replies everyone I really appreciate your time to read and reply to my messages, it means you guys don’t just make a game and that’s it, you really care about after sales support which is nice. I can not wait for the updates, keep em coming lol. To be honest you could easily have used these updates as a whole new game and charged for it, n yes I would buy it coz u make ace games. I have always been hooked on burnouts. 1 last question though, are you going to make another burnout? Wait you won’t answer that it will be top secret lol :) Id you do make another burnout can you bring back the old style crashing events please? Either way you are a top quality company and it makes me proud to own my PS3, keep up the superb work guys :) 1 truly very happy customer, Homer :)

    • That’s awesome that you guys are supporting the game after launch.

    • I hate racing games but decided to pick this up because of the retro active trophy support.

      This is actually the first racing game I have ever enjoyed playing.ever.The crashes are so fantastic I find myself with my mouth open ever time I wreck.

      Thank you for the free update and I cant wait for the trophies

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