The PSB & Weekly Recap

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Happy Independence Day weekend (where applicable)! The Blog team is out of the office, but here’s what we covered in this shortened week.

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  • Any update on Firmware 2.40?

  • yes, could you please give us some info? just to let us know what is going on?

  • 2.40 ROCKS!

  • Best week ever. 2.40 & In-Game XMB has been awesome. That Naruto demo from the Qore episode 2 is was awesome.

  • i have heard of other problems with 2.40 after install. im afraid to use my ps3.

  • When is firmware 2.41 going to be ready, I’m tired of existing in a divided community where I have 2.40 and half my friends have 2.36 ><

    Will we start hearing about pre-E3 stuff this week?

    Also InGameXmb for PS2/PS1/BLuray/DVD, BC for PS2 on 40 GIG.

  • Where’s the 2.40 fix ? Where’s in-game music ?

  • Does anybody know what’s up with that new Resistance 2 ARG trailer is? It’s like a a lady comforting a guy on the stretcher while the doctors are taking care of …. on the stretcher. Then it’s supposed to redirect u to a interactive website but 4 some reason it doesn’t work for me.

  • You guys need to get ur **** in the office and get the 2.41 up as fast as possible.

  • Its funny, he didn’t list the “2.40 Status article”. lol

  • Thank you for the in game XMB update and the trophy system.

    Is there any way to get current updatesd for games that will support trophies?

    That thread is currently lacking in titles.

  • @10 Actually he did it’s the 7th one down.

  • My bad # 11, regardless… we need 2.41 up.

  • 2.40 is amazing. I hope the patched 2.40 comes out soon. :)

  • Would be nice to get an update on 2.40. It was taken down 5 days ago with no word :(

  • @12 damn straight we need 2.41, its annoying trying to remember who has IGX and who doesn’t when sending messages. I’ve changed my comment to reflect that so people no that I have 2.40.

    REQUESTED FEATURES -not part of comment-:
    InGame XMB for PS2/PS1/DVD/Bluray
    40 GIG BC with PS2 games
    Fix Battery Indicator over Clock
    Music Playback from Network and USB ingame

  • 2.40 works fine. I’ve found no problems what so ever. Sony has stated if you have 2.40 and all appears ok, you should be ok and not to worry. It’s just a limited amount of customers that are experiencing the problem, but that’s holding up the update being promoted live again. Don’t worry about using your PS3 if you’ve got the patch. Many other items people are posting seem to only be specific machines that are experiencing these probles and some I think aren’t even related to the 2.40 patch.

  • I’m pretty sure they’re working on a fix, just that the blog team is out for the weekend…so we probably won’t hear anything until Monday. It’s really not that far off people.

  • its funny how he just posted the weekly recap like nothing was wrong.

    didnt even mention the problem….i would think that should have made the weeks headlines


  • @16 who are you talking too?

    what about 2.40 !!!!!!
    i care about nothing now except this!!!

  • @18 It’s a weekly recap not a status report lol

    REQUESTED FEATURES -not part of comment-:
    InGame XMB for PS2/PS1/DVD/Bluray
    40 GIG BC with PS2 games
    Fix Battery Indicator over Clock
    Music Playback from Network and USB ingame

  • i know

    just trying to give them a hard time

  • donno if it’s related to the issue, but what i did just in case before i installed 2.40 from a thumbdrive (got the file from the internet) i deleted all my themes.

    now i don’t know if it’s related to the issue
    but it installed fine, no problems
    i’m on a 20gb PS3 with an upgraded 120gb internal


    oh, and on topic, i do find it interesting the 2.40 recall is not prominently posted, but that’s not an issue really, i mean it is in the order they were posted if you think about it.

    thanks Sony, the blog rocks!

  • @20

    what i care about is a PS3 that works and is stable

  • Firmware (v2.40) status: Stay tuned to the Blog for further status updates.

    its funny how he says that…..1600 comments and no updates yet

  • Can’t believe some of you people…first complaints that it’s not out. Sony puts it and people complain because only Super Stardust HD at the moment has in game music and trophies.
    Then a few people have problems and Sony takes the update off the site so no one else may have a bad experience until they find out what’s wrong. The people complain that they can’t get the update and no updates even though it’s a long weekend for these people too.
    I think the developers and techs are working on it, but like this person stated in this blog, the blog team is out for the weekend so most likely even if it is fixed, there won’t be a post until Monday.

    I’ll bet when it’s up again, more people will complain…’where’s the in game music and trophies ?’

    No one seems to read the articles any more…there are so many posts telling everyone that this is only for one game so far and the developers have said that now that Sony has the patch..they’re willing to update a create other games with trophies and in game music..

    Check it out at….they have an article on it.

  • Just in case people can’t find the PSXExtreme article…here it is again:

    “Developers Vow: Trophies Are Coming

    As you all know, firmware update 2.40 is finally here, and it contains the long-awaited in-game XMB and Trophy support. However, many users are a little miffed at the idea that Trophies aren’t retroactive, which means they’d have to replay any games they’ve already completed to nab those Trophies. Furthermore, we don’t have a giant list of games coming out in the near future that will definitely support Trophies, although you can expect that all first-party games will.

    However, developers are already starting to pledge their loyalty to the Trophy system, and we can expect many games, both old and new, to feature the option. It goes well beyond Super Stardust HD (the first game to allow Trophies); according to MCVUK, developers Criterion and Naughty dog have tossed their hat into the ring. They say that their biggest titles – Burnout Paradise and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, respectively – will soon get Trophies, and of course, this means future projects from these guys should also boast the support. There was a nasty rumor going around that only first-party titles would give us the Trophy option, but clearly, that isn’t the case. Now that the capability is officially here, more developers are ready and willing to give PS3 users the equivalent of the Achievements for the Xbox 360 versions of next-gen games.

    In addition, we can expect those same developers to start taking advantage of the in-game XMB. Obviously, as it hasn’t been released until today, game makers haven’t had any call to implement an in-game XMB into the development process for any given title. But all that has changed. New customization options are fun for all!”

  • @KazeEternal- I would love to see yor requested features sometime soon.

  • The only feature i cared about was screwed up, please put the battery icon to the LEFT of the clock if possible.

    To the left, to the left, everything u own in the box to the left

  • I don’t see the battery icon on mine but maybe it’s something to do with the controller not being charged…the clock on my system is in the right hand top corner and nothing is blocking it.

    One feature I’d like to see (I have TVersity media server for streaming internet music, videos, music, pictures, etc to my PS3) would be to have in game internet music…but I doubt that will come any time soon.

  • Ok I saw the battery icon now…but that’s only when you check it that it overwrites the clock…no big deal for me.

  • it also does that if you sign in or out of the network

  • @24 up urz ;P

  • Signing in and out yes…still not a big deal for me.

    Some people have asked that a feature be implemented to be able to turn the clock off….but I like it and it’s not that intrusive.
    Others mentioned they’d like to be able to dim it….but there’s a Setting feature for Screensaver that you can set going from 5 minutes and up that will dim you entire screen.

  • @33

    what are you?… 12yrs old

  • im just going thru PS3 withdrawal

    sorry if i am getting crazy

  • By the way…if anyone else has TVersity set up for their PS3…there was an update to that software this week as well (NEW! TVersity 1.0 RC1 is here!)

    Go to….it’s a free piece of software and works really well for me at least.

  • Me I’m one of the old f**rts…..over 50.

    But I love my PS3 and gaming….

    Consoles have come a very long way….you should have seen what we had to play with back in the 80’s.

    These days are much much better.

  • Jeff if you read this I received my shirt wanted to say thanks, it rocks!

  • Where is 2.4? When will you the disc-reading issue?

  • Hi Sony!

  • 2.40 it’s cool (:

  • @19 – KazeEternal I was talking to @5 Burgerking579 who stated they were afraid to use their PS3.

  • Please add In Game Xmb for PS1!

  • @44 Pendragonzero….not that I know this for sure…but I don’t think the PS1 or PS2 for that matter can support in Game XMB.

  • next week…

    -PS2 game freeze at [game]boot
    -Bluetooth headset output crash
    -Game crash when turning off bluetooth headset while in-game
    -improved exception handling
    -battery icon moved
    -clock toggle

    I can wish, can’t I?

  • @45 XMB can function on PS2 and PS1 games on PS3. The memory foot print is so small for these games that its impossible for it not to support it lol. PS1 used 3 megs total for VRAM and main memory, PS2 had 32 megs of main memory. PS3 has 256 megs of main memory alone which easy envelopes those previous generations. The Memmap for those devices in emulation mode would be small as well.

    Processing power is also there.

    Also Eric said that if these features were requested they would consider implementing them.

    REQUESTED FEATURES -not part of comment-:
    InGame XMB for PS2/PS1/DVD/Bluray
    40 GIG BC with PS2 games
    Fix Battery Indicator over Clock
    Music Playback from Network and USB ingame

  • please, let’s not forget in-game invites and in-game voice messaging!!!

  • Wow great to know thanks KazeEternal….so Pendragonzero, you may just get your wish soon.

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