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Resistance 2 GP cover

Want to read everything about Resistance 2‘s 300-foot tall, skyscraper-smashing Leviathan? Then you’ll want to pick-up of the August issue of GamePro Magazine! In the 10-page Resistance 2 cover story, you’ll see the first details and images of one of our boss Chimera, which we call the Leviathan. In addition, GamePro got the chance to play through a lengthy segment of our Chicago single-player level, and checked out our 8-player online co-op and competitive multiplayer. The issue is hitting subscribers now and goes on newsstands early next week, but if you really can’t wait, here’s a sneak peak at a couple of the new screenshots below.


Obviously, you’ll have to go buy the magazine to see more of Resistance 2, which also features an exclusive three-page fold-out cover showing some art our team created of Nathan Hale in Chicago and a few other surprises. Check out a preview here

If you are a Resistance fan, this issue is a must-have.

Next up for us is E3. We’re working hard to prepare for the big show. Stay tuned for lots of new info from us soon.

As always, Bryan Intihar and I will be around answering your questions in the comments section.

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  • ###########################################

    Any word on Trophies for R1 and In-game XMB and Custom Sound Tracks ???


  • Good news, its gonna be an awesome game

  • @ 50

    Maybe, but im sure the beta will be pretty open anyways, as Insomniac beta tests there games in-house, so its most likely like Warhawks beta, very open for fun, slight user feedback. :P

    I myself can’t wait for the beta, it’ll be the time to train baby.

  • ###########################################

    Hows R2 Comeing along and anyword on a Beta to look out for ;) ???


  • @ 51

    Agreed, trophies, and support for in-game music for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, as well as Resistance: Fall of Man.

    Those are some of my favorite PS3 games, I would love to play them again to get trophies, while listening to my own tracks.

    Promise me you’ll do that this year Insomniac! :(

  • @ 55

    I assume you didn’t look at the image in the post. :P

    There will be a beta, I am assuming it’ll be in September or October.

  • i just need to know if the game will have playable vehicleS (not A vehicle, vehicleS, meaning MORE THAN ONE?!)

    other than that i’m really excited about resistance 2. on insomniac’s podcast they’ve said all the polish goes into a game once the game itself is finished. calm down guys; i trust Insomniac to give us Hollywood movie graphics after giving us Pixar movie graphics!

  • How is it possible that every year you guys churn out a game that surpasses my expectation and keeps up the fun/thrill/and excitement that some games need 5 yrs for? Here’s an toast to Insomaniac and 60-player online experience.

  • How come the screenshots are available in such a high resolution?

  • @ 57

    Since RFOM had a VEHICLE, one can assume R2’s SP campaign will also have vehicles, and rumors say there will even be air combat, but we’ll see.

    Online MP won’t have vehicles though, which is fine IMO…

  • You all have been amazing since Spyro. Been a long time fan and it seems all you seem to out out are simply amazing games.

    Guess I’ll have to pick up this issue and tune into E3 for this next beast of a game!

  • Are there any plans for R2 to have some of the Gaming 3.0 features like gameplay recording/sharing, level making as it’s other console’s contemporary. If it did, I’d consider it a must-buy for me and a true next step evolution from R1.

  • eye spy with my little eye, something awesome

  • I’m not a fan of FPS games, but I’ll buy this on day 1.
    More than anything, I want some news on a new Ratchet game for PS3! That’s one of my favorite franchises.

  • @ 64

    Yeah same here, just look at my avatar lol ->

    I really hope the step out of the cartoonish look and go for realism (again, like mt avatar).

    When I first heard about PS3 many years ago, the first thought in my head was ‘how is R&C going to be on PS3’.

    I basically envisioned it being hyper realistic, you can see the fur on Ratchet, the suns reflection in clanks metallic head, etc.

    Can’t wait for that to happen one day.

  • When will you guys talk about trophies? ;) Something unique and fun would be great! ;D

    and what’s this? Resistance 2 Beta code?

    • Hey everyone,

      Currently, there are no plans to add trophies to R1 and RCF. Right now, our No. 1 focus is finishing R2 and making it the best game possible.

  • are we gonna have mouse and keyboard support for FPS like UT3, or that’s just asking too much

  • Yep, Ive already got it :D..Im a subscriber to gamepro!!

  • Hi Brian,
    The Leviathan looks amazing, but I am curious from a developer point of view. Why is the original screen shot on the flickr site 3840×2160?? Any chance this will run at faster than 1 frame per second on the PS3 ( or any other next gen console for that matter ) :)?

    • 1 frame per second?! That\’s kooky talk. The entire game will be locked at 30 frames per second.

  • is that a conceptual drawing of the Leviathan?

  • Hey Brian Intihar,
    Thanks for answering people’s question.

    I am a big fan of Resistance. I have a special feeling about it. It was my first PS3 game and I played it over the X-mas with my family.

    I finished the game with my Wife and she loves it as well.

    I hope she does not get too scary with R2. But as far as I see it will be impossible.

    Thanks Insomniac Games!!!!

  • I am a huge HUGE resistance fan my first PS3 game and still play it 5 times a week online with my buddies. With that said I just my monthly mag of PlayStation The Official Magazine, In teh mag it said “The visuals were still underconstruction according to Price, as the focus of the team has been to get the gameplay working so that it can be tweaked and polished to perfection while textures and character designs also go through there iterations”

    I really hope you guys don’t slack off on the graphics department I doubt you will but from what I’ve seen already it looks the same as R:FOM. Well I’ll be looking forward to what ever info you guys have for E3, Resistance 2 is my most anticipated game this year (yes more so than MGS4 was, can you believe that?)

    • Don\’t worry so much–the production team is working really hard when it comes to R2\’s visuals. As I mentioned earlier, wait till E3.

  • I have a question(this is not a rant so please don’t take it as one). With killzone 2 and resistance 2 coming out around the same time. Why is it that killzone 2 seems to have better graphics?

    Don’t get me wrong I loved R1 and am going to buy R2. And for all I know maybe the only thing killzone 2 has is graphics. But it just seems that since they are coming out close to each other, that they would also be close in the graphics department.

  • Oh and I hope there will be other ways of getting in the beta (please don’t be in Qore either).

  • Looking forward to evrything R2 related.

  • @ pauleece (67)

    Since RFOM isn’t really a PC originated title, or PC specific genre (ie MMO, RTS), I don’t see them allowing keyboard/mouse support, at all.

  • @ 73

    You DO know that Insomniac only got around 3 years to make Resistance 2, while KZ2 has been in development for around 5 years now…

    And KZ2 is coming about 4 months after R2.

    @ 72

    Watch all the videos and tell me it looks like RFOM… It looks great, still, especially with what they are packing in the game with the time they had to do so! I mean, 2 campaigns, 60p online, 8p co-op, its pretty feature packed and looking damn good too.

  • Hey eveyone who wondering about the BETA inside the magazine.
    I think you have to win the beta code im not sure but if that is the case then GamePro has false advertisement.
    btw good to hear about the game cant wait till E3.

  • don’t you think you could hire a couple interns to do trophy support for R1? Around the time that R2 is nearing release, I’m sure plenty of people will want to replay R1 and it would be a really nice bonus if you were unlocking trophies while playing it.

  • Will there be more opportunities to get a Resistance 2 Beta code? Will the beta be eventually offered via Qore?

    • All we\’re saying right now is that there will indeed be a beta for R2. Stay tuned for more details.

  • @Bryan Intihar

    Oh I didn’t see that. It wasn’t on the page when I started typing my comment. But I guess its good to know that I’m not the only one thinking along those lines. And its also good to know that the visuals will be stepped up.

  • Good Stuff Brian.

    The Leviathon battle is looking EPIC! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for E3.

    • Thanks! Yeah, we think fighting a 300-foot Chimera is pretty cool. And that ain\’t the only oversized beast in the game. :)

  • @ 77 – Sentry

    I’ve seen all the videos it does look slightly improved but not by much, well see how it looks at E3. I’m not ruling it out just hopeing they don’t slack and like I said I doubt they have.

    Oh and I hope “Capture the flag” will remain at 16 players, it’s by far my favorite online mode to play and playing 8v8 is a great and personal experience (what your trying to achieve with 60 players).

    • As I said my blog last week (which you can check out at http://www.insomniacgames.com/news/), R2 has plenty of variety in the multiplayer department. During our weekly multiplayer sessions, we\’ve been testing out several maps/match-types and varying the number of players.

  • Brian/Jsteve.

    R2 is looking ball dropping good.

    -What is the polygon budget you have for large characters?

    -Is streaming the game a possibility?

    -Will we get 7.1 Sound? 5.1?

    -Will you be able to complete the co-op game if you only have say 2 people?

    -Can I come down and play the game a bit until I’m bored? I’ll sign an NDA.


  • Brian.
    Visual comments aside I hope the series goes back to the “Dark” “Scary” nature of the earlier RFOM European advertisements.
    My greatest critique of what I have seen so far lies with the enemies characters, they do not look visceral enough even the grims look more like they had plastic surgery than being undead/infected.
    Needs more tasteful blood, guts and gore :)

  • @ 84

    Ball dropping good? Is that better or worse then eye popping good? lol

    • Ball-dropping, eye-popping–as long as you say it\’s good, that\’s all I care about :)

  • cant wait for this game!

  • a must buy

  • good stuff Bryan (good to see you’re cool enought to spell it with a “Y” like me)

    is there going to be some “game-capturing video recording” thing to record gameplay and brag about it with your friends like Halo 3? will there be a map-editing option like the Forge in Halo 3?

    speaking of Halo 3, you guys think R2 can compare to Halo 3? even top it? good competition?

    i already know you have visuals down. i mean, come on, its INSOMNIAC PPL! they bought us Pixar graphics. now its on to Hollywood graphics.

    vehicles? idk, just tell me anything you can about vehicles.

    and finally; can you give us a little hint about whether or not the 2 weapon system means MORE weapons? i hope we dont have only like 8 weapons in the game or something.

    • All of the cool kids spell their name with a \”y.\” :)

      The two-weapon system gives us a great advantage when it comes to level design, plus it allows us to introduce some of the more exotic weapons earlier.

  • One last question(for now). What kind of HOME integration can we expect? I think it would be cool if you could do things like take your HOME character and walk around in online games as a spectator.

    If you can’t talk about it at the time, maybe E3?

  • Bryan Intihar replied on July 1, 2008 at 3:41 pm
    Thanks! Yeah, we think fighting a 300-foot Chimera is pretty cool. And that ain’t the only oversized beast in the game.


  • Lol well I guess I’ll need to add ball dropping good to my vocab, never heard it before.

    A quick question though, how long do you think it will be possible to continue this ‘1 gamer per year’ modo you guys have going? I mean, honestly, one franchise o the other will have to hit the dust sooner or later. Personally, I hope you guys never close down either, but I don’t know how you can expect to really advanced in quality when you have such time constraints on your shoulders.

    Eventually, it will take more time to deliver, especially since you have to up the ante with each release, do you see it being possible to extend the gap to one and a half years per title? That way we can be sure to get more quality and you guys get more leg space.

  • Brian,
    When you go to the whiteboard you guys use to write down major points to remember please write
    “BLOOD, GUTS, GORE” on there for me
    and no I’m not trying to make fun of Cliffy’s Bigger Badder more Badass

  • @48

    ZOMG!!! It’s Sentry! What’s shaking, dude? Talk to me on PSN if you get the chance.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you guys can say or not, but will we be able to get into the beta any other way (i.e. Qore)?

    P.S. If one of you Insomniac’s could be so kind as to unban me from myresistance.net? I was banned for Rick Rolling somebody, allegedly only for four days. It’s been a good two and a half months. My username is dewmandew7.

  • @ 93

    As a matter of fact, that ‘bigger, badder, and more badass’ modo Cliffy B mentioned, fits Resistance 2 more then it does Gears 2. :-X

    I mean, bigger (huge enemies, huge environments), better (uhh, everything), and more badass (weapons? online? co-op?)

    Maybe its just me lol.

  • @ 94

    OMG its da dewmandew, man! lol XD Yeah once I get my PS3 online (few weeks) you got to add me, you know my PSN ID anyways right?

    Anywho don’t want to get too off topic, wouldn’t want to get banned right? ;)


  • @ 96

    It’s still SENTRY(birth year) right? I know it, I just don’t want to publish it. :P

    Mine’s dewmandew7 still.

  • Cliffy B disrespected MGS4 please don’t mention his name. R2 is going to kick GOW2 arse. I hope in R2 there will civilians on the street trying to escape. I mean it is kind of weird that there would be none in America since we supposedly made it back in time before the human race were mostly wiped out like in Europe. I think it makes the game more believable and interesting, especially when you have to be shooting all the time. Imagine a Chimera using a human as a hostage and you trying to shoot it. That would make for some really cool Ai. The first game was great but i did not like just running and shooting most of the time. I am not trying make R2 like MGS4 but FPS these days need to have a bit more flavor.

  • After the disappointment that was Haze, and the lack of any comparable FPS for the PS3 in the recent past, I have very high expectations for Resistance 2 after the masterpiece that was Tools of Destruction and the way-above-average quality of the first Resistance. How much are we going to know by the end of E3 as opposed to the limited amount of info we have been shown thus far?

    • Well, you\’ll know than you did before E3 :)

      But in all seriousness, we\’ve got some good stuff planned for the show.

  • @ stennex | July 1st, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    “Cliffy B disrespected MGS4 please don’t mention his name.”

    Relax dude, its just a video game.

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