Firmware (v.2.40) Walkthrough Part 1: the XMB

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Hi everyone! We know you’re all patiently waiting for the next PS3 firmware update, v2.40, which includes XMB access in-game and Trophy support. The good news is that it’s coming soon, and you can now see how accessing the XMB from in-game will work in this video demo.

Shortly, we’ll be posting another video here on the PlayStation.Blog that shows the Trophy feature in action for the first time. At that time we’ll provide even more details on how firmware v2.40 will enhance your PLAYSTATION 3 experience.

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  • This suits me fine. I couldn’t ask for anything more other than Video messaging. Thank Guys!
    Now all We need is the next video(whenever that is) and then the release of 2.40

  • Just amazing! Cant wait to update my PS3 to 2.40. I just have one question. Will in-game XMB be available while playing PS2/PS games, DVD and Blu-Ray, or only on PS3 games.


  • Woooooohooooo!! I can’t wait for the trophies video! Please put it online ;)

  • Awesome, thanks for the update. But one question? How about in-game chat? Via headsets?

  • thank you

    and now that you guys have finally come through, we can start complaining about other stuff…..where’s the cross-game voice chat?!?!?!

    jk………not really……….

  • Can anyone comment on sending/receiving invites to games while in a game, and doing voice chat with people on your friends list while in a game (aka private chat)? Are these features available now, and/or will they be available in the future?

    Aside from that, flawless implementation. I think my favorite feature is how you can jump out of the game you are in directly into another game, which although small, is something that even the 360 doesn’t allow you to do.


    hey buddy..this is insane, every single one PS3 consumer WILL get the disc-reading issue one day or another, most probably after 10-12 months of use..i hope sony will reply because this is f’ing pathetic.

  • @66

    Why? Cause it’s convient, ya know? Unlike the xbox 360 which scales any and everything to proper set REZ, the Ps3 has to be forced. So when I’m playing Motorstorm “for instance” and it’s a 720P game and doesn’t boot in 1080P, I have to uncheck it and check 1080P everytime I want to play uncharted, Warhawk, COD4, GT5p, Burnout and a host of others. It gets old and it’s also annoying.

    Had we had the option to adjust this within the xmb it’d be a breeze and it’d cut back on backing in and out of the game you’re on.

    Why wouldn’t you want this option, unless you don’t have a 1080p tv of course.

  • Looks great so far, seems very streamlined, efficient and intuitive. In-game XMB will be greatly appreciated and custom music is just icing on the cake.

    Supports the “majority of games” seems a bit odd. I’m sure most people won’t care if some crummy launch game like Gundam Crossfire doesn’t support it, but it’s a bit strange to say the least, since it’s a firmware update and thus should be running independent of the game.

    Will we be able to steam music for custom soundtracks or is it relegated to music stored on the HDD? Minor hassle, but at least you can copy music quickly from the network to the HDD.

  • Get a better TV Q*Bert

  • @89 That’s an extremely hard request, I highly highly doubt you’re able to do that because computers freak when you change display settings. Plus games play differently on HD and SD and by that I mean it says stuff like “Plays even better in HD” (Burnout)

    I’ll help answer and say no.

  • Can you message in-game while playing online?

  • I’m glad you included the qualifier “a lot of you guys” (have been patiently waiting) ’cause that’s definitely not been the case for many. It looks gorgeous and I’m surprised at how much work seems to have been aimed at this one particular update. You guys seem to not only be interested in conquering the high points of The Year of the PS3, but the periods that are traditionally low as well. :D

    Really, the part I’m happiest about is the clock (not that the XMB isn’t nice :P ). Trying to make out the time that my clock projects onto the ceiling is simply too difficult with the PS3 on.

    It’s looking good. Just seeing it in action is enough for now. (Though the aforementioned ‘many’ may disagree.)

    Thanks, and have a good night’s rest.

  • When is the trophy video coming? Tonight or not for awhile? Thats the one I REALLY wanted to see.

  • Posting in a Legendary Post

  • When does it come out?

  • Forgot to say good work on this update. The last rumors were exactly right after all :)

    I see also a lot of good questions comming here on the blog:

    cross game invites?
    cross game video/voice chat?
    ingame custom music playlist?
    streaming music with dnla while ingame?
    ingame XMB PS2/Bluray/DVD?

    thnx ;)!!!

  • Greatness! Please release the 2nd video now please. :)

  • We have arrived :)

  • I’m just happy they didn’t give a watered down version of the XMB like some website said they were.

  • Wow. Congrats guys. Looks like you put a buttload of hard work, and it looks like it paid off too. Alaos:

    HECK YES! A clock in the XMB!

  • i have a 61 inch DLP hdyv 1080p, however, i don’t do what u do

  • I hope the clock can also be skinned and personally adjusted. That’d be sharp. I’d like to have like a digital one with blue or Green numbers and I’d also like to have a clock with the two hands and second arm. I can hope, right?

  • You know no one has noticed yet but…he almost laughed when he said “I know many of you have been patiently waiting for this…”. I know if it were me I would have laughed because patient is the opposite of what has been happening and I find it impressive how you guys handled it with the utmost professionalism.

  • That’s what i’m talking about. I want all the Sony members to add me. PSN ID: Lex_Yayo_407

  • AWSOME!!!! Now all thats left is how long do we gotta wait… and dang people all the features arent going to be showed on this video so wait lol im sure we will get most of the things we asked for

  • Are people complaining already? Jesus CHRIST!

  • Now all we need is a date for the next video and for the release of the firmware itself.

  • NICE! I have been awaiting this for a long time! i’ve been on n4g all day taking part in the discussion about the possibility of a tutorial video tonight…so i stayed up. Thank you SOOOO much, sony! i love you! i can’t wait to use this on my ps3! Now…where’s Home?

  • Can you view the web browser?

  • Nooooooooooooooooo, I can’t view the second half, it keeps reseting to the start, when he says ‘Bluetooth’ it stops

  • @ 127, I called it

  • you’ve just put yourself on par with XBL.

    Bundle a headset and you’re well on your way

  • please just press the X button, show me the trophies… will i have to replay all my games???? WILL I HAVE TO REPLAY ALL MY GAMES?? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME??!?

  • Good stuff. Now what will be unaccessible in the in-game XMB? Will we be able to change screen resolution in-game? Or maybe change video output, stuff like that? What about voice chatting with friends while playing?

    Generally speaking, what is off limits? Or is it game specific?

  • I just want to make sure, all of you guys at Sony are doing a fantastic job. Alittle slow at times, but hey as long as its quality products like SONY is known for its ok guys. I’m a Fan and totally excited by this updated. Finally! WOOOOOOOT. Hope everyone enjoys 2.4 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • So awesome! Does this work with ps1/2 games? Please tell me it does! :D


    We love you Sony!

    I’m surprised you got around the patented “in game music” thing Micro$oft has.

    This is simply ALL we wanted.
    Well, this and more games of course!

  • Holy Sh… When I started typing it was about midway through the first page, but when I posted it was on the third page. I wonder which page this post will end up on.

  • Why don’t U make UR Video’s playable from the PS3 Web browser?????

  • Hell of a good job guys. Its MUCH better than I expected. I honestly expected it to be a washed down version but it looks like there is alot of functionality left in there. It was a long wait but you guys did well with this one. Thanks so much, keep up the great work.

  • Dude, seriously [DELETED] the people who keep [DELETED] about ingame music.

    Its pointless addition that really adds very little to the system.

    What we REALLY REALLY need is cross game voice chat.

    It is a MUCH MORE important feature for anyone who wnats to talk to friends while they are playing an offline game and its MUCH easier with it to set up a game with a friend.

    PLEASE Guys, [DELETED] the people who complain about ingame music.

    They are truly retarded. cross game voice chat is the ONLY thing you guys need to add.

    Please, do it.

  • @ 137 PS1 maybe

  • Awesome. Just. Awesome. Please release it this week :)

  • now just leave a release date!

  • Awesome video presentation! Very excited and can’t wait to see the second video on Trophy support. Thank you to everyone involved!

  • Eric does such a great job with the videos. I going to pause the game. Classic. :P

  • thanks for the update looking forward to part 2

  • I’m sorry guys but i’ve watched the video a few times now and am missing something…

    At what point in the video (minute please) does he say it supports “most” games?

  • Hopefully voice messaging will be implemented.

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