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Happy Father’s Day! Gaming is just as much of a father-son/daughter activity as throwing the ball around, as demonstrated in this drawing by 7-year-old Ronan Dunne Figueroa.

PixelJunk drawing

Proud papa Dan says:

I came home from work last Wednesday and my 7 year old son said, “Dad I made a drawing for you today at school.” He handed me this cool drawing. He and I have been playing 2 player PixelJunk over the last couple of weeks. Needless to say he likes it.

As you can tell from his drawing, his favorite towers are lasers and fire. He did include some gold coins, canons and lots of arrow towers. My favorite is how he included the monster bar at the bottom that shows which monsters are coming next.

Anyways, here’s what we read this week. Lots of (gasp!) MGS4 stuff. As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – it’s Sunday, after all.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/9)

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  • Cool, any news on Firmware 2.40?

  • haha sweet picture for pixeljunk, i want to see more of the PSeye game where you can draw stuff and make it move!

    hopefully next week you’ll be reading peoples amazing reactions to FW 2.4? maybe? eh, maybe?

  • Last one on that list is the funniest.

    What about Metal Gear Solid 4 selling 1.3 million in one day?

  • Lol, you guys must be sick of hearing 2.40 come up in every comment section. Just give us some information on it already!

  • Where’s firmware update 2.4?

  • That’s a nice Father’s Day gift. Might take me a while to read all those blogs. But MGS4 is definitely the talk of the nation. And those of you not smart enough to buy MGS4 on your own…here’s me telling you to go buy it…NOW GO!!! STOP READING THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW AND GO OUT TO THE STORE AND BUY MGS4!!! lol But seriously though you’ve wasted whatever money you put on a PS3 by not buying it. Actually had a kid come in and buy Army of Two over MGS4…i would have slapped him in the face except his mother was there…lol j/k.

  • I was playing MGS4 and a IM message appear and I pause the game to answer. The I said “lets check the blog if they have some surprising news for me and saw the pic your son gave to you lol. Keep those kind memories forever because those one is what make you proud to be a father so happy fathers day.

    Anyway for the people asking the firmware 2.4, I think, at this moment and week of the month… if they doesn’t announce it this week then it will be around E3.

  • I was wondering if my story would be posted, but I guess not (and that’s okay).

    I haven’t paid too close attention this week to news since MGS4 is sucking my time away. ;)

  • Love the links, thanks for showing love to other blog sites,I think that’s awesome! Love to see if I’ve missed anything.

  • How is the PixelJunk Monsters contest going? I sent in an email about it before that contest was over. It was written by my wife :)

  • Ha ha, you should start reading at thats where I get most info besides this blog.

  • MGS4, my hats off to Kojima and his crew. Best game ever.

  • I really enjoy reading what you guys are reading around the web. This is one of my favorite aspects of the blog.

  • You guys forgot the news about the PS3 RPGs moving to the 360.

  • ATTENTION ALL FATHERS: HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I also agree with X820, congrads to Kojima and his crew. Great game!

  • Hi Jeff,

    I asked in an earlier post, but since there was no answer I’ll try again:

    Any chance you can let me know if the MP4 stuttering issue when streamed through DLNA that was introduced in version 2.20 and still exists in 2.35 has been fixed in the upcoming firmware release (whenever the next one is coming).

    I (along with many others) converted all my DVDs to MP4s because at the time that is all that the PS3 supported. Now the MP4 format stutters (while the Divx doesn’t).

    Please respond if at all possible. It’s been months of waiting for this fix! :(

  • Can I post 2 comments? Oh I guess so…

  • @14
    Worst troll on this blog..move on

  • what bout paytons surprise?
    yeah mgs4 best game ever

  • Very nice picture. you must be proud of him :)

    It was a good week again and anyway we got MGS4!!! one of the best game ever!

  • Please release MGS 1 on the US PSN Store. It would be great for people who are new to the franchise and for those who have the 40 GB PS3 with no Backwards Compatability.

  • v2.4 plz…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. we should not have to ask so many times.

  • to all the other papa’s aout there
    Happy fathers day

  • Cute one :)

  • MGS4 = Game of the Forever. Thank you Sony and Kojima-san.

  • Read that “hook, line, and sinker” article. First PS game I played was the original wipeout; followed by the first Twisted Metal. Loved those games.

  • Sony it’d be wise to reach into those pockets and pull out some keep put money for Mgs4. All I’m saying. If xbox 360 gets this game it’s going to shoot your “superior only can happen on ps3 console” theory out the water.

    The xbox 360’s a year older, and suppose to be weaker. Why? Get on the ball with those exclusives, Sony.

    I’d like to see some Rpg’s before I stop gaming on the ps3. Suikoden, maybe?

  • wait for the update, they would announce something on the blog before it comes out

  • Metal Gear Solid 4
    The Best Game I Ever Played!!!
    Is The First Video Game MasterPiece!!
    Thanks Sony!!

    If you dont have MGS4 You are missing the best of the Best!! GO get It!! Now!!
    You Will be glad to buy it and say that you played the first masterpiece of the videogames!!

  • Firmware 2.4 plz.

    Also, MGS4 is amazing.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    lol… so many 2.4 comments everywhere.

    anyways, I just finished MGS4 a while a go and it is undoubtedly the best game I have ever played.

    My standers for a AAA title has gone trough the roof… I know, unrelated, but OMG MGS IS TOO GOOD! it got my vote for GOTY.

  • Right now, I’m more worried about the teacher reaction when he/she saw that drawing…

    Talking to the school headshrink:

    “So this kid drew a map with tons of firing turrets, and giant spiders everywhere… All my other kids drew their houses, with flowers and trees, and the sun. I think we should evaluate him.”

    Though, they probably see that every day now! And sure enough, this was an awesome gift from a 7 year old enjoying this great game with his father.

    Happy father day to all!

  • I love how everyone here is more worried about xmb, which the ps3 simply can’t run right or in full, than they are getting exclusive 3rd party software on the system. what the hell good is that xmb going to be if nothing is on the ps3 to take advantage of it?

    Xmb is a waste of time. The ps3 only has 256 mb of memory allocated to the system out of a possible 512 at any given time. We will not have a full working xmb like the xbox 360 does.


    I am more worried about the state of software and not multiplatform software either. I’m talking exclusive software.

  • Anything is better then nothing at this point, pal. XMB is not a waste of time. It may be for you since you might not use it but the majority of us definitely will take an advantage of the feature when it comes. I’m sure Sony is striving to grab up as many exclusives as they can. Sony is cutting down memory usage and giving more back to the developers for games and still giving us In-Game XMB.

  • Yeah Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! LOL when I was about your kids age I was sooo obsessed with DBZ hence that was all I drew… the rentals weren’t too fond of it but they recognized the talent much in the same way you have and its even cooler taht the Official PSB has. Mad props.

    Still can’t believe taht everytime I come to this blog I can’t get five comments into a post without reading something along the lines of ‘2.4 Now or Die!’. that and the new complaints over Sony’s lack of acquiring RPG’s. Like i’ve stated in all my previous posts, you guys should all enjoi what you have now. There are sooo many games and features that you can take advantage of at this moment. Not saying that I don’t want either of those, just that I’m tired of reading posts on here that are plastered with these same comments. Gets kinda old. real fast!


  • That drawing was really cute, that game will do that to your family.

  • Is there going to be a bundle for Pixel Junk Monsters (the game and the expansion pack), or for all the Pixel Junk games together? That would be great!

  • IN-GAME XMB: The one thing that will truly put Microsoft on their knees, STILL hasn’t been officially announced by Sony…


    Bring it back.

    I get the idea Sony would maybe just rather not sell any games.

    You won’t cancel games like Killzone 2 which looks to be another generic shooter, but something that looked genuinely interesting gets canned?


    If you need to drop something, drop Home and shift resources to Eight Days and the Getaway instead.

  • Blame the new smack who took over Phil Harrisons job.

    Read that lovley bit from that tulip. This guy is absurd. I hate him already and I cringe at the thought of the places Sony is going with the ps3.

    Wii motes for the ps3. copying every move they can, axing original games for cookie cutter casual games no one will play. Making more Singstar and guitar hero crap. What is wrong with you Sony? We have no RPGs and this guy is why. simple as that.

  • Garbage. Utter Garbage.

  • Sony makes some of the stupidest moves imaginable and the guy who took over Phil’s Job takes the cake.

    Cutting original ip for casual crap and garbage wiimote like devises, this is where Sony’s head it and it’s not with the hardcore gamers. The ones who buy their games and make them what they are. The ones who buy more than 1 game a year, ya know Sony???

  • I am sorry to bother you but I want to know if the reason Eight Days and The Getaway were canceled was because there was no online play.

    I have always been a single player fan and if this is true I am trully saddened. So please tell me these games were just put on hold and not really canceled. Because I was looking forward to these games.

    Plus not every game needs an online multi-player mode. I love my RPGs, Action/Adventure games and I would hate to see these go just because you think every one want to play online. Because I for one will take single player over multi-player any day.

    So please rethink these games being canceled and bring them back when you can. If not 09 at least rethink them for 2010. So please just think about this. Because I got into gaming for the single player games not the online ones. So I just want to know what changed?

  • @ gamesblow. You seem very upset. Try tea-bagging a cup of hot water.

    Hope this helps. ;)

  • He has a point though. Sony are quick to big up positive news of casual games, but there’s been no mention of these games being cancelled on here.

    Come on, someone from Sony, why are these games cancelled but Home, Killzone 2 and whatever else aren’t?

    Why would you scrap and potentially good new IP?

    Why are both Microsoft and Sony drifting towards casual gaming?

    I’m calling you out, Sony. Why cancel games that people are interested in?

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    MGS4 Forever the best game ever made and first blueray game LONG LIVE MGS!!!!

    if you dont have it then your crazy it’s a must have it’s money well spent not no short game either i beat it 4am sunday and it took me 25 hrs the ending was F#cking assume the best ending of any game THANK YOU HIDEO KOJIMA SO MUCH pls continue MGS

    MY rank was Hawk (rank 10)

    P.S. my MGO code name EternityVpSnake hope i see you all there after you beat the game (crazy and suprizing ending guarntee it)

  • what you read this week is that it’s complete and utter crap Eight Days got canceled for lacking an online component. Totally losing touch w/ your fans Sony. Nothing much outside FFXIII, White Knight, and Disgaea 3 on the RPG front, canceling games for not having online… OH how the great wheel that once was is slowing breaking down… Sad, sad day…

  • Great news from around the web. But I think that I speak for everyone here in saying that Eight Days should not have been canceled.

    On a lighter note. I just got done looking at some scans of Infamous from Game Informer. This game is coming together nicely.

  • Cool post (and pic). Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Really cool anytime parents and their kids can share some common ground. Nice to see PJM getting some love.

  • Like other people have mentioned, the decision to cancel Eight Days and The Getaway because of their lack of multi-player is a really foolish and disappointing move. Look, Obviously from an economic standpoint with the onset of the wii casual gaming is profitable, and many gamers, like myself, have noticed the playstation trying to capture some of the Casual appeal. But look, not every game needs multi player. Uncharted didn’t need it and it was still a fantastic game. The majority of your core fanbase are people who enjoy Story Driven single player. It seems sony has lost touch with this. Home is a unique idea, but frankly it wont sell consoles. People buy and play consoles for GAMES. And this shifting of budget and resources to trying to get into the casual market is foolish.

    People WONT spend 400-500 dollars on a console to play casual games. The only way you can really penetrate that market is when the console price goes down. In the meantime, RELEASE MORE GAMES AND UNIQUE IP’S. The playstation brand used to be known for its RPG’s…but, as of now, the 360 has more and many to come. What Im trying to say is release more unique games that appeals to the hardcore single player gamer, and focus your resources on that. Then, once the console price goes down to the point where wii customers, i.e , the casual can afford it, THATS when you spend time on the casual effort. You’re not listening to your fans.

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