Metal Gear Solid 4 LAunch

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I love midnight launches. While getting to play a big game, see a new movie, or hearing a new album a few hours before anyone else is of dubious value; there’s a sense of camaraderie with your fellow fanboys and girls braving the elements. That was definitely the case at the Metal Gear Solid 4 launch at the West Hollywood Best Buy this week. You had everything these types of events are known for – the exhausted “#1 Fan” at the front of the line, the confused passerby, and the drivers on La Brea shouting spoilers (“Snake kills Dumbledore!”).

and Best Buy also put on a VIP event for the media, developers, and those who waited the longest for the game. While I was unable to interview David Hayter (the voice of Snake), I *did* catch up with MGS4 Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi and that #1 fan, Tony Ervin of Inglewood, CA.

For more launch coverage, Kotaku and Destructoid were in attendance and took some excellent pics.

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  • LOL David Hayter sneaked his way out of Jeff’s sight HAHA!

  • i love mgs4 its sooooooo gooood

  • Congratulations to all the users MGS …..
    Lamentably the Spanish users we have remained without MGS4, thanks to Konami Spain, that has decided to pospone the launching indefinitely (although the problems, of distribution have been resolved for days….)

    Everything sounds to excuses and contempt …..
    They are consequent, and to us they do not continue punishing but with a hope that we do not deserve ourselves….
    Or it is that they do not have sufficient with leaving without dubbing the Spanish?

    They now do not remember their beginnings, when here they are our support.
    But he gives the same, we will continue waiting for Snaaaake!

    [FBC Unit]boticario

    sorry for my english poor.

  • En Español
    Felicidades a todos los usuarios MGS…..

    Lamentablemente los usuarios Españoles nos hemos quedado sin MGS4, gracias a Konami España, que ha decidido posponer el lanzamiento indefinidamente (a pesar de que los problemas,de distribucion se han solventado hace unos dias….)
    Todo suena a excusas y menosprecio…..

    Sean consecuentes, y no nos sigan castigando mas con una espera que no nos merecemos….
    O es que no tienen suficiente con dejarnos sin doblaje al español ?¿

    Ellos ahora no recuerdan sus inicios, cuando aqui tenian nuestro apoyo.
    Pero da lo mismo, seguiremos esperando a Snaaaake!!

    [FCB Unit] boticario

  • damm maybe next time there will be some canadian launch events, they always seem to forget that canada has gamers to

  • Great game, great launch. But when do we get MGS1 in the US PSN Store? Oh and anyone know what that surprise Ryan from the Kojima Productions dev team is supposed to give us?

  • Great interview… and now time to go back to MGS. :)

  • MGS4 Game Of The Year!

  • I was unable to attend a midnight launch event, but I did manage to snag my copy later on that day.

    I’m only a few hours in, but it is just plain amazing.

  • I have to send my console back to Sony because every time a cutscene comes on MGS4 I get through about ten seconds of it and my system freezes and I get kicked back to the XMB. I have already done a game exchange and it still happens on the same scenes. Still love the game I am just missing alot because I cant watch the cutscenes. Hope to see them soon.

  • Is there any hope to see the metal gear psp games on the PSN? because portable ops is inpossible to find in Canada.

  • Cool. I got the game in the afternoon from Best Buy. I figured, why wait ours outside, where maybe I can look around and find it? I didn’t pre-order becu didn’t care about it until 2 days before it came out, because I never played MGS before. Great Game!

  • @ Skater Ricky

    I exported some photos from MGS4 to my Hard drive and then I quit the game and it went to my wallpaper and the XMB never loaded. So I turned off my PS3 and turned it back on and it said “push X to rebuild Hard Drive” (at this time I freaked). I didn’t lose anything but messages and all my music got unorganized(had to put songs back into albums and put all the album covers back).

    So it could have been worse. At first I thought I lost EVERYTHING.

    Anyway, you’re not alone. I’ve never had this happen with any game but MGS4. I’m sure its a rare fluke and it didn’t really hurt anything.

    Oh, and the music stopping or the game pausing when you hit the PS button isn’t anything new. That doesn’t mean In-Game XMB isn’t coming though. You’re suppose to be able to listen to music stored on your hard drive in MGS4 on your ipod according to the in game podcast but you can’t I think they may have taken it out because it may conflict with the custom soundtracks thats coming with In-Game XMB. This could have been an extra reason(besides trophies) Konami was pushing Sony to release the new firmware(2.40) before MGS4 launched. I think Sony tried but it just needed more debugging. I think we’ll have it within a month but thats just my guess.

  • I luckily got the game a day early and completed it on launch.

    That was a truly amazing experience, I’m now on my second playthrough.

  • I finished MGS4 last Saturday, and all I can say is EPIC!!!.

    I always loved MGS series, and this one is no different, exceeded all my expectations!
    -I love you Hideo Kojima!!!

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    AAAssssuuuummmmee Game! thank you hideo kojima so much.

    beat the game 4am sunday the best ending ever in a game (i wont spoil it for no one) it was freaking great ansered all my questions except one (ill wait till everyone played it through till i say it)

    Hawk (rank 10) was my rank 25hrs of game play and starting my second round the longest game i ever played in intire life pls hideo kojima dont stop continue Metal Gear!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    P.S MGO code name is EternityVpSnake see you on MGO!!! :)

  • Here’s a thought.. I personally think it would be awesome if we could have a handfull of Metal Gear related avatars to stick on our PSN profiles. How’bout it Sony?

  • is it just me or is mgs4 the best damn game ever?

  • it’s about time

  • OK love the game….only one major problem….the separate login for MGO. Everyone said that it would be integrated with our PSN nickname, but alas I have to try and add all my friends and hope that they are playing MGO in order to invite them to a game…would have made it the best game ever if inviting friends to game was easier…..still love the single player as it is by far the best game I have played in a very long time

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