PlayStation.Blog is a Year Old Today

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Tonight’s a pretty big night. We, like every other PS3 owner, are gearing up for the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 and clearing our calendars for the next few days. While June 12th may always be remembered among PlayStation fans as the day MGS4 blew us all away, June 11th is pretty special to us here at SCEA as well.

June 11th 2007 – the birth of the PlayStation.Blog

We knew from the very first post (600+ comments) that this was something you wanted – a direct-line between the people that create the games you love and those of you that play them. Hearing directly from industry decision-makers like Jack Tretton, Shuhei Yoshida, and Peter Dille was pretty unlikely a couple of years back, but we’ve done our best to make sure that is more the rule than the exception.

In just a year, we’d like to think we’ve become an important resource for both consumers and media seeking exclusive news, screens, videos, viewpoints, and tips from the world of PlayStation. For some of you, we’ve gathered that coming here to read up has become part of your daily ritual, and for that we thank you.

In speaking with bloggers in other disciplines – tech, travel, entertainment, dining – we’ve found that nobody is as engaged with the inner workings of their hobby than gamers like you. 300 comments on a post has quickly become common place here on PlayStation.Blog. 300,000 views of a video? You did it. In fact, the stats are pretty mind boggling – take a look:

Total number of posts: 437
Total number of photos: 1,200
Total number of videos: 80
Total number of links to the blog: 10,222
Total number of comments: 63,060
First commenter ever: Chris Grant of Joystiq!

Clearly, we wouldn’t be anywhere without such a passionate audience. And to give a little something back, we’d like to salute our top commenters – many of whom appear to have spent more time on the blog than any of us!

1. 40cal
2. gamesblow
3. Loucifer
4. blizzard182
5. Jeigh
6. joel
7. aaquib
8. Stoffinator
9. frito
10. Solace

The rest of the Top 50 can be found after the jump. Oh, and if you see your “name” here, keep an eye on your inbox – we’ll be tracking you down to send you a t-shirt in honor of your dedication. Wear it with pride.

PlayStation.Blog First Birthday T-Shirt

Well that’s where we’ve been – here’s where we’re going in Year 2. We’re going to continue refining the look and feel of the blog, making it easier for you to find more stories with less effort. We’ve seen a surge recently in writer comment replies, and we’re committed to keeping those numbers up – and increasing. Third-party producers of PlayStation titles have recognized that *this* is the place to reach gamers – so expect more series of the Metal Gear Monday variety. And we’re speaking with our counterparts in Europe to bring more PlayStation news to you from that part of the world. We know you’re reading us from across the Atlantic, and we haven’t forgotten about you.

Once again, a sincere “thank you” to all of the readers and subscribers, the editors of other gaming websites who link to us, and everyone who’s taken the time to craft a post for the PlayStation.Blog.

Back to work.

PlayStation.Blog Top 50 Commenters

Top 50 PlayStation.Blog Commenters

    1. 40cal
    2. gamesblow
    3. Loucifer
    4. blizzard182
    5. Jeigh
    6. joel
    7. aaquib
    8. Stoffinator
    9. frito
    10. Solace
    11. deadxbabiesxinc
    12. Ghostm
    13. thechosenfew88
    14. Kratos_ate_Snake
    15. xplosneer
    16. KnaveX
    17. lakaihigh
    18. Kedaro
    19. darkiewonder
    20. scorpio
    21. Gregero
    22. chase
    23. zapruder
    24. cmargary
    25. gardea
    26. nmc75
    27. HanSolo
    28. Lp47
    29. scott
    30. reson8er
    31. stennex
    32. Neil
    33. MrCamo
    34. foolio_67
    35. saunderswan
    36. Darkendless
    37. Gunwing
    38. CitizenInsane27
    39. C-h-a-o-s
    40. XxBigP123xX
    41. thingg
    42. Herby
    43. NewYork214
    44. EvoAnubis
    45. leetfoo
    46. Cagalli
    47. OrganicShadow
    48. WHAT
    49. zookey
    50. Violater

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  • Happy Birthday PS Blog!!! Keep up the great work!!

    Oh and for good measure.

    IGX Yes Please!


    WE NEED MORE jRPG’s!!!

  • happy birthday PS blog! its been quite a year and i think its great that you guys have made this blog. being able to talk with the ‘guys on top’ is really awesome. can’t wait for this year and what you have in store for us. oh and thanks for the shirts guys!


  • Congrats……I check the blog everyday :) You guys do an awesome job.

  • Congratulations to everyone who’s made the Playstation Blog possible.

  • still think u guys need to have a seperate section that shows all the posters replies(red comments) like how there is a readers section on the right side of the screen.

    lol made top 50. didnt even know i posted alot. and to all the people sayin most of the people were probably complainin alot im not one of em lol. prob why im all the way at the bottom though lol.

  • Could you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz Have maybe David Hayter or the guys from insomniac sign my shirt?
    That would be soooo awesome

  • By far better than Gamerscore blog, mostly due to the fact of the site design, and how we can take part in asking questions to developers directly. Keep it up.

  • Awesome Accomplishment! Keep up the great work! I need to start commenting here, I’m usually just up for the read, didn’t know I could’ve gotten a t-shirt :(

  • June 6th 2007 was the day I got my PS3. I can still remember the blog starting right after. I should have commented more I guess. Anyway Happy Birthday PS Blog. This blog is one of the best things Sony has got going.

  • Already a year passed, the blog has become one of my daily stops on the web!

    I also like the following:

    “And we’re speaking with our counterparts in Europe to bring more PlayStation news to you from that part of the world. We know you’re reading us from across the Atlantic, and we haven’t forgotten about you.”

    That would be awesome, we don’t get any info from SCEE here in Europe so “we” (the EU people) are happy to hear that!

    keep up the great work guys!

  • Yeah!! #41!!!! Guess I really don’t have life after all…. (Of course, posting here since early July, 2007 probably didn’t hurt either..)

    I’ve got tell you guys, for all Sony’s ups and downs and missteps and failures, this blog stands as a demonstration that you guys actually do listen to us. I mean, between the DualShock 3, custom playlists and wallpapers, and devs suddenly deciding to add 1080i support to their games, you have allowed us gamers to have a voice in how games and FW updates are done. Thanks for giving us that chance.

    btw, if you still have some of those “In-shirt XMB” shirts lying around, I’d love to have one… :D

  • Congratulations to the PlayStation.Blog! Happy first birthday!

    Congratulations to the top posters, as well. I really hope the spammers didn’t count toward that total….

  • I salute every member of this post in their RALLY CRY FOR JRPGs!

    Happy b-day PS Blog. The new store looks great, the machine is slick and sexy. The software… Well, Microsoft seems to be buying all of it. Do something.

    – Christian

  • i wish the a happy first birthday..

    however, i will not congratulate the top 50 people who comment… i think some of yall need to get a life.. some, not all..

    and here’s to another great year here and many more..

  • Happy Birthday PlayStation blog. Congrats on putting up with us loyal fans. I for one will continue to post here to keep Sony on their feet. More years ahead and they look prosperous. Keep bloggin.

  • Wahoo I’m in the top 50!

  • Dang can us little people purchase that shirt. I want one :)

  • yay, made the top 50 “fanboys and fanboy haters” list… anyone else find 2 and 3 funny?

  • lol @ Gamesblow and Locuifer

    Although one of them does deserve respect

  • Now might be a good time to remind you again that a YEAR ago you promised to post the top 10 most requested FW updates for the PS3-

    (from 6-6-2007 “Ps3 goes upscale”)
    Eric Lempel wrote-
    “On that note, we’re always evaluating ways to enhance your PS3 experience, so now’s your opportunity to have your voice heard! Submit your number one most wanted addition to the PS3’s feature set here. We’ll post a list of the top 10 suggestions next week.”

    it never happened….

  • I find 2 and 3 hilarious. For all those wanting a t-shirt, wait until next year. Until then, bash Sony every chance you get, and you will be in the top 5.

  • Happy first Birthday, I’m glad that you made it this far. I thought I would definitely be in that list. Oh well……

    Maybe now that you’re all grown up you’ll be able to pay attention to the real demanding issues at hand. you know what I mean, as I’ve promised in the past many times not to bring it up.

    PS Store cards are to be out in all retail stores by the end of June, Right?

  • Good going guys! Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Any word on those PJM shirts?

  • Congratulations! This Playstation Blog is the best way to communicate with you guys. It would be pretty sweet if we could some how access this Blog on our PS3 via software. The internet browser is pretty handy atm when trying to reach this though.

    Lol, wait until you guys demonstrate In-Game XMB with trophies officially. This blog is going to blow up!

    BTW, is this blog the most commented on in the world? Lol, it seems like it!

    Good job Sony with the Playstation Blog though. Best addition to Playstation, an Official Blog. Happy birthday PS Blog.

  • I somewhat said congratz in an earlier post. Anyway, I’m commenting on this blog post one more time to ask a favor of Sony.

    I like that my PS3 has a browser but I hate that a blog site made by Sony doesn’t work right on it. Please update the PS3’s browser or change the blog so I can see the videos through my PS3 browser and log in without the browser freezing on me.

  • Congratulations! I dind’t make it on the top 50 meh

  • Congrats on making what originally seemed like a good idea soon to fall into disuse turn into the golden wire it is today. To be honest, I find myself coming here to find my information almost more than I do the Gamer Advisory Panel these days. Keep up the good work.

  • Omedetou Gozaimasu!!! Otanjoubi Ichi!

  • I’m surprised I wasn’t on the list, but oh well.

    Glad to see you again Patrick and the blog has been awesome. Looking forward to posting at the blog the rest of the year. :D

    Thanks a lot SCEA for starting it.

  • Wait a sec… Something funny going on here- This blog is more than a year old…

    this post was from 6/6/2007 and wasn’t even the first post…


  • Happy first birthday to everyone at the PS Blog.
    Congratulations and keep up the great work you have been doing.

  • Long ago these blogs stopped giving any real focus on the PSP so I’ve stopped frequenting here.

    Still, congrats to those who won. It is nice to see Sony is a bit appreciative.

  • That top 50 should take into account quality over quantity. I hope it excludes the in-game XMB spammers. LOL

    Anyway….Happy Bday!!!

    This is a great site and I stop in here just about every hour to check for updates!

  • Wait a sec… Something funny going on here- This blog is more than a year old…

    this post was from 6/6/2007 and wasn’t even the first post…
    (can’t post a link here for some reason, so throw a “http” in front of this…


  • Happy Birthday PS BLOG!!!!

    Any chance your giving away some of those shirts? I could really use a couple gamer t-shirts. :)

  • Wow, a year. i come here everyday to see whats new in the world of Playstation

  • congrats on 1 year. Now I must continue my day waiting impatiently for MGS4.

  • Congrats! Happy “first.”


  • I wonder if its possible to find out where other people are on that list. I’m curious to see if I was near the top. I don’t think I was but I think it’d be cool to know.

  • happy birthday

  • I don’t know what to say. :P

    It’s been frustrating and fun at the same time. Thanks.

  • Woot! I made the top 50. Cheers Sony, let’s keep it up!

  • Congratulations Official Playstation Blog! Cant wait to see what you guys have planned for the years to come!

  • Congrats the ps blog…always great at bein informative to all gamers and also for bein able to get the ps community FIRED up every time we don’t get the news we would like!….but either wayyy, its still a great blog! Oh yeh and ill take an in shirt xmb shirt too if you have one! If you can’t beat em, join em! Hahaha

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Playstation BLOG keep up the wood work guys I love this site.

  • Happy birthday, Playstation.Blog!

  • PlayStation.Blog is only 1 year old? I thought she was much older.
    Jeff, 2 questions:
    – Will the term “terrible twos” apply to this blog, making the next year awful for all of us?
    – When can we begin to talk about potty training?

  • It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. Congrats. It’s a good blog. It started off slow, because not a lot of Sony people responded to our comments, but that’s changed.

  • “For some of you, we’ve gathered that coming here to read up has become part of your daily ritual, and for that we thank you.”

    …Guilty. Though at times it’s on a near-half-hourly basis. XP

    And “First!” ? XD That’s a joke that very few are going to get outside of this blog. Pretty much all of the blood rushed to my head when I saw myself in the Top 10.

    And I know you’ve already got my e-mail Jeff. Happy Birthday, Blog! :D

  • The blog is the best! I’m really happy that it’s made it this far and become the perfect place for me to get the info I need on the stuff I care about. Wow, that sounds like a Sony commercial…but its true!

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