God of War II meets Guitar Hero!

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Hey Guitar Hero Shredders!

Coming Thursday, June 5, you’ll be able to download “The End Begins (to Rock)”, a rockin’ take on the theme song from God of War II, exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Most importantly, this Add-On will be FREE! The audio track will also be made available on the PLAYSTATION Store in free, downloadable form as well.

Starting Thursday, check in to the PLAYSTATION STORE and look for Add-On content on the home page. Download, fire up Guitar Hero III, check out the Downloads section and Rock Out!

Thanks to all the good people at SCEA and Neversoft who helped make this happen!

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  • nice!!! i like how its looking… good to get exclusive content

    I’ll download it tomorrow as soon as its available.

  • i want it for rock band

  • Wow awesome!

    June 5th = Best PSN update ever!!

  • meh
    I don’t like Guitar hero

  • @4: then why comment???

  • Now if we can just get a DDR for PS3 and have Rise of the Pheonix and other tracks from God of War 1&2 and I’ll be happy since I don’t like Guitar Hero and Love god of war this is kind of a kick in the balls.

  • alright!!! finally an exclusive track! plus the rock version came really well! good job to you guys!

  • Sounds like those two weeks of nothing may pay off tomorrow.

  • “The audio track will also be made available on the PLAYSTATION Store in free, downloadable form as well.”

    I’m probably stretching, but does this mean that we’ll be also able to download the song under “Music” to just listen to? ‘Cause if so: Booya!

    If not, well, I suppose it’s still pretty cool for those that play Guitar Hero.

  • what’s going to be mp3 bitrate? ;o

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Oh, man, you\’re killing me ;-)
      I\’ll try and find out by the time the store post goes up.

  • Wow, that’s pretty cool. Free too.

  • Can you guys work something out for RockBand ?

  • This makes me want to buy GH3 right now.

  • jeff sorry to bug you but will there be any drm to the track?

  • @ Jeff.

    haha. Thanks! You’re doing a hell of a great job around here! :D

  • Jeff, is there any chance of this (or something similar) for Rock Band?

  • I’m sure there are other Playstation theme songs out there perhaps maybe one of them could make its way to RockBand.

  • Grammar Correction: Jeff, is there any chance of this (or something similar) coming out for Rock Band?

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Thats awesome.. I too wish it was out for rock band, but at least I can enjoy the MP3… Thanks.

  • playstationalltheway


  • Its funny after the weak ass PSN update last week we get this killer PSN update to rival anything.

    God of War 2 song,


    I can’t wait until the update. New Award will be given tomorrow “Best PSN update: 6/5/2008” I will look forward to delivering that award tomorrow big time, how did I doubt the PSN updates.

    You guys I think did that too last week, made a crappy update so the next weeks one would be stellar and unrivaled to other updates since the new design of the store.

  • Any news on the “coming soon” God of War 3?

    – Sadly I only own Rockband so I will not be able to try this sweet song out.

  • Hell yeah. I’m so happy Sony decided to do this. I’m definitely buying this.

  • @ VenomX 23

    it’s free
    no buying required :)

  • Anything that involves God of War in it has to be great! Now I, am just anticipating GOW 3!

  • Can we get Um Jammer Lammy in Rockband also?

  • I’ll be honest I own GH3 for 360 and the Halo 3 theme was pretty tight…too bad the GOW track isn’t for Rock Band which I do own for the PS3

  • Shame I don’t own the PS3 version of the game (have it for PS2, haven’t touched it since I got Rock Band for PS3)

    Regardless, that was still epic.

  • Nice, now all I need now is GH3.

  • couldnt david jaffe have noticed how many people wanted the twsited metal theme in guitar hero over the GoW 2 theme

  • Free? That’s awesome!

  • thx SCEA and RedOctane

  • Great to hear, however (Not really expecting an answer) will it be coming to the EU store too? All too often we are left without free content (or even paid content) for long times.

  • Uhh, guys… you’re asking the producer of Red Octane for this song on Rock Band???

    Yeah, good luck getting answers. Remember, this IS exclusive to the PS3 version of Guitar Hero III.

    I’ll definitely be downloading this for Guitar Hero.

  • Now this is the Sony we love. Who says the others companies only have exclusives and we don’t. It’s about time the PS3 takes charge. GH3 will be on my list amongst other titles.

  • Ha! Thank you, Jeff! First a blog from the plenipotentiary Ted Price, the very first look at Novastrike just before it releases (no waiting time there :D ) and now this. :D

    And I’ve noticed that we’ve been getting quite a few insights with the developers lately. Others may (or rather, “most definitely” ) take this blog for granted but I’m thankful to you and everyone else involved for making this a great site.

    Have a good night. :)

  • TheSlayerIsBack

    MAN thats AWESOME!!!! and the best part its FREE!!!!

  • Nice! This sounds way better than the exclusive 360 track. Wish I bought the game on PS3 :(

  • The song is awesome!

  • put it on ROCKBAND PLS. a much better game.

  • An awesome music for an epic game.

    Srsly best rock music I have heard in a while!

  • Hopefully we can see this on eu store soon as well. The track seems to be nice too.

  • thats great…But when the heck are you coming out with more well known songs? I have to give it to rock band for the songs they come out with. Cant you guys offer more songs from GH1 &2? Alice in chains, incubus, the police…so many great songs on the old ones. I would love to see those come back for sure. And full albums wouldnt be a bad idea either.

  • This actually sounds good. And its free! Woo!

    Thanks Jeff!

  • The song rocks, nice work!

    Now find us some God of War 3 info!!!

  • Is this going to be the same as that poor implemented Aerosmith give-away song you guys had a few months back?

    Where no matter how badly you play (or how many notes you miss) the track still plays perfectly in the background, with all the guitar parts still playing without interruption?

    Ah, to be honest, I really don’t even care about the answer. Guitar Hero is irrelevant now. The world is switching to Rock Band.

  • I’m convinced that there are people who just come here to vote down anything and everything posted. I don’t know who would vote down free stuff other than someone just wanting to taking jabs at PlayStation.

  • Voting down? This blog entry has like a 4.8 rating. You expect every thread to have a perfect 5.0?

    We don’t all have to give it 5 out 5 everytime. If someone doesn’t find the news interesting or valid to them, they can vote however they see fit.

    And besides, who cares about the rating?

    I haven’t voted yet. I was going to give it a nice 4. But I think I’ll vote 1 instead.



    Has that changed your life?

  • Sweet free GOW song and I don’t need to have GHIII or RockBand to play it. Nice freebie. Tomorrows update is actually looking quite nice. I will be absolutely amazed if there’s a PS1 game tomorrow. Infact if there is I might go ape $#!t.

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