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Happy Memorial Day all! We hope you are enjoying your holiday!

As Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots inches closer to its release date on 06.12.2008, the media pours in…

From our recent Konami Gamer’s Night, in case you missed it, we are happy to present this stunning “movie-style” Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots cinematic trailer. It has the “movie guy” voice and everything!

Also, we’ve released a bunch of new screenshots from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots that reveal new locations, and much more. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

06_mgs4_screenshot_d1230_04 copy copy
20_mgs4_screenshot_d1160_01 copy copy19_mgs4_screenshot_d1220_02 copy copy15_mgs4_screenshot_p1140_01 copy copy18_mgs4_screenshot_d2110_01 copy copy

Many more here.

With just a couple of weeks left until launch of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, things are going to heat up even more! Stay tuned right here on the PS Blog and at!

Once again, happy holiday!

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  • For those of you who wanted to know, the MGS limited edition headset will be out in stores June 7. If you haven’t reserved this already I’m afraid it is too late. Also, Strategy guides come out on the 4th along with the limited edition guides.

  • Damn, Naomi looks delectable.

  • *Drools* Awesome! Absolutely awesome!!!

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT METAL GEAR what people have against raiden xcept that hes not Snake ill never know.. please be the main character from mgs5 ^^ even though that game wont touch mgs4 with a pole on the moon… lol mgs4 will be the best game ever PLEASE Brandon Laurino please may you tell me about the NYC launch party im attempting the venture from my home town Nanaimo in Canada B.C Vancouver Island but my burning questions are will their be both mgs4 LE and regular guns of the patriots on sale??? cus i want to get both for kojima to sign… i was thinking of something very special for kojima draw him something and give him something from metal gear (not mercahdinse) but something from the games *hint* something of great symbolism in mgs3 and in 4 i beleive is a tribute for mgs3.. i also wanted to get him Heroes and Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet street on dvd becuase he gave me so much my favorite games of all time he put everything he got into it and i can tell and i owe him more then i could ever give him… besides the status of the games on sale in nyc i need to know if their is an admition price and if kojima would maybe sign more of my metal gear stuff besides the mgs4 games im guna buy like i got mg saga dvd n 2.0 n bunch of other stuff if he would it would give me unsurpassed joy but hes guna be busy signing i dont want to leave a bad impression to my hero god of the gaming industry… but amybe he would be obliged if i give him all that stuff haha if those questions could be answered id be much obliged KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS SOLID SNEAKING FOR LIFE!!! (sorry for my rambling just mgs4 is always buzzing in my mind esspecially lately) hehe cheers guys thanks for listening o0o0o0o0o0o0o will Ryan Payton also be at the launch party id love to get his autograph… cheers!

    PSN ID: Meko_Gear_Solid

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    i need more info on the nyc launch party!! i know im guna be so suprised n its guna be the best event ill ever attend in my life spand.. who cares about nyc its all about the gears to the metal of the solid hehe… and those 5 screenshots i dont see any of the new environments id love to see more then the midle east ;;

  • Dang MEKURO GEAR SOLID, I bet you need a new pair of Draws after reading your post!

  • @bigdaddyjane………….


  • This trailer has to be the best Game Trailer for any game currently out. I’ve pre-ordered and am awaiting delivery!

  • nice this game is going to be a hit you know that cause is soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet trailer

  • Here’s an interesting question I have. Look at the part in the trailer where Snake and Naomi are talking. When Snake grabs her by the shoulder, there is another person with out a shirt that looks old. I personally have no clue. Any one have an I dea? IT’s at 1.06

  • playstation dude 1456

    This game looks hot and I had it on reserve for ever cant wait for this title.

  • :) thank god for games like metal gear solid or i would be boring in this gaming industry can’t wait no more for it to excited

  • you know was mess up, i just pre order this game and last night while playing GTA the screen when black and froze, after 15 of wait I shut it off n turn it back on and only the disc icon shows up and does read any type of CD.

    Y can t u guys just change back the BD setting to 1.0 when it read DVD fine, Instead of 2.0 with all this problem or patch it.

  • I just went myself after watching that trailer… I am soooo calling at work June 12 with my cold *cough* flu voice *cough*

  • if sony do the right advertising on this game i could see it selling millions of consoles in june and july, the consoles might go out of stock

  • Xiong_Warriorzz

    @ 61 Dorain_D

    **Spoiler Alert… Maybe**

    The person in the scene is Snake, it was edited up a bit but you could tell if you look closely, Snakes body is deteriorating.

  • Thanks for the screenshots!

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    Its killing me each day goes by cause so close but yet so far as someone said in the blog its so bad that im breaking down the video clip frame by frame and im curouis at 120 min/sec in the video snake was young and went to old snake and sounded like octocamo again my question is how is that possible w/o his mask i know on one of the videos from u tube or the reseved dvd (mgs4) trailers there was one trailer where he’s playing dead and he has blood on his face and when the octocamo turns off the blood disapears (that was freaking assume) the face (maybe) i can understand but on this recent video it’s his whole face and hair from brown to gray just curious im thinking he just remonsing or something :)

    p.s 14 days!! please hideo remake mgs,mg1,mg2 for ps3 egine!!

  • @ Gunwing

    I think you may be seeing a low FPS because of your computer.. I think it looks really smooth and fast on my pc.

    Also if you watch the few gameplay videos out OR played the MGO beta.. You’ll know the framerate is beautiful.

  • @50 you got your signals all mixed up.

    moving on; some MGS XMB themes would be sweet, don’t you think??? i’ll be waiting!

  • so check this out, i am still upset about the language thing. Are you guys telling me that there is NO way that you can just have like a regional language soundtrack pack or subtitle pack for the PS store. so when can just download whatever language setting we want. i mean i’ll put down up to like $2 for for it. i mean give us something. i know it has a mandatory install so you can’t like give us an update or something. i just don’t like the english voice acting so much and my japanese is not that good yet

  • This`s the best trailer. I hope our government premitt mgs4 to be released in our country. I just can`t miss this game.

  • that trailer should b on tv not just on the net. but i wish this site wasnt so far behind with the info. i saw this stuff days before it was on here

  • Does anybody know if that movie trailer will actually be shown in theaters?

  • if your a MGS fan you shouldn’t have bought an xbox.
    MGS has been on sony’s systems since the since 1987.

  • As of 17 minutes ago, on the East coast of the US, there’s only 10 days to go. In 240 hours, EXACTLY, this game will be in my PS3, displayed on the Sony Bravia with the Bose 3-2-1 Home Theater System. Oh man, I love the fact that I’ll be sick on the 12th!

  • I can’t wait… I am in the process of getting an HDTV, perfect timing…

  • Sigh, 8 more days till MGS4. Can’t wait for it to come out as it is probably going to be one of the best game made this decade.

  • I just called my local Gamestop, the only place near me that is doing a midnight release. They said they only recieved 1 bundle and already had someone standing in line for it. The next closest one only got 2….
    That sucks, the 80 gig has been discontinued for 6 months to be re-released with all the hype surrounding mgs4 and they only send 1 or two per store. Have they not been producing them for the last 6 months?…Seriously! Get a clue SONY !

  • :)It is in my hands. I went to my local walmart supercenter. They had 4 bundles. I got there a little after 10pm, was first in line, AND got a $100 shopping card to Walmart. :) Good luck to everyone else.

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