Resistance 2 at E3 judges’ day

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Hey everyone,

Greetings from E3 Judges Day! We’re here at the Roosevelt Hotel right in the center of Hollywood showing the press the biggest PlayStation titles for the year. I’ve had a chance to hang out and play some Killzone 2, Pixeljunk Eden, SOCOM: Confrontation, Little Big Planet and even Buzz PS3, so there are plenty of games for the press to check out. Now, of course, I’m here with Insomniac President and R2 Creative Director Ted Price as well as Assistant Creative Director Colin Munson. We’re talking to key journalists about Resistance 2, plus demoing our new 60-player multiplayer mode called Skirmish. This is the first opportunity for the press to get their hands on the game in the US, and we’re really excited to show off the multiplayer. We think we’re taking one of the best parts of Resistance: FOM to an entirely new level.

Resistance 2

Our philosophy for Resistance 2 multiplayer is “Massive Battles, More Intimacy.” We’re accomplishing this by focusing the 60-player games into battles within battles. This basically means that you should constantly feel like you’re playing an important role in a larger war…every single game. Tying into that are what we’re calling rival squads as well as a rewards system that recognizes just about everything positive you can do in-game. It’s addictive. If you want to hear more about this new mode, you should check the latest episode of our podcast, The Full Moon Show. We talk about all the fun we’ve been having playtesting it over the past few weeks. You can download it at

Resistance 2

The multiplayer level we are demoing is set in Scotia, California, which is in the Redwood Forest. One thing we’re really excited about with Resistance 2 is the diversity of the environments across the United States, and we’re definitely taking advantage of it. To prove my point, we’re giving you a glimpse of a few screenshots of one of our single-player levels, Chicago. You’ll see one of our new enemies in these screens, the Grim, as well as some of the advances we’ve made graphically with our lighting technology. We’ll be blowing this level out in the August issue of Gamepro magazine and Resistance fans, you can’t miss it.

Resistance 2

Speaking of screenshots, we know from listening to our fans that you always want more. But have you ever wondered exactly what goes into a screenshot?

They aren’t as easy to take as you might think when the game is in the middle of development. My fellow Community Manager Bryan Intihar just got his first experience of the pain it can be at times, to check out his blog on the matter, click here.

That’s all for now, but Bryan and I will be answering your questions in the comments as always.


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  • Hey James, I know you guys at Insomniac are still hard at work on just R2, but could there possibly be a PSP version of Resistance at some point in time in the future? I just recently picked up Killzone:Lib and pretty much haven’t put it down, especially with its online component.

    It’s just a thought, and to me, it’s an awesome thought. And keep up the awesome work on the podcast. I listen to it while I’m at work and it makes the day go by much faster.

  • hey game looks awsome liked first one!! but no big fan of online in the first one, but i can see myself playing this one online!!!but as of right now warhawk takes most of my time.

    cant wait to get this game

  • I can tell this game will be a MUST-HAVE when it comes out

  • Hey, R2 looks to be shaping up nicely. Ever thought of putting the Full Moon Show on the PS Store? It’s a great podcast, and may lead to more PS3 owners being exposed to it, this may also lead to other developers putting their own podcasts up. Just a thought. Can’t wait for the June 12th trailer.

  • 1. Are those early forms of the Chimera? They look weak when compared to the ones in Resistance:FoM.
    2. Is the M5A2 Carbine still the standard assault rifle for humans? and if it is, does it have anything new? Like laser sights for example.
    3. Any info on when the demo is coming?

    I am a fan of the first and i can’t wait to buy R2! keep up the good work. ;)

    • We\’ll explain more about the Grims in the Gamepro issue, but they pretty much are the former residents of Chicago.

      We haven\’t said what, if anything will be new, but yup, it\’s still the standard rifle.

      Way too early to even be thinking about a demo. We\’re in the middle of productions!

  • wow, it looks really really good. Any plans on having a special edition version?

  • I cannot wait for this.

  • I have a high expectation for skirmish, please make sure the server remains stable, I don’t want any “connection interrupted” that I get often from Call of Duty 4.

    • We use dedicated servers, unlike a lot of other games out there, so you won\’t have any issues.

  • This is on of my most anticipated games of this year. You guys have said a lot about how there will be groups in the 60 player games that each have their own objectives. What I want to know is if it will still be possible to have a 60 player deathmatch. I don’t recall you guys saying anything about that. Clearly, the game is still in production, but I am just curious as to what your thoughts are on that topic. Thanks! ;)

  • This game will be awesome.

  • @58 (the ironically named Nathan Hale)

    They’ve mentioned on the podcast over many of the shows over the last few months that they’re working with bandwidth and whatnot to prime the networks. It really is impressive, and unbelievable how much they get done in such a short time. :D

  • Pretty interesting that these Chimera don’t have cooling packs :)

  • Insomniac games is an amazing company. They have produced 3 quality titles in the time it takes some companies to make one. And so far, they have all been some of the best games on the PS3. Any game they make is an automatic buy from me.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    I’m not really digging this new emphasis on squad gameplay. I was always a loner in online play on the first Resistance in team battles. I’ll probably just stick to free for all modes like deathmatch. Speaking of FFA deathmatch.

    Are you guys changing up anything about a 60 player FFA deathmatch or is that going to be a mode where controlled chaos is off limits and everyone can just go wild on each other?

  • I can’t wait for this game. I’m a big fan of Insomniac.

  • DevilHunterDante

    Freaking Sweet! Soldiers look awesome, so do the chimera

  • I was wondering if there are gong to be bots for offline multiplayer.

    Also wonder if yall are going to keep the smaller games (well maps really) for online play. Because in R:FoM i liked playing in the smaller maps then the bigger maps.

  • please confirm splitscreen or no splitscreen??? Co-op…

  • We’ve heard a lot about the online multiplayer changes….can you start talking about the graphics engine updates? I assume you’re not simply reusing the engine from the first game? Will there be better lighting effects, particle effects/explosions, fewer low res repeating textures, that kind of thing? The fact that the results of firing a rocket at a wall simply produces a puff of smoke with a couple small particles flying and a small black mark that disapeared in a couple seconds really took away from the first game.

  • This game is gonna be awesome !!

  • I absolutely loved the first game, and will be certain to pick this one up at launch.

    The improved lighting engine looks great, and some of the more rural environments (as I’ve seen over at PS3fanboy and IGN) look beyond amazing.

    Urban levels look great too.

    Can’t wait for release.

  • I have always loved R1, the screen shots are making me crazy.

  • I can’t wait for Resistance 2. The 8 player co-op and seperate story really have me wanting this game. Not to mention the squad based 60 player online combat sounds interesting. I can’t wait to get more info. Oh I finally beat Resistance 1 Lol. It was co-op though lol

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    I freekin cant get enough of Insomniac sinse Resistance :FoM i loved that game so incrdibly much i cant even really imagine how much single player n co op my ps3 seen with that BD in my PS3! ohhh man icanot wait for #2 its guna be yet again the best fps ever haha always said #1 was best fps sinse 007 golden eye itself… I reallly loved the characters the story really everything basicaly lol especially the weapons that blew my mind but the new take on WW2 was stunning n absalutely briliant congradulations insomniac for brewing not just one of the best but most original and groundbreaking franchises ever i gotta admit im more excited for mgs4 and fallout3 but fallout n mgs r the games that turn me into a man haha resistance was only you know the best game for the best console ever build and was a launch title no less… Insomniac you earned your stripes ten fold!!!!

    PSN ID: Meko_Gear_Solid

  • @James Stevenson
    Be honest Can Resistance 2 challenge gears of war 2.

  • Look spectacular. I’d really REALLY REALLY REALLY love to get some PSN avatars so I could spread love (and hype) for this game for the next 6 months.

  • 3rd person perspective, and/or cover system confirmed?

    I know it’s been asked in this blog a couple times, just wanted to add my two cents, If you’re not allowed to comment on this matter, just say you aren’t allowed to comment on this matter, so I can at least be at ease… and not feel 100% shunned, ha!

    keep up the great work Insomniac… anticipation of R2 is unrivaled.

  • Insomninac you guys are turely video game masters. By you guys concentrating on the online more than the other game companies you have made RFOM an extremely good game but, dont get me wrong the RFOM story line was a great one infact when me and my friend played co-op he almost cried at the end were nathan seemed to died I told him “Dude he lives” and he then started crying. Now with RFOM2 I expept the game that scores a 10 on IGN instead of a 9.1. So what im trying to say is RFOM2 is going to be the No.1 game of the year and if you guys see any other games coming out with 60+ online before resistance comes out maybe you guys could bump the online higer then the other game. Take it easy and make the best dam game you can make. RFOM 4 EVER

  • Can’t wait!!!

    … no honest… the waiting is killing me!

  • Ya know. Every time something new comes up about resistance 2 i get even more excited for it. It looks so epic! Really an awesome single player campaign that I cant wait to hear more about, 8 player online coop that has a totally different story than single player, and 60 player online. It cant get better it really cant, at least not until resistance 3 comes out. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • My friends and I have been comparing gears of war and resistance and we have come to the conclusion that the resistance grafics may just be to smooth and if in resistance 2 the graphicks were to be a little bit more rough you guys might just blow away the competition that is gears of war 2

  • I cant wait until june 13! for all of you who dont know what it is on spike tv they have a series called gametrailers every friday night at eleven o’clock. On june 13 the theme for the episode is Resistance 2!!! and its going to show the single player campaign of R 2!!! I cannot wait its so soon wow cant wait really cant.

  • Well eleven o’clock for me I live in utah but if you live on the south coast yours might be later and the west yours might come on sooner I dont know check your local tv listings or something because this you do not want to miss. They are showing the first single player gameplay of r2 and they are doing a bunch of interviews and stuff with the makers it’s gonna be epic so dont miss it!

  • another mistake wow!!!!! not south coast east coast i cannot think clearly today well anyways 5 days 5 days!!!!!!!!!!

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