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Happy Friday EOJ Fans,

I’m finally back in town and happy that both SET 2 cards and PSN download are finally out for you all to enjoy. Per Chuck’s post yesterday, we wanted to send give all you North American EOJ fans some love for all your patience with the delay. So I’m happy to announce that Friday next week we are going to give you all some free cards! And not just any cards, but the very hard to get Set 2 Promo cards!

So all of you who want to add these to their collection all you need to do is hit up the PS Blog *next* Friday afternoon. We will post a link where you will be able to register your mailing address. Be one of the first few hundred to register that day and you will receive all three promo cards including:

General Lug Parmetic Deathspeaker Art

Noram Zealot Art

Once again, thanks for all the support, have fun playing this weekend and catch you next Friday!

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  • What about people who bought European Update that not work on american EOJ? Where can we ask for support or money back? I think that games on PS3 are region free… so why restrict buy things where i want to do so?

    Think not receive answers to my (our) questions…

    • Not sure what you can do besides recommending that you always buy things from the region of the hardware – localization is better and QA is ensured. Il ask if there are other options.

  • was what a freind told me that they had eoj with the eye for 40 dollars from the retails themself!Any advice on cleaning my psp?Can i clean with windex or do i have to buy a solution to clean its with?

    • Not sure the best way to clean the actual screen, I RONCO\’d one of those screen sheilds right away.

  • Yeah has it for like $42.99. But the thing is it isnt all the time. They drop it for a short time then bring it back to normal. They’ve done this a few times already. I snagged EOJ when it was $46.99 on Amazon. Hey Mark, is there a time estimate you could give me when the promos will be released to be claimed? Thanks

    • Cards should be mailed out shortly after. Shouldn\’t be too long. Will update on Fridays blog post.

  • first off great job on the blog. This whole eye of judgement thing is one of a kind; a true work of art. I spent at least 2k trying to gather every card in the game; I finally completed set 1, and 79% done with set 2. But after buying all those cards i still can’t stop even though the odds are lower in set 2. Set 1 had a 1:60 chance of hitting an ultra rare set 2 a 1:70 chance of getting one. So what are the odds of getting a promo? I have to get at least one

  • Hello Mark,

    I have one question to see if you can help me. I already buyed a lot of booster for the Set 2 also I have a brand new deck. But I live in Costa Rica and I can´t buy the expansion pack in the PS3 Online Store is there a way to obtain it? like with a CD or buying it on a game store?

    Thanks for your answer

    • Sorry, no Set 2 disc planned. Maybe for Set 3 (would include set 2 and set 3)…cross your fingers.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!

    PSN wyldekat

  • Awesome news. I hope I get to register in time. I’m on jury duty that day as luck would have it.

  • finally but i still need 28 of the first set to be completed help me get that so i could say i have em all

  • Woohooo , just making sure, that link is going to be up friday 2nd of may?

  • Awesome….!!!

  • When does this “afternoon” start? Pacific time, East coast time?

  • Thanks Mark, that’s great to hear ! I’ll keep my page refreshed. :D

  • Sweet I can’t wait although I work so my girl will be at the pc all day. What a gal, lol.

  • this is good

  • Why not just post printable pics of the cards with the actual bar codes on them? You could make it available for 24 hours. That way everyone could get a copy.

  • This is cool and all, but why hasn’t SCEJ or any other developer done more with this technology? I thought there would have been another game using this tech by now, a war strategy game with tank cards, infantry cards, etc.

  • Hey Mark….your ilocano??? me to… well im half =)

    Good job on everything by the way.

  • So May 2nd we can register for the free cards?

  • This is great, thanks guys!

    On a side note, I have an EOJ related question:

    Regarding the Seer Vizak’s Cleansing Spellcard, I’m sure I’m not the first to post on this, but isn’t something wrong with this spellcard? 3 Mana for the exact same function as the 2 mana Fissures? I read somewhere that this card was a misprint, that it was supposed to flip tiles of the same element, but I used it, and it behaves exactly the same as Fissures. What’s the latest word on this? Is there going to be a fix? Is a patch planned?

  • This is a good deal. Is there a new starters deck coming out soon

  • This is awesome!!!

  • Sweet, I’ll try to be one of the first!

  • THis is great news!

  • Wow it sure woiuld be nice to get a break I would like to have a few cards that not everyone else in the world has plenty of for a change. Considering all the change i have spent.

  • Mana charge.
    Hi Mark, welcome back and stuff.
    first i must say that i lurv this game: it’s challenging, super fun, and satisfies a weird desire to collect. congrats on a job well done!

    Mana release.
    that said, it’s really frustrating that, on the announced day of Set 2’s release, my local retailers not only have no cards to sell, they have no idea when or if theyre going to carry them.
    who cares about an availability date if the items aren’t actually available?
    and i’m talking about a market like San Francisco here, not some rural backwater burg (my apologies to anyone in a rural backwater burg).
    the local Sony store downtown doesn’t even have them. and the EB Games clerk’s explanation was that the cards’ limited availability is Sony’s method to curtail piracy. does this make any sense? he could have been completely misinformed. but how can one pirate something that’s not even available? and doesn’t that screw all of us who are genuinely enthusiastic about Eye of Judgement?
    whatever, i’ll eventually track down the cards and play the game with verve with my mates and gloat when i win and curse when i lose. but what a hassle in the meantime, right? ugh.
    isn’t there a better way to deal with this?
    thanks for listening.

  • Wow, this is the first time I ever blogged. It’s amazing how free stuff makes you more technical.

  • Also, can you please clarify, when is next Friday in terms of this promo, 5/2 or 5/9? And what time should we be here in the afternoon? Is that 12Noon EST?


  • The Theme 2 Decks keep getting pushed back on the Gamestop Website. Went from April 29th to May 1. Is there a reason the Theme Decks keep getting pushed back?

  • Having big trouble with update. Game crashes after opening cinematic. Have tried deleting game data and reinstalling, but to same result. Anyone having same trouble? Any advice? Have got some of the new cards, and am dying to try them out, but my game’s fragged. Waaaah!

  • Awesome !! Thanks !!!

    Oh wait , thats right, your still over charging us for the download to play the game …. no thanks.

    My only regret is that this game doesn’t have much resale value, because I am completely done with EOJ.

  • I am a big fan of EOJ. It’s a great game and i have hours of fun with this title. However, i have some reservations about EOJ.

    I’ve had EOJ for about 5 months. I sat thru those tiring tutorials I played the computer 100s of times before i decided to take my game online. While this game is really great, here is my issue with EOJ

    1.) Why don’t the EOJ online have a skill filter? This is my biggest problem with EOJ. I am of the opinion that EOJ is an inviting game to play simply because of this… even for 1st timers like myself or even casual gamers who may have given this game a once over, may not have a hard time grasping the concept, but they sure as hell won’t like getting beat up on constantly by people who OBVIOUSLY have tons on top of tons of EOJ experience.

    Case and point, when I play NBA 2k8 online, they have a room that you can sharpen your skillls and work on your game without sacrificing your record and rank. On Tekken DR online, you can set your room up so that gamers around your same skill level would be the only ones allowed in the room. Even Konami’s recently released, Metal Gear Online Beta actually matches you with others of your skill level. It would mean alot if someone at Sony or WotC look into this if you haven’t already.

    My current record is 58W-160L-33 forced exits. Terrible isn’t it? I don’t even want to really play it after i see that depressing record (E+ 39.95). However, i truly love this game and therefore i won’t stop playing it. But please tell me/us if you’re going to try and look into this. Also while custom games are great to play, I can hardly find anyone to have a custom match with. Everybody plays the rank matches. What if we could get rooms for all the titles that you earn throughout the game (ex: challengers & apprentices, master etc etc).

    Last thing guys, if i set up or go into a room, why can’t i leave out before the match starts? Or can we have the option to refuse to play the match (before it begins), giving us the power to choose who we want and don’t want to play?

    Please consider these ideas. I enjoy this game very much and i’m excited to see where you guys are going to take this title in the coming months. Thank you kindly

  • Will this be expanding into other card game realms, such as Magic or Yu-gi-oh or po… Wait, scratch that last one, but maybe WoW?

    I was at a collectables show and i asked a card dealer if he had EoJ stuff and they both laughed at me… Of course, they also laughed when I asked if he had Magic…

    Not the biggest card player in the world, but an EoJ style Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh game would be nice, actually… Get the card geeks to buy a PS3 a lot more than a new card game they don’t recognize is…

  • sweet i can’t wait

  • So only the first couple of hundred of us can get them or what? They look cool, god knows I could use a General Lug, but how is all of this to be done exactly? Has the friday he’s talking about already passed? so many questions.

  • Thank you for the give-away. However, is there any chance that you could be a little less vague? What do you mean by “afternoon”? Does that mean 12:01pm PST? 3:00pm PST?

    What do you mean by a “few hundred”? Is that 300? 201? 900?

    Some of us do work for a living and have been just as patient for set 2 as the people who live in thier mom’s basement (no offence to any basement dwellers out there). It would be much nicer if EVERYONE were given an opportunity to get these cards, not just the people who can sit in front of thier computer from 12:01 until whenever hitting refresh.


  • I agree with kevmann527. Although I am grateful for the opportunity to get the promos, which are nice by the way, I doubt my chances as a working stiff are going to be as good as “basement dwellers” or working stiffs’ stay-at-home girlfriends. I will probably have to buy them off ebay :-<

  • oh… and ‘psht’… kumusta po kayo.

  • this is great. im using the pc at work.hope i get them

  • Sweet!!! I hope Ican be one of he hundred lucky ones.

  • Granite Gargoyle

    This sounds like fun. I hope you guys do more stuff like this.

  • Does anyone know when we start adding emails ?:)

  • i just got my replacement ps3 back from warranty and i am so excited to start over and play eoj with all new cards along with my gang of old cards and thanks for the free card offer too!

  • Hi Mark,

    Anong Oras kaya yun? alas dose ba O alas dos ng hapon? hehe..

  • It’s Friday how do we get the free cards?

  • Where is the new blog for the new cards?

  • @82 Freezola75: You did the same mistake every beginner do. You’re complaining that as a beginner, your ranking is bad. With EoJ, you can play ranked games, or unranked games. If you really care about your rank, then, you should not play any rank games until you can crush most people in unranked game. That’s what I did. Even then, there’s a huge step between ranked and unranked games.

    But I still feel sad when I see people playing ranked games, and making huge beginner mistakes like putting a cheap fire creature on a water field! You have to learn the game correctly, ie, don’t play ranked games until you can beat all the decks, against the CPU, in normal mode EASILY (not just once). Then, you have to play unranked games for a while, and again, win more than 50% of your games constantly. Then, and only then, you should start playing ranked games.

    I’m far from being a genius, but since I started playing ranked games, I’ve alway had a 2 wins for 1 loss ratio. Why? Because, like anybody who has done his homework, I can win 50% of my games against anybody, but my better rating comes from sooo many easy wins against people who make 1,2,3 and sometime more mistakes in one single game. Guys who are playing ranked games when they shouldn’t.

  • This expansion looks pretty cool. I love the original but only play it with a friend of mine. I haven’t tried any of the regular online or “ranked” matches yet.

  • Man, I hope this works out, I’m at work >.<

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