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It has been a while since I last wrote on the blog. I’ve been looking to take the opportunity to talk about PLAYSTATION Network and thought today’s availability of the redesigned PLAYSTATION Store would be the perfect entry point to outline what we have planned for the broader PLAYSTATION Network this year.

First off, we’re excited about the new look and feel of the PLAYSTATION Store. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this update for a long time as, in my view, the previous PLAYSTATION Store experience wasn’t one that lived up to our brand. But this new UI is much more dynamic and allows us to elegantly display and merchandise a lot more content, which is very important today, but will be critical going forward with so much great new content coming onto the Store. We look forward to hearing your input and reaction now that you’ve gotten your hands on it.

2008 is being called “the year of PlayStation 3” by a lot of press and analysts these days, and for good reason — there’s lots of momentum behind PS3 and we have a ton of great new exclusive games coming. This week’s launch of GT5 Prologue is one great example, and gamers are already in countdown mode for Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, SOCOM, Resistance 2, and on and on. But another big reason 2008 will be a great year for PS3 fans is due to the big things we have in store this year for the PLAYSTATION Network. The PLAYSTATION Store redesign is the first step but it’s only one example. Our primary goal with PLAYSTATION Network is to form an evolving entertainment network where the PlayStation community can gather and discover new forms of entertainment. Some of the key pillars that will make this an experience a success are:

  • The PlayStation community;
  • Free online gaming;
  • Digital media download services; and
  • Original content

Of course, entertainment comes in the form of content, so I’ll dive in and discuss what we are bringing to PLAYSTATION Network that will help us achieve this goal.

One of the most critical elements to PLAYSTATION Network that we’ve focused on since day one is delivering quality games. We’ve always stressed quality over quantity (in other words, fewer arcade remakes and more original content) as well as games that show off PS3’s tech, and games like Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust HD and PixelJunk Monsters are proving that you can get a great experience for $10, or roughly the cost of a movie ticket. What’s equally exciting is what we have planned for you this year..of course one of those titles is available starting today- the world’s best-selling racing franchise, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. We also have coming this May the wildly imaginative puzzle-game echochrome, which frankly is a game I’ve been playing most lately. It’s as good as it looks in all the press you’ve been reading and is extremely addictive. We will also be bringing hugely popular franchises to PLAYSTATION Network for the first time, including SOCOM Confrontation and WipEout HD, as well as continue to deliver innovative indie games like flOwer, from the developers of flOw. So in short, content is what’s driving you, and we hear you loud and clear, and are delivering that quality that you want and deserve.

The strong lineup of games doesn’t stop there. Many of you have been hearing rumblings about a video service that will allow you to download full-length TV shows and movies via PLAYSTATION Network for North America. While I don’t have any new announcements here for the PlayStation Nation, it’s already been confirmed that we’ll be offering a video service for PS3 in a way that separates the service from others you’ve seen or used. Ultimately the goal of the PLAYSTATION Network service will be to break through the overwhelming clutter of digital media to give you the TV, movies and gaming content you want. More on this very soon …

Community-related services available via PlayStation Network have also been a big focus for enhancements here in 2008. We know you want in-game access to XMB features and we’re committed to bringing that, among other community-related services this year. They will be designed to allow more community development and collaborative gameplay, as well as recognize and reward you for your gameplay accomplishments across a broad portfolio of PS3 games. Of course, 2008 will also see the launch of PlayStation Home, and we’ll have more announcements on the expanding community functions within PLAYSTATION Network in the near future, so stay tuned.

Lastly, we feel your overall experience on PLAYSTATION Network should be rewarding. We hope the redesigned PLAYSTATION Store is a step in the right direction and delivers on your feedback, which is vital to some of the short and long term changes you’ll be seeing with PLAYSTATION Network. We understood from your comments on this very blog that you wanted the PLAYSTATION Store to have a more dynamic look and improved navigation. We want the PlayStation community to enjoy their experiences on PLAYSTATION Network and the online storefront is a key part of that experience.

And to wrap up with one of the many topics I know you ask about regularly, we are rolling out the PlayStation Cards to retailers nationwide as we speak. They will have the PlayStation Cards in denominations of $20 and $50 starting this spring. This will provide you with another option to get on board with the PLAYSTATION Store and enjoy the content that I’ve outlined above.

As you can tell, we’re extremely excited for what’s planned for PLAYSTATION Network. We believe the library of original and quality games and entertainment, combined with community services and continued enhancements to the overall experience, will deliver on our promise of an integrated content and community experiences. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the near future.

Thanks and have fun!

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  • i have an idea regarding the accomplishment system.

    i think sony should really look at this in many different ways, like for example they can do something like this…

    1. trophies is what you will get whenever you get a certain something done in a game (aka achievements.)

    2. now say you get a certain amount of trophies, this amount would than be labeled as an accomplishment.

    3. and finally but not lease for every dozen accomplishments, you get something called REWARDS, now REWARDS are simply points, credits, that can be used to buy things from home or of the store or REWARDS could also come in the form of an add-on for a certain game or games, decals, soundtrack, map/s ect or also items to use for your apartment in home or your avatar as well.

    so it will be a 1, 2, 3 step procedure thus overcoming Microsoft’s idea.

    so again. trophies, accomplishments, and rewards can all co-exist in this order. if done right that is.

    oh yeah and sony should really try and make this unified service i mean it wouldn’t make much sense to have a huge ambition for system with no unification. if sony its listening i thank you for everything you have done so far but…. i just thought i laid out a few ideas of my own and i hope if your reading this, i hope you like em enough to consider them. thank you for your time.

  • Thank you for reaching out to us!
    It means a lot.
    I’m glad to see the management speaking to the community!

    Thing’s I love!
    DS3 controller – Finally!
    and the biggest line-up of games this year ever!

    Things we need!
    In-game XMB w/ all the options. For example, custom soundtracks, multi-tasking, etc…
    better friends lists and chat communication
    Faster browser with up-to-date plug-in support.
    Added options for user account customization.
    More games that use PSP remote play access or as a second screen.
    More codecs or at least update them.
    firmware updates for current and future blue tooth accessories.
    PSP, PS One, PS2 entire catalog available on-line available on the PLAYSTATION Store – trust me everyone will benefit, even your wallets! but price them accordingly of course :)
    Play TV/ DVR in the USA.
    Multiple RSS feeds support.
    updated Account Management Portal..maybe like the PLAYSTATION STORE

  • So yeah, all this sounds great and everything, but you’re still not going to get ahead of the competition when flagship first party games like Hot Shots and GT5 don’t offer simple features that we took for granted even last generation, such as mic support. It’s one thing to offer online gaming for free. It’s another to half ass it.

    No mic support online for any titles, especially these two huge series is just sad.

    It’s the simplest things that those who want to hate will attack first. You’re making it easy for them………

  • @305
    “I should be able to go to Videos -> Store -> New Videos -> _____ -> Download/Stream and not have to browse a completely different UI to find new video downloads.

    Ditto for game add-ons, why not a context option on games? A little marker indicating new content available when you put Motorstorm in, you click Triangle then “Add-ons” and see the list of available Motorstorm add-ons.

    Now THAT would be well-branded work. The new store, personally, is just the same as the old store, in fact, IDENTICAL to the old store with a layout change and fade-ins and slower icons.”

    That’s an excellent idea. I agree. Contextual store acess would be a great feature. Even if it does have to launch a seperate store app, the option to go directly to specific content right from the xmb would save a lot of time.

  • to Peter Dillie,

    I want to thank you for letting us in Canada know that the issue of prices is being looked at.


  • The new store is very awesome & stylish that what I expect from you guys, you always doing great job.

    But I have problem with the new store that is whenever I tried to buy something it showing this message to me “An error has occurred (80023102)” & if I tried to add funds to my wallet it says that I don’t wallet?!

    Can you help me to solve this problem because I didn’t face it with the old store & right now I’m trying to buy Warhawk with it’s expansion

    This my PSN ID: D1rk-Knight

    Thanks in advance & best regards.

  • Hello Peter Dillie!

    I’m, like everybody else posting in here, having some ideas about how you should make PlayStation Network a better community.

    PlayStation Store:
    1. More Content – Sure, Quality is a milestone in PlayStation Store. But quantity of quality is the best thing to focus on when it comes to PlayStation Store!
    2. More Synced Stores – US & Japan PlayStation Store are almost allways getting there content from a week to month before EU Store, That’s unnessesary!

    PlayStation Network.
    Inproved Profile, Some kinda off “Gamer-Card”, Wanted Features: Vote (Good/Bad), Add to friends list option, Block user, Mute user e.t.c.
    Rewards/Thropies/Gamerpoints – After making a special thing in a game you get a thriopie (Like the ones in home) and a little amout of gamerpoints like 50GP . After unlocking like 5 thropies you get Rewards that is content in Home. Like cloths, wallpapers to your apertment e.t.c.
    Better Gamer Profiles – A “Star System” based on that “Vote Good/Bad” votes.

    Internet Browser, Up-To-Date Plug-ins, And a feature that remembers what plug-ins you have allowed on a homepage so you dont have to press OK everytime you got your homepage!
    Downloads While In Stand-by – If you to example want to download something over night and dont want your PS3 to go for 8 hours at 300W, then this is a must have!
    SixAxiS/DualShock 3 Auto Connect – When starting your PS3 manually or starting a PS2/PS1 game you dont want to press the PS buttom, Easy to fix.
    More/Updated (Or both!) Codecs – PlayStation 3 is a multimedia gaming console, Right!?
    In-Game XMB – I know your working on it, I really hope that you get i really good!

    I hope you liked my feedback // Reqo

  • Now that you have made the PS Store OS Based, I think that you should do the same with Account Management.

    I just want the web based [DELETED] out of the PS3 altogether and I think it would be easier to use if Account Management was OS Based and just leave the web based integration with the Internet Browser.

    I want the ability to upload or use my own avatar rather than the selection available or start bundling avatar with game purchases!

    Like Reqo, I would like power saving options for the PS3 aswell as the ability to log into the PSN with multiple usernames as my twin brother wishes to play Warhawk with me without being a guest

    Thanks for posting

  • Sony:
    Why do you think ANYONE cares so much about the online shopping experience?

    We want more quality games. More GOOD PS1 games. We want more games in general. Where are all the exclusives? why do we lose so many games to the rivals?

    Why do we get 90% shooters and no RPG games whatsoever?

    Where’s the Sony I used to love?

  • @351 Loucifer
    dont me mad because your waiting you
    repairbox360 is out for repairs

  • I bought the BR Disc version yesterday and I am loving this game.
    But please improve the online portion as soon as you can.
    We need to be able to set up private races and support of voice chat



  • My PS Store is running like a turtle. I thought it would’ve been working at top speed by now. Guess I was wrong. At least it looks totally awesome!!!

  • @342

    Sadly, no comment was made on PSone games in this article at all, which makes me a sad panda bear. That feature has a ton of potential, but it seems only the Japanese customers are being allowed to see that come to fruition.


    EXACTLY. They didn’t really NEED to update the LOOK of the store, they needed to update the CONTENT DELIVERY of the store. I haven’t purchased a single thing from the store in all of 2008 so far. Concentrating on quality is fine, but when that means two games worth buying in a year, it leaves something to be desired.

  • I agree Randolph, MORE CONTENT please sony.Don’t get me wrong psn has some good original content, but this comment “We’ve always stressed quality over quantity (in other words, fewer arcade remakes and more original content” Is BS.Sony should say quantity with quality.

  • I had a minor question…how come my PS3 won’t let me log into the blog? I like to make comments even tho it takes longer sometimes on my PS3 and its just funny that a blog dedicated to the PS3 won’t let me log into it.

  • Yeah the videos you put up cant be viewed from your PS3, kinda of strange ya think?

  • I’m glad to hear in-game XMB access is coming, I just hope it will be stable because it was frustrating having the dashboard on 360 crash my games sometimes.

    Also while I love my PS3, my PSP is still my platform of choice. It would be great to see more smaller innovative games coming out on Playstation Network for PSP. Beats was by far one of the best gaming experiences I had last year and I would love to have more stuff like that on PSP.

  • @366

    Agreed tic, quality over quantity was an excuse Nintendo made popular when they simply couldn’t get third parties to make games on their N64 system, it seems PSN is encountering the same problem.

    Why do we not have downloadable versions of games like Rez HD, Ikaragu, Triggerheart Exelica, etc? Do these third parties simply not want to work on PSN, or is Sony simply not talking to them? Why should I care that the store looks better, if I’m still not being offered anything to download? I’d take the uglier old store with content in terms of both quality and quantity thats as good as the other system, over a better looking store with the same flaccid updates.

    Here is hoping todays update turns things around, but I fully expect no PSone games, (despite several being rated by the ESRB for months now) which means me not buying anything, thanks to how hamfisted Konami’s handling of the MGO beta is, I’m giving away my beta code key, and GT5p’s downloadable version requires you to be online at all times to play it, which is retarded. (and the hard copy has yet another bloated mandatory install) Which means me not bothering to buy anything, least of all download anything thats free.

    Now I fully expect to be called a troll for this comment, or have someone insinuate again that my not being satisfied with this one feature of an otherwise great system, (the only one I own in fact) means I have no “life”. (and he never did answer my question, bloody coward) But if what I asked for happened, everyone would benefit from it.

    The squeeky wheel gets the oil, not the silent one.

  • @chasegamez

    sorry buddy but i bought my 360 AFTER all the RROD issues LOL…all new hardware in my puppy…but nice try anyway :)

  • European Player angry

    Several European players are beginning to seriously complain about the quality offered by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in comparison with Sony Computer Entertainment America. In addition to the numerous delays with regard to the content of the Playstation Store, we will reveal many other problems that most players were unaware.

    Firstly, a number of content has been delayed repeatedly on the European Playstation Store, so much so that certain content were never promised releasés. There is evidence that some content to SCEE remisent were delayed for no apparent reason. The argument on the translation of content “is debatable: indeed, the Xbox 360 version of Super Puzzle Fighter is, for example, output in the world at the same time, unlike the PS3 version.
    In addition, there are patches for games (or add-ons) delayed on the old continent. And we should not get very far: Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 will be available on April 24 further Atlantic, and only on 1 May at home. The same goes for High Stakes On The Vegas Strip: Poker Edition, the patch can display webcam is not yet available in Europe. Each week, we see the gap between the Playstation Store and US EURO widen.

    Tuesday, a new Playstation Store has been proposed by Sony to users, only the Playstation Store EURO is not the same as in the United States. Indeed, the problem of image display is found only in Europe. Another problem is a button preview videos to be available. It is, but that the US Playstation Store. Last detail and not least, the organisation of this new Store. No category “Demos” on our online store, which obliges us to seek these famous one by one according to the games. Of course, this category is available on the Playstation Store our American friends.

    Last problem raised by the European players, the blog official Sony Computer Entertainment America, which allows the American team of Sony and several developers to provide information … Exclusive sometimes. A European blog is also available, it is called ThreeSpeech. It is managed by a third party marketing company that provides the communications between us and other players struggle to get information from Sony. Most of the time, and when updates to the Playstation Store are written on the blog, the content thereof is revealed only after the update done. Never has an exclusive information has been released.

    It is time for the European players enjoy the same quality of service provided to their American counterparts. The Playstation Network on the old continent is messy, disorganized, poorly managed and disrespectful to players who, in some cases, spend several thousand euros in Sony products, and this for several years.

    We invite a maximum of site / blog to relay the message that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe finally understand that the players have fed. We also invite players to complain, diplomatically, on the official Playstation forums.

  • This is all great news, but it’s stuff we already know. What we don’t know is when. You guys say spring or sometime 2008, but you keep saying that. An official release date would be nice. You guys are doing some fantastic stuff but it’s taking to long. And I know things take time but the system has been out for a year and ahalf. I’m just mad because I keep hearing this stuff but nothing changes.

    Other then that, I love my PS3. Thanks and I can’t wait for MGS4…..

  • Thats all you guys are known for is DELAY – STATION 3. I’m sick of your DAMN delays. Its been two years and you guys delay everything. So thanks a lot SONY for DELAY!! I mean where in the HELL is Resident Evil 5 ???????????? DELAY !! Where is all the extra content you promised that would be released in the PSN store today?? That was a lie. One if your so good to us Consumers why in the HELL do you guys NOT tell us if your 40 gig PS3’s have the new 65 Nanometer chips in them or not or if that NEW 80 gig thats coming in June 2008 will have the New 65 nanometer chip as well. Why never tell us nothing. Thats not right and wrong in so many levels. Why should we invest 500.00 dollars in Systems and much more money in games for SCREEN TEARS out the ASS in many of your games. 60.00 for Resistance still and its been out since day one the PS3 launched is STUPID. I’m so pissed you guys keep bad games and old games still at 60.00 dollars. ?????????????

  • In GENERAL next gen this go around is JUST CRAP. I’ve went through 8 360’s due to they SUCK on so many levels on lasting. The games, online beat PS3 a thousand fold for a week or if your lucky a month untill your 360 dies lol. With PS3 the system last forever but the games are DELAYED a million times, online is slow in the store and kinda sucks online even though it is free so no complaint there. BLUERAY sucks I’m sick of seeing GRAINY movies always. HD my ASS. I prefer standard DVD over Blueray so FAR anyday. I mean this Gen in consoles is CRAP so SONY that PS4 better be NEXT GEN not a DELAY machine and For Xbox they better LAST!!!! Cause this current GEN you guys bit off more than you can chew! YOUR BEHIND! HINTS ALL THE DELAYS!! By the time you fix all these problems PS4 will be out then what use is the PS3????? No body will care then. Unless your PS4 is a DELAY machine to LOL

  • …video service that will allow you to download full-length TV shows and movies via PLAYSTATION Network for North America. ….

    GREAT… however I certainly hope that Sony is aware that Canada forms part of North America….

  • by the way….

    ….the PS3 browser should be replaced by “Opera for devices”.

    So to those at Sony who can make such a thing actually happen (one would assume Peter Dille would be at the top of such a list)…. Please, at least take a look at Opera, you won’t be disappointed ….

  • We need Flash 9 support!! I don’t want to install a different OS on the PS3 to get flash 9 so I can watch Hulu. Thats just stupid.

  • Really happy to hear about all this awesome stuff happening this year.
    Unfortunately most of it is stuff that should have been around from day one.
    Still can’t wait for home though!

  • Sony is just trying to keep up with X box on features which is sad! Sony just thought that just cause it has blu ray it was going to out do its competition. I think as of now the only thing sony has going for them is the free online gaming. By the time sony has the features that the x box does, x box will come out with other features in which will leave sony playing catch up again. I mean x box has the cod maps out already and sony still picking there noses. Sony why take so loooonnngg for everything wwhhhhyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • I love how you guys actually listen! This is what makes PSN the best online community for a console EVER!!!!

    You listen to what the consumers have to say!

  • Well Sony did me wrong I’m tired of waiting around for noootthhhinng!!!!!!!!! As of 2 days ago I traded in my PS3 and games for an Xbox 3 games and two controllers and two year online gaming hip hip hoorrrraayyyyyy!!!!!!! I’d just thought I’d let everybody know I feel much better now thanks sony….hip hip hoooorrrrayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh one more thing that I must ask to anybody that might know! Why is it that when there is gaming tournaments for prizes etc. For example Madden chanllenges, Modern warfighter 2, and so on its always on X BOX!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYY!!! Why is that???? Thats something I need to know before the world comes to an end! Anyone?

  • @381

    No PSone games in two months says otherwise.

  • 4 wishes:

    – increase the Friendslist (70-100 Friends)
    – invisible Status (Friendslist)
    – better Flash (Browser) Support
    – add sometimes some new avatars (friendslist)


  • this is a good year for the PS3

  • Wow people, i have an idea, quit complaining and go play some damn games, ; )

  • I don’t Have Any Complaints I been a Hardcore Playstation owner since the good ol days of the original playstation and the Playstation 3 boast in power where as many other consoles have failled, but where do people come off and trash updates because they say their System is Slow and or etc etc
    Its Not The System itself its your ISP
    I have Cable and the load times on the New PSNetwork Store are Crazy Fast
    I can’t Wait for the PSNetwork Cards to come please VP can you even Hint out a date than just Spring
    Home and In Game XMB is also another added plus but the wait is killin my online time lol but when home and in game xmb
    I know that the lurkers who loves to complain will start their trash again if they feel like Home/XMB isn’t like what they expected I just wish that people who owns more than a Playstation 3
    trying to make the PS3 into another carbon copy of the Xbox360
    just stop the insanity because nine times out of ten Xbox360 is a low level gaming rig
    PS3 has more compatability to its means
    PS3 Controllers 7 to a sys Xbox/360 = 4
    PS3 blu ray yes Xbox/360 = forget about it
    Original Content sorry Microsoft Sony has you beat again
    Free Online Gaming
    do I need to go on and on to make a point

  • I just cant wait till LBP, echochrome, HOME, and some sort of itunes for ps3!!

  • great! can’t wait!!

    there really is only one more thing i can think about right now that i think the ps store should improve on: the Classic arcade games. yea, games like joust and rampage are fun, there are some that you guys should really include in the store. The best arcade games ever made were made by either Konami or Capcom, so maybe you could have talks with them to have those games on PSN! it would be great!

  • everything sounds amazing and ground breaking ,but theres going to be a xbox720 by the time any of this actually happens! I love my ps3 but come on man. dont ruin sony’s good name with all these delays

  • @391
    LOL! I’m with you. I don’t understand how difficult it is to add XMB to in-game accessibility, since technically, its already there (PS button). All they have to do is add Friend List choices to that menu, like friend adding and chat (voice and otherwise). Then, just have the friend vchat cut you out of the game’s vchat (reversibly, of course), and voila! instant “happyness” (a good movie, IMHO).

  • I think that the store redesign is great , the new store feels really like next-gen , very easy very fast and very organized

    I believe that the current store content is great , the PSN games are fun and original specially Super Star Dust HD

    My ultimate wish is the In-game XMB update. when we are going to have it ??

  • Where are the PSN Cards? I have to order through APO now, and i havent seen PSN cards in any online retailer and im sad because awsome things to download on the PS store are pile-ing up :(

  • when will the PSN Cards be in the stores

  • My question is:

    Where did all the SONY employee replies go?

    For some reason I don’t see many answers to consumer questions…especially in this specific blog.
    Please don’t skip all the questions that need elucidation. Certain ones I can understand like “In game xmb”. I realize that particular issue has been over killed / answered already, however; there are plenty of other posts that should have a reply. This is required to satisfy some of the few gamers that actually read and completely retain all information listed in threads. I like to ensure that any of my concerns haven’t already been addressed prior to posting. To be honest, I believe that you may have users reposting the same thing a lot more simply due to the question not having a satisfactory response.

    So, please assign someone to read through again and reply to the majority of questions here…many have yet to receive clarification of any kind and I for one am anxious to read the reply and rejoinder. Gamers merely need to hear something, however miniscule to set their minds at ease. A gesture such as this would fill a desire for importance. Consumers need to feel they’re input is seen as significant in some form. Receiving an answer is the simplest way to accomplish this task, thus ensuring continued SONY product purchases. Replies are a form of marketing when you think about it that way.

    When / if completed; a good idea would be to create a post to inform users to navigate through the list again.

    Thank-You for everything as always & have a good day everyone!

    Sincerely: stri

  • You know, the longer you leave the Beta for Home closed, the more it’ll work against you. It’s generated hype in the short term – but in the long term, each delay sets the bar still higher; to the point where it’ll be impossible to hit the mark.

    In other words – we’ll be disappointed no matter how good it is. People lose interest after a while – instead of a WOW!!! reaction, it’ll be a “Yeah, whatever. It’s nice, I guess.”

    That won’t make a difference to your core customer base, but the potential to attract new ones is dwindling daily. You’re also giving Micro$oft and Nintendo time to come up with social networking solutions of their own – almost begging to be pre-empted.

    My advice (for what little it’s worth) – open the Beta NOW, let the PS3 community at large offer suggestions instead of a small exclusive bunch of testers.

    After all, that’s what this is supposed to be about, isn’t it? ..Community? Being social and ‘open’, instead of ‘closed’? ^_^


    You guys should of released them nation wide because MILITARY PEOPLE can go to the game store in the city without a problem. It would of solved the PROBLEM I HAVE with the stupid AVS system of yours……. I TRIED 7 TIMES to buy Gauntlet II from you guys…… but nooo you limitedly released them as a apology to the military I guess. I personally don’t care about in game XMB like those children who whine about it in every blog post. Besides I feel some of these people just are never gonna be satisfied.

    LISTEN TO THE END USER LISTEN TO THE END USER LISTEN TO THE END USER!!!! We are the ones who keep YOU in a job!!!!!!!! I can not use my credit card to buy things it fails the AVS even though my bank Wells Fargo said it went thru the AVS successfully. It is ON YOUR END but you guys REFUSE to fix it. Its been like that as far as I know.

    TO ALL WHO HAVE THE PROBLEM WITH THE SYSTEM NOT ACCEPTING YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD should call Playstation Network 1-877-971-7669(SONY) and complain. The more complaints they get the more chances they will FIX THIER STUPID MISTAKES.

    Typical Sony and they wonder why they get a lot of FLAK from their users……..

    Welcome to America folks the place where the government, and corporations listen to SPECIAL INTERESTS its like Sony only listen to the game makers and not us like the government listen to those who gives them massive money… This is NOT WHAT AMERICA SHOULD BE ABOUT. But it is. GET OUT AND VOTE PLEASE and pray that things get fixed over the next 8-16 years.

  • Just give up that whole Home thing and give us in-game XMB.
    And…work with IW to add rumble in the Number one game for the last 5 months (COD4).

    Welcome to “next gen” Sony

  • So we have to wait longer for Home?!;title;0

    I would of liked to of heard this from your Blog site first! I feel betrayed to hear bad news from a thrid party website.

    This is really is a terribly bad decision on the part of those that manage the release of Home. Release Home Open Beta! Take our advice once it’s released! Fix it as we go! Give us something to make the argument of those PS2 owners that are waiting it out to see which system to buy!

    Otherwise its your loss…again I’m disappointed I did not hear this from this website first.

  • it’s not the end of the world.

    add me on PSN


  • Yeah… it’s strange that the HOME delay was not announced here first.

    I wonder if this blog is going to ignore it completely.
    Expect 400+ angry / disappointed replies in less than a day if they post the news.
    I won’t be surprised if this holds back a lot of current PS2 users from getting a PS3 until next year

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