Resistance 2: “It Begins”

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Hey everyone! We’ve been working hard getting Resistance 2 ready for its fall release. Right now we’re play-testing 60-player multiplayer and eight-player co-op daily, while tweaking sections of our single-player levels. Needless to say, the game is rapidly progressing and every time we play there are new assets and tech going in.

We’re not quite ready to take the lid off the new stuff we’re developing (there’s quite a lot!). But in the meantime, we did want to share with you a teaser trailer we’ve been using internally. Titled “It Begins,” the trailer discloses some new hints about R2 story direction that I won’t spoil for you here.

But the best part is that we tell you exactly when we’re going to deliver more – much more. The next trailer and worldwide gameplay footage debut will be on the June 13th episode of Gametrailers TV with Geoff Keighley (it’s a full episode covering R2).In the meantime, check out the teaser, and don’t worry, you’ll be hearing more from us before June. Check out the April 17th Full Moon Show Podcast ( for more details about the teaser and about R2. And, if you have any questions, Bryan Intihar and I will be hanging out in the comments section tonight to answer them!

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  • I’ve started playing resistance online alot again. None of my friends do though :(

  • Wooo! Can’t wait for June 13th!

  • My wife had to paste my head back together after watching this. :)

    This is how it begins. ???O Pwned.

  • Is this in-game James? Alot of people want to know.

  • looks fantastic- can’t wait

    will this game support split screen online multiplayer?

  • is the teaser in-game?

  • The “Fragile Eagle” has landed. Welcome Bryan. :-D Can’t hardly wait for June 13 to see the game play in action.

  • The question of all questions….Is that footage real-time(cutscene with added blur perhaps?) or CGI?

  • I would almost guarantee that it is all CG guys, just because of the style, and the fact that at the end of the trailer it says “first gameplay footage June 13th.”

    I don’t know, one of those should’ve given it away…

    Anywho! Good stuff Insomniac peeps, I loved the first one, and want to play the second one pretty bad. I’m glad you guys have such an awesome grip on the PS3’s hardware at this point. Can you tell me if the game will run in 1080p or if you are going to sacrifice the resolution for 60fps?

    Either way it’s gonna be sweet. If you could do both though….

  • Resistance 1 was perfect. Insomniac’s continued support for the game proves that they are dedicated to giving gamers what they want and love. For that, I thank you!

    I can’t wait for this game!!

  • Thanks Insomniac. I’m truly looking forward to seeing the gamplay on the 13th

  • Very exciting news. Cant wait to see in game as cg while great looking is only slightly interesting to me.

  • Loved the first one guys, nice job all around. You can count me as one more R2 sold.

    Have you guys play tested the 60 online multiplayer yet? How does it hold up (as far as lag goes). I would only imagine that it begins to get choppy if all 60 were to get into a single area all firing guns. And what about the voice chat? How will that work with so many players on the same team?

    Keep up the AAA work!

    • Oh yeah, we\’re playing 60-player MP every day, and I play in our three-scheduled playtests every week and give feedback.

      And we\’re starting to get some more internal Sony people playing to help us test our brand new online servers.

      As far as voice chat, the game divides you into squads, which helps manage the 60-player battles :-)

  • Day after MGS4 come out? The hype just keeps building!

  • So does this 19 hours that Nathan suppose to live confirm 19 hours of gameplay? I’ll admit though seeing how much is going on from this trailer, and knowing your guys games, I already know this will be epic because you guys are usually on par how gameplay looks with the trailers. Gives me chills.

  • Can’t wait for this game! I love it when the first Resistance is capable of doing worldwide gaming.

  • 10-16 player games out there have no problem recording Replay data and have users share this between them. With so few players (and usually shorter game matches) the data still takes 2-5MB normally.

    60 player games replays…
    Is this a impossibility? Is there too much data? Do the information provided to a single player on the other side of a gigantic map become simplified to keep the amount of data streaming to a minimum (meaning we could never really see precise movement of a opponent far away) ? If that is the case I guess you must lock the replay camera to the main player (it will be like multiple truths for all the folks participating).

    Just saying, Replays is a absolute must for a game wanting to be ahead of the pack these days. Speaking of that, any plans to let players share Data through a network of some kind (be that the new upcoming ‘facebook’ inspired Resistance 2 community site or from within PSN) ?


  • James will this trailer be up on the PS Store Thursday?

    • Not sure if it is this Thursday or next. They may have a ton of content for this week already with the re-launch.

  • Sweet teaser, will we get it on the store this thursday?

  • oops, just noticed the post above mine asked the same thing

  • the teaser was good. but that 19 hours to live thing sounds interesting. Was it confirmed to have DLC [For maybe side co-op campaign] or is it too early to tell?

  • EPIC!! im camping out for this one. some 360 fanboyz think this is cg.

  • Is it such a good idea to have that gameplay footage released a day after MGS4…?


    1) Any new weapons you can talk about at this point?

    2) Will the game run at 1080p and/or 60FPS

    3) How long will it take for someone to finish Resistance 2’s single player? Is the 8 player co-op a longer or shorter experience?

    4) Can you talk about Home integration right now?

    • Well, this won\’t be a helpful reply:

      1. Nope – though we mentioned a couple new additions in the Game Informer piece.

      2. Way too early to say, this sort of thing happens around optimization

      3. Way too early to say, this sort of thing happens when we tune it. The 8-player co-op should be a full experience.

      4. Nope!

  • I loved R1!

    Definitely getting R2!!

  • Here’s hoping to some interesting powers/enhanced abilities for Hale due to the infection.

  • Woohoo! I’m so glad Resistance is getting a sequel. I’ve always been a fan of insomniac and I gotta say I love the inventive weapons they put in the first one. I’m also curious to know whether this will be up on the PS store on thursday so we can get some HD viewing.

  • Yeah, pretty much that’s the question of all questions:

    Is the teaser trailer in realtime?

    Also for fun, how much or what percentage of the SPEs power do you think you have used to get the game looking so amazing?

  • Can’t wait, i saw this Trailer on gametrailers, so is the June 13th preview going to give us a lot of info or is most of it waiting to be shown at E3?

    • There will be lots of new stuff and the first footage of the game in the show, so it\’s a big one!

  • cant wait for R2!

  • Another game i’m looking forward to. Will there be a public beta if so when?

  • First off, guys…I cant wait for this game! Insomniac never ceases to amaze. Now you got Bryan over there…thats awesome…although he needs to catch up with JS on the boards.

    Anyways, I know you probably cant reveal anything technical at this time but….will we be seeing any gameplay screenshots soon? If not please release some concepts or story boards so we can whet our appetite! Thanks fellas!

    • Yeah… the sobbing you hear coming from our offices is me trying to get some screenshots of competitive multiplayer. We\’re going to be putting some new ones together soon, so stay tuned.

  • Thanks for the update, James. Many of us want to know whether the footage was in-engine.

    Either way, this game is a must-buy for me. Back to R&C and R:FoM for now.

  • I see major promotion of the 8 player co-op mode which is darn impressive..

    But can you guys clarify if there will be the return of 2 player split-screen co-op?

    That was the “it” for Resistance 1 in my household… Played the game 6 times with my dad…

    Please confirm!

  • This game seems A LOT more cinematic than the last, and it appears as though you are putting more effort into the storytelling than the first game.

    This trailer actually reminds me of the first Halo 3 teaser (where MC is walking through the dessert and Cortana starts speaking to him). Not in the way it looks or anything, but in the way it sets up the story, gives you this epic feeling, and leaves you dying for more.

    I don’t know who exactly was behind this trailer (whether it was all Insomniac, or a mix of SCE and Insomniac. I’m guessing the latter), but you did an awesome job on it.

  • Why is Resistance and Killzone time soooo close to each other? who in scea made that call or was it just because of the time it take to develop? i think killzone should be moved up 1 month. from september to august. CANT WAIT FOR RESISTENCE!!!!!!

  • hey James! I have a question. was that teaser trailer In-engine? if so, jeez you guys at Insomniac are the Masters of PS3 programming then.

  • Old…..kidding :)

    I’m looking forward to R2 when “It Begins”

    Wait…is R2 a prequel?

  • That was an awesome teaser guys. Game is looking awesome. One thing you should of pointed out is if it was real time or not. Many people are doubting the PS3 can do that. But us fans of Insomniac know better. ;-]

    You guys are amazing.

  • going to pre-order this asap.

  • I seriously can’t wait for this game.

    So will this be released on the PlayStation Store on Thursday?

  • Hey Jstevenson, please ask Sony about the PSN cards. Having to make a japanese account and buy a japanese PSN in order to buy the Resistance map packs was not an easy or fun thing to do =/

    • Not sure what\’s up with those, I have received a couple and used them. Got them both at Christmas, so I know they exist. Hopefully that means you\’ll see them soon.

  • Jay-
    Any Mouse/KB support?

  • Ehh

    Considering Insomniac is an amazing developer, they have never needed to make a BS pre-rendered vision of what their game CAN look like.

    They show what it DOES look like.

    You guys questioning the legitimacy of the teaser need to take a history lesson. Hell, this exact same conversation could replace Resistance 2 with Ratchet.

  • I know some have said this isnt in-game, but lets remember together….

    …what current gen game do you know that doesnt use the in-game engine for cutscenes this days?

    I know it’s a stretch, but to see how crisp that looked, i would absolutely crap my pants if that was the engine.

  • Well I guess I was wrong..

    “The next trailer and worldwide gameplay footage”

    I guess this wasn’t the game running… Wonder why the change? Whats up Insomniac? I know you guys are great… why bother with a teaser trailer knowing the media problems specifically with the PS3 and “CGI” pre rendered trailers?

  • I picked up a PS3 a little over two weeks ago along with Resistance. I was simply blown away by the game, I’ve been playing multiplayer non stop since then (almost at the end of single player).

    I can’t wait for the second, I’ll definitely be picking it up day one.

  • One question, the 19 hours is from this game or between this and the third resistance?

  • Oh I can’t wait for this to be released. R1 was phenomenal for a release title and I’m sure R2 will deliver.

  • I’m asking the same that almost everyone else is asking- is this footage using the in-game engine?? Please say it’s so. Thanks!

  • You know, I’m almost 100% convinced that the teaser footage was in-engine after observing in-game assets of Resistance and then Ratchet & Clank Future earlier today. You can really see how much of an improvement R&C was over Resistance.

    Besides, someone from Insomniac has already stated that the improvements for at least the next few years will be as huge as they were between Resistance and R&C.

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