Resistance 2: “It Begins”

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Hey everyone! We’ve been working hard getting Resistance 2 ready for its fall release. Right now we’re play-testing 60-player multiplayer and eight-player co-op daily, while tweaking sections of our single-player levels. Needless to say, the game is rapidly progressing and every time we play there are new assets and tech going in.

We’re not quite ready to take the lid off the new stuff we’re developing (there’s quite a lot!). But in the meantime, we did want to share with you a teaser trailer we’ve been using internally. Titled “It Begins,” the trailer discloses some new hints about R2 story direction that I won’t spoil for you here.

But the best part is that we tell you exactly when we’re going to deliver more – much more. The next trailer and worldwide gameplay footage debut will be on the June 13th episode of Gametrailers TV with Geoff Keighley (it’s a full episode covering R2).In the meantime, check out the teaser, and don’t worry, you’ll be hearing more from us before June. Check out the April 17th Full Moon Show Podcast ( for more details about the teaser and about R2. And, if you have any questions, Bryan Intihar and I will be hanging out in the comments section tonight to answer them!

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  • @46 LOL yeah dude Resistance 1 is jaw dropping..

    it keeps going ON and ON too! and gets bigger and bigger.

    SAME exact formula with Ratchet, if you dont own ratchet, I suggest you buy it. Its like… GRRREEEEEEAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT

  • I have to say that teaser gets me excited for this game. It looks like it’s gonna be huge. 60 player online is bloody huge, this is a definite must own!!!

  • Honestly Resistance:Fall of Man was the first software title I owned with my Playstation 3, It was one of the major factors I puchased the console so soon in it’s infancy. By far the best release title I have ever played. Keep up the great work insomniac, I always knew you guy’s would pull through with some awesome software titles!!! R&C FTOD anyone? Rock On!

  • In the last podcast you said there was “new tech” that left jaws on the floor. Is this trailer using this “new tech”? and could you tell us what it is or give us a hint?

    • You haven\’t seen it yet. But it just went into a level for the first time and I was just as impressed. Can\’t wait to show you all.

  • JS, Fragile Eagle, I ask this question on behalf of GAF, since your avoiding us right now :P… Was the shot of Hale near the water in the teaser In-Game or pure CG? Did it use the in-game engine? How much of the R&C engine is being used for R2? Thanks!

  • looking forward to the podcast this week!


    Now, James Stevenson, is this teaser of Resistance 2 real time or CG?

  • Thanks, Insomniac for the great games. You guys are awesome and keep doing what you are doing.

    So… when’s that Ratchet DLC coming? Soon right? :P

  • Even though I kiss your butt daily at MyRes, might as well do it here as well. Love the teaser! I’m itching for some gameplay and that breathtaking tech that left the Sony guys mouth’s agape.

    Rock on, Bryan and James!

  • Will Resistance 2 have split-screen online play (like Warhawk)?

  • !!!!IMPORTANT!!!


    add a MUTE feature for voicechat?!?!?!?! I’m not sure if there is one in R1, but crikey it ruins gameplay when you cant selectively mute the dude playing a B52’s song over and over just to annoy.

    • There is one in R1, I\’m 99% certain (to be fair, I like it when my friend Kittonwy is blasting Maroon 5 on clan nights)

  • Looking forward to R2. Also wanted to give a shout out to Big. B!!!! Miss you on SA.

    Looking forward to the full moon podcast this week.


  • I LOVE YOU INSOMNIAC, i loved resistance 1 and R&C F:TOD, and i cant waite to pick up R2 this fall. I find it funny though that most likely that R2 will come out before HOME, all i have to say is good for you Insomniac for delivering.

  • If you guys cant answer whether or not the teaser is in game. Cant you just say so?

    I mean you have more than 1/2 of the people around for the blog asking… ?

    We are all die hard fans of you guys as a developer. Its not like we all haven’t spent $ on your games.

  • Loving it. I beat the first Resistance 8 times. Yes 8, I have the picture and the savefile to prove it! Can’t wait for this one. One thing i wanted to ask, are you guys working on the color pallete, it was a big drab in the first Resistance. Kinda washed out if you ask me.


    Anyway, I still think it looks FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job over there!!!!!!

    Oh ya!! Will we be getting this tralier on the Playstation Store this Thursday??!?! If so please tell me it will be in HD if not 1080p!

  • damn, i played the demo of RFOM and loved it and i will truely love this one as well:)

  • It’s obvious to my eyes that the teaser footage is using Insomniac’s latest engine for the PS3 because the graphics don’t look like CGI to me at all, they look like what a 3rd generation PS3 game would look like by the hands that have brought us Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Well, at least the fact that people are wondering speaks to how great the graphics look compared to other games now, doesn’t it?

  • This game is going to be so great. 60 people online will show just how powerful the PSN really is. This is a day one purchase for me. Keep up the great work Insomniac.

  • Looks great, saw it on Gametrailers the other day :)

    I think everyone’s burning question is: is this trailer a realtime cutscene (i.e. using the in-game engine in realtime)? or is it a prerendered CGI cutscene?

    everyone has been bickering about the teaser for a while now (nitpicking the shadows, aliasing, etc. to prove it’s not CGI, referencing the amount of onscreen action to prove it’s not realtime, etc.)

  • Again, more awesome news. 2008 is definitely the year of the Playstation 3!

  • Day One!

    Hear my plea James! Tell sony to release the Playstation Cards so I can buy the resistance maps! And keep up the great work on the podcast


  • I just can’t wait, RFOM2 will blow alot of games out of the water. I hope each story line is just as great :D

  • this is so awesome! I loved the first game, but it looks nothing compared to this beauty! Good work insomniac, your one of the best developers in my eyes!

  • we are dying here!!!!!!! come on!!!! throw us a bone.

  • The teaser was very teaserish nice work, I think it showed the scale you guys are aiming for.

    Keep up the good work, Reminds me I still haven’t finished Ratchet yet.

  • I love the cinematic feel to teaser trailers…..awesome. Cant play the game though FPS’s give me the spins (aka dizzy) :-)

  • Resistance 1 was the best launch game of all time!!! Ratchet and clank IS the nicest looking game of all time. I cant wait to see what Insomniac can do with their 3rd ps3 game. I will camp out just to PRE-ORDER THIS GAME! I really think this has a chance to be game of the year. FULL MOON SHOW FTW!

  • lol…and the in-game graphics teaser question gets tiptoed around…sigh*, I guess we have to wait for your podcast on the 17th, right? :(

  • @ Marceles..

    What In game graphics teaser question?


  • “James Stevenson replied on April 14, 2008 at 9:50 pm
    James Stevenson’s Avatar

    You haven’t seen it yet. But it just went into a level for the first time and I was just as impressed. Can’t wait to show you all.”

    When will you show us this “level” with this jaw dropping tech?

  • just a small suggestion for you guys at insomniac . in R1 there was quite a few problems with people finding glitch areas to get outside of the map.
    if you opened up a BETA test to us more exploratory players it would help curb a lot of this , as well as improving the overall online experience for everyone .
    are there any plans to do this as of yet , or has it even been discussed ?

  • I bought the first game with my launch 60 gig Nov 17th. The greatest day in gaming history. :)

    I pre ordered R2 when I got the R2 Game Informer at the house. Got it paid in full. Cant wait. Keep up the great work, and thanks.

    Looking forward to the game play special on June 13th.

  • This game is on my list and cant wait. 60 players online will be a blast. Thanks 4 update, counting the days till the next info post. Keep up the great work.

  • First thing i want to say is great job with every game u guys every made.Second is a request see i have 3 companys i have as my top developer/ must buy maker which are insomniac,konami, and square-enix and i have made its my life goal to get an autograph from each of company so i was wondering is there a way i can send my copy of fall of man to get it sign by u guys and make one of my life goals happen i also own all the ratchet and clank games the very 1st one to the one that came out in nov.So is there anyway i can get the autograph?please say yes please

  • Looking good! Pre-ordering this ASAP!

  • yar!!!
    gimme pics noaw

  • Hey James! & Brian!

    Keep up the great work, your podcast = gold, y’all are my heroes.

  • PS- They cancelled the TV Show jPod, cause’ none o’ you fools watch it, but you damn well should it’s bloody hilarious.


  • So from looking at your art it seems that there are classes,i.e snipers, demolition, gunner…etc, does this mean weapons are no more of a pick up and we have to rank up to get them?

  • Will the game be running at 1080p at 60fps?

    Ps. Can’t wait until this comes out!! :)

  • @ 51 – willacuz

    Thanks for the suggestion but I am not really into the R&C series. I will however be picking up GTA IV!

  • Hello , I’am a french PS3 owner so my english isn’t very good. I’m very impressed by this trailer. But can you tell us if this trailer is In Real Time ?

  • J Steve you know we love ya.

    I NEED Resistance 2, Fall cant come soon enough.

  • I cannot wait to crap my pants again in June!

  • my life goes on hold on june 12th…so i’ll get the new news a little late =D

    Keep up the good work Resistance was the 3rd FPS i’ve liked, the other 2 being Area 51(the arcade version, not the console game by the same name) and Wolfenstein3D.

    I think it’s the killing alien/mutant things with a bit of a historic setting that does it for me. Everything i’ve heard about R2 sounds awesome though

  • I feel Insomniac is wasting their time and talents working on what is nothing more than another first person shooter. The first one was very generic and about the only thing that made it “special” was the fact that it was a launch game and so it got a lot of sales and attention.

    The first one was also a big disappointment for me because somehow I had expected Insomniac to abandon the FPS formula and try and breath some much needed life into it, instead they stuck to it pretty closely.

    This time around, unless they blow everyone away by actually approaching the first person formula with the jack hammer it so deservedly needs, smash it all up and rebuild it into something completely new and unique (think Metroid Prime) then I fear that they have already been trumped even before launching the game.

    In fact I feel that Resistance 2 will come out and quickly drown in the bleak sea of the million shooters. They’ll make their money back I am sure, though.

    Insomniac, like Naughty Dog, is a very talented SONY second party studio and I hate to see their talents wasted making something so generic in such an overcrowded market when they could just as easily have done like Naughty Dog.

    They could have taken their once in a decade chance for creating a new franchise and said to themselves, “why not do something completely new and unique, like Uncharted”?

    I don’t have much love for shooters I admit, I see all the games of that type out now and see a sad pile of wasted potential that was snuffed in order to make another iteration of the same game based on the archaic Quake formula.

    But when someone as talented as Insomniac wastes their chance like that it is just that much more painful to watch. At least the other two western SONY second parties avoided the same pitfall.

    Naughty Dog is out with Uncharted which was fantastic and Sucker Punch is working on Infamous which looks very interesting.

    Alas, I don’t think I will be picking up Resistance 2 and if I do then I will only do so very reluctantly. I only bought the first one because there really was nothing else interesting out at launch but now the situation is very different.

  • Wow! Can’t wait for June 13.

  • Good job! I will buy it asap.

  • come on spill the beans…

    I wont tell anyone… ;0

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