More details on Firmware v2.20

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Hi, everyone. When you turn on your PS3 today, you’ll be greeted with the newest system software update, v2.20. We gave you the heads up last week on what the new firmware would deliver, and, as promised, we have Eric Lempel back on camera to walk through a demo of some the new features. Also, to set the record straight, Blu-ray Portable Copy was never a part of this firmware update, and the feature isn’t related to BD-LIVE. We know a lot of you are excited about the ability to take a copy of a BD movie with you on the go on your PSP, so we’ll keep you posted on any developments with this cool feature in the future.

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  • awesome! new updates are always welcome!

  • Erik there a bug in the firmware, everytime i quit a game, the xmb will not appear and i will turn it off and on. Then it says it has to rebuild the HDD database? its done it a few times now

  • I think a neat feature to add would be remote video play. In other words, I can play a PSP game while connected to my PS3 and it will display the game on the TV screen by streaming it through WiFi.

    Anybody else think this would be a sweet feature?

  • These are some great additions to the PS3 firmware. Thank you Sony.

    I’m very pleased with the enhancements to Divx/Xvid support. But I’d really like to see this expanded further to include:
    * playback of Xvid/Divx stored in .mp4 files
    * support for .mp4 TTXT subtitle streams
    * support for .srt subtitle files

  • Thanks for this video. I think we need a lot MORE video features like these to both explain and sell what the PS3 is capable of, especially after firmware updates because it helps diffuse confusion as well as encourages people to use their PS3’s for it’s many features.

    Just watching the video though.. anyone else think it’s sort of clunky the way the PSP is connecting to the PS3? Wouldn’t it be COOL if the PSP and PS3 can connect remotely to transfer files via it’s wi-fi?

  • Related to the Digital Copy, why don’t the PS3 makes it available for not only BDs but also for our DVDs. I have about 100 DVDs at home and I have to admit, I didn’t watch around 20 of them… :)

    It would be great if my PS3 could RIP all these media, associate it with my PSP, and sync it wirelessly so I can watch it on the go.

    Also, it’s about time to use the media server (UPnP) protocol to sync stuff from the PSP to the PS3. What do you guys say :)

    About what’s already in the new firmware, GREAT JOB GUYS. It’s great to see the PS3 showing it’s self as the media hub we all expected it to be! Keep up with the great work.

    PS: if you can talk to the EyeCreate guys, ask them to make it Remote Play compatible!


  • That’s actually a pretty good update in my opinion. Thanks.

  • Great update, excited about the BD-Live. I agree with the pleas for an update to the Internet Browser. At least the Flash update alone would open the ability to browse so many more websites! Keep the updates coming!

  • Please Add use of the web browser on the PS3 to view some of the most common sites (as there were meant to be seen) which now all require newer versions of adobe flash (v9).

    It is impossible to even see the PS3 section of this site or watch video on gametrailers, abc, yahoo and many others due to the version of flash that the PS3 can use

  • @ mywhitenoise

    “Add the ability to sort files (specifically the games) in the order that you want them. I hate to mention the Wii, but sort of like how they do it, you can move the files in whatever order you want. For example, I have Superstardust HD in the middle of my folder, I’d like it near the top.”

    You can do this already.

    When you are looking at the “Game” column in the XMB, press the square button to cycle through the folder options. Select “All”, which gets rid of the automatic folders.

    Now press the triangle button to display the pop-up options window and highlight “Sort By” and then press the right arrow button.

    Now move down the list and select “Recently Played”.

    Now assuming you play SuperStardust HD quote a bit, thus why you likely want it near the top, choosing this sort option will now do just that.

    Even better though is the option of creating your own custom folders/albums, thus allowing you to not only organize your games in specific folders/albums, but to arrange those folders/albums in the order you want.

    To do this, simply cycle through the folder/album options by pressing the square button until it says “By Album”. No you have a couple choices. The first is to go into any of the listed game folders/albums, highlight a game you want to assign to a new custom folder/album, then press triangle to display the pop-up options window. Select “Information”, and now you’ll see that you have the option of editing the name of the Album that game is assigned to. You can give it any name you like, keeping in mind that the albums will be sorted alphabetically in the XMB.

    Just as an example, I have the following custom album titles (examples of what I have inside those albums):

    01 Utility: PS Eye (EyeCreate, Tori-Emaki, Mesmerize, Operation Creature Feature, etc)
    02 PSN: 02 Puzzle (LocoRoco Cocoreccho, Piyotama, Super Ruba a Dub, Go! Puzzle, Lemmings)
    02 PSN: 03 Arcade (Super Stardust HD, Blast Factor AR, Ca$h Gun$ & Chao$, Joust, etc)
    02 PSN: 04 Driving (PixelJunk Racers, Calling All Cars, Gran Turismo HD)
    02 PSN: 05 Sport (Go! Sports Ski)
    02 PSN: 20 Misc (High Stakes Poker, fl0w)
    03 Demos: 01 Foreign (Yakuza 3, GT5P, GI Jockey 4, Heavenly Sword Kai Demo, Record of Agarest War, Imabikisou, XI[sai], Everybody’s Golf 5)
    03 Demos: 02 Puzzle (echochrome, PixelJunk Monsters, Super Puzzle Fighter, Go! Sudoku)
    03 Demos: 03 Arcade (Rocketmen AoE, Snake Ball, Nucleus)
    03 Demos: 04 Driving (Burnout Paradise, MX vs ATV, NFS ProStreet, Juiced 2, Stuntman Ignition, DiRT, etc)
    03 Demos: 05 Sport: Ind (Sega Superstars Tennis, Everybody’s Golf WT, Skate Tiger Woods 08, Virtua Tennis 3, etc)
    03 Demos: 06 Sport: Team (MLB 2K8, MLB08, FIFA Street 3, NFL Tour, PES 2008, College Hoops 2K8, NHL 2K8, NBA08, etc)
    03 Demos: 07 Adventure: Family (Ratchet & Clank, Simpsons, Harry Potter)
    03 Demos: 08 Adventure: Adult (Uncharted DF, Folklore, Conan, Bladestorm, Heavenly Sword)
    03 Dem

  • (continued from above)

    03 Demos: 09 Fighting: (Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Armored Core 4, Def Jam Icon)
    03 Demos: 11 Shooter: Military (Lost Planet, Timeshift, Conflict DO, Blacksite Area 51, GRAW2, Resistance FoM)
    03 Demos: 10 Shooter: Misc (Condemned 2, The Club, Turok, Kane & Lynch, Jericho, Strangehold)

    Now if you have close to a hundred games & demos like I have, even with the PS3’s predictive text support, it can take a while to assign each game to the appropriate album. If by chance many of the games you want are already in an unnamed album, you can change them all by simply changing the name of the album they are in, as that will automatically change the album name for each game in that album. To do that, just press the triangle button when highlighting the album you want to change, and again select “Information” and then change the name to what ever you want it to be.

    I hope this info helps you out in better organizing and locating the games as well as the videos that are on your PS3’s HDD.

  • @54

    Hell yeah that would rock! Also I want the fallowing done for PS3 as well:

    PS2 B/C feature expansion:

    Force FPS rates: This is a major set back that most PS2 games have on the 80GB model PS3, and some even on the 60GB models. But this will fix the problem with slow FPS in most PS2 games for 80GB PS3 owners like me. Just make it so the PS2 software lets us force the PS2 game to run at it’s max PS2 FPS rate that game is set to run on the PS2. It would mean way more games would work perfectly on the PS3.

    Also another bunch of features that need to be added are the fallowing:

    Web Browser enhancements:

    Flash Updater: So we can get PS3 web browser flash updates so we can view all those flash player 9 pages.

    Format conversion support:

    Expand the formats we can convert files to on the PS3 to include WMA, and MP4 files. We can play these files but we can’t convert them? that kinda sucks IMHO.

    DVD upscale enhancements:

    Please make it so we can set it to automatic, or set it to any of the major broadcast TV singles that we get on our TVs, IE 1080i, 720p, 480p, and of course the PS3 should be able to be set to 1080p as well for upscale on DVDs as we can do now.

    Also please fix the PS2 full screen option on the PS3 80GB and PS3 60GB models for games that support 16:9 TVs. If you try and set it to that size you lose like 15 cm of the game screen and it can make reading your health counter, or ammo counter in games like Killzone, and Naruto a pain in the but!

  • Thanks for the update. as far as the Internet browser goes. will you guys go into talks with adobe or find a way to update the flash player? it’s so outdated ;(

    oh, and a video explaining how the subtitles work would help *Laughs*

  • This is very sweet update im looking forward to buying more Blu Ray movies to use BD Live.
    I think I should buy a PSP this year.

  • bd to psp would be nice but, dvd is trying to beat them to the punch right now! just saw a camercial for it. when they announce something….they really need to bring it out quick and stop letting every body else beat them to the punch!

  • Among the list of requested future system update support, what is the likelyhood of seeing any suport for FLAC on the PS3?

    This is quickly becoming a very popular audio codec, especially for those interested in high quality audio. It would be wonderful if the PS3 would support FLAC.


  • Nice update!
    Please release monthly updates.

  • Nice update.
    Everything Eric shows in the video is working pretty sweet.

    Yay!, I’m steering my stereo with remote PSP play! :-D

    But something I miss with this feature is the ability to put the PSP in sleep-mode while on wifi and let the PS3 continue to play music so that I can save battery on the PSP ;-) Sony, can u fix this in a future PSP-update?

    And some other things. An updated flash handler in the PS3 Internet browser also would be nice ;-) So that the browser could handle flash later than 7 or 8?

    And… another neat feature would be the ability to force 1080p upscaling on the games supporting it while still having 720p activated for the games which do not support 1080p upscaling. UT3 looks so much smoother upscaled to 1080p, the same counts for COD4 and Uncharted.

    Oh.. and one last thing. How about “folder.jpg” support for created folder on the PS3 and/or via UPNP? It would be cool to also have albumcover through tversity or other media server applications.

    – Go!Sony ;-D Keep em’ firms coming.
    I just loved this last update.

  • Great all my naruto and Bleach AVI files work now. Next thing to add is the in-game XMB, enough with the other things just work on that now so we can stop asking for it.

    Viva! La Migra!

  • My web browser no longer works after downloading this update. It freezes randomly & can’t be closed with the circle button. When trying to close it through the popup menu, the whole console freezes & has to be reset. I hope this can be sorted fairly easily, as the rest of the update is a nice bonus (even if it’s not in-game XMB).

  • Cool update, cant wait for 2.40 guys.

  • The first thing what I did when I arrive at home it was to update to 2.20.
    Every body is happy with BD-Live but how many of us has one disk like this???
    Subtitle on DivX??? But how? I search for hours and no information…

    MKV and other codec support to be the perfect media center…

  • Nice update, Im very grateful, cant wait for the next one.

  • Oh one more thing:

    Please add support for PS2 memory cards that are larger then 8MBs on the PS3! The PS2/PS3 Memory Card adapter can hook them in but the PS3 can’t read them or see them for some reason. There are a lot of people who have over 200 games they own on their PS2, and most of the Sony, and highly rated third party games work on the 80GB PS3. But the fact that if you only have 32MB, or 16MB memory cards the PS3 won’t read them even though they hook into the PS2/PS3 memory card adapter just fine.

    Please include support for these extra high storage PS2 Memory cards in the next PS3 system update! it will give people who love PS2 games, and the PS3 major love for Sony and the will B/C not be supported threads will stop!



  • Great update and thank you for the video presentation. Keep up the good work and let the updates come.

  • nice features. just 1 thing. It would be nice to check the time on your ps3. Would be nice if you could integrate that into the message board icon that appears in the top right.

    Is there any chance of this ever being included in an update? The PS3, besides a great gaming machine, seconds as my BD player. So why can I not yet enjoy any of the DTS-HD MA tracks included on so many BD titles?

    Sony, please, get this feature out. The PS3 can internally decode Dolby TrueHD, why can it not yet decode DTS-HD MA? I didn’t upgrade my sound system to listen to the standard DTS core track, and considering all Fox titles use DTS-HD MA, I think it’s unacceptable.

  • Nice update Sony.

    But never forget what Playstation means to a lot of people…

    hint: GAMES!!!

  • These firmware tutorial videos NEED to be on PS3 itself for your average user. Maybe link the video to the information bar when the user clicks on it, the video streams to the PS3. Kinda how the Major Minute streaming videos work on Xbox 360 except this would actually be useful.

    And when you do decide to do this, throw in some hints about upcoming firmware updates/games in the background Lost style :)

  • Pretty sweet update, however with such a video-centric update, how come we still don’t have continuous video playback on PS3? The PSP has had it for quite some time, and I thought it would have been in for sure with this update unless I missed something. In any case your work is appreciated, keep it up!!

  • metalhaze @77, I agree with you, if Sony does not improve/upgrade flash (to version9 ) then the browser is of little use in this web 2.0 world (assuming that they have fixed the CSS/DHTML and javascript issues).

  • Great video update. I also like the remote control music thingy for PSP as well as copying playlists. You have no idea how many times I ran through my whole list of music to try and get the right songs. This will make it tons easier on me. Updated web browser is always welcomed! Thanks a lot for your hard work. Any chance of custom tracks someday? Thanks again!


  • How’s bout an update to get fullscreen viewing on BD movies. Those black bars really take away from the HD experience.

  • Cerberus_Hunter @ 81, true , the PS3 is a game console but is not meant to be just a game console.
    Frankly considering where computing is going (the connected Web based model) and the fact that the PC is dying, i believe that the PS3 as a integrated HD media center is the perfect way to control what i believe is the next battle ground , the living room.
    I think that the PS3 will do very well as a game console, but i would like to thing of it as more of an entertainment console (that envelopes the abilities to play movies,mp3s and games).
    Once they fix the PSN to allow a more modern look and feel as well as competing with itunes and Xbox marketplace (for movies and music) i think that they well have an increased adoption rate and with people who are not your typical gamers, Then, Sony will have the ability to target these people with social (family/group friendly) games.
    For now i hope the guys at sony that seemed to have no vision of how to compete with innovative companies like Apple realize that if they loose the living room it will result in a bigger longterm impact than the loss they suffered to Apple/iPod due to the lack of foresight.
    lets hope they hired some smart people over the years to push this agenda forward.

    P.s. Fix Flash , with that maybe i can start watching NBC videos !!!

  • Hey Eric or Sony Representative…

    I just wanted to know one thing- if video store/download service arrives on PS3 PSN- is there a chance that we will see subtitle(s)/closed-caption available as an option to enable or to disable? Because it’d be nice if that option is included. The only reason why I asked you that question is because I am deaf. That should not be the main reason, but for those who loves subtitles/c.c. want to see them on the screen on PS3/PSP. You know?

    Please pass the information to people above you and for you to convince them that this should be taken into consideration.

    But other than that, nice update on that firmware.

  • I want RSS on my ps3

  • no in-game xmb? im not satisfied

  • When I first read that this update finally supported
    Divx subtitles I was very excited, since it would mean I didn’t have to use my standalone divx player to play divx movies with subtitles.
    Well, It didn’t work, no proper support for subtitles in this release, only for embedded subtitles in *.divx files which nobody uses.
    I’m quite stunned that Sony hasn’t included support for *.srt & *.sub/idx files, since pretty much everybody uses them, its just plain stupid that this isn’t supported, pretty much every budget dvd player supports this and an advanced “entertainment” computer system that costs ten times as much doesn’t, is just ridiculous.
    Not to mention the lack of file format support,
    I can remember Sony saying how great the PS3 would be as a mediacenter and could even replace a PC.
    Its just stupid that people will have to buy a separate mediacenter system next to their PS3 if they want proper file format support while the PS3 is more than capable of playing pretty much everything if only these formats would be supported.

    Just to name a few things that has to be added to consider the PS3 as a mediacenter:

    Full Divx & Xvid Support
    Full MKV Support (H.264, X.264, VC-1).
    Full WMV/WMA Support (With 5.1 WMV10 Audio).
    OGG/FLAC/MPC/AC3/DTS Support
    Full Support for subtitles (srt/sub/idx) with any video file (not just divx)

    I really don’t want be so negative, but its just sad and frustrating that this is not supported, while the PS3 has so much potential, right now in its current state its extremely limited.

  • @91 and everybody else

    The in game messaging will come in the 2.4 in summer so stop asking for it just for now, when you see a 2.40 without anything like that then start to scream and all but until then, just wait.

    Another thing for the people asking for the clock, I think that will come with the in game xmb, if they will change the look when you press the home button then they will bring all together I guess…

  • @Digital-Nitrate

    I already know all that, and I have it separated in 3 folders (PSN, Demos, PSEye). What i’m asking for is a more specific way of organization, the current set up is pretty sloppy. I want Stardust to be the second file under my PSN folder, and I want it to stay there….I don’t want to sort by “recently played”.

  • Funny no response from a Sony rep today ?
    I just want to know “when” we can expect an updated Flash player.
    I already know that ingame XMB is coming
    I already know that an update PSN is coming
    I already know we will get movie downloads and PS-Home

    What i do not know is whether the webrowser will work with modern web sites (Please fix Flash !)

    Ok, that is the last one for today ;-) .

  • It’ll be interesting to see what BD-LIVE will add to the Blu-ray experience. However, the forthcoming titles are not ones I am looking forward to viewing.

    Please add support for .avi files.

  • I hope one day there will be a video of this guy showing off In-game XMB :P. Also, what would be cool if we could actually CHAT (voice with up to 5 friends, only 1 selected friend will be shown video in like a selected position on the screen if possible) in a game.

  • #87 Fullscreen viewing of BD discs?

    How about instead of Sony wasting time making the PS3 compatible with ancient fullscreen televisions, you join the modern age and buy a widescreen television.

    BluRay is HD. All HD televisions are widescreen. BD on a fullscreen television is ridiculous.

    Fullscreen is a dead format. Abandon it.

  • Did anyone else have a chuckle when the guy in the video said that the PS3 has a “full-featured” web-browser?

    It’s the least “featured” web browser I’ve ever used. My cellphone can view more sites…

  • The update is pretty cool.And thanks for the clarification about Portable Copy.I was wondering about when it would be coming to the PS3..

  • Hey, Eric. You can press play to start a slideshow on psp. Then start again to pause it. It buffers the next image in the background so it pops up faster.

    But you know that don’t you. :P

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