PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Toy Home Expansion Pack ($6.99)
The Toy Home Expansion Pack adds even more racing fun to the miniature universe. This pack includes 6 new vehicles and 2 new playrooms, each with 3 separate configurations. Players will now be able to engage in 4-player battle both offline and online and check out their rankings online. Also included are a new set of courses in the single player mode and a free-run mode.
File size: 100 KB

PAIN Character: Nurse, Ginger ($0.99)
PAIN can hurt, but be careful – Sometimes your medical professional is really the one who needs help. Case in point, downloadable character Ginger, our on-site PAIN Nurse.
File size: 7.42 MB

PAIN Character: Cheerleader, Muffy ($0.99)
“Gimme a ‘P’! Gimme an ‘A’! Gimme an ‘I’! Gimme an ‘N’! What does it spell!?!?? Umm…Can someone tell me what that spells, please?” Yeah, that’s Muffy, our new downloadable Cheerleader for PAIN.
File size: 4.68 MB

GUITAR HERO III: Dropkick Murphy’s Track Pack (free)
“Famous for Nothing”, “Flannigans Ball”, “Johnny”, “I Hardly Knew Ya”, as performed by Dropkick Murphy’s. For all song credits please visit
File size: 41.7 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Shockwave” – Black Tide ($0.99)
  • “Beethoven’s C***” – Serj Tankian ($0.99)
  • “CrushCrushCrush” – Paramore ($0.99)

File sizes: 20.3 MB – 23.7 MB

Demos (free)

Major League Baseball 2K8 Demo
This is a 3 inning demo of baseball gameplay from Major League Baseball 2K8. It features 2 teams (Boston and Colorado) and 1 stadium (Fenway Park).
ESRB Rated E
File size: 952 MB

Game Videos (free)

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds – Characters & Courses
Slip on the golf shoes, step out on the course and tee it up on the PlayStation 3 with Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds.
File size: 41.6 MB (HD)

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds – New Shot System
Slip on the golf shoes, step out on the course and tee it up on the PlayStation 3 with Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds.
File size: 64.5 MB (HD)

Viking: Battle for Asgard Teaser Trailer
You are Skarin, a rage-fueled Viking warrior hell-bent on revenge. The goddess of death has resurrected a legion of demon warriors to overrun mankind and begin the apocalypse. Wage all-out war to annihilate the enemy and free the Earth from the grip of the Underworld.
File size: 70.3 MB (HD)

Viking Episode 1 – Skarin’s Calling Trailer
The invasion of Hel’s Dread Legion. Midgard is brought to its knees, its sons and daughters murdered or imprisoned. Is there no one to stand against her? Have the gods deserted us?
File size: 84.7 MB (HD)

Viking Episode 2 – Siege of Caldburg Trailer
Caldburg, The Jewel of Galcliff, now overrun by Hel’s monsters and corrupted by the horrors committed within its walls. Skarin knew its importance to our people, and we marched on the city with a grim determination.
File size: 76.5 MB (HD)

PS3 Themes (free)

God of War: Chains of Olympus Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool God of War: Chains of Olympus theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 8.19 MB

PAIN: Ginger Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PAIN: Ginger theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 2.53 MB

PAIN: Muffy Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PAIN: Muffy theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 2.58 MB

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Theme 1
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Condemned 2: Bloodshot theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 25.5 MB

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Theme 2
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Condemned 2: Bloodshot theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 14.2 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Demos (free)

* WipEout Pulse Demo

PSP Themes (free)

* God of War: Chains of Olympus Theme

PSP Wallpaper (free)

* God of War: Chains of Olympus Wallpaper (x4)

Hope you enjoy!

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  • i’m proud to say the best baseball game out this year is a PS3 exclusive (the show). excellent job on that game (the demo of 2k8 made me realize why i went with the show).

    with sales picking up 3rd party support should start coming around. it was a good update overall. my only specific feedback is please…stop with the Pain updates unless you’re going to give us another level. please.

    oh…and can we get that Motorstorm 2 trailer on the PSN for download asap in HD. thanks.

  • Its starting to be a ‘POST-AND-RUN’ culture inside Sony. Nobody ever responds to our questions unless its sets their work in a POSITIVE light. This is an alright update for the PSN, nothing special, same old,same old……compare to the abismal european PSN this is a dream.

  • Hey I ask for GOW theme last week and got one this week sweet!!!!! PSP out does PS3 AGAIN? That’s cool with me for now. Not bad this week.

  • i rarely comment on here but i think its time to say sumthin .. i can wait for home and i can wait for in-game XMB BUT im sick of Japan getting the good ps games and we get jack [DELETED] if japan has a problem with us americans they can take their ps3 and shove it normally im happy with it but this is stupid im giving sony 2 weeks to get some decent ps games on or im not buying anymore of theyre [DELETED] games until they pull theyre heads outta theyre [DELETED] …sound good?? a multi BILLION dollar company cant give atleast 1 ps game a week ????? and im also sick of the guitar hero [DELETED] that game is not worth 10 [DELETED] add-ons a week i want REAL content for my 600 bucks

  • On the subject of the 2K sports baseball Demo…

    Talk about night and day.

    I tried the 2k Sports Baseball Demo and I wonder if 2K is embarrased to put out that game.

    It feels like Madden felt next to the original 2K football…archaic.

    2K sports used to be about cutting edge features and gameplay, graphics were in there too, but now they have fallen on their own weight and have seen little improvement.

    Their basketball games are still money though.

    Its a real testament to the MLB 08 team, they really brought it this year.

  • MLB 08:The Show is the baseball game to own this year, easily.. it’ll be a shame if EA buys out Take Two tho.. then we will have to suffer thru MVP Baseball again.. but its good The Show is a quality game..

    would love to see a demo for Condemned tho.. the reviews are good on that game.. will definitely like to check it out for myself..

  • Hmmm what to say about this update. Viking definitely good stuff and hot shots golf. Not a sports fan so MLB 2k8 demo would mean little to me. I do not have GH but do swing by a friends’ house to play and he has already posted he is happy with the GH update. Only thing I want is a few more movie trailers for iron man and a single trailer for The DarK Knight. Can’t remember what the movie is called but Jackie Chan and Jet li are in it and it comes out April maybe a surprise trailer for that. Now a small recommendation is release a weekly list of blu rays. I just found out about ID4 which is a must have. All in All decent update not over the top but definitely better and is an improvement from the last two weeks. Get logitech to release a driver/update for the ps3 so their wireless keyboard and mouse works on Final Fantasy 11 ^.^ .

    @bobtheduck quite a few of us play FF11 on our ps3s. Not that I had a connection problem, I am curious how the firmware update helped ff11. Do you have a link or something where it says it helped ff11? We were able to install ff11 a very very long time ago.

    @101 they post to our responses but how much can one say when they see “I am unhappy with the update?” What do you want jeff or grace to say “sorry, we will do better” then next week you whine about the same thing because something you did not want came out but others are happy with it. Sounds like a lose lose situation to me, for technical questions and tidbits which they do respond to sometimes I support. But to get into a “I’m sorry you are not hapypy with the update, we will do better and this is what we are releasing for the next month” just will not happen if you believe it will you are crazy.

    @THATPSGUY while your at it for requests, sure you do not want a kitchen sink maybe a bathroom and a million dollars twice a week. As usual these small updates some people like others do not. Since you are not in the group that likes it, your “mad” and sony has failed you and hurt you and every other gamer(glad you can read all our minds). Anyway, as usual get over it, if you do not want your ps3, sell it your almost as bad as lucifer and gameblows. If you got ps3 from 2006 I will buy it. Two updates a week would mean we would have to see your post on how unhappy you are and then your second post would be asking Sony to add 20+ games/demos/themes so they can meet your approval. Then another post “If i worked at sony, I would be praised.”

  • WOW NICE – Toy Home Expansion!
    Thanks for this expansion! Makes me feel like someone is listening! As I have been asking for more courses since the game came out.

    I am willing to pay for some things (whether unlocking or new) when the money is worth the content. In this case, it is well worth it. If you have not tried it, you are missing out.

    Thanks SONY!

  • Where are the promised PS-1 games on the PSN?
    PS3 out over 1 year and the PSN still lags behind even Wii Shopping Channel, no need to mention 360 store content.
    I was looking forward to getting all those old RPG games such as FF7, Beyond the Beyond, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana, Dragon Warrior 7, etc..
    Each week I hold my breath as I read through the PSN Update, just hoping for some good content.
    May is less than two months away and “NO HOME” information.
    I no longer play games on my PS3, I just watch home movies, downloaded episodes of shows and listen to music. I play Wii for games lately as good games on PS3 are few lately. I am so looking forward to GTA4 and FF7:Crisis Core.
    The past three PSN store updates have really disappointed.
    Overall, PS3 is great but the 2006 marketing for the online content available was all lies, except the free part. So the PS3 sucks more than the PSP online options and psp is just below DS in the online market, making it fifth below 360, Wii, Original Xbox, DS, and DS-Lite. So sad. I truly enjoyed my PS1&2.
    Bought a PS3 and truly enjoy it, just missing the online functions I was so looking forward to back in ’06.

  • That God of War theme is rocking my PS3 something fierce. I’ve been playing that and Patapon (when my wife isn’t playing it) so much that I haven’t had time to load the God of War theme on the PSP.

    I’ll need to get on that this weekend. Good stuff guys. That Vikings game looks great in some parts and bad in others, just have to wait and see on that one I guess.

  • Now Sony I’m going start this off by appologizing so “I’m terribly Sorry”, because I do truly love my ps3, and have loved the PlayStation brand since you swayed my (at the time)almost un-waverable dedication to Nintendo, in your favor, back when PSOne released. I was sceptical of you guys at first I gotta’ be honest here, because you’ll then understand why I started this off with an appology.
    Much like back when I was a die-hard Nintendo fanboy of the NES & SNES generations, I was looking forward to an N64(aka Ultra64 when you guys were on board), Nintendo’s would-be soured partnership with Sony was an ill turn of events, I didn’t know who to be upset with (as a company), So I chose to try to ignore the launch of the PSOne, Nintendo had my heart “figuritively speaking”, now even though PSOne came out earlier than N64, I waited it out… got my N64, had fun with Mario64 for a while, and some other games like Killer Instinct Gold etc… I wouldn’t say it got flooded by what ‘Nintendo’ Considered AAA titles… ok yea it did… but only Nintendo considered them AAA titles, the clincher for me, in switching to psOne, was FFVII as I was always a diehard FF fan, heck I’d say, wherever Square goes, I go!, it changed my mind about your system, and in turn opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Sony Gaming, and I couldn’t have been more blind prior to discovering the world of games you would release over that system’s life, and it’s successors life, the PS2… I’m glad I switched still to this day, and don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy with my ps3, it’s a chunk of amazingly beautiful hardware, that entertains my small family unit all day long, whether it’s my wife and her chick flicks, or tv shows, or my kids and their disney movie files, and web browser for funny youtube animal vids, etc… and for me and my favorite shows like JPod(please check this show out it ROCKS!, get it on the PSN, everyone will love you for it, not just me alone, trust me) and this is all worth the price tag alone, before even the games come into play… So I’m not here to complain that I didn’t get my money’s worth, because I did, I got more than my money’s worth out of this ps3 so far, but what I didn’t get, was next gen gaming, and this is were I feel appologetic for what I’m about to say…
    “There are very few games on this system that really really shine like the PlayStation brand I knew before, perhaps I’m being impatient, perhaps when I buy a system I expect there to be a variety of games to play, and at least a few that will keep me busy long enough to save money for mortgages etc. and witht he ps3 so far that just hasn’t been the case, It’s almost as if you ‘Sony’ are testing the waters of the lake a little too much for your own good, by this I mean, you’re severely overcharging for insignificant things, to see how quickly your fanbase will snatch it up, and then you’re giving away stuff for ‘free'(and expect credit for the

  • and FYI no I’m not a troll, look at any of my other posts on this blog, if any of you know me, you know I’m an avid Sony Fanboy, I’m just seeing some similarities, in the history of the industry and now… Nintendo was on top, people were skeptical of Sony… but Sony won them over… and now… Sony is on top, and Microsuck is winning people over… I think Someone better put a stop to this nonsense, because I don’t want Microsoft in charge of any industry let alone the industry I love and cherish.

  • Actually Jeff if you can just delete my previous posts that would be great, It chopped the important part off anyway, didn’t mean to write a novel, Guess all I wanted to say was, I agree with 90% of the people on this thread, the add-ons etc, are a little too much, we need games that come pre-packed with replayability, tell Sony to stop skimping, testing the waters is not such a good thing to do, when the company that everyone is skeptical about is not testing so much as delivering atm.

  • I’m amazed that there are some who actually defend Sony here.

    Honestly, compared to Xbox Live, PSN is a joke. It’s only going to get better for the 360 once MS rolls out Xbox originals. I mean Microsoft is going to start releasing Xbox games, while Sony can’t even get PS1 games out on the store.

    Also, once Wiiware takes off, the quantity of DL games on both the Wii and the 360 will easily outnumber the ones on the PS3. Not only that, look at the third party releases for the Live, VC, and Wiiware. It’s so much better then PSN, it’s not even funny.

  • @ 112

    Sorry I disagree, with PSN you don’t have to pay yearly to connect to online servers of the game you payed $60 for, and if you know how to use bit torrent on your pc, then nothing compares to video content etc, on the ps3, heck you can even use it via’ linux from the ps3 itself without a pc, VLC is a great media player and runs very nicely on YDL 6.0.

    Now the problem is, Is Sony going to stand by while Microsoft continues to steal their ideas and run with it? xbox live didn’t exsist even in the planning stages of xbox 1, when Sony was planning online games with headset communication. heck 75% of pc gamers didn’t use headset coms via’ teamspeak etc, until after Socom even hit the market… who’s leading the way?

    That’s right, it was Sony, and I hope it still can be, so um… Sony, about that?

  • Hope you enjoy!

  • @#55. I hear what you are saying, but fat girls don’t grow on trees you know.

  • hey Zorox in case u did not notice they already have a few ps1 games on there, and if u bought ur ps3 early then u have the chip that allows for backwards compatibility, at least sony gave us a way to use our old games from old systems for something other than leveling out a wabble in your furniture. once xbox 3S#$ty released they told original xbox owners goodbye and left them to die a slow painful death. 2008 is the year the king returns from hiatus and kicks the imposter out of town! PS3 out!

  • @116 bambu

    Let’s hope so, Sony has given more ups and downs lately than a vietnamese prostitute.

  • not-buying-incognito

    This update is just like a bunch of junk mail.
    Tons of it… but who cares?
    Give me the good stuff.
    1,000 more arcade games so i can buy one every week
    1,000 more ps1 games
    Games Games Games Games Games Games

  • 1) Valve TF2 maps – Grace can you make sure they are free?

    2) When will we see Dark Mist hit other stores?

    (following is interview quote about Valve wanting the expansion maps to be free to users)
    “Recently, Valve went on record saying that they’d like their upcoming Team Fortress 2 map pack to be free on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but admitted that such a situation might not be possible. Many wondered if this uncertain future was the result of EA meddling or interference from the platform holders themselves.

    We contacted Valve to clarify and their VP of marketing Doug Lombardi informed us that, “The platform holder owns the final call.” So just as we’d suspected, whether or not we see these maps for free is indeed up to Sony and Microsoft.”

  • Dear annoying fellow PlayStation gamers.

    Have you ever thought about the reason that we never get PS1 titles is probably because nobody out there who owns a PS3 never downloads them because there to busy playing Guitar Hero or Rockband.

    Haven’t you little bastards thought about that possibility. Maybe that’s why Sony doesn’t release original PlayStation titles routinely every week cause nobody’s buying them but a select few.

    Well, maybe it’s because Sony never releases the good ones that everyone wants and that’s probably why nobody bothers to buy the current ones on the PSN store. Maybe.

    How about those rotten kids who always ask for a demo to every game that comes out on the PSN market. Do you happen to go to a mall and try out what clothes you wear before you buy them or do you just buy the clothes and head out the door. Exactly. You don’t try out the clothes because you already know the size that fits.

    In other words, you don’t need demos in order to try out the game. Get your cheap ass to buy the game and then try it and see if you like it. As my old teacher used to say, nothing in this world is for free and once you move on to the real world, you’ll probably get a better understanding of how money works.

    If your sick in tired of these updates, then why won’t you just abandon the PS3 and let the PlayStation brand die and cause many of the SCEA employees to lose their jobs and let the company go bankrupt. Just move on to your other systems or or go sit in a corner somewhere and wish for the return of the Dreamcast repeatedly till you fall yourself to sleep in a coma.

    Last, if the current state of the blog is deemed to be like this for the rest of the year or years to come then SCEA really needs to clean up these comments and enforce stricter rules on the PlayStation blog so that people who are turned off by the negativity will come back and post courteous comments and those who feel unsatisfied can suck a big fat one and shove it.

    Maybe SCEA’s current digital market strategy isn’t a good one and they need to find another solution to make it better so they can improve the store and attempt to please all PlayStation customers. Maybe a new interface layout with more downloadable games will change that.

    The PS3 MGS4 bundle is a good start for change and could probably be a big hit or miss for the PlayStation brand and bring back Sony in the leading console market in the videogame industry, well maybe. There’s always Killzone 2.

    Last, SCEA really needs to make an agreement with Square Enix and bring some of their rare popular tiles to the PSN store.

    So much irascibility and too many snarky people on this blog, it just makes me upset when I just want to read nice comments.

  • Ummm….not to diminish your lengthy rant…but I’ve never bought an article of clothing in my life without trying it on first.

    That’s why they have change rooms in EVERY clothing store in the world.

    Of course, you’re probably shop-lifting your stuff, so trying it on doesn’t work quite as well, does it?

  • Ugh. Trying out clothes that other people probably tried on is so disgusting. I buy my clothes and wash them first before I wear them.

  • I neeeeed psn cards!!
    Can’t wait for it!

  • @ TheGraciousOne

    “So much Irascibiltiy and too many Snarky people on this blog, it just makes me upset when I want to read nice comments.”

    Then don’t read them, if the first few words or sentence represents something negative, don’t read it. If what you’re concerned about is playing god and dictating what we should/should not, be upset about…

    And as a side note… we do this because we love Sony, because we are the people who started Sony’s game business off to such a good start in the 90’s, We are the hardcore, – minus a few trollz on here every now and then… We are the ones that have nothing to truly brag about atm, so word of mouth is doing $#!T for ps3 atm. pardon my language, but what really gets me even more fired up that industrial ignorance, is fan based attempts at censoring the fanbase in general, you yourself have contradicted everything you said, Why would we buy psone games that we either A-already own, or B- are so old they are just not even worth playing anymore… I woulda’ though FFVII woulda’ came out well before Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Wild Arms…. those are the best two on there atm for classics, I’ve boughten both, and even though I own hard copy of FFVII(My favorite game of all time) I was going to buy downloadable version from PSN to put on my PSP on a whim. Yes there is key titles that would sell amazingly well as classics on the PSN, and Sony isn’t paying attention, it looks to me like they’re having enough trouble with even their first party classics.

  • @ The GraciousOne

    I do however agree with the clothing analogy, I buy clothes much like you do, however Videogames at 50-70$ is a bit different, I mean pull that silver spoon out of whatever orface you have it in, and realize we’re not all made of money, especially considering a “Hardcore” like me spends well over 1-2k a month in a good game year… Sony’s been doing me the favor so to speak, and making it a very cheap couple years in some aspects, but sadly it’s also a very boring as hell, couple years for me… where did gaming go? who friggin’ knows at this point.

  • Why did you guys take down the God of War:COO demo? I snatched it at about midnight Friday, but I don’t see it up anymore.

    Is it just bandwidth issues?

    Love the update. Pulse is better than I thought and I may pick up GoW after all. Keep those demos coming!

  • They will not respond us.

    All we can do is wait for next week.

  • no new PS1 games yet again……

  • @TheGraciousOne if sony wants good props then they need to do something worth the good comments and when they do im more than happy to leave a good comment HOWEVER in this one subject they are failing im a huge sony fan but im not gonna censor myself when they piss me off :D i tend to think that if one country has something or in this case lots of somethings and i cant have it cuz i live in a hated country (yes america isnt too popular these days but who cares)its gonna piss me off ALOT now we live in america and last time i checked the GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO EXPRESS YOURSELF is also part of our constitution so where as you are right to express yourself by what u said in your comment i of course am gonna use my right to disagree :D now back to the subject- xbox live has a bunch of idiots running it yet they have content aplenty (time is irrelevant considering that PS3 is over a year old also) now we got a professional company like sony that we expect much from sadly sitting FAR behind as far as content is concerned i know this takes time but its seems they have plenty of time for Japan and none left for us heres a fact THERE ARE MORE PS3’s SOLD IN THE USA THAN JAPAN so we should have dibs cuz we were smart enough to stick with sony. A f**kin hacker can have these games ported in less than 4 hours apiece (less if they are really good) so why cant sony get 1 f***in game a week every get your lips off sony’s a** and open your eyes cuz WERE ALL GETTING SCREWED as far as psone games are concerned. so have a good day and ill see ya next week :D

  • My gf plays Toy Home, and although this expansion is useless to most of you, I love seeing a smile on her face when she runs over sugar cubes and wooden alligators with her new monster truck.

    All this ranting can be viewed as pure a-holeism, but I hope the SONY execs who are distanced from the gaming community read these comments and see what we want – Demos. No region lock. Plain and simple.

  • now i just wanna make this clear before i get back to waiting for more content i am as i said a big sony fan and am in no way hating or whatever it just seems unfair that we ALL have to wait without one single peep from sony until after the fact.i spent 600 dollars along with 11 million other people and i want what we all should want IE: a system that kicksass i want content out the a** i want GAMES GAMES GAMES and of course lots more games and iwant to be able to brag to all those Xbox (please fix me) idiots that i got once again the best system on the market and that my money went to something worthwhile i also want shi*loads of people to play games with and against (ive really come to like the idea of playing with and against people from different countries ) and i want great ideas like Home and in-game xmb to come to fruition hell id like to be involved with some of those ideas (note to SONY in my opinion there are some really great ideas from some of the other ps3 owners may be we all could have like a HUGE contest with that when home comes out …please :D) but basically i want the system i was told i was buying over a year ago ….you know the one that was supposed to be limitless as far as all the neat stuff we could eventually do with it you know for once a system that finally trully utilized the network and the massive broadband connect abilities home could be this very thing for all i know lol (more or less considering the very little we actually know about cuz of sony’s bad habit of not telling shi*)all in all i just want to come home from work and really get into my games and know that more shi* is coming peace ,see ya all next week and happy gaming :D

  • @ Kedaro

    Back then, we only got demos via subscription magazines or if you subscribed to PlayStation, they send you this one demo disc and that was it.

    Nobody complained about demos and people still went out to buy their games and were happy. If you bought a game you didn’t like, then you sold it to your local trading store.

    Now a days if you buy a game and you don’t like it, then you sell it off on Ebay or Amazon or even, dare I say it…..GameStop.

    That’s how I feel about it. Oh, you also said, “Where did gaming go?”

    I think what you meant to say was look what became of the PS3? As far as I’m concerned, the PS3 has a pretty good lineup for this year and well into the next even though there mostly sequels, rehashed ports and or remakes. But that’s what the fans want, right?

    The critics on the other hand want new original IPs with innovative new gameplay while all went want is sequels.

  • lol you people are a bunch of idiots

    everyone wants stuff that sony just can’t give

    look at the licenses that sony still owns for games that people want here in North America, most games they release on the japanese psn are ps1 jap only games

    FFVII is never ever ever going to come to psn, stop dreaming, squeenix is going to remake the game and sell it for 30-40 dollars

    GTAIV isnt going to have a demo, i’ve never understood people that want demos of open world games

    MGS4 well that’s konami’s call and people are going to buy it anyway

    games take time to make

    we have echochrome next week unless it’s been delayed without my knowledge, if you don’t buy that game you have no right to complain about any of this because you arent supporting the store and as such making sony think people dont want these things, sure the japanese store has a demo but that was part of a marketing blitz and it has english voice overs so dl that if you want to try it

    stop dreaming and thinking realistically

  • Im with eskMAN on this store update crap. Does anyone remember the days where video game systems didn’t have online stores, they just had an abundance of really good titles that you actually had to purchase at a store? Those were the days.

  • And Shut Up Coramoor. Don’t tell me if I don’t buy this crap that I’m not supporting Playstation. I already bought the system and I expect more which I have the right to. We all have the right to complain, so you can keep purchasing these crappy “games” and buy all there add ons If that makes you feel better buddy.

  • @ Coramoor

    Prediction #1: Square Enix will bring tons of PS1 love to PSP/PS3. They will finally allow PSP owners to download PS1 classics (at a premium cost).

  • I take back everything I ever said about Rock Band or FG Guitar Hero. Those games are freak fun as all H*ll. OMG 14 astraight hors of play. 10 of which I sang. Oh my what a hangver tomorrow. Make an update for that for voicwe chat during song selection. it took me 10 hours for someone to do Radiohead’s Creep with me.

  • Coramoor. you’re a deuche. The4 biggest I sen here yet. I have bought over $5 000 worth of sony products in the last year, so stfu, I have a right to complain when the company that has “PROMISED” all this has yet to deliver. go suck a lemon or sumting you sour puss.<—- I left out a letter……

  • I am praying that the playstation picks up speed soon with demos and PS1 games. I predict that Sony will get third party games on PSN by the end of the year for the PS1.

  • lol they havent promised anything thepspguy

    go make your class action suit you were talking about, it’ll fall through instantly, you have no grounds to base it on, they never promised in game xmb or home at any date or point in time, i’m pretty sure the quote was “we intend to have a home open beta out in november of this year” from the gdc conference

    makes me embarassed that you’re canadian

    lol you people are pathetic

    and i dont buy all this content, i bought what i want and that’s it, which isnt really that much

    oh and keep dreaming with squeenix, they do what they want and it wont be DD anytime soon


    companies that are dumb enough to promise stuff don’t last very long

    show me some quotes of some “promises”

  • Nice Update, but I’m waiting for an Official DMC 4 Theme!!!!

  • how about some more ps1 and ps2 rpgs in the playstation store. Id love some more classic final fantasy’s and the lunar series

  • @ coramoor_

    You are embarassed that someone else is Canadian, and doesn’t agree with you?

    I’m Canadian and disagree with both of you, I go where Square/Enix goes, and before that when they were Squaresoft and Enix, So when I bought ps3 it was because I knew that’s where Square/Enix was publishing their best games, FF, KH, etc. I knew it was where Konami was going to release MGS4, I knew it was where GT5 was gonna’ be. I knew that Sony was still going to be Sony, and while I’ve only mentioned a few of my gaming staples, I feel I couldn’t have been more wrong… Sure I’ve had a lot of fun with the $2000+, but something tells me I’d have had more fun dusting off my old classics, running to the store, and buying some snacks, sitting down and playing old games to my hearts content… Sure all these new gaming theory experimental projects are great, but so far all I’ve seen come out of the PSN is a bunch of half games with very little to no storyline or replayability, that leaves you wanting… and yea I still buy them to support the company I trust&love, and yea when a company you trust fails to bring the goods, when you’ve done nothing but support it, it can actually create an extreme discomfort in those of us who are remotely industry aware, Square Enix will probably re-make FF7 someday, and it will probably be a full priced game like any other retail game, and it’ll sell more collectively than any other retail game on ps3, in a matter of weeks.
    So now that Sony has patiently/painfully idolled through the initial launch, I believe in my heart that they’ve seperated the men from the boys, and women from the girls in this industry. Patience is a virtue that comes with age, and those who were impatient and perhaps immature, couldn’t wait to ditch their ps2’s for a next gen system, and ended up jumping ship to the rushed pop-bullcrap they can get on 360 etc.

    Now is the time for Sony to delivera solid [DELETED]slap to MS, and us hardcores, are just wondering when that’s gonna’ happen…

  • @TheGraciousOne
    So if buying magazines for a disk loaded with demos, videos, content etc, was such a failure, why have they forced us to “Trade up” so to speak, to a network that is technically free, but offers only 1-2 possibly three demos per month, and videos we’ve all watched on youtube or crackle for free a few months prior. And on top of it all, they ripped that mag from under us, with no particular warning whatsoever… I think someone in power isn’t saying something, it’s almost as if half of it was out of Sony’s control.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about buying games from my living room, I just want them to compare or surpass what other systems have atm… I have no fonder gaming memories, than playing through RPGs like FF7 with my various gfs in the past, and playing online games on my pc like Infantry Online, while listenning to my own music through the same media center.

  • @ psmgamer

    Holy crap! you’re psychic, your prediction came true, Konami has had Castlevania Symphony of the Night up on PSN for months now, you’re amazing!

    Hurry up predict some more!

  • There’s a difference between voicing your opinion as constructive criticism and ranting like a jackhole. Kedaro is a great example of netiquette, an avid Sony fan who wants to see a little change.

    Take note people.

  • Wow

  • Decent store update guys, but we’d really love HOME. Can you look into getting EA’s desert strike series from the Genesis, or Star Gladiator, Red Faction maybe? I would really love to dl and play those games again.

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