Patapost Friday: Pata-Tips #2

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So by now many have you hopefully have passed the nasty desert, took down a few bosses, and can catch the FEVER like you were one of those cats from Outbreak.

Now let’s talk about amp-ing up your Patapon army. As you have probably have found out, success in this game takes rhythm and focus, but that will only get you so far. You are going to have to build a bad-a$$ army, arm them to the teeth, and know how to put them to work.

Dream lineup!
“Where do they get those wonderful toys?”
Helmets, Shields and Weapons “Oh My!” There are a ton to collect in this game, if you keep on fighting the Zigotons, they will drop goodies left and right.

Zigoton Leaders

Zigoton Leaders
You can also acquire more gear from boss levels. You can replay boss levels infinitely, but as the level goes up so does the difficulty so man up your troops as you go along. Just as a sample here are some of the helmets you can score:

  • wood helm = is standard issue
  • iron helm = boosts stamina
  • steel helm = boosts both stamina and defense
  • wind helm = quickens attacks and resists flames
  • strength helm = greatly boosts attacks
  • ancient helm = greatly improves basic skills
  • Giant Turtle helm = greatly improves defense
  • Divine helm = resists flames and has destabilizing capabilities

“Simply Diviiine”
If you want the best of the best weaponry, nothing can beat “Divine Weapons.” While playing boss levels like the Mythical Stone Goliath Gaeen, you will see Mythril randomly drop.

Lv2. Retreat
Don’t run away or you’ll miss all the heavenly glory!

Take the Mythril to the blacksmith (which doesn’t unlock until later in the game), and if the user performs the blacksmith mini-game without error, the user will score a divine weapon. You can get one divine weapon per squad: Divine Spear, Bow, Horn, etc….

Blacksmith Mini Game
“Special Forces”
Not all Patapons are created equal. Rare-apons are Patas you customize yourself by offering things to Mater, the Tree of Life. To create Rare-apons mix any one of the top rare drops of the three categories (meat, rock, or wood). Combine 2 of the 3 rare drops together at the tree of life, to create a rare-apon.

Rarepon Sheet

Each of these Super-pons have special abilities:

  • Pyokola (Orange) = slightly better all around stats then your standard Yaripon
  • Mefeel ( Light Purple) = has the highest armor versus projectile weapons
  • Gekolos ( lime green) = has the fastest attack
  • Barsala ( Dark Green) = is the best rounded of all
  • Mogyoon ( Dark Purple) = deals the most damage of all
  • Tikulee ( Blue) = has the highest critical chance of damage

So which item combos yield which Rarepons? For this, we turn to Super Pata-fan AxelCloud’s YouTube page. He (or she!) spent a good amount of time making home videos of his (or her!) uber-rare Pata-force.

Thanks AxelCloud, may you make it safely to Earthend!

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  • Cool

  • I love this update. I only wish a guide would’ve been made. I’d would buy it for sure. Mainly for the artwork and check off list.

    There’s still hope though.

  • So does the bosses get harder the more you fight them?

    How long does it take to finish the game?

    Also, is there a secret patapon that you can unlock a the end?

    • (Chuck here)

      So does the bosses get harder the more you fight them?


      How long does it take to finish the game?

      \”Depends on every player. You can rush through the game or you can take your time building up your army.\”

      Also, is there a secret patapon that you can unlock a the end?

      \”Only one way to find out\”


  • this game is soooo much harder than i thought it would be! congrats to you guys for making such an awesome, awe-inspiring, addictive game. unfortunatley i haven’t played it for several days now because i’m stuck on the ‘tree of might’ (tree that shoots endless amounts of rockets at my patapons). i just can’t get past it. if any1 on here has please reply, i need your help.

    @ Chris – oh yeah and awesome job with the video Q&A loved it. if you could give any pointers to beating this level that would be much appreciated. and one more question for ya. when you say you can play the boss battles ‘infinitely’ do you mean just that? or is it truly limited and to what level do they actually get?


  • I don’t think it’s out in Australia yet…

    I’m patiently waiting but after getting that demo (from my fake US account that I shouldn’t mention), I think I may just import it because the Aussie dollar is doing so well at the moment.

  • The desert still makes me cry :(

  • This game will need an addicts support group!

  • God, June’s too far away!!

    It figures that my PSP would break when the killer games were getting released. :(

  • Thanks for these wonderful tips! I’ve been enjoying my copy of the game. Best thing out so far!

  • Oh man, I’m almost done with the game. I could’ve used this last week :(. Thanks for the post though.

  • I love the game but have no rhythm. Any suggestions?

  • @12

    tap with your foot to keep the rhythm.. sounds stupid but works for me :)

  • The desert has gotten the best of me, I admitted defeat two days ago. I just can’t do it, I know it’s sad, so very sad.

    • I won\’t let you quit C-h-a-o-s!

      Have you done any of the stuff Roger and I suggested? Like powering up your soldiers and mastering Fever a bit more? Thats the key to that level. Don\’t give up cause once you pass that level, there is so much more fun to be had.

      (Isn\’t that right Pata-peeps? Lets all encourage C-h-a-o-s to finish!)

      I would suggest putting down the game to clear the head if frustration starts setting in, it doesn\’t help with the rhythm at all.

  • you can do it C-h-a-o-s!!! just put a little pata power to it! hahahahah

    good luck,

  • *chuckles* Yeah, the dessert kicked my ass quite a few times too, but trust me, you can beat it. Stay in fever mode, use Don – Don Don – Don Don, realized that you’ll have to do this a few times to make it all the way through (it does stop raining eventually), and you’ll be fine.

    Right now, my major issue is assaulting the zigapon base. I have the catapult, but it’s just not helping; all my patapons end up dead before I can really do any damage. I’ve been playing a few boss fights over again and going on more hunting missions in hopes of getting stronger, but it’s just not helping.


  • Right now I’m stuck at the gate that has the eyes and shoots the arrows. Forgot the name of it. I’ve hit it with everything Ive got and it doesnt show any signs of about to go down.

  • i had killed all bosses at least 10 and have of them were 20 times
    , some gaint and ancient weapons were so hard to get

    Is there an limited lvl for me to fight bosses because I feel so hard on the hidden ruin bosses

    I doesnt understand y somtimes it seems half beat off when I go fight the bosses using the right rythme and fever all the time

  • I got a simple question for you.
    Once you beat the game, can you carry everything that you collected over to a new game? (Including your army?)

  • hey i got a question. i was wondering if i skipped new guys some how. im on the windmill level when you need to use the wind juju miracle. but those big guys keep messing me up by keep pushin me back. am i missin some patapon? i only have the guys on the horse at the moment.

    im gonna fight some more bosses to get better guys and weapons to try to beat it but just wondering if i was missin some

  • @ newyork214 – don’t use the the guys on horse back for that level they wont accomplish anything good. instead build up your archers and make sure that you keep the fever mode up once you approach the windmill. your spear troops and axe patapons can handle the big guys that keep pouring out of the windmill until the archers completely destroy the it. it worked for me so i hope that helps.

    good luck,

  • What is the max amount of times you can kill a boss? And C-h-a-o-s you can do it. The key in the desert is to keep the rain juju going. Once you have it going for a little while do it again before it finishes. It doesn’t hurt to overlap it.

  • Thanks for posting these tips. Though I’d appreciate a list of items that generate different Patapons.

    Nonetheless, I love experimenting.

    I’m still surprised people are stuck with the desert level. I got through it on my 2nd go, and only because the 1st time I didn’t know I had to go get the Rain Juju first.

    It just needs practise. Just keep doing it at the beginning before you march forward. When you’re in fever mode and ready to execute the rain miracle, follow the on screen button taps by pressing them to the exact rhythm. Press them after they are displayed and you’ve heard the beat, but don’t delay too much. Try to memorise the sequence, so you don’t mistakes the next time.

    When you have the rain miracle, go forward and attack a couple of times and you’ll be in fever mode again. Execute the rain miracle (don-dodon-dodon) again, and keep repeating this process until you see the end.

  • @23: Also it helps to really nail the beats for moving or attacking. The closer you get to perfect, the faster you’ll get Fever. I’ve gotten Fever in 5 or 6 chants many times.

  • @ #16 the easiest way to beat the fortress is by staying just in range for the archers to do their thing and have the tail win since the tail win will give extra distance to the arrows and the catapult also mater the retreat song that will get you out in no time

  • Nevermind about my question. I just found out the answer.

    But, how is the Patapon PSP theme coming along?


  • Question…

    If your character gets eaten and along with his cap or if you fail to collect a cap, do you lose the weapon/armor he was wearing also or does it go back into the inventory?

  • @ stithriot – if the patapon gets eaten and you collect his cap then you can just rebirth him when you get back to the main screen and he’ll get his weapon/armor back.


  • Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll keep trying!

  • “@ #16 the easiest way to beat the fortress is by staying just in range for the archers to do their thing and have the tail win since the tail win will give extra distance to the arrows and the catapult also mater the retreat song that will get you out in no time”

    Good looking out. I’ll give that a try.

  • Man I cant seem to beat this level Facing GateGhoul Baban

  • Wow can’t wait to unlock the smith mini-game and get me some divine weapons.

  • @29
    but what if you don’t get the cap, like if a boss eat him and the cap?
    do you lose all of his equipment?

  • Can someone help me on the DekaPon tower level? I keep getting to the tower and then all the dekapons destroy me before I kill it. Is there some special arrangement of patapons?

  • I just beat the game! I can say that it’s one the best I ever played! But I’m afraid that after seeing the ending I will not be able to move on with my life…unless you guys make a sequel? Can you please tell me if there is going to be one? Is it at least considered? Please give me something, any information will help this hopeless Pata-Addict…
    Thank you for this game and may the Holy Drum Guide you!

  • xplosneer do you mean the “Windmill Tower”? If that’s what you mean than you have to get the “Tail Wind Juju” to get it go back to “World of Ooze” and kill Motsitsi (Gold Motiti). If thats not it than check out gamefaqs I hink they got a walkthrough for PataPon.

  • @ stlthriot – if they eat you then you’re outta luck! you lose the patapon and the cap and can’t rebirth them. sorry mate but you’ll have to make a new patapon to replace them.

    good luck!

  • @Ajora
    Right level, but I already got the Juju. It’s just I get to the tower and die cause of all the dekapons.

  • New question: Is there any way to keep fever after going through a Juju move?

  • I just played the demo of this and it is AMAZING! :D

    Unfortunately, I had a number of troubles since my PSP is so messed up that the sound goes out every now and again, messing up my rhythm. :-( I’m going to have to wait to get a new PSP to take on this game. ;_; God of War too (which I also just played the demo of, and it was amazing as well).

    Thank you for making this, and I hope you continue to make innovative and unbelievably fun titles like this! :D

  • I love the game – it’s one of the best the PSP has to offer.
    The fact that it’s full price here in Europe is bad though – although Patapon is worth it.

    My only complaint or wish for a sequel would be that “Fever” isn’t quite as important as it is. In my opinion it should be more of a bonus – as I perceive it right now it’s more or less a necessity to complete some levels.

  • @ Jeff

    You might want to add this site: (Be prepared for pop-ups though)

  • Hello, I think I missed the cap for the flower minigame (though I’m not sure how) Is it still possible for me to get it? If so where? Thanks in advance.

  • I am now proud to say I beat the stinking desert. What a relief that was, thanks for the help clacson much appreciated!

  • I have too many patas. I need to get rid of some to create stronger ones. how do i get rid of them?

  • @dgknight500

    When you’re on the screen to organize your pons. click Triangle on the pon set. and then on the pon you want to get rid of hit SELECT.

  • I finally have spending money! Buying it soon.

  • I really liked the demo and thought it’s a good deal as you announced earlier that this game is coming out with a very reasonable price of 19.99$

    Unfortunately that price didn’t make it to Germany (where I live), instead we got the same price as for any other PSP game 39.99€ which is like three times the price of the US release, due to the Dollar price.

    So please tell me why this game costs so much more in the EU? I even don’t like Sony’s usual 1to1 calculations from $ to € for other games, but this is a real tough one.

  • Anyone know how to get the Earthquake? I heard about it but I don’t know where i need to go to unlock it.

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