Patapost Friday: Pata-Tips #2

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So by now many have you hopefully have passed the nasty desert, took down a few bosses, and can catch the FEVER like you were one of those cats from Outbreak.

Now let’s talk about amp-ing up your Patapon army. As you have probably have found out, success in this game takes rhythm and focus, but that will only get you so far. You are going to have to build a bad-a$$ army, arm them to the teeth, and know how to put them to work.

Dream lineup!
“Where do they get those wonderful toys?”
Helmets, Shields and Weapons “Oh My!” There are a ton to collect in this game, if you keep on fighting the Zigotons, they will drop goodies left and right.

Zigoton Leaders

Zigoton Leaders
You can also acquire more gear from boss levels. You can replay boss levels infinitely, but as the level goes up so does the difficulty so man up your troops as you go along. Just as a sample here are some of the helmets you can score:

  • wood helm = is standard issue
  • iron helm = boosts stamina
  • steel helm = boosts both stamina and defense
  • wind helm = quickens attacks and resists flames
  • strength helm = greatly boosts attacks
  • ancient helm = greatly improves basic skills
  • Giant Turtle helm = greatly improves defense
  • Divine helm = resists flames and has destabilizing capabilities

“Simply Diviiine”
If you want the best of the best weaponry, nothing can beat “Divine Weapons.” While playing boss levels like the Mythical Stone Goliath Gaeen, you will see Mythril randomly drop.

Lv2. Retreat
Don’t run away or you’ll miss all the heavenly glory!

Take the Mythril to the blacksmith (which doesn’t unlock until later in the game), and if the user performs the blacksmith mini-game without error, the user will score a divine weapon. You can get one divine weapon per squad: Divine Spear, Bow, Horn, etc….

Blacksmith Mini Game
“Special Forces”
Not all Patapons are created equal. Rare-apons are Patas you customize yourself by offering things to Mater, the Tree of Life. To create Rare-apons mix any one of the top rare drops of the three categories (meat, rock, or wood). Combine 2 of the 3 rare drops together at the tree of life, to create a rare-apon.

Rarepon Sheet

Each of these Super-pons have special abilities:

  • Pyokola (Orange) = slightly better all around stats then your standard Yaripon
  • Mefeel ( Light Purple) = has the highest armor versus projectile weapons
  • Gekolos ( lime green) = has the fastest attack
  • Barsala ( Dark Green) = is the best rounded of all
  • Mogyoon ( Dark Purple) = deals the most damage of all
  • Tikulee ( Blue) = has the highest critical chance of damage

So which item combos yield which Rarepons? For this, we turn to Super Pata-fan AxelCloud’s YouTube page. He (or she!) spent a good amount of time making home videos of his (or her!) uber-rare Pata-force.

Thanks AxelCloud, may you make it safely to Earthend!

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