Breaking the Silence – New SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Screens!

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In anticipation of the Confrontation cover story in the May issue of EGM, 1UP has posted two new screenshots. The initial reaction has been positive, and the dev team is really excited that the world can finally see some of their hard work. This has also been a huge relief to SealTeam-6, who has the unenviable job of telling SOCOM’s huge, hungry fan base every week that:

  • a) yes we are still working on the game, and
  • b) no, there is no new information we can share at this time

No more! The flood of information is coming in the May issue of EGM. As to the hundreds of private messages and emails that we get every week, we read and appreciate all of them. Whether it’s a quick note to inquire

“What the [heck] is taking you [fine fellows] sooooo long??”

or an encouraging

“Please don’t [mess] up the new SOCOM!!”

we feel the love. The overwhelming message is that you want Confrontation to be great, and you want it soon. So to address those points, the game is looking, playing and feeling better than ever and we are working hard to get it in your hands as soon as possible. Hang in there, Confrontation is coming!

As for the just-released screens, here is a quick comment about each screen to address the flurry of forum posting that they have caused.


This is indeed Crossroads, the most fan-requested SOCOM map. This shot is taken from our new OTS camera, but the player is backed up into a wall here so it might look a bit confusing. This is the right in front of the SEAL spawn, looking down the street in the direction of the warehouse. The commando in the upper right is aiming a M87ELR, and his teammate by the tree is wielding a G36-C. The mercenary charging up the street is firing with an F90.


This is a brand new map, which has a 16 player core area and an expanded footprint for 32 player matches. This ruined shopping center is a great sniping location, and is a hotly contested control point in our internal sessions. The player here is aiming an M60-E3; eagle-eyed fans will also spot an AK-47, a USAS-12 and a SASR sniper rifle in this shot.

Also, SealTeam-6 requested that I specifically iterate this point “for the record”, so here we go:

There is an option to use classic SOCOM camera! It looks and feels like the original classic camera!

Repeat after me…

There is an option to use classic SOCOM camera! It looks and feels like the original classic camera!
There is an option to use classic SOCOM camera! It looks and feels like the original classic camera!….

Finally, I would like to welcome aboard the new community manager for all things SOCOM, Abigale. She is going to be working to keep the communication flowing between the SOCOM community and the dev team.


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  • I never played a Socom game before but I do enjoy online multiplayer action so I might check it out.

  • RAD! I feel like the SOCOM series kinda left me behind with the PS2 games, and I liked the PSP title, so hopefully this is a good primer so I can get into it and prepare for SOCOM PS3?

    Everything is looking nice so far. Some jaggies in the full shots on flickr, but my main concern is smoothness. You guys are doing great!

  • good news. i cant wait to get this game.
    i heard it is coming this june.
    is this true?

  • A lot of you know me…”thedrift” “driftxx” “frank castle”….if you kinda forgot let me remind you …. “BANG”..sound more familiar now huh?

    anyway im proud to announce “your demise (again)” coming soon as illustrated above.

    thank you socom devs for releasing the beast ive been bogged down by palty online shooters like Halo3 – R6V – and the like the only thing that comes close (surpasses in some instances is Warhawk)

    so its great to see that socom is in great form… excuse me i have to go make a numbered list of people i gotta kill in confrontation……..

    1. everone


  • *reads above post*

    Please Slant Six Games don’t forget to add a mute funtionality.

  • This is so crazy!! I spent like 20 minutes searching for a solid relaese date for this today, and boom! another awesome post on the PS blog. With this post and the Metal Gear FAQ Sony is doing a great job of keeping the hardcore fans of their top franchises happ! Cannot wait for this game! It WILL be better than COD4!!

  • Thanks for the new, and badly needed info!

    There hasn’t been new info since God knows when…Hopefully you don’t go back into the shadows; give us new info regularly from now on.

    Also, thank SealTeam-6 for me. I needed to hear that 8)

  • awwww no responses makes Gregero a sad panda.

  • That’s looking like a real nice shooter. Great Job Guys!

  • Original socomer here Beta tester of all socoms. I ushered in the X-Mas noobes If you are an original you know what i mean. I am glad to see this, I hope there will be video once the article comes out. Allot of people I know are waiting for this and allot are buying a PS3 just for this. Socrack I cant wait. The one and only Locster60 US Central “AnD” “TeQ” “007” “VDP” “Man Down!” OHHH YEA!!!!!

  • i like what i see except maybe the ghost recon like menu [can we change the look / color of it?] but otherwise very nice

  • Look Good!
    I’m only wondering if there are going to be servers like socom1 and not like these recent games where you can’t type anything in lobbies and let the game choose the ‘best available’ game for you.
    imo they should not adapt to the matchmaking lobbies that are seen a lot today..and keep the different servers and lobbies.
    I think this was what made socom such a great online game and have a such great community.

  • YES! i was worried that the classic view wouldnt look and like the old SOCOMs, but one question how does it feel when your playing with the classic view, i hope it doesnt feel stiff like ghost recon, i hope the new SOCOM has controller presets. EX SEAL

    Very excited about this new SOCOM and dont listen to these guys, i’ve wanted a good and clean and glitch and cheat free version of SOCOM for many years now, so please take your time, if that means that it has to come out next year but it will be glitch free,so be it.

    So many times us consumers fell for Zipper and sonys traps, and if i can speak for the SOCOM community, Were sick of it!, We were told that “Map pack 2” would come out for SOCOM 3 and Combined Assault, the first map pack was supposed to come out in march, it came out in july. The second map pack came out a YEAR after the map pack was announced! Also we didnt get a explanation, Not one press release, not one mention on any sites including the playstation boards and playstation blog? Nothing, No support went into zippers games and were sick of it, we are the ones making them money, we are the ones who made SOCOM a success with the continuous numbers of 30.000-40,000 back on SOCOM 2, and they dont care, They are the ones who released an “Expansion pack” intitled “Combined assault” and people fell for it anyway even though we all knew that SOCOM 3 was a flop, not financially, but for the SOCOM community, Why? Because we all want the same thing, are old game back and for years we havent got it and it ruined the SOCOM franchise name, its up to you now slant six to make SOCOM a franchise name again.

    So Please Slant Six, learn from zippers mistakes, Don’t release this game if your not gonna support it afterwords, Don’t be like Zipper and say get an “HDD” and not support it afterwords, Don’t be like zipper and tell us that the new map pack is coming out soon and it yet it comes out a YEAR later and finally, Don’t be like Zipper and state on the SOCOM blog that “This was our last time leaving you in the dark” and still not give us the light a day afters words, I hope that people on the playstation boards will be able to contact you after the game is out, like the developers of Warhawk, for far to long we have been left in the dark, and i hope that chances. I Wish you the best of luck Slant Six, and please take into consideration that SOCOM fans are sick of what happened

    Thank You,

  • The day that you give this a date within 24 hours I expect that you will be back here saying “Socom Confrontation has gone gold”. There are people all over the world waiting for a release date. Two questions though. How will the option to play in classic third person view be implemented?

    Will we have to cycle through the views like we have to when changing from FPS? Or will there be a choice in the options menu.

    And will you post some screenshots of the classic socom view? I know that the developers are very proud of their take on ots. But old-timers like me aren’t even going to try that new view out.

  • Make this good and I will never have to buy another multiplayer game again

  • Wow, how’d this one slip by my radar on the PS3 exclusive list?!? Shame on me! :-P I was never too into a Socom game but I think this’ll suck me in :)

  • Loved Socom on the PSP, the only real decent online game for the damn thing.. Sure would like to see that you took the good things Zipper did and leave out the crap.. just read the comments i’m not gonna repeat every single one of them… And PLEASE.. USE the remote play option on PSP!!!

  • Does that mean after the May Issue of EGM we’ll be flooded with Socom information? :D

    Love the images. hope to hear more.

  • One of rare games with “clean” graphics, no blur, fog and some other crap.

  • I don’t see the normal aliasing one get’s on the PS3. Are you guys cleaning that up in an image editor before uploading the screens?

  • This is the only reason i got a PS3 just for this game back in july because i thought it was going to come on november but got pushed back, well, many games(warhawk) kept me busy while i wait for this. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Good luck slant. Hopefully all the classic maps are there.

    [Fi1] ipinoz Sedfrey

  • Game needs more atmosphere, more particle effects.
    Screens look too clean.
    I think this is one of the things that make COD4 so visually amazing, there is always some smoke something blowing in the wind.

  • @70: Click on the images to go to the flickr site version. Then click on “all sizes” above the image. It will show you the 1280×720 version, which has a lot of aliasing.

    Still though, so far looking great. The aliasing is surely not staying, and the game in motion could look even better.

  • Never played Socom before but i’m intrigued.

    I really hope Sony is giving this the Warhawk treatment with dedicated servers.

  • This is exciting I can’t play FPS’ ( I get headaches) so this should be great. Also I loved SOCOM on the PS2.

  • will our RANKING carry over from CA?

  • So, is there an option to use classic SOCOM camera?

    :-P Couldn’t resist

  • Questions and issues that need answering…

    -Will there be blood, or lame, toned down, wussy Socom CA stuff?

    -Will the Terrorists be called “Terrorists” or stupid “Mercenaries”? Okay, I know this sounds weak, but between the blood, and the name change, CA seemed dumbed down and too politically correct,

    -Why does every Sony game have to support 32+ players? Socom 3 and CA proved that more than 16 players is too much for Socom’s style of play. Massive maps, plus one or two campers = rounds that never end, especially in TDM.

    -Could you at least make it, or make an option for the team with the most survivors at the end of a round wins in TDM? Especially, when when there’s more than 16-players involved. It shouldn’t take over 90 minutes to play one game!

    -If I remember correctly, Socom 1 and 2 kinda forced people to play objective based games on certain maps. Could you bring this back? Some people will be upset, but it brought so much more variety to the game. Every map after the first week in Socom 3 was always TDM, and people all but completely ignored fun objectives like demolition, hostage situations, breach and convoy. Okay, so convoy was a bit imbalanced toward the Seals, but it was fun as a Terrorist. I liked the challenge.

    -Please don’t use a ridiculous, broken rank system like they did in Socom 3. That was insane and inane at the same time. I couldn’t play with all my friends because I didn’t have 100 ranked games played for weeks because I couldn’t play as much them. And the system was so buggy, it wouldn’t let you into to rooms even when rank requirements were turned off.

    -Finally, please keep up the good work, some of my fondest memories of online gaming came from Socom 1 and 2. There hasn’t been anything quite like it since. I hope it comes out great.

  • I’m impressed!

  • I have never played a SOCOM game but I will be picking this one up as the other SOCOM games I played on the Xbox were crap, but this looks like it’s still got the old school flare of the PS2 games I played at my local stores.

    I liked the old SOCOM over the shoulder game play, as well as it’s weapons, and sounds, but the only ones I rented were more strategy than they were FPS games.

    I just hope this one is more FPS than it is tactics so I can jump in and say I’ll own you noobs!

  • Great! Looks to be coming along nicely.

    I’m curious though, is it possible to tell us what the mix of old maps and new maps will be? Maybe percentages, like 60% new 40% old or something?

    Or the straight numbers would be fine too :) ..

  • Supposedly the release date is June 15th. Hopefully we will have in game XMB by then.
    Is Abigale hot? any pictures? holla at your boy

  • Wow i’ve never seen so many people care so much about a game since before the release of Halo 3. I’ve been a Socom fan since Socom 2, maybe you recognize my name from playing socom. I will definitly pre-order this game as soon as I can. I think I remeber reading somewhere that the game will be released sometime between the third or the fourth quarter of the year, but i do remember them saying that it was going to be released in 2008! Like a couple of people have mentioned, Slant Six make sure you guys don’t allow any glitches ESPECIALLY CODE 9!!!! The glitches definitly made the game less fun. Another problem was the lag but I doubt that will be much of a problem with the PS3. Another thing is that I really hope that Slant Six will allow the G.A.P. members beta test the game. I mean that’s what we are here for. To test games, give reviews, comment on them, it’s basically our job as a G.A.P. member.
    I also believe that Socom Confrontation will be way more popular than Call of Duty 4 and Warhawk combined. Socom is the game that really made the playstation 2 huge and now it’s gonna come out for the PS3. I really hope that MLG will consider putting Socom Confrontation in their tournaments. Xbox 360 may have Halo 3 (whopdie doo), but we got Socom on the PS3 (yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah)! LONG LIVE SOCOM!!!
    I’ve got Warhawk right now, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game but it’s gonna be nothing compared to Socom when it comes out. I’m just playing Warhawk till the release of Socom. Once Socom is released, I doubt I’ll be playing Warhawk anymore. If I could get paid to play Socom, I’ll never stop playing. I’m majoring in Game Design at Collins College and i’m trying to get a Q&A postition in the game industry and it is really hard, but if I could beta test Socom Confrontation that would be a huge starting advantage for my future. So Slant Six I really hope you guys read this and allow me and other G.A.P. members beta test Socom Confrontation.

  • thanks so much!

    played socom since socom1 and had EVERY title.. even the mobile phone socom :D

    hope that socom confrontation will be like socom2 in hd… socom2 was THE BEST GAME EVER!!!

  • btw:

    i !!! REALLY !!!! hope that there will be a beta test for US and EU… this game has to be tested because it is an online only game and it is for the socom community.

    so PLEASE make a beta test!!!

  • Damn it looks insane

  • Thank you so much!

    Keep up the hard work….if you need help, always refer to SOCOM 2…that’s where the magic started!

  • Hey i’ve never played socom. What is the style of gameplay similar to?

  • YES!!! man ive been waiting for some info on this game forever. I hope with all the extra time you guys got, that you decided to add some more maps to the game. Cause 5 maps is crap, and you know it. Every socom had atleast 10 maps, from the jump off.

  • yeah!!!
    i will use the classic camera…
    and get some old maps from socom 2 wich is epic

  • Looks wonderful, if the framerate is solid, and the online functionality incorporates all of the HOME features… this will be THE online game for PS3.

  • I have to be honest. I’m not impressed at all. Those texture resolutions look horrible. It looks kind of like a Late Gen PS2 game.

    The game that SOCOM needs to beat right now is COD4. Yes, i understand that COD4 is first person and this is 3rd. But with these graphics this game is not going to grab much attention for the people that had no choice but to pick up COD4 and now love it.

    I pray that you [nice fellows] have held back what the game looks like right now, and these pics are from a year ago. Heck even the photos from a year ago looked better than these.

  • A couple of comments/suggestions from a HC Socom fan…

    1. Remember to include all the control options, INCLUDING LEFTY PRESET (Southpaw or whatever you call it).

    2. Copy the “crosshair control options” (sensitivity) straight from Socom 2 so that the crosshair has a similar feeling in the Confrontation. Meaning individual deadzone, acceleration and speed settings for the player to customize.

    Also, you could tell every developer you meet who is developing a shooter to consider this option. The controls in S2 are PERFECT with no sticky aim or autoaim because it lets you customize everything by yourself, most crucially the deadzone option.
    I honestly don’t understand why developers still dont get it when S1 years and years ago got it right. The worst offender is Warhawk where the deadzone of the analog stick is like half of the stick’s movement. Problem would’ve been solved if they let you customize it but no, just a general 1-10 (or whatever it was) setting.

    I for example had the deadzone so low in S2 that my character would often start to walk himself without me moving the analog sticks because the stick would be just very slightly turning to some direction (like 1mm). This way the crosshair was extremely responsive. Other people like bigger deadzone but hey, Socom has this solved, those who like bigger deadzone can have a bigger deadzone, those who like smaller deadzone also have the option. Everyone wins!

    3. The crosshair’s look should also be copied straight from S2, it was PERFECT. For evey weapon just take it straight from S2 and if you have new weapons in the game, just follow the style from S2 with the design.

    4. Also the recoil and the accuracy of the guns should be very much similar to S2 because it was perfect. Absolutely not those horribly spraying weapons like in S3 but not as accurate and easy to use as in S1 either, S2 had the perfect recoil in every weapon.

    5. I know you’re planning to have like a thousand game modes on every map but if you create downloadable maps just include one mode to them. Also if you’re bringing old maps as downloadable, don’t force the thousands of game modes into them. People played S2 thousands of hours with just one game mode/map. Why? It wasn’t about the amount of modes, it was about the fact that every single map played perfectly because they were entirely designed around this one mode. They were perfectly designed and people played them over and over and over again.

    Tbh I believe this decision is going to turn out to be the biggest design flaw in Confrontation, having the hundreds of modes for every map. We’ll see how it turns out but this is the thing that easily worries me the most about the game. Shame the devs thought you have to have the box checked where it says “a thousand game modes yay” to appeal to large audiences. I think the popularity of S2 says otherwise and the downfall of the series where it tried to copy and include all the checked boxes from B

  • …continues..

    I think the popularity of S2 says otherwise and the downfall of the series where it tried to copy and include all the checked boxes from Battlefield proves this as well. It’s not about the checked feature boxes on the cover of the game, it’s about the quality of the actual content.

    6. Framerate. Honestly, the only problem in Socom 2, the one and only problem, was the framerate. It doesnt have to be 60FPS, 30 is just fine, as long as it’s absolutely rock solid.
    This is basically the biggest thing I’m expecting from the game, it will probably feel unreal to play a Socom game with no framerate problems. Hopefully there won’t be. I dont care about graphics tbh, just make the framerate rock solid.

    7. Sniping… Make it like it was in S2. S3 is way too easy. S2 was again, perfect.

    8. Range of weapons. Again, not the features but the quality. S2 had it perfect, if you could see a person, you could kill him.

    I’m eagerly anticipating the game and we’ll see how it turns out in the end. Hopefully as great as Socom 2. Won’t need other games for a few years if that happens.

  • Sweet, I can’t wait.

  • Never played Socom, maybe I should get FB2 for my PSP (new) and this kinda looks like “my kinda game”

  • Thanks for posting this info! This is what the community has been wanting for soooo long. It looks like the game has come A LONG way from E3 last year. I mean…i thought the game looked incredible then and now i’m just blown away by these screens.

    I can’t wait for the EGM article next month…….and some new gameplay footage perhaps??

    Anyway you guys at Slant Six are doing an AWESOME job! keep it up.

  • CyrusQ – great post man

    i would like to add..

    PLEASE, do not incorporate free mic. in my opinion, this is the worst invention ever!

    also, Lobby system..
    leave it exactly the same as the previous socoms.
    please do not copy lobby systems such as COD4.
    It’s completely horrible, and it’s so frustrating when you can’t reconnect the the party.
    Let us make and find our own rooms in different servers.

  • S.O.C.O.M. CONFRONTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 93:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Man. I was actually stunned by all the comments about how great the game looks. Are people clicking through to the full-size images?

    The texture details are pretty limited, and the screen shots look very dated.

    Coolwater is right: CoD4 raised the bar significantly. And from these screenshots, Socom Confrontation isn’t even coming close to meeting that new visual standard.

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