Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots FAQ

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Following this week’s announcements regarding Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the PLAYSTATION 3, a lot of questions popped up in the comments area of the PlayStation.Blog. We put together this FAQ to address your concerns:

Q: When is the game shipping to retail?
A: The game is scheduled to arrive at retail stores in North America on June 12, 2008.

Q: What’s in the Metal Gear Online Starter Pack?
A: The Metal Gear Online Starter Pack, included with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, is a squad-based, online multiplayer tactical shooter that supports up to 16 players and takes place in the Metal Gear Solid universe.

Q: When is the Metal Gear Online multiplayer beta test?
A: The Metal Gear Online multiplayer beta test is scheduled to begin on April 21, 2008.

Q: How long will the Metal Gear Online beta test run?
A: The Metal Gear Online multiplayer beta test will run for approximately 2 weeks

Q: Where can I get the pre-sell?
A: The pre-sell program will be available nationwide at all major retailers.

Q: Is there a time frame for the pre-order to gain access to the beta? When does the pre-order period begin?
A: The pre-order will begin April 2008. Check with your local retailer on availability.

Q: Is there any special process that consumers must go through to verify their participation in the beta?
A: When the pre-order program begins in April 2008, consumers who pre-order Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will receive the Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD, containing a Prologue that recaps the Metal Gear franchise, a 20th Anniversary retrospective, character bios for Big Boss, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, and Solid Snake, plus a collection of international trailers of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This pre-order package also contains an insert with a download code and special instructions for accessing the Metal Gear Online beta test when it goes live in late April.

Q: How many people will be allowed to participate in the Metal Gear Online beta test?
A: The special Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots pre-order package (which includes the insert with the Metal Gear Online download code) will only be available while supplies last.

Q: How do consumers who have already pre-ordered participate in the beta?
A: Consumers will need to contact their local retailer for more information.

Q: Will consumers who don’t pre-order have any chance to join the beta?
A: If additional promotional partners are secured, there is a possibility of making beta access available, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

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  • MGS4
    include subtitle korean language?

  • Thanks Michael for this FAQs most of my questions were answered i think



    Shoot me a FR, we’ll hit up some games

    PSN ID = Pyrats

  • Great info. This is reason enough for me to pre-order MGS4.

  • I dont uderstand something, when i preorder the Game i will get in the store the dvd or it will be send by Mail to my home?

  • the japan MGS 4 site now has sign ups for the MGS online beta. i hope to see the US getting this option soon.

  • Good things to know.

  • @wizardpsp: I’m sure you get it as soon as you preorder.

  • Majority of my questions were answered.Thanks!!

  • this will sell more than 1 million!!!!

  • cant wait

  • Canada!!!???? What about CANADA?? can we participate in the beta if we pre-order????????!!!!

  • Hi Michael

    Can you please confirm that this pre-sell program is available in Canada too? Thank You! This game is going to be one of the best!

  • “Canada!!!???? What about CANADA?? can we participate in the beta if we pre-order????????!!!!”

    According to my local EB, the answer is no. He also didn’t have to look it up; apparently a lot of people are calling about it.

    Hopefully his info was wrong and we’ll get the beta key, or AT LEAST Metal Gear saga. Knowing Canada though, we won’t; even Bioware games don’t get the same limited editions the US gets (Bioware is a Canadian company).

  • I can’t help but wonder, will the Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD be available only to those who pre-order the game alone? Because I have Saga Vol. 1 and I really want Vol. 2, but I won’t be pre-ordering MGS 4 on its own since i don’t have a PS3 yet and was planning on getting the MGS4 bundle in June ( or pre-order it earlier if possible). So, will the Saga 2.0 DVD be available for bundle pre-orders too? ( i could care less about the online beta tho, i can wait until its released to play it, but i MUST have that dvd!)


    mine is cmargary.. like my nick here…

    On topic… if I preorder before counts too?

  • coool my birhday is in april so i will totally pre orderfirst thing i get my money

  • Thank you the gods of Kojima production,i been waiting for this game forever, it is the reason i own a PLayStation 3, and if there is a collector edition, i will be glad to give my hard earned money. Thank You Konami, but even more thanx to Kojima, Ryan Payton, and the rest of the team that put together this peace of excelence, and also thank you sony for providing such a great console for this game to be made a reality, ( i own a 360 but this game belong on the playstation platform), thank you I have already preordered the game and i can’t wait.

  • This sounds great. So, will we have to wait to receive all of the mentioned additions to the pre-order in April, or will we get the DVD, beta, etc. if we pre-order now?

  • can you please tell me if it also comes out to the UK on the 12th June aswell? since is says worldwide but everywhere it keeps saying NA only.


  • Michael, you need to confirm whether or not us Canadian gamers are going to be getting a taste of this BETA. Seriously… we need to know.

  • finally some1 answer my question thanks you so much i look forward to playing in the beta!!!

  • This is way too little information. Why release any information if it is as vague as this? What retailers are going to be participating in this?

    I have this game preordered at EB and EB Online and since I’ve already preordered this game(s) contacting my the retailer is pointless because my EB did not even know what a Metal Gear was before I asked them to check the system.

    Also this better be available in Canada, I/We are sick of getting no bonus materials with our games. Anyways all this needs to be cleared up.

  • This is a very good marketing move from the MSG camp that will increase an already garaunteed huge number of presells. Although it’s only a bare-bones multiplayer starter pack with a very short window (14 days), I would definitley like a piece of this beta action.

    See you there….

  • i will pre-order so i can get the MGS Saga 2.0. I really do not care about the beta. I loved the first MGS Saga. MGO beta may be cool but MGS4 is not about playing online.

  • I mean MGS camp…geez

  • Questions ??

    …world same time sale…
    *language(multi subtitle?) type which is included?

  • As soon as that April Pre Order program starts, I’m in.

    2 more Months people! Get Psyched!


    Snake? Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?!

  • this will be the first game
    i pre order since warhawk

  • Just canceled my summer at Disney! This will be way more fun. Great UPDATE! def preorder then kick but online in Beta. look for glitches while I’m at it. You know beta stuff…..

  • and why isnt it open to australia?!?

  • My Ebgames also said that the BETA is US only and does not include Canada. Can you confirm this?

  • @ 83

    IDK but what EB said goes against what what Al de Leon said here

    He said “North America” the continent not just the “US”.

    I wish this could be confirmed however it doesn’t seem Konami is responding to this post anymore. I’ll try emailing Konami to get contact to get some question answer tomorrow/later on today

  • What a dissapointment! Why can`t EU-gamers playing the beta MP? Why we haven`t a official communication platform (blog)? Don`t say!

  • Good to know it starts in April. I was at my local EBgames yesterday to pick up patapon and asked if he knew anything about the MGS beta when you preorder and he just look confused…hopefully they’ll all figure it out soon.

  • is it april yet o.O

  • SCEE sucks, i hate living in europe

  • Excellent info, can’t wait :)

  • I need this game!
    Im buying a PS3 for this game.

  • I was kind of assuming that the North American continent would be included as a whole, and not just one aspect (aka America). Seriously, the game would be released on the US PSN store, which is what we get in Canada. We don’t get specific “Canadian” servers, or a specific “Canadian” PSN Store.

    Not to mention that it wouldn’t be fair for JUST America to participate, and I don’t think that Konami wouldn’t take us Canadians into consideration. There are huge fans up here, too. :P

  • My main concern is:

    Will all this be available to Canadians?

    Or will you just shun us like you usually do with contests and the like…

  • @Kerosushi

    We do have a specific Canadian store. With prices still maladjusted to match where the dollar is right now. Se essentially, we pay a dollar or two more for the same content as americans.

  • I guess we can FINALLY squash that “MGS4 is coming out on the 360 too” thing we keep reading about. There can be NO MORE doubts that its a PS3 exclusive, perhaps in the future there will be one of those MGS4: Twin Snakes type of deals but for NOW, YAY! to be a PS3 owner!

  • ok, i just found out that there will only be one VO track for each region (ie: US=english only, JP=japanese only), fair enough for VO. but what about subtitles, will the game support multi-lingual subs. can i get the japanese version and have english subs? Because i would love to have the JP VO’s. if not can we have this as a later downloadable feature. that shouldn’t be too hard should it. just download the VO’s you want? (for those that don’t know: VO = voice overs)

  • Can’t wait 4 MGS4!!! ;-P
    The last 3 have been Masterpieces!!! ;)

  • I just fully paid for this game on Tuesday. Does this mean I miss out on all those sweet deals?

  • Great! can”t wait to play the game. The sixaxis dual shock 3 should really enhance my game play, i just hope it does not function like its predecessor where it would sometimes stick in the middle of a game and do its own thing. For $55 this controller better be as sturdy as the old dual shock 1 for the PS2.

  • About the answer..

    “Q: How do consumers who have already pre-ordered participate in the beta?
    A: Consumers will need to contact their local retailer for more information.”

    I called GameStop about my pre-order from a few days ago to make sure I was elligible for this, and he told me that people who preordered it will get it when it comes in. So at least in my cause I should be fine, should be similar for some others here too.

  • Yeah, i would love the MGS4 bundle in England and Europe. That would be a buy! ;) My 2nd PS3.

  • Well the US is so paranoid with Terrorists and crap we can’t even play video games without coming under suspicion. IE we all remember the BF2 is a terrorist training gound game crap that Fox news posted online a while ago. That crap happens all the time in the US we gamers are just now starting to be excepted as part of every day life in the US not like in Europe and Japan where you have been this way for over 2 years.

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