PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Why Do You Love Me” – Garbage. ($1.99)
  • “Sex Type Thing” – Stone Temple Pilots ($1.99)
  • “El Scorcho” – Weezer($1.99)

File sizes: 27.6 MB – 32.1 MB

PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP

Jet Moto 3 ($5.99)
Jet Moto 3 brings better graphics, improved physics, and even more intense futuristic all-terrain racing to your screen with 14 new tracks, 3 special new stunt tracks, and a brand new hop button for avoiding nasty obstacles! Choose one of 10 unique riders and hang on tight!
File size: 329 MB


PixelJunk Monsters Demo (free)
Inspired by the popular and addictive “tower defense” game genre, PixelJunk Monsters is a fun and intuitive game featuring a uniquely attractive art style. Defend your home base against threatening monsters by building towers and casting lightning storms across the forest.
File size: 59.3 MB
ESRB Rated E

Game Videos

MLB 08 The Show Stolen Base Video (free)
There is a reason so many gaming editors and ESPN claim “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created.” And this is one of, if not the best baseball video you’ve seen to date. MLB 08 The Show: Nothing Gets You Closer.
File size: 61 MB (HD)

MLB 08 The Show Replay Vault Tutorial (free)
There is a reason so many gaming editors and ESPN claim “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created”. Get an inside first look here at the new Replay Vault, one of the new features to MLB 08 The Show. Nothing Gets You Closer.
File size: 62 MB (HD)

MLB 08 The Show Pitcher/Batter Analysis Tutorial (free)
There is a reason so many gaming editors and ESPN claim “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created”. Get an inside first look here at the new Pitcher / Batter Analysis, one of the new features to MLB 08 The Show. Nothing Gets You Closer.
File size: 44 MB (HD)

Conflict: Denied Ops Overview Dev Diary 4 (free)
In this developer diary visit Pivotal Games and get the lowdown on everything you could possibly want to know about Conflict: Denied Ops. Get insight from the developers as they discuss the theme of the game, as well explain all the key features such as its massive destructible environments and co-op centered gameplay.
File size: 347 MB (HD)

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Trailer (free)
2D side-scrolling action is rearmed and dangerous in this stunning remake of the original NES game!
File size: 146 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

We Own The Night Blu-ray Disc Trailer (free)
Young nightclub manager trying to escape cop family learns that father and brother, both high level cops, are targeting Russian mobsters at his club; after bust, mobsters shoot brother and kill father, motivating manager to become cop, lead battle to defeat mobsters.
File size: 119 MB (HD), 147 MB (1080)

Kung Fu Panda Teaser Trailer (free)
Enthusiastic, big and a little clumsy, Po is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around…which doesn’t exactly come in handy while working every day in his family’s noodle shop.
File size: 15 MB (SD), 53 MB (HD), 71 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

Lair: Asylian Theme (free)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Lair: Asylian theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 3.46 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

PS one Classics

* Jet Moto 3 ($5.99)


* God of War: Chains of Olympus

Hope you enjoy!

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  • ya Ghostm knows what is going on. i will back up that. Sony’s shirt are a joke dont brag about something that xbox has all ways had and you dont have it yet. Give us a good update to, i am sick of crap ones

  • @LX

    Sad that there are two great PSP titles coming out in two weeks. First Patapon and then GoW. Oh well, at least I’ll have something excellent to play in the hotel. Won’t need to bother with REMOTE PLAY… *gaff*

    Ugh… so much potential… completed wasted.

  • Thanks for the update … just tried the pixlejunk monster demo out and loved it … I’ll be purchasing that this weekend! And to people about the Home open beta … just cool your jets and see what will happen, i’m sure updates will come in due time and it’ll be worth the wait. Thanks again for the update and posting a demo of PJ:Monsters!

  • Yeah, thanks for posting a demo of a game that was out weeks ago that had a demo on the Japanese PSN store over a month ago. Thanks Sony!

    Thanks for posting a demo of Hot Shots Golf 5 in the US… oh wait a minute! NOT! Guess you’ll post the demo AFTER the game hits retail…

  • I got the Demo after pre-ordering the game but me and some friends were talking about why the god of war demo was on the ps3 store. but how about Parasite Eve i wan to buy the game for the psp

  • Ok, thanks for the update. But I do have one issue.

    I have a iMac, not a PC. As a consequence if that, I can’t get the software I need to put a demo/game from the PC store onto my PSP. Instead, I have to log into the PC store, click the download link so that it appears in my download list, and then use my PS3 to get to my download list and dl the game/demo from there.

    That process is complicated and boring. I heard word out of GDC that we’ll eventually be able to get to the PS Store with the PSP directly, and I think that’s awesome, but is there anything we can do to rectify this tiresome procedure I’m forced to go through in the meantime?

    Don’t say buy a PC, because I refuse to let anything in my house run on Windows.

  • I remember wen PSP downloads were not on the PS3 store. It was nasty watchin beats come and go…please get mac support for evoanubis and all like him.
    Was the sales increase wit the PS3 move lucrative enough to make it work?

  • please please bring nitrous oxide and intelligent qube to the us store!

  • Thanks for the update.

    …just one question: why do you put different contents ( speaking only about psp ) on the stores? (ps3/pc)

    in other words… why the chains of olympus demo isn’t on the ps3 store?

    PSN 4 México.

  • PixelJunk Monsters is playable via your PSP remote connection. Worked well for a demo.

  • Sony, if you are reading, please i beg please, fix the loud fan noise in these PS3’s. I have noticed since update 2.10, the fans on many PS3’s run in high 4th gear all day long. Before the updates, my launch model 60GB never passed 2nd gear fan after 10+ hours of gameplay, as soon as I got done updating to 2.10 the noise is so loud within a few minutes. This has to be a glitch, please fix the fan noise issue.

  • Just wanna tell Sony that they suck! I trade my 360 for PS3 and what do I see here, no updates (the one we ask for), no games demos, i mean even if the game been already on market it sill nice to have demo here, so when people buy PS3 they can play few demos before buying games. daaaaaaaaaaa And How gay that u can’t listen to music while u r in internet, forget about in game music! LAME I mean I think I better go back to 360, more games more respect to people adn there money.

  • @WhiteWi
    I agree with you. you should really go back to ur xbox360 and stop whining and cry like a sissy girl here. Don’t like the PS3? trade it back in. I am sure there are many people will love to trade it with you. Cheers

  • @ 111
    Im pretty sure you can listen to music on the net just hit the PS button then go to internet.
    As for the store it does need to pick up a lil,not enough to switch…..

  • @111 Uh, you can listen to music while using the internet browser. I do it all the time.
    What the PS3 needs:
    -An RSS client like or even better than what the psp has. Since the ps3 has a much more liberal support of video formats than the psp, it’d be excellent for watching video podcasts.
    -A tiny digital clock either on the main screen or in the PS button menu… Unless this already exists somewhere and I just don’t know how to find it. I’m not sure why we’d be able to set the time and date if there was no way to display it.
    -An “auto shutdown after download complete” feature (please) This is perhaps one of my favorite 360 features since my internet isn’t that fast and I like to download stuff over night. I don’t want my console getting hot and using electricity all night if it only takes a few hours to complete the download.
    Nice update, just don’t go neglecting the firmware!

  • I just need to get this off my chest,

    Can someone please remake Goldfields, into a sprawling 3D online world? I’m serious, if I had the money I would hire a small team to, if anything, be ‘inspired’ to make a game very similar to Goldfields but in 3D obviously and with multiplayer and of course with many more options.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about google ‘Goldfields Dos game’ download it, play it and re-imagine it in the new world.

    Please, just some one look into it.

  • Break the castle walls!!!

  • This is another weak, very weak, PS Store update!

    I mean someone said on here that we are lame, or something of that sort for having high expectations for the Thursday update and that “if that’s the highlight of our day…then we need to read a book or something”.

    Well let me ask you this: Isn’t this was Sony should be setting as thier overall goal? You know, to have the consumer anxious or eager to see what is going to be released every Thursday and wanting to obtain whatever it may be?

    No, this is not the highlight of my day but, Yes, I do love to see what is released every Thursday! And if that is not what Sony has set out to achieve then they are not that commited to thier PS3 consumers.

    Basically, you can’t fault us for wanting more from these updates! I mean, I hate to compare to x360 but I once owned one and their updates were more often and included more content by far! I just hope these updates improve in the near future!

    Another let down!!!!!!!

  • huge disappointment! no infos till yet about release date of HOME, in-game XMB, no infos about sony games!

  • Played the God of War demo eons ago. Horrible update. Booo.

  • First of all i wanted to maybe get some of gdc content on the store a demo for bionic commando rearmed or (main one) Echochrome i really love how Sony been original with the PSN games hope you guy keep up the good work.Also gdc wasn’t a big event for Sony is SCEA or SCEE holding a press event b4 e3?

  • why o why is there never any feedback from the SCEA guys who post these. Its a blog not a bulletin board.

  • Just something I’ve been thinking about: Maybe SCE should hype their games, and save hyping their features for new consoles.

    Hype is good for something big, but hype dries out and dies down when you keep people waiting for features that seem to make almost no headway from the last time you talked about them.

    Home has been hyped for a year and we’ve been made promises that haven’t been met. I fear the same for the in-game XMB, and it’s not as exciting now as it could have been.

    As much as I love PS3, I have to say that I feel sick of “What could be,” and I would like that to turn into “What is.” It’s as bad as being lied to.

  • why do you ignore us sony? why we get no answer about HOME? you think we are only a few people here in this blog but thats wrong! look through the internet! the whole PS3-community is dissatisfied with your politic about HOME, PSN, updates etc.

    give us reasons to be proud for owning a PS3- system! listen to the community and don`t ignore it! give us answers please!

  • K sony, I thinking of a 4 letter word…

    I’ll give you a hint…it starts with an H and ends in an E. Do you know what it is? I can give you the other 2 letters, but sadly, I don’t have a release date for them….oh well.

    other than that GOW is teh awesome. the ps3 update was a little off, but I don’t expect you to be on target every week. THANK YOU

  • Kind of a lame update. Oh well, I guess they cant all be winners.

  • WEEEE!! more CRAP for my HD…. how about some HOME? or decent FIRMWARE!

  • I’m gonna write Nelly Smith Kroes and ask her if this BS is legal overhere in Europe.. selling stuff on loose promises… I remember XBox getting their ass kicked by her so may’be it would help SCE too.

  • oh and Jeff.. know your sick but WTF.. no more feedback? LAME!!!

  • give him a break he sick i can understand that i hate doing anything when i sick

  • @129; Well then he should have an assistant like you may’be.

  • Ok I’m sorry to say this but the moment has come down to this Sony. Grace Chen! This is by far the worst update From you guys as of 2008!! Where the hell is our XMB (Cross Media Bar Player-)MUSIC PLAY LISTS AN INSTANT CHAT MESSENGER CLIENT With Some cool stuff I’m actually very angry with you lazy updater’s for the PS3!.And still the Avatars suck ass 43 to be exact why can’t we customize the Avatars!?..Or there increased to 100 Characters you can pick! Duh!.I still can’t believe you guys are pulling this stunt on us still Screw HOME! XMB XMB XMB XMB XMB XMB!!! FOR ALL OUR GAMES ONLINE YES!

  • NEW DEMOS WHEN?–>WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER RIGHT? LMAO!..ERIC LEMPEL IS THE SHERMENATOR CAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE IT LMAO!…SO WHATS YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE NOW?.Oh I get it you’ll tell me contact the webmaster. you guys are probably just slackers.I don’t like lies or Rumors from Sony!.Make up your mind already!.

  • THIS IS PS3’s YEAR!!!(They say!) ;-D
    Hmm nearly March2008
    & same old er erm NOTHING!!! :-/
    No –
    PSN Cards(for U.K)
    In game XMB
    Er GAMES???(Good1s coming out every month like)
    PS1 games on PSN(Good 1s)
    A PS3 thats is 100% PS2 B/C
    (None in U.K anymore,saying that the 60GB one(i got)isn’t 100%PS2 B/C!!!GRRR!!!!!!!) :-/
    Games coming out with NO?!?! 4player off-line split-screen mode!!!
    (Resistance has got that, but no Bots???
    F-ME!Perfect Dark a old N64 game has got 8 Bots!!!)
    etc etc :-/
    (p.s im not a xBox fanboy!!!If some 1 gave me a xbox360 id put it on ebay in 1 second!!!) ;-D
    +People are not moaning, it’s because those things should be here now.
    Oh well, maybe next year then!!! ;-D

  • Where is Home and In-Game XMB??? How many times do we need to ask this?

  • Home and In-game xmb are coming. Home is scheduled for Spring people its still february. I mean what the **** you people are so needy. Everybody knows the first 3 months of the year aren’t to big in gaming.

  • What happened to the free PAIN content?

  • We need more PS1 games in the store please sad to see how you all are not focusing on this as you should be.

  • looks alrite – i just dont understand why the psp store content cant also be on the ps3 store aswell – i find it a lot easier downloading from the ps3 then transfering to the psp – is there any reason as to why the psp store is not included in the ps3 store?

  • Xeno I agree with you Home is coming in spring and if it doesn’t it is not the end of the world. If you need an avatar or something to go talk to people go play second life or something. In-game xmb where to begin with this one. We haven’t had it since 11/19/06 and we still do not have it. It was mentioned it will come when it comes. Those whining about the same s… weekly you whining will not get this going any faster.

    Now for the update, I figured this would be a rough one because of the GDC. Anyway, Grace can you ask them to post some of the old videos of various news/tech sites posting against PS3 for having a Blu-ray player. And still waiting on our HD trailer for The dark knight. Congrats on the victory in the format war and thanks for the decent update and the great ps3 theme

  • More Movie Trailers Please!

    I love your movie trailers. How about the new Indiana 4 Teaser, The complete Dark Knight Trailer, No Country for Old Men coming soon to Blu-ray, Speed Racer, Hellboy II, Hancock… etc.

  • So where is the Final Fantasy games for PS1? Thats all I’m asking for…

  • Sex Type Thing is probably the most funnerest RB song I have played so far, and im already through easy and almost through medium.

    Kept playing it over and over last night till I was 95% on expert. :D

  • God of War Chain’s of Olympus for the psp is GREAT. Thanks for that atleast. That might tide me over for a few days.

    Don’t forget Jeff said Next Week. If you know what I mean.
    Not gonna doit. Not gonna doit.
    Anyways it’s an ok update. I’ll give it a 6.4 out of 10. There has been better and there will be much better soon, maybe? sometime? I’m not really sure? Why? Ask yourselves why. I can’t answer that.
    As someone who enjoys Marketing as a Hobby. I can’t understand any of the logic as of late. This whole secretive stuff and when to Realize the dream of the peeps. Give it a break. That carp is old on most people around these here parts. I don’t mean where I live. But here.

    CHAINS OF OLYMPUS IS GREAT ON SLIM TV OUT, on 40inch lcd. Really Thank You for that Demo. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. that game absolutely defines action on the PSP. Thanks again.
    Now snap to it guys. We are tired of waiting.

  • Why is it the Demo is not up for download? I just checked the site and instead of God of War Demo it has a Patapon demo instead!? What a jip!

  • for PS1 games like I posted before Japan region has lots but at same time he game manufacturer listings limited, there is nothing from major companies like Square-Enix. Lots of the games are either Sony Japan or other minor companies that’s not well known, well some used to be famous on the NES but died out. For me as a game dev. (flash games…LOL) its fun to see some of these games that not much has heard of. Good part is they got Intelligence Cube Final :)

    I think Sony needs to make an agreement with the major companies before they can release the PS1 games for PS3/PSP and the games on the classic PS1 selection is normally 500-600 yen so if they go by that on all games, some companies wont sign the contract/release games for that price.

    So point is all you guys asking for Final Fantasy or other games from big companies, most likely wont happen any time soon in my opinion.

  • Why is it the PC store is always the footnote? The demos never get an explanation or anything. It seems you guys don’t care about the PC store.

    I wonder if the PC store will ever get an update like the PS3 does, or do the people that spent 200 on a portable not matter much?

  • Give us HOME and In-Game XMB!

  • nice update I wanted to check Patapon, as is getting such high praise. concerning Home,I can wait until it comes out, but at least a release date would be nice.keep up the good work Sony!!.

  • With the trolls taking over the threads and derailing the topic, do you really have to wonder why they don’t respond?

    …and you wonder why more girls don’t get involved with gaming – it’s cuz you act like irrational little kids. Too frustrating trying to knock some sense into you boys.

    Peace. I’m out.

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