GDC Tuesday: PlayStation Blogger Lounge Day 1 Highlights

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PlayStation.Blog @ GDC

Hey all, hope you’re enjoying the GDC festivities so far. Day 1 of the Sony Blogger Lounge has been a success, with press from around the world getting their hands on games like flOw PSP, Secret Agent Clank, echochrome, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Big shout out to those who have stopped by on Day 1, like bloggers from Level Up, IGN, Gamervision, 1up, MTV Multiplayer, EuroGamer, Gametrailers, Ars Technica, Destructoid (minus the Robot, regrettably), PC World, GameDaily,, Gamervision, and many more.

Slightly more thanks to those who documented what they saw, like Joystiq and IGN. ;-)

Things will pick up noticeably tomorrow, as we get the developers in here for one on one interviews, so expect a ton of coverage from the outlets listed above (and certainly even more than that). We’ll also have the cameras on, asking the devs those questions you want answered.

Not able to make it to GDC or want check out more of what’s happening in The Lounge? You can check out our Twitter and Flickr accounts or find out more details here.

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  • Sweet stuff. Are those In-Shirt XMB shirts a hint at an update to be released this week for the PS3?

    • It\’s us being cheeky. It\’s a developer\’s conference, not hardware or firmware, so no announcements on that front this week.

  • Thanks for doing this. How about some of those in-shirt XMB’s? :)

  • Sweet no bring on the big Anouncments come on HOME and XMB!!

  • Heh, I liked the “In-Shirt XMB” shirt on Joystiq…So what about on that game console called…you already know :)

  • I want that shirt. Thanks for the updates. Hope to hear more news asap

  • Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for GDC this year!

  • Sweet place Jeff. Looks like you guys have a great place to kick back and play some playstation games.

    As with every other person that will comment on here those shirts make me curious… anything to announce? If not they were good for a chuckle.. I wouldn’t mind one.

  • it’s sony making something like the E3 conference, when they put the video conference in the psn??????

    that would be really nice, or something like that.

    i am also waiting for some dualshock3 and home announcements …

    see ya

    • Well, Shadow, GDC is a *lot* different than E3. Really none of the showmanship (or very little, at least). It\’s all about the developers. So no E3-style keynote.

      All things will be answered in due time.

  • I would buy that shirt if it was sold.

  • I am as well asking for an answer to the T Shirt question, although you do not have to reply to my comment specifically.

  • I wish I could edit my comment: The SHIRTS ARE IN THEIR FLICKER ACCOUNT!!!!!!

  • Thank you guys for all those pics in your flickr account!
    Cool stuff and cant wait for the new stuff.

  • Can’t wait to see what comes out of GDC! Hey Jeff. I just finished watching xplay and they interviewed this guy from a Imagemetric; which does facial animation without the use of markers (I think of Heavenly swords animation for some reason). Anyway, have you guys heard or used some of their technology. It seems it can capture quite a lot of detail from a person acting on the spot and seems really cool (though, I don’t know how much it costs or how hard it is to implement).

  • Can you Please Put Mexico On the PSN
    Im a 100% sony fan and we need support from sony here in Mex!!

  • And put a setting menu to change the contry because a lot of mexicans are registered in Spain!!!

  • I see everyone has been to, I really hope for all of this to happen, and resistance and killzonies please!!

  • I am going to GDC this friday, please save me a In-shirt XMB t-shirt Jeff.

  • long-time reader, first-time poster.

    cant wait for that info MGS4! video everything for us!

    ….oh and be sure to harass the guys at activision and harmonix about the guitar compatibility patch. its been long overdue!

  • Aw, Sony, please announce in-game XMB and Home’s release date this week! Those 2 announcements would run the show.

  • hopefully ff13 gameplay

    or more ff13 news

  • I would like to know if Dark sector will be shown at GDC and if so will they show their multiplayer?

  • Sony, IF by SOME crazy chance ( WHich i beileve is pretty plausable ) coudl you possibly release In agem XMB or home ( or both ) on Friday? It would be an awesome birthday gift :P

  • good last two days sucked with news. cept the new pixeljunk game. cant wait for the santa monica interview myself

  • Please either confirm or debunk the ingame XMB/HOME/Achievements coming VERY soon rumours !!

    • If by \”VERY soon\” you mean this week – debunked.

      I see the same rumors, and they\’re just that – rumors. Literally 95% of what I\’ve read this week is just groundless speculation. But hey, that\’s the game biz.

  • I am a XL Jeff, also i am going there doing a Job Hunt/Bloging for VGEVO/Playstation Nation and Torgo says Hello.

  • HAHA I like the shirts XD
    Any chances of them being sold as a PlayStation accessory in the future? :D

  • so excited i think straight

  • So funny yet so cruel with those shirts. PS- I would by one if they were for sale.

  • No link with GDC but… is there a Sony event this year hmm i think it was called Sony’s gamer day or something.. if yes when is it? Thanks!

    oh btw congrats for winning the format war :)

  • man i so want one of those Inshirt-XMB things lol i require it in hoody! lol.

  • mine is NOT going to Ebay

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for those videos tomorrow ’cause there were a lot of good questions posted.

  • Is SOCOM Confrontation going to be at the show?

    This game has been dark too long. I don’t think you realize how much of an impact this franchise will have on the PS3. I know of at least 10 people personally, who are waiting for Confrontation to hit before they pick up a PS3, and Sony has done a very poor job at hyping/giving it attention in the media.

    • We\’re not showing Confrontation, but, when we\’ve got something good to show, we\’ll give it lots of love on the Blog.

  • What does sony hope to gain in GDC. The question on my mind is if sony is going to announce the home update or more changes to the psp.

    But i guess will see in due time.

    P.S it must be some really good stuff to know that blue-ray is on top of things.

  • It’s kind of funny but not really.

    If you’re not doing the in-game xmb why even mock PS3 owners when they’ve been waiting for this feature since launch?

    Patch it, get it out there, people want to USE this feature, people want to message each other while playing different games, you guys already know that’s what the users are asking for, stop fooling around. It’s getting old, get on top of it.


  • Bravo Sony…..Bravo!

    Now that we’ve won the format war, now let’s when the console war. It’s done, blu-ray has emerged as the winner just as we’d hoped. M$ is now basicly at our mercy and that just the way it is. Here is the deal, there are more than 10.5 million PS3’s sold globally and we aren’t even at the end of March yet. Thank you SONY for proving to the world that you are the “TOP” company when it comes to technology and entertainment. PSP is doing remarkably well and GOW should push sales into infinity and beyond! We’ve had some tough times SONY but now the fruits of your labor are finally starting to pay-off. It’s great that we’ve won and conquered this paticular area of business, but rest assured we CANNOT, I REPEAT, CANNOT DROP OUR GUARDS DOWN FOR ONE SECOND. We still have to get developers comfortable in be able to create software for our future-proof machine in the PS3! 2008 is our year of come back and let’s do our best in giving the consumers who have made the playstation brand the juggernaut that it is today by rewarding them with better games and better overall entertainment with blu-ray technology. Sir Howard Stringer, very good work. I don’t really like you, but your work in the company is definetly appreciated. SONY…..Let’s get things back to normal. 1. Let’s get our lost consumers back from the M$ camp, 2. Let us do our best to maintain the brand and quality that this company is famous and known for, 3. Let’s take playstation brand back to where it belongs, at the top of computer entertainment, 4. Let us not look down on Toshiba for we definetly know their pain, 5. Let us begin to prioritze our direction from hardware to where it really matters for the consumer, SOFTWARE!, 6. Let’s finally unleash our brand of online gaming with HOME and Little Big Planet, 7. Let’s reclaim Japan and our lost consumers to Nintendo, 8. Let us REESTABLISH why the playsation brand was, is, and will be market leader, 9. Let us not become conceited, we have learned our lesson in being proud and haughty, and 10. Let’s absolutely pumble our competition that they may NEVER again try to oppose us!!!

    2008 is the year that officially marks the rise of the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system!

    SONY……..Like. No. Other.

  • Bravo, PlayStation Blog. You raised all of our hopes and dashed them quite expertly! Bravo, sir!

  • I wish the in-game xmb shirts were made available on the RLS or in some other fashion.

    Jeff, did you go to the Ray Kurzweil speech? I’ve read about him before, but I was wondering how radical some of the stuff he said this time was. Pretty interesting stuff, aye.

    • I haven\’t been able to leave the Blog Lounge, I\’m here helping people find what they need (namely flOw PSP and echochrome).

      But Friday I\’m planning on scouring the show floor to find some answers to the questions you all asked.


  • I want some hot ladies in ‘In Pants XMB’ short shorts….

    Ooops, this isn’t the old E3.

  • “If by “VERY soon” you mean this week – debunked.

    I see the same rumors, and they’re just that – rumors. Literally 95% of what I’ve read this week is just groundless speculation. But hey, that’s the game biz.”

    Jeff, so what about this month?

  • i totally want those “In-Shirt XMB” shirts. any chance of putting them out as a clothing line for us video game nerds ;)

    Also, will you guys have a live blog/live photo-feed or something to keep us updated?

  • wipeout hd, still alive?? when is it coming out??

    about a playstation fighter ( psn dl game ) with all the most famous sony and other companies characters ala ssb, with constant dlc.. ( more characters ), user created levels and so on??

    about a diablo type of game, also as a psn dl game, where new dungeons are added weekly/monthly, with multiplayer and user created dungeons as well?? with a global auction house to buy/trade items??

  • I want one of those shirts :X

  • Hey,

    I went yesterday to see if there were any free to the public areas and sadly I was ushered out by security. I really wanted to go so that I could write a blog for the “Gamer Advisory Panel” or GAP for short.

    Hey Jeff, you think maybe you could get me in to something? Maybe just the PS bar(I think that’s what it was called) so that I can interview some of the developers?

    I did pass by the PS booth in one of the show floors and I saw a sign that read (tuner) or something like that, can you give us some clues as to what that is? And if that is for PSP or PS3?

    If you can’t get me in, I understand, maybe I will be able to get in next year… But hope you post a ton more information today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week.

  • IM very dissapointed that sont isnt making any huge announcments.With blueray crowned and everyone saying 2008 is sonys year Id expect them to hit all the big press events hard with news

  • I want a shirt as well. You guys need to sell those or at least have some kind of giveaway contest.

  • My PSN ID is spike021 and my email is… well I guess all you need is my PSN. ;)

  • Agreeded, lol, I just wish I could order one say $10 + shipping thats what $20 id so buy 1 or 2 haha..

  • @ 24

    so… what about next week?

    PSN 4 México !!1

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