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As you may well know, next week brings us the Game Developers Conference in sunny (for now) San Francisco. It’s a place where game creators of all types can learn, share, and connect. Sometimes, it’s where a young kid gets his/her big break. They also have a LOLcats page. So, just like with CES, I’m putting our PlayStation.Blog coverage in the hands of you, the faithful blog reader.

If you could ask someone from Q-Games, Incognito, Clap Hanz or our Santa Monica Studios any question – what would it be? As much as possible, I’ll pass those questions on, and report back with answers. We’ll also be posting game development insights from Shuhei Yoshida, SCEA Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Over the weekend, we’ll also temporarily install a twitter feed on the right side of the blog for updates throughout GDC. If you’d like to sign up to follow along now, you can do that here. And of course, we’ll have a special section on our Flickr page to give you an idea of what the whole thing looks like.

So what else do we have planned? Well, as part of the blogging community (and what a strange group it is), we’re going to give back this year. So for all the bloggers out there covering GDC in some official capacity (read: you’ve got official credentials), allow me to extend an invite to our PlayStation Bloggers’ Lounge. We’ll have all you need to get your work done (WiFi, food, caffeine), as well as game demos, and even access to some of the developers mentioned above. More details here.

Stay tuned for more updates. Until then, get those questions in!

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  • @90

    Sony isn’t having a keynote this year..

  • @101 thank you… i fianlly hear someone say this.. this really makes me sad..

  • A Question for Incognito:

    Is there any chance of making any of the single player content available as an add on? Seems a shame to waste anything that’s already finished.

  • Rockstar: When are we going to see some more info about GTA IV?

    SCE: Info about Home? Singstar in America?

    Incognito: What else is planned for Warhawk? What is next?

    Naughty Dog: Sweet game…can you make another?

    Insomniac: More Resistance 2 info, gameplay? Also, what is planned ahead?

  • Dual Shock 3 date please.

  • 1) PlayStation Eye Integration with Little Big Planet. Will we be able to record out own video clips, or sound bites using the Eye to add to our levels? Will we be able to take images of textures and use them in the game? Imagine taking a picture of a color, or a pet’s fur and using it in your level. Is there something like this in the works?

    2) Delays for Killzone 2.
    Killzone 2 was a pretty big story last year. Recently there have been rumors of it’s delay, and poor budgeting. Is there any new news on this front? Is it as behind schedule as implied?

    3) PlayStation 2 & XMB
    Currently if you are playing a PlayStation 2 game – online or otherwise – it logs you out of the PSN. Is this something that’s going to be addressed? Will we have access to XMB while playing PSone or PS2 games? Or show our Friends that we’re playing an old skool game.

    4) Screenshots & Videos
    Being able to create video clips or take screenshots of game play would be a great feature. Create a clip on how to adjust your system settings to send to a friend, or posting a how-to on a blog or community forums. Currently taking pictures with digital cameras look horrible and are at times difficult to read. This would help the community better help itself.

  • HA! this totally blows, my whole dev team is going to GDC ’08, and I’m stuck at home with the kids, cause’ my wife is uber wrapped up in work lately due to promotions etc. If I could ask one question at the conference it would probably be asked to to the IG booth.
    I want to make sure Resistance 2 isn’t rushed even in the least bit, If the first in the series was any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for a hailstorm of a series.

    Also I’m hoping there is some breaking news on LBP,MGS4 etc, possibly some plans for specific genres in the future, like the mmo’s, and RTS’s planned for ps3’s online distribution service.

    anyway thank you .blog for the constant updates, it’s nice to have something to read about each day of the week. Keep up the great work.

  • Questions:
    1-What ever happen to “Rat Race” my understanding was Rat Race to be released in fall 07?

    2- PSN Cards, will they be availible in 2008?

    3-Will the Playstation Store ever see a makeover (new look)?

    4-Will we be able to use are PSP for Video Chat?

    5-Will PS3 users be able to send videos (made with PS Eye) as an attachment to messages, rather than just images?

    Thank you Sony for all your hard work and effort to give us the best possible entertainment experience!

  • So many questions so little time!

    Well first In-Game XMB that’s huge and probably on every ones list of questions.

    Second God of War III for PS3 any news on that?

    Not really developer related but any news on a North American release date for the Dual Shock 3?

    Incognito I LOVE WARHAWK! Should we expect a Warhawk 2 in the future? Are there any new maps or enhancements in the works for the current Warhawk on the horizon?

    Insomniac just rocks they are so forth coming with information I have no questions great work guys!

    Is there some WipEout HD information such as will we see a demo or beta and a general release time frame?

    2008 will truly be the year of the PlayStation!

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on February 14, 2008 at 10:03 am
    Jeff Rubenstein’s Avatar

    These are exactly the types of questions that I can pass on. Keep in mind, everyone, I’m not having a sitdown with the Home or Firmware groups – just passing a few questions on to *Game Developers* that are stopping by. It *is* the Game Developers Conference, after all.
    Wwe know its a game developers conferance, but Home is part gaming and we want to know when you think they are going to finnally give us something that has been advertised as being able to download.(sys in the manual) I want you as my employee, yes employee, because I buy alot of Playstation Games/Products($6000&counting). To go and ask Phil, or Howard or anyone about HOME. WE don’t care about anything else. Give us the goods my good man!

  • Oh yeah…what happened to Sucker Punch’s game?

    I really want Sony to shine a spotlight on that game again…

  • Jeff

    “Video of Q & A – you’re reading my mind.

    And open the Blog to developers *during* GDC? I like the way you think. I’ll see if anyone’s interested in posting here. Thanks!!”

    Yes During GDC and I have more I’ll see you on PSN

  • For Incog:

    Any plans for a next-gen “War of the Monsters” ??

    (aka: War of the Monsters Returns, Son of War of the Monsters, Bride of War of the Monsters, Abbott and Costello Meet War of the Monsters….er, maybe not that one..)

    WotM is hands down the most re-playable 100% FUN title to ever grace the PS2. I think you’d have a huge success with a next-gen WotM with more monsters, more destruction, online co-op, etc, etc.

    Pretty please? ;-)

  • Please get Eric Lempell on here to talk about In-GAME XMB!!

  • @ Jeff

    1.) I’ve just played the Patapon demo, it’s so addictive! When will we expect a sequel?!? (Sony better have a good TV spot for it!)

    2.) Details on Team Ico’s next project? Please?

    3.) Resistance 2, and KZ 2 info on whether they will release a beta/demo in the future.

    4.) Next GTA a PS3 exclusive?

    5.) Any info regarding Secret Agent Clank?

    6.) Infamous info PLEASE! (Gameplay clips, screenshots)

    7.) Info on how many cars will Gran Turismo 5 will include.

  • I definately see a KZ2 and Resistance 2 Demo coming…simply because Resistance 1 got a demo and that KZ2 just seems like a game that could use a good demo u know?

  • wow i just read all comments… and all i have to say is that theres a lot of good questions…. I hope you Jeff will have enough time to answer most of them, well the ones you can get an answer :)

  • Incognito and Insomniac are two of my favorite devs! They fix problems, are honest and open with their consumers, and keep making their online games better and better. They’ve both earned avid and loyal fans to their franchises (and future games). That being said…

    For Insomniac:
    Rachael Parker’s voice was great and her character was much loved by many who played Resistance. Is there a chance that you will incorporate an optional female character or avatar for online or co-op play in Resistance 2??

    For Incognito:
    I love the game… but how do you feel that your decision not to include a single player campaign worked out? For the next Warhawk game, would you include a single player campaign… or just include some training levels and keep the game as an online-only game?

  • Here are my questions:

    1. What about Socom: Confrontation? It’s been months we need info

    2. What about the rumor about the 120GB/160GB PlayStation 3? Is it indeed the next PS3? Contents, upgrades from last one, release date(s).

    3. Of course HOME. Development progress, achievements and info.

  • Completely off topic, but CONGRATUALATIONS on the PS3 outselling the 360/DS for January.

  • I’d like to get some more info from Incognito on Warhawk update 1.3 and future DLC. I loved Omega Factory and the dropship and I’d love to get more weapons and vehicles.
    An idea for another vehicle that would fill the gap between tanks and jeeps would be an Armored Personal Carrier that can carry like five people and maybe have 2 or 3 fixed machine guns on it. Even if you don’t get the chance to maybe suggest that idea to them, at least bug the guys over at Incognito about future Warhawk updates/DLC/(wishful thinking maybe)Warhawk 2 :-) (tell them to put 100 player multiplayer matches in it :-D)

  • Also, would you steal the MGS4 demo for me? ;-)

  • Q-Games: Can you release Lumines over the PS Store? If not, can there at least be some downloadable content on Lumines 2 and/or a patch that supports online infrastructure?

    Incognito: Will the Warhawk single player content ever be released? If so, when? It looked promising enough when I watched it on GameTrailers.

    Santa Monica Studios: When’s the earliest that you can show any in-game footage?

  • @123

    I’m pretty sure that’s Q Entertainment that you’re thinking about for Lumines.

  • More PS One games please. There were 1335 PS One games released in N America. The PS Store has 20. In the last 9 weeks they’ve added 5 new ones. At that rates all PS One games will be added by August 2053.

    I know they aren’t going to add all 1335, but heck at least get to 100. At their current pace that will happen November 2010. They could release 3-4 a week EASY.

  • Jeff,

    Please inquire within the appropriate studios regarding any current info on the following potentially huge titles that have remained unusually quiet:

    Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream)
    The Getaway (SCEE London)
    Eight Days (SCEE London)
    SOCOM: Confrontation (SCEA Santa Monica)
    Afrika (Rhino Studios)


  • I want to know what is next on Incognito’s list of things to do. Will they bring out a Warhawk game with a story or do they have plans for a new IP. Plus in the past that studio was the one that made Jet Moto. Any chance for a new one of those games. Also any chance they will make a PSP game.

    Is Q-games looking to make a new bit Generations: Digidrive. Plus do they have any more games planned to come out be it on PSN or PSP.

    Does Clap Hands have any more games in the Hot Shots series they plan to make other then Tennis and Golf. Also will they try there hand at making new IPs other then making another game in the Hot Shot series.

    With Santa Monica Studios what is there chance of a new Kinetica or a new IP. As much as I love GOW I would like to see what else they can make.

  • Jeff make it work and for GDC get live videos from GDC, E3,TGS,Leipzig expo, i love the last year E3 conference video on the PSN network….
    i still watching them here n there….thumbs up jeff

  • Hey, Jeff!
    I can see you have a lot of people asking you to ask questions from various devs, but I have some questions of a completely different nature:

    Does SCEI have anything like an intern program or scholarships available for people who are attending college with a computer science major? I am going to start college this next fall, and I would REALLY like to be able to program games for either SCEI or one of its second parties. I would be willing to work for pretty much any game dev (except M$, unless I had NO CHOICE…), but I love the PlayStation brand, and I am pretty sure that when I graduate from college, the PS3 will be nearing the best time of its life, (The end, I know…*sob*) so I think it would be cool to be able to work on the AWESOME games that Sony will be making for it then. (not to say the present games aren’t good, it’s just that in 2012 or 13, they will be INCREDIBLE, and the PS4 will be right around the corner *drool*)

    Also, can you tell be what your job and your colleagues’ jobs are like? Specifically…

    1) How demanding are they, and how many hours do you usually have to put in?

    2) Is programming video games much different (or more difficult) than any other type of programming?

    3) Does SCEI (or its second parties) have any openings for kids fresh out of college?

    4) (I may be asking the wrong guy for this one, if so, could you ask the right guy for me?) How seriously does a project supervisor take suggestions for improving a game, like if I have an awesome idea, will I be able to throw it out to the dev team and actually have it considered?

    Thanks for your time, I know you will be pretty busy in the next few days, but I hope you can answer my questions.

  • Jeff, THANK YOU!!!

  • i really want an official word on the HOME release
    also i would like to know when the issue between EA and Activision is going to be resolved about Rock Band’s and Guitar Hero’s cross compatibility for guitars

  • Just any info would be greatly appreciated. It seems most anything I would of specifically asked for has already been requested. Hope to hear some cool things.

  • hello sony.good job on NPD numbers for the month of january.i love the microsoft spin with “supply constraints.”

    but anyway,on to the best questions of the day

    1)will we ever get the PSeye XMB control like the concept video sony put out some time ago?

    2)will we see this at GDC along with the PSeye camera’s ability to scan drawn objects and create games around it that was posted here some time ago?

    3)will we see more ps3 to psp games through remote play like Lair did some time back?

    4)will we see games like PSeye pong,PSeye tennis,PSeye air hockey,etc.,that can be played online with another PSeye gamer and motion controller?

    4)as for HOME,and the wait we as fans had to endure because of the delay,will we get to see at GDC,additional games that let gamers get into the game together like LBP and AFRIKA?i think more games need to be made in this area.examples:

    MOON SHOT GAME- with the gravity and physics taken into account. land your ship and drive around in a rover with the music planet Earth.very high quality NASA download.thanks for that.but should have been the solar system though.

    UNDERWATER SNORKLING GAME-search the see for treasure and take pictures of in AFRIKA.the aquarium doesn’t cut it.sorry.but i bought it anyway.

    and the “piece de resitance”(i have more,but i can’t give you everything)

    sony,make us a carnival area in HOME or even a “Disneyland” type area that is based on sony franchises and have rides,games,win prizes,etc.even allow purchases like shirts,hats,shoes that our avatars in HOME can wear.(yes,you know this is a good idea.isn’t it great that i’m giving it to you?i’m that good at ideas.

    anyway,keep doing a good have impressed me with the third sony console.and that’s very hard to do.

  • Congratulate the guys for me!!

    also I would like to know if someone is going to develop games for the GunCon 3

    and does anyone know where I can find developer tools for both the ps3 and psp?

  • In-game XMB: When will it happen? We know 2008 but 2008 have a lot of dates in it. We got background downloading last year, hopefully we’r getting in-game xmb at this GDC.

    Home: Whatever new info we can get.

    inFamous: Anything new there?

    The Getaway: We got to see the Edge tool in The Getaway last year, is there anything new there?

    Playstation Network: Will it get a redisgn? If so, when?

  • See how many SCE 1st party devs (and Insomniac) you get to autograph a GDC poster of some sort. Then send it to me as recompense for not “claiming” the MGS4 demo from CES for the fans, I mean com’on be a Prometheus!

    1) To the MM guys; Will we be able to customize the play types in LittleBigPlanet? Say if I want to make an arena and customize some sackboys to resemble Playstations icons, then have them battle it out for lives leaving the last one standing.

    2) To Sucker Punch (if there): What was the inspiration to do a game like Infamous which looks to be a much more mature departure than previous games?

    3.14) To Incog: Why did you make Warhawk so addicting, and how can I break this habit?

    4) To Insomniac: How does the work environment at Insomniac contribute to your studios seemingly inhuman ability to produce technically impressive (gameplay wise as well) games each year?

  • To Kojima- Will MGS4 be the LAST ever or will there be a new Metal Gear Series set after or before the Solid series. Remake of the Old Metal Gear Games? If not then what is next for the Kojima team?

    To Square Enix- When can we expect to see some FFXIII Gameplay? Also, it has been stated in many interviews that “If demand is there, then a FFVII remake is possible”. There is possibly more demand for a FFVII remake then there was for Halo 3 before it came out. So when can we expect to see FFVII on our PS3s?

    Naughty Dog- When can we expect Uncharted 2?

    Team Ninja – Will we see Ninja Gaiden II Sigma on PS3?

    Sega- When will we see the light of Yakuza 2 and 3 on American soil? Also, what is the fate of the Shenmue series could we possibly see Shenmue 3 on PS3 *hint, hint Sony*.

    Thanks Jeff!

  • Thanks Jeff for considering my questions. can’t wait for feedback. One tack on though ask Q-games if PixelJunk Monsters might get an online coop patch. Thanks!

  • Hey Jeff, 1 more thing, i saw that you read this topic more then the other one i asked it, so srry for being offtopic but i had a suggestion.

    Can you ask your php dev team to make a rating system for everyones comment? (for example, look at youtubes comments)
    this is a great thing because when there is a very stupid/annoying poster comment, we can vote it negative and then it will eventually hide.

    Its like a little mod permission for readers, but it will work eventually.

    btw thx for asking the questions, very cool :D


  • @Whomever

    Has talk of the PLAYSTATION 4 STARTED??

  • For incognito-

    Will we ever see the single player game warhawk initially was supposed to be?? That looked so awesome, I love warhawk now as it is but I do like linear storied games as well.

    If not the single player game how about a level that takes place on one of those huge gunships/tranports what ever they were in the original games movies.



    no thx,


  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    You no jaff because it is Game Developers Conference I ‎find it I great chance for Sony to begin Negotiation with ‎the best Developers to be acquired or develop ‎Exclusively for Sony console, I no it well be hard and ‎coasty, but it well be an important step to make sure ‎that Sony allows on the top.‎
    I hop Sony acquired:‎
    ‎1- Media molecule Developer of Little Big Planet.‎
    ‎2-Insomniac Games Developer of Resistance & Ratchet ‎and Clank games.‎
    ‎3- Level-5 Developer of Dragon Quest- Rogue Galaxy- ‎Dark Cloud games.‎
    ‎4- Quantic Dream Developer of Heavy Rain & Indigo ‎Prophecy.‎
    And others so please Jeff talk to Phil or Howard a bout ‎this. ‎

  • @101 and 102

    Keynotes aren’t the only speeches at GDC, thus meaning, we still can find out stuff about Sony. People working for Sony WILL be there as this is a Business Summit. Also you can check out the info here.

    @ Jeff.

    I have one more question, this is perhaps is the one I might want an answer to the most.

    That Question is for Sony and it is “What the current status for the Playstation Store, and When will the US and EU Store Version start seeing more PS1 titles grace the store?”

  • Jeff, Can you ask the guys at Q-games about the next PixelJunk game(s)? I found a screen shot of it on the web and it looked different from the others. If thatgamecompany makes an apperance can you ask about flower, and other new titles? PS: Can you ask the VP is those mysteriously absent playstation network cards are still on track for this spring. (havent seen a post about them in three months)

  • How right am i that an advertisement for GOW 3 will be on the back of the psp games’ manual?

    How right am I that we will see GOW 3 screens at GDC? Or soon after?

  • Q-Games – Will you ever add a feature that lets you know what your friends are playing in the XMB? Is it possible to show the title/disc cover art of PS2/PS1 games in the XMB? Could you put a standard background when you pop a PS1/PS2 game in? (idea: Make a virtual PS2/PS1 bios/startup screen in the background, with sound just for nostalgias’ sake) instead of a blank disc icon that says “Playstation 2 Disc”?

    Incognito – Obviously you can’t announce anything specific, but are you working on your next full game? Also, how succesful was Warhawk on PS Store compared to Warhawk at retail? How many people bought it from the PS store?

    Clap Hanz – Ape Escape for PS3 will be awesome right?

    Santa Monica – Is God of War 3 going to have amazing graphics that utilize the CELL and RSX like never before?

  • i really want home info.
    and more game info for the psn. and what about that game with the gas tanker and the gas station blowing up, eight days i think it was called?

  • Question to Santa Monica Studios: God of War 3 for PS3? ;-)

  • 1.will the next update allow you to remain logged in to the PSN while watching a movie?
    2. will all the new games allow XMB in games?
    3. when or if will you let video chat during single player in games?

    thank you

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