God of War Chains of Olympus – Gold Rush!!

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Hey there lovers of mayhem, this is Eric Koch, Sr. Producer on God of War Chains of Olympus at the SCEA Santa Monica Studios. The great news I have to share with everyone is that Kratos will be in your hands on the PSP March 4th. That’s right people, we are now officially GOLD and the game will be hitting your retailer shortly. Hope you all are ready to hand out destruction of epic proportions on your PSP!!!

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Bonus Entry

Hi All – this is Asad Qizilbash, I work on the marketing for God of War. So with the game officially going GOLD, I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak at some of the advertising for this game. Below is an image of one of the ‘tease’ print ad that should be out now, and our ‘launch’ print ad coming out soon. We’re also working with Animal Logic on the God of War: Chains of Olympus TV spot. They were the CG house that provided the visual effects & art direction for the stylized look of Zack Snyder’s film ‘300’..they also produced ‘THAT’ opening 8min Spartan Vs Persian epic battle scene, so as you can image, the TV spot is going to look pretty freakin’ sweet! Look out for the TV spot around launch.

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That’s it from me….the game looks amazing and coming out March 4th – hope you guys enjoy it… our retail partners are taking preorders now, so get your name down.

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  • cant wait for this game. cant wait to buy it got the money just need to go pre-order it this week,

    and gold means that the game is 100% complete and off to the manufacturer.

  • Here’s hoping that CoO has a little back page on the manual dedicated to showing something about God of War 3 coming soon, kind of like God of War 2’s booklet had for CoO :D

  • I’ve never had anything to do with PR type stuff but the poster doesn’t actually have the game’s title, I thought clearly displaying a nice title would have been the first step (along with the image)?

    • Hi Cyclone87 – thanks for your post bro. This is just a tease ad with the goal to really hype up the God of War fans…so no logo needed..just iconic image of the man Kratos =). Wait till you see the launch ad..that will have more info on the game. Hope you\’re looking forward to getting the game.

  • thanks NewYork214. sorry for my ignorance :]

  • Awesome!!!! Design a PSP with GoW art and I’ll be all over that. I have been debating getting a new psp anyway ;0

  • I saw that teaser poster in the new issue of the Official Playstation mag the other day and I squee’d! LOL!^_^
    Those screens look sick! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, March 4th can’t come soon enough!!!!

  • Great News!

    So, umm..Ready at Dawn is the developer of this game right with Sony as the publisher? Why isn’t there logo on the poster?

  • I’m a huge GoW fan. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I don’t know if I should import the game from US or wait for UK release. *sigh*

    Please post some videos if you can!

  • Seriously, this game is a no-brainer for PSP owners and people on the fence about owning a PSP.

    Way to go Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica.

    Now, get some teasers out for God of War PS3 this year. :)

  • Pre-ordered my copy today. Used my $5.00 off coupon from Sony too (thanks) :)

    I’ve been playing the crap out of the demo. This game is going to rock.

  • betya by march 4th or on it gow 3 is announced, Tradition…

  • Hey Asad, I tried resizing the image to 1920 x 1080 and the wallpaper looked too stretched :(. Is there an even bigger picture for a 40″ XBR? Thanks in advance :)

    • Hey Keysersoze10033 – you wanting it to be your PS3 wallpaper or TV wallpaper? Wait a day or so to see the launch art…I have a feeling you may want to use that instead as its landscape.

  • I’m definately excited to see this come to life on the PSP. Sadly, the titles haven’t been coming in and this should kick start some life to all the new PSP-slim owners!

  • I dooooon’t knooooow Asad, this pic is looking pretty good bro. I can only inmagine how hot the new one will be. I needed the art to be my PS3 wallpaper and it needs to fit on my TV (40″). 1920 x 1080 will fit perfect. I’ll wait for the new art and thanks again for the replies :).

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