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Today we’re rolling out yet another new feature to the PlayStation.Blog: post ratings. At the bottom of each post you will now see the familiar 5-star square-rating thing.

Post Rating Function

At first it will display the current average rating, if there is one. To assign your own rating to a post simply move your mouse over the squares and click on one. One square is the lowest, five squares is the highest.

We’re always looking for feedback on the content we post here, and obviously your ratings will help with that. We get a lot of good comments here on the Blog, but the vast majority of them come from a very small percentage of readers. Hopefully this feature will help empower those who aren’t comfortable composing a full-on reply to our posts.

Thanks, and happy rating!

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3 Author Replies

  • I’m liking the updates…HOWEVER.

    What I’d REALLY like to see is embedded videos that are compatible with the PS3 browser. It makes no sense that the premier place for PS3 info doesn’t embed its video’s in PS3 compatible flash format.

    Please address this.


    • That\’s a definite goal, kspraydad. However, as the blog team, we don\’t have control over the PS3 browser, just the videos you see here. We\’re using the player we\’re using because it\’s more accessible to more people on the WWW, and the viewing numbers have backed us up on that decision.

      That being said, I look forward to the day when the videos can be watched from the PS3 console as well.

  • Great feature.

  • Also second the flashplayer comment.

  • Very cool new feature. However, it seems to throw off the location of the “Add Comment” and “Digg This” row. To see what I mean, try to click either link and you’ll notice that you have to hover your cursor up about 5 pixels until you’re on the very top edge of either option.

    Also… squares? Come on, Jeff. We know you guys are more imaginative than that. :P

    • Really? How so? Looks ok to me. If you wanna post a frame grab someplace like a flickr account, we\’ll take a look. Thanks in advance.

      As for the squares – well we had some great ideas (like using the familiar triangle, circle, X, square for instance), but the concept didn\’t translate so well. Also the squares fit the aesthetic of the Blog.

      But hey, we\’re open to ideas. Got any?

  • Agree with Draicus…

    To be more clear.. IE browser it’s ok.. but on firefox it’s off

  • Nice feature, I can’t wait to see what weekly store updates get :-)

  • Nice, I like this new feature

  • Just thought I would note everything works using Opera.

  • Nice addition.

  • Nice addition!

    Btw Twisted Metal head-on is awesome!!!
    Its a must buy for everyone! its only 20$
    Have a good day!

  • GJ Sony! Now please give us a US street date for the Dual Shock 3 controller, and info on if the UK PSP GO! Messenger will ever hit the US?

    It would be vary good to know about these things, as well as some more Killzone2 info on the MP side of the game please!

  • nice enough, BUT I agree with the above comments about flash player on the PS3 browser

  • I think it’s kewl that you get to dev this blog but the real thing people want updated is the PS3 itself and home. This is nice for YOU. You get paid for this. I don’t. Any help?

  • for Go! Messenger, ust region switch yur psp to uk.LOL

  • Any PS3 firmware updates soon???
    I’m going cold turkey!!! ;-D

  • Love the fact that you guys are always working to improve the blog. :D

    Though, when I saw the headline I figured it would be for user comments, which would be nice. I’d like to be able to vote down the spam so that after for or five votes it’s hidden.

    Still, if this helps you guys I’m all for it.

  • Sorry, that was supposed to be ‘four or five’. The ability to edit comments would be nice too…


  • Pretty neat feature there.

  • Integrate this blog and the orange info bar on the ps3.Stupid to come out with a useless feature like that and not back it up.

    Good update with the rating hopfully it will give a better idea of what we gamers want

  • @ Killer_Paul

    Yeah, it has been awhile since the last firmware update, but don’t rush them. I don’t doubt that they’re cooking stuff up as we speak.

    As for Home: once again, don’t rush them.

  • yeah i also would like to know about our next firmware as for when the dualshock 3 and psn cards are going to arrive to the stores.any clues or info jeff?thanks

  • awesome new feature Jeff! gosh the blog here has changed a LOT since your guys debut and I’m loving all of it.

    I def agree though that the blog should be fully compatible with both the PS3 and PSP browsers.

    Jeff – As for the blog showing up on the info bar: will we be able to just view the posts that you guys make on here? or will it be that when we click on it, it will then open the internet browser for the blog and we can start to make comments? Any other possible features being added to that info bar would be awesome. Daily updates for that thing are a must, cuz I usually just have that thing set off.

    Thanks and great work,

  • #17

    I agree with ^ it would be nice to have an edit ability for all those typ0s / add on to the messae.

    Also a quote feature (something similar to the one I previously mentioned to you Jeff) would be nice instead of having to type a user name and or number.

    Last but not least how about PlayStation logos instead of red squares, if you can make it work.

  • It seems like the this blog is becoming more like gamers advisory panels blog. Which allows gamers to edit their comments. Can someone tell me if the GAP is important like this blog or is it a waste.

  • Great Idea!!! to add this to the blog, I’m impressed with how much stuff is going on, outside the ps3…

    *Begin Rant*
    …Now kick everyone’s asses back into their own offices so we can get IRC style text chat during gameplay, and messaging/unlimited by game ‘in-game custom music’. And while they’re on that, get them to kiss Adobe’s butt, so that we can get compatible upgrades to Flash formats etc. I’m sick of not being able to view any sites put up after 2006-2007…

    *End Rant*

    PS: Instead of Squares I woulda’ thought you’d have used $$$$$ signs, as that’s what it’s ultimately going to translate to, people already are voting down things that are great articles that pertain to something less popular in people’s opinions, it’s going to end up being a pre-market research-research tool for Sony.

    *Begin Skit*
    “How many of our faithful bloggers are interested in DLC that consists of XBL refuse from last year?” “Looks like a 1.2 sir!””Crap we better pull that from the PSN altogether it’s not worth the production cost!””What should we give them in the meantime?””Idunno just drag up some vids from the bin of vids, that devs have been dropping on our laps for years, that we’ve been too lazy to stick up on the PSN instead!””Alright! on it Sir!”

    *End Skit*

  • Hiya Sony! Hey just guessing, you guys know how every post turns into a conversation between us sony followers or haters. How about a small chat right there on the right panel? It could have a cuss filter. Just a suggestion.

  • “Look for the Blog to start showing up on the info bar this week. Nice timing with that request ”


    Can you also add this feature to comments posts? I really like the system some sites uses that they dont hide a downvoted posts inside the title, but that it blends more in to the backgroundcolour and just gets less readable. Please use this system since it works great!

  • the blog is getting better and better!

    thanks guys!

  • @stennex
    The GAP is where Sony turns to and often actually chats with users, It is important because it’s comprised of the people that are probably most responsible for making the ps2 as successful as it was, I didn’t get invited to GAP until I had over 200 ps2 games, and 400+ games for other systems, and a job in video game retail.
    I find it very interesting, and very to the point usually, not a lot of lamers, and absolutely no Trolls, everyone has a mutual respect there, not only for other members, but for the panel in general and Sony’s business strategies. Also GAP tends to get people into betas for feedback, so that things don’t lick poop when they get out the gates.

  • Good feature!

  • I really hope that Sony makes an update to see those videos via the web browser.


  • Great to hear Jeff now I will turn it back on.

    Id like to know if sony is going to make any major announcements at GDC like what they did with home and LBP last year.I heard their not having a press conference or keynote.

    The blog should be putting damn near all the latest info about sony.Put some exclusive info about infamous or killzone 2 or Resistance or any other high profile game and they will come

    I love you

  • I agree with Kedaro, the Lost Planet post just below this is VERY important for all PS users to know, and it announces that developers are working to fix a mistake they made with their product. Very prompt and professional. It’s rating? 2.5 at the time I checked.

    Too many firmware-craving trolls on here for the system to be implemented effectively, yet updating the blog is always a positive.

  • When will someone from Sony comment on the issue of downloadable content being region locked and people who imported games being denied access to DLC on other regions’ stores? I just read a rumour about a new Warhawk pack coming out in March, yet another pack of DLC I won’t be able to get because I imported the game. Sony gets one red square for that effort.

  • I see a potential problem with the rating system.

    I think when people are mad about something not working they are going to rate the topic lower just over something working.

    IF my reading comprehension is correct. The idea behind the rating system is to see what content we would like to see on the blog so you don’t waste resources on content that we are not interested in.

    Well lets take Lost Odyssey topic it has a low rating mainly due to the game sucking (opinion) but that information is informative and I would hate to see informative information not making because everyone marked it down.

    Obviously we like to know updates for the PS3/PSP
    1. Firmware updates
    2. Playstation Store updates (I prefer before it’s released in the store)
    3. Upcoming exclusive Game Previews, Interviews, and Videos (preferrably game play)

    I’m sure there is more that everyone likes to know about but that’s what immediately popped in my head and the reason I check the site daily.

    I would like a way to ignore frivously posters or rate user postings so they disappear if they aren’t relevant.

  • nice idea.. but maybe this same idea should be applied over on the website in the games section.. where people with accounts can give ratings to the games they own or have played… that way gamers can see how their rating/review score holds up against others..

  • Since you brought up the infobar with frazz. Let me controll the damn background color of it. Specially if you going to start putting useful info in it. Oh and will it have links in it to jump to the browser and read the whole story or just scroll down the little pane?

  • Will the PS Blog show up on UK Info Bars? Please make it so, because PlayStation Europe is abysmal at just about everything. (Case in point: they put up a page for flOw on PSP with a date of January 08, one day before the last Store update of January.)

  • @Jeff

    About the problem with the Add Comment and Digg links, it works fine now. Originally, it was just a pain to navigate to the links while using FireFox, but now the problem isn’t there. :D

    About the rating stars… how about something in orange to blend with the links on the blog better? Maybe try something like bars that blend together instead of bright red squares with a white border. Perhaps something like this:

    Normal Stars (full five star rating):

    Hover Stars (outlined the hovered selection):

    Just something to think about. Either way, the feature is very cool. I like rating things.

  • Hey Jeff! Nice to see you guys desperately want user feedback! When you integrate the blog into the info bar, is there a way to link our PS3 usernames to our blog usernames?

    Yay for new features!!!!

  • Hi, Jeff-

    Sorry to be off-topic, but you’re the only guy who really seems to make an effort to reply here, and I know you’re a Mac guy, so…are there any plans to provide compatibility with Mac-formatted iPods? As far as I know now, only PC-formatted iPods can be recognized by the PS3. Also, any hope of a Theme-Maker that is Mac-compatible? I try to avoid Microsoft products in my personal life, and I hate that it’s working against me here.

  • Off topic: I second #43’s post! I am an anti-M$ iMac user too!

  • don’t make comment ratings… i can only imagine how many fanboys would use it to their “advantage”… pretty lame if they did.

    of course, post rating is another thing… nice

  • the squares fit in nicely wiht the look of the blog. But when I first clicked on the link I thought that it said “New Blog Feature: Post Rantings”. Not quite sure what I thought it would be, but that would be a halarious feature.

  • @43

    I agree, also Playstation Store/Mac compatibility would be appreciated.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    first of all I thank you for this Nice addition it going to make the blog getting better and ‎better, also may I sagest to change 5-square-rating by 5-star rating because it match ‎better. ‎

  • Firmware update ftw!!!!!!!!!
    1 + 20 replies are good news lol. Now i dont have to go on my computer to look at blog updates! Gr8 job. And also, I hope we can get a newer flash, well the 1st comment reply pretty much hints at that but I doubt it. Maybe this means that that kind of player will be used with the PS3 alot more and also it could be that Sony is making some kind of service for us? Uploading stuff to a Sony based thing for PSN users ftW!111!1

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