Revenge of the PS3!

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EGM March 08

We spend a lot of our time (well, nearly all of it really) explaining why the PlayStation 3 is the most powerful, best value video gaming console you can buy. Well, the March issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly helps further the cause and explain what’s in store this year, with a cover story on why “2008 will rock” for the PS3 and its owners and fans. We, of course, agree. Covering off on subjects such as the amazing software line-up this year including LttleBigPlanet and MGS4, Blu-ray, PlayStation Network, and PSP cross-functionality, this is a pretty comprehensive article that is definitely worth a read. Subscribers should have it already, the rest can pick it up when it hits shelves next week.

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  • Of course, you guys know that we don’t need a magazine telling us why 2008 is going to be great. 2007 did not suck either!

    But we know it’s going to be awesome because the blog here tells us about great things that are coming, and they keep us excited. You guys deserve part of the credit for giving us a place to talk and get feedback from you and other developers, and even get insight that no one else can give.

    If that doesn’t make the PS3 awesome, I don’t know what will.

    But 2008 is looking awesome. The PlayStation brand is coming out with some great titles, some killer exclusives, and we know you guys will keep the blog we know and love full of information to keep us hyped up!

    (Oh, and I’m sure in-game XMB alone would be the greatest thing ever for a lot of people! :P )

  • Yeah There was alot of ps3 love in this months magazine I received mine a few days ago.

  • how come no one comes and answers our questions anymore? Are there any specifics bout Home that we dint already know?

  • You know, perhaps the cover should read:

    “Revenge of the PS3!”

    “2007 sucked for 1up & EGM because we spent so much time slagging off the PS3, and now our magazine sales are in the toilet. We change our tune for 2008 – can you save us Sony? Please”

    This is the magazine that did not support the PS3 in the beginning. Their March 2007 issue had a cover that featured a PS3 with tomatoes being thrown at it entitled “Battle Station!” “The Playstation 3 is under attack! What went wrong (and what Sony has to say about it)” The article was scathing of the PS3 at a time when the Xbox360 was doing extremely well. How times have changed…

  • So you guys know that you screwed us in 2007?

  • Ah….nvm, i’m speechless.

  • I understand 2007 probably wasn’t as good as 2008 is going to be, but to say it “sucked” is kind of over the edge.

    They could’ve got their point across and not sounded like complete jerks..

    “2007 wasn’t the PS3’s best, 2008 will Rock! .. Find out why inside..”

  • @ 2 and a lot of other posts

    Why does 2008 have to suck for the 360? Would it not be better if both the PS3 and 360 had a good year? That would mean two great consoles to play games on instead of one. It would also mean a much stronger industry.

    I really don’t know why people are fan boys. I understand a lot of people don’t have the cash to get both, there is nothing wrong with that, took me a while to get the money for my PS3. But I don’t see why you have to bash the other consoles.

  • I really liked the part about the 40 GB model being able to potentially use emulation on downloadable PS2 titles (brought up as a possibility by Eric Lempel). I’ve been thinking ever since the 40 GB was announced that emulation was in the works, but it makes perfect sense to have the 40 GB emulate downloadable PS2 titles. A) It gets more PS2 owners to switch to current gen by offering the lower price, and B) If people really want to play PS2 titles on their 40 GB system, they’d be able to buy them on the PSN store. It seems like it would also lead to the 40 GB model being able to emulate PS2 disc based games.

  • Fortunately for me, I didn’t need a magazine to tell me the PS3 is the best console out there in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Simple research done by a features to value comparison along with an understanding of the potential for future growth spelled this out way back in 2005 when the PS3 was announced.

    It was a little rough, but us early adopters weathered the storm and now we are reaping the rewards.

    My biggest raves besides the hardware in the PS3 is that Sony allows every software developer to prosper in the video game business together (and not just by Sony alone) by building a system for the long term, having Blu-ray to help them create the high def. content that is the future, having an open network to not restrict their functionality and not nickel and diming their consumers with functionality add-ons, usage subscriptions and gimmicky plastic devices for their controls. PS3 FTW in ’08.

  • @IBO Champion are you crazy
    warhawk,Heavenly Sword,R&C,superstar dust,callin all cars,bowling,Eye of Judgement, etc

  • I disgree with egm saying 2007 sucked for the ps3. I know the big shot franchises were not out but there was some really good games come out in 2007 like uncharted and ratchet & clank, cod4 etc.

  • Glad to see you post again Patrick. I was wondering where you were.

    Anyway, 2007 was awesome for PS3 IMO, unlike what EGM said. 2008 looks to be even better, so I’m excited.

  • Yeah, I enjoyed ’07 with my PS3. Games were pretty damn solid, in my opinion and I loved having Blu Ray for movies. Not to mention, BS-ing with friends via chat. Granted, I missed the past couple weeks as my PS3 went in for an exchange through Sony. Though, it was a quick and easy process. Props on that Sony. And, thought I haven’t hooked it up yet, the recert looks pretty clean to me. I was so scared of getting a banged up machine. But, looks nice and glossy to me. The wires (which I only use the USB controller wire anyway) looked brand spanking new. And the controller seemed brand new as well. Again, props Sony. Now, I just need to hook it up. Knock on wood, hopefully it works properly now and doesn’t just look pretty!

  • I agree with many that saying the PS3 sucked in 2007 is way off!!!!

    PS3 had a great year considering it was it’s first and up against 360/wii..

  • Yes, I have the issue and read the article. They make points that cannot be argued.

  • 1up is lame and I would not trust them with any game info. there rating system sucks and People that are there on blog are big M$ fanboy’s and they suck. Go with Playstion offical mag instead!!!!!

  • I demand Patrick Seybold gets banned from the Blog.


  • @TheApprentice The summer of 07 really did suck for Sony. I was there. However, Gamespot didn’t help things either. Its funny, it took Gamespot to come under scrutiny to understand that fans of Sony didn’t appreicate the bad pub. They still are a little bias to XBox. But, they’ve done better. Back to what this article. I’ve read EGM’s magazine article. And it is a good read. I like the bonus cover when they interviewed the sony rep and the online rep. That was a special feature article. I don’t exactly know what 08 could hold. If MGS4 and Final Fantasy sucks or is even mediocre, lets face it, its going to hurt the PS3. If Sony doesn’t drop the price (which they probably will) at the right time, its going to hurt Sony. If Home sucks and doesn’t get off the grown right. Its going to hurt Sony. Lastly, if Resistence 2, KZ sucks and the PS1, PS2 emulators and online dowloadables aren’t improved, then the PS3 is going to struggle. That being said, I like Sony’s chances. They are letting it all hang out. I think that in the worst case senario, Sony can get things together in 09. I don’t think Sony would just quit. They’ll keep competiting until the end. They know what it takes to be a winner. Thats why I’m a Sony fanboy.

  • Most of 2007 did suck for the PS3. It wasn’t until the price drops that sales started to pick up, and you saw PS3 outselling Xbox 360 worldwide. Also remember that Ratchet and Clank Future and Uncharted were only released late in the year.

  • PS store has been updated! go grab your go get found in the Lost Planet multiplayer demo.

    see you guys on there

  • I guess this means were going to get a final fantasy this year! Even though I technically figured this by reading an article a couple of weeks ago. This just further solidifies it.

  • I got the my copy in the mail yesterday. GO SONY!!!

  • Listen… I luv PS3 I was standing online at launch waiting to buy 1 like a fool. Lol and like a fool. when i cound not get 1 a paid $1200 for it! So SORRY …warhawk,Heavenly Sword,R&C,superstar dust,callin all cars,bowling,Eye of Judgement was not enough for me. WTF happen to HOME? Home would have been nice. Sorry for you . You may only have PS3. I played other game systems in 2007. LOL

  • Thank U blahblahbloo? XCOX Live Killed us. We need Home !! Again WTF happen?

  • @ IBO Champ

    You are belligerent at Sony and the PS3 in 2007 because you paid $1200 for it.

    However, shouldn’t you be upset at yourself if you think you felt you didn’t get your ‘moneys worth’?

  • @Sony

    I agree also andycapps. PS2 emulation would have be GREAT. If all you need is public support to start working on it, then you have my blessing. You all may want to start off with really old games but, that would be good to have emulation all over the place.

  • My PS3 Rocks And yours To!!!! this is the Year Of The PS3 bring the Action!! Sony. Just put mexico on the PSN country List I cant buy Nothing from the store or bring the psn cards to sale now!!!

  • egm…. ea… capcom.. lol all trying to get a brown nose with sony now.. lol

    they have realized the mistake they did, they know that the ps3 installed base is growing very fast, they know the ps3 will be the overall leading system with the biggest user installed base, they know the other system is done and has no future, and so… and are trying to make up to us, good luck lol

    and sony, make them suffer a little before accepting them back all the way lol

  • 2007 sucked in sales; definitely not in software…

    We had Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet, Resistance (technically 2006 but, you know), Uncharted, Folklore, and many more.

  • XCOX Live had Feeding frenzy, Pac Man, Ms.Pac, Track and Field, Mad Tracks, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Bomberman, GALAGA, Pinball, Rush’n Attack, Jetpac Refuelled, Aegis Wing, Assault Heroes, Sonic The Hedgehog, 3D Ultra™ Minigolf, Gyruss, Frogger, XEVIOUS, Street Fighter II’ HF, Double Dragon, Hardwood Spades, Contra, Texas Hold’em, Hardwood Hearts, Bankshot Billiards 2 I could go on and on. These are all games off XCOX Live. So Use Crazy?

  • They had Zuma, Heavy Weapon, NEW RALLY-X, DOOM, RoboBlitz, Small Arms, Geometry Wars Evolved, Time Pilot, Scramble, Wik: Fable of Souls, Outpost Kaloki X, Joust, Cloning Clyde, Gauntlet, Smash TV, Hardwood Backgammon, Hexic HD, Marble Blast Ultra, Ultimate MK3, and Castlevania: SOTN. You all keep talking about Warhawk or Resistance. They killed us again with Gears of war. A game that was way better. Step it up SONY

  • This great finally people will know the great deal SONY is offering!! Man this cool!!!!!!!!

  • 2007 was a terrible year. Hopefully this year is better. Come on Sony, I want some RPGs for this system. You know it’s bad when the 360 has more JRPGs then the PS3.

  • I have to agree. This could be a turning point for the PS3.

  • The reason it has the title(actually sub title) is what is happening here. It causes a stir. 2007 started very weak for the Playstation brand. The end I really enjoyed, but it was good time to be a gamer on any of the systems really.

  • Sorry to write so quick after my post, but man there’s so many great games, so many great things, I definitely think my purchase was worth every penny, since I got the 60GB, well even more so. I can play PS2 games. Great library.

    Great things are coming, but two complaints though. Revamp the store to make it built in to the infrastructure of the PS3, not just a webpage. Some sort of matchmaking, and come on BEAT XBOX live.

  • Hey look all you people saying 2007 didn’t suck,well yes it didn’t. However,when you compare it to the line up of Triple A games we have this year it sucks. 2007 on it’s own is ok. when 2007 is compared to 2008 it sucks. Primarily because all the titles came out in the fall. This year their spread out through out the year.

  • can some one tell me if Little Big Planet ican be downloaded from the PSN Store or if its ganna be a Blu Ray disc

  • You know what would be sick if the PSN Store would let u rent a game on the PSN Store or even rent Blu Ray movies off it

    download FULL movie/game for less then there real price or even free for download just for like a week or 2 then it will expire and erase off your PS3 in that 1 or 2 weeks u downloaded it

  • @Garcia5


  • yeah… 2007 wasn’t that bad at all… lol.

    2008 is better by default though, you can’t top MGS4!! :D


  • I just got the issue in my mail box, and it should be noted that there’s an AWESOME God Of War PSP teaser ad in there…

    Good luck this year!

  • I own a PS3 and I really don’t care. Sony promised me one thing…. HOME and I still don’t have it. Until then, SoNy SuCkS!!!

  • Also, where the hell is the DS3? How long do we have to keep waiting? And where are PSN cards like they were promised?

  • HOME……..HOME………..What Happen? No HOME? Why do we have to wait? WHY?

  • Sony is laughing at us. Maybe they’re selling game titles to XCOX. Sony Sucks Right Now !!

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