Resistance 2 Officially Unveiled

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As you may have seen elsewhere on the internet, Resistance 2 was officially unveiled in the latest issue of Game Informer which is on sale now. Game Informer’s website has some additional information, including a video interview with Ted Price.

resistance informer

In other news, the Insomniac Games podcast, The Full Moon Show, returned for it’s second season earlier this week. The first episode can be found here. In this episode: a new co-host revealed, an interview with a studio that recently reclaimed its independence and possibly a tidbit or two about this Resistance 2 game.

That is all. Well, for now.

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  • @Kedaro
    I couldn’t agree with you more, Sony has been the only one this generation that actually listened to the term Next Gen, if it wasn’t for Sony we would still be stuck on DVD. And for this they have been ridiculed, for the use of Bluray. But things are finally looking up, and hopefully that will be the last dark period we see this generation.

  • Resistance Fall Of Man was cool and everything but it needs change if theres going to be a part 2 let me decide if I want to change my view from 1st to 3rd person! But this one I’m hoping has more places to hide bigger maps and a good story to back up the game weather elements perhaps?.Hey listen up gamer developers in real life do open stop having doors locked in games its absolutely dumb that the player can’t kick in a door Sony!.But this is ridiculous! 60 players all at once?.Are you Serious!.The servers will crash unless you charge the players to play online. I hope they do start charging a year to get rid of the hackers and cheaters in all the online games you bring out! Like $12.00 to $20.00 bucks a year perhaps?

  • Doors do open! Sorry about that I mistyped from my last reply. So please Sony leave the doors opened in Resistance Fall Of Man 2.The more places to hide the better! But if there was a way to change my view from 1st to 3rd person Heck yes!

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