PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update. To see the content list for PLAYSTATION Store for PC, scroll down the post.

Downloadable Games

Super Stardust HD Demo (free demo, $9.99 full game)
Super Stardust HD for the PLAYSTATION 3 system is a fully updated version of the classic game Stardust. Your mission is simple: destroy everything in sight!
File size: 137 MB
ESRB Rated E

Add-on Game Content

Folklore Add-On Packs

  • Folklore Add-On #3 “The Alchemist Pack”” ($3.99)
    This Folklore Add-on includes four additional side quests which take place during the events of the original game, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costume for Ellen.
    File size: 70.1 MB
  • Folklore Add-On #4 “”The Origin of Belgae”” ($3.99)
    This Folklore™ Add-on includes four additional side quests, which take place during the events of the original game, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costume for Ellen.
    File size: 71.2 MB
  • Folklore Add-on Bundle 2 ($5.99)
    Get two Folklore Add-ons for one low price!
    This Folklore Add-on Bundle includes- “The Alchemist Pack” and the “The Origin of Belgae” Add-Ons. Each add-on includes four side quests, plus an extra Folk to capture and alternative costumes for Ellen.
    File size: 141.3 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For music credits, visit

  • “Number of the Beast” – Iron Maiden($1.99)
  • “Interstate Love Song” – Stone Temple Pilots ($1.99)
  • “Die, All Right!” – The Hives ($1.99)

File sizes: 19.7 MB – 29 MB

Need for Speed ProStreet
Unlock vehicles for immediate use. These cars can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career.

  • McLaren F1 ($2.99)
    File size: 100 KB
  • NFS: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ($2.99)
    File size: 100 KB


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Demo
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is the highly controversial crime action game from the makers of Hitman. Play as two hardened criminals, one a flawed mercenary and the other a medicated psychopath. This single player demo puts you into the heat of the action where you and your crew will break into a highly secured boardroom from the outside of a Tokyo high rise building and then fight your way out.
File size: 839 MB
ESRB Rated M

PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back ($5.99)
The evil Dr. Neo Cortex is back with a vengeance. And this time, he’s out to…save the world? And he’s asking for help from his arch nemesis, Crash Bandicoot? Could this just some conniving plan to lure Crash into a deadly trap? Find out as Crash takes on an adventure that’s out of this world in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back!
File size: 102 MB
ESRB Rated E

Game Videos

Burnout Paradise Guns N’ Roses Network Trailer (free)
Take me down to Paradise City! Guns N’ Roses tears up the road with the ultimate rock anthem that symbolizes the ultimate in rebellious behavior and gets your adrenaline pumping.
File size: 89 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

Spiderwick Chronicles Trailer #2(free)
From the beloved best-selling series of books comes “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” a fantasy adventure for the child in all of us.
File size: 5.14 MB (SD), 19 MB (HD), 27 MB (1080)

First Sunday Trailer (free)
In this hilarious comedy, Durell (ICE CUBE) and LeeJohn (TRACY MORGAN) are best friends and bumbling petty criminals.
File size: 29 MB (SD), 113 MB (HD), 155 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

PAIN Jarvis Theme (free)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PAIN Jarvis theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 1.85 MB

PAIN The Dude Theme (free)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PAIN The Dude theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 1.72 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games

Ape Quest ($9.99 US per level, $19.99 bundle)

PS one Classics

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back PS1 Classic ($5.99)

Game Videos (free)

  • Syphon Filter: Combat Ops Trailer
  • Pursuit Force Extreme Justice Trailer
  • Uncharted Massive Trailer
  • GT5 Prologue Japan Release Trailer
  • GT5 Prologue Sizzle Trailer
  • Turok Quiet Kills Video
  • Timeshift Trailer
  • Burnout Paradise Trailer

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Great update, guys! Keep the content coming! I really appreciate for the continuous support for Folklore is really pleasing since I just got the game.

  • @ 48 blakflya They don’t filter comments. Sometimes things don’t post for one reason or another, but from the sound of it, I’m glad it didn’t since it sounds like you were just whining and/or criticizing. Take it to the forums, pal.

    Nice update, guys! Thank you once again for all of your hardwork! :)

  • Much better than I thought it would be, good to see another Crash Bandicoot game: Team Racing next plz, that’s my favorite in the series.

  • You guys keep showing off super stardust HD ,but their are a lot of us who can’t purchase it. PLEASE RELEASE PSN CARDS A.S.A.P.

  • This is really great. I mean, it has the “APE” name which might be bad for those of us that remember “Ape Escape: On the Loose” but this game has a totally different genre. It’s really fun. I might just buy the bundle whenever those PSN PLAYSTATION Store cards are released.

    I’m really enjoying this title on my PSP slim ^_^

    The SSHD UPDATE has me getting back into the game as well. I love custom soundtracks.

  • Boring update for us in N.America. I was hoping for some Simpsons game content. Maybe a GRAW2 map pack or even a demo of something big and worthwhile. Oh well here’s hoping for next Thursday. Maybe the open beta that we are all tired fo waiting for.

  • Whoever has a psp. Must buy Ape Quest. it’s definitely filled with lots of things to do. If you’re into doing quest, collecting items and such, this is definitely well worth the purchase!

    Can Grace or any staffers who works on Ape Quest relay a question to them? Will there be future chapters or add more to the game? Because I really do enjoy the game an don’t want it to end ;(

  • I don’t understand why Canadian must continue to pay 33% over the US prices for Rockband songs. In other words Canadians can pay $6 for 2 songs while those in the US get 3 songs for the same price.

    Why is sony continuously screwing those of us up north?

  • I love the PSP section. Thanks!

  • I think it is arbitrary and ridiculous that we have to wait so long for the Super Stardust HD update.

    I agree that the Canadian pricing needs to be on par with US pricing. It’s absurd. And this is coming from someone who lives in the States.

    As a GH3 and Rock Band owner on the 360, I think it is lame that the 360 gets exclusive content. I say this only because the day may come when the PS3 gets exclusive content. They shouldn’t punish one group of consumers over another like this, although I can forgive limited time exclusivity.

    I’m glad that another PS1 title was added though! Keep that up every week (especially next week with Intelligent Qube!).

  • Good job on going back to the original layout. I was surprised to see everything there in front of me when I clicked on the store.

    Also good job to the guys and whoever at Sony for putting out a demo of Stardust. I think it should be required for their to be a demo to most if not all of the original PSN games, because even though it’s a low price. We are still taking a gamble.

    Plus we can’t trade it in for money for more games if we don’t like it.

  • I’m gonna go on a hunger strike until the Home beta is released. I start on Sunday. Seriously.

    Please get it out next week. Just release what you have and slap beta on it. We’ll understand.

    I’ll be posting a blog about the strike soon. Link will be posted here.

  • I think it’s not a bad update. Grant it, how much rock band and GTH can one get……

    I do agree with others, I’m jones’n for home and, I have a dream my PS3 will one day play OGG formats :D.

  • I agree with KatanaKing | January 10th, 2008 at 4:42 pm

  • thanks for the update, but..




    cmon! let’s kick the PSN up a notch!




    Xbox Live is kicking our butts here!

    At least we don’t have to pay for ours, but if the excuse is that PSN is free, and that’s why it is substandard…then there is no hope…



  • Things that would make us happy! ;)

    Each week on PSN Store-

    5 new old PS1 games ;-P

    At least 2 New PS3 game demos ;-P

    Er thats it! not much to ask for is it?

    Still LOVE;) my PS3&always will!!! ;-D

    p.s NEED PSN cards for the U.K soon please??? ;)

  • All nice and good, but not a lot of use to PSP users who can not download demos or purchased games from the store due to an error message that sony seem to be ignoring. Any chance someone could actually acknowledge the problem or offer any form of helpfull suggestion to fix it. The problem is posted by numerous users on the official sony forum and all are still waiting for someone from Sony to actually come out with a solution. Anyone with this problem is given the following error code 0x80048515 so please sony can you fix the thing

  • Yet another pathetic update…

  • Happy with the update and happy for sony, a lot of stuff is going good for sony with Warner Brothers coming to blu and CES looking real promising. Congrats

    Wouldn’t mind getting the Dark Knight Trailer since Warner Brothers is now with Blu and wouldn’t mind a trailer for matrix for blu would love to see some scenes in 1080p.

    Things I wouldn’t mind seeing in a weekly store update is 2 classics released every week. Make sure they are good classics that sold. Maybe a soundtrack to some of the games. I’m betting a good number of people would pay for original soundtracks to FF (nobuo rules) or MGS, I enjoyed the Lair song you released to us. Would love to hear soundtracks remaster and put out through my ps3.

    A poll to vote on possible titles coming or demos anything where we try to help you guys understand what we want. You guys were doing us right when blog first came out and wanted us to vote on what were some of the things we wanted for playstation updates. Insert random “I want in-game xmb or home” or I’ll die (feel bad for the guy who is not going to eat until home or whatever comes out, good luck on that). If you have been here since november 19th of 2006, then you guys should know it is about waiting. We have gotten a lot of good things then a lot of things not all gamers may want but some for those who use the console for multimedia use. Which I now finding myself using and really happy with so far.

    I have a few questions on when is Sony releasing the Bravia that has 120HZ technology and 1:25000 contrast ratio, samsung is killing you there. I’m curious what any game would look like in that ratio and newer technology. How about some more oleds/olcds. We need more feedback in hardware forums about technology for our ps3 or what would work with our ps3s TVs, HDs, etc.

  • Nice to see some more PSone games! Finaly Crash 2! Now all we need is some more PSP only game demos to DL and for Sony to finaly add in the Game Add on content for Wipeout: Pure, and Killzone: Liberation, as well as Burnout: Dominator.

    You should also think about adding to the PC store the DL content for the Monster Hunter games, as well as Worms,

  • First, can someone please explain to me why the downloads are $1 more on the canadian PSN than in the US? It is not a lot, but it is very frustrating. 50% more for a Rock Band song.

    Second, has someone been able to put the joystick in analog mode for Crash 2? If I put it in analog, it reverts back to digital automatically.

  • Does anyone know if downloading the demo will update our SSDHD if we have the old version? Supposedly this new version has some improvements.

  • @Organic.

    Installing the demo will overwrite the previous file. and yes, lots of it :)

  • Thanks for the update. I love being able to d/l something new every week…. Also just picked up the PS Eye and was amazed how good the quality is…. I didn’t get it for the gimicky games but for features like voice chat, voice recognition, movement in games, face detection etc…

  • Hi, all. I know this is perhaps a bit off-topic, but this came to mind when I was checking the PS3’s “Information Board” post re: this very PSN Store update.

    1. When you post the PSN update info on the PS3’s “Information Board”, can you please give it a better heading? If I pull up my info board right now, the PSN update post shows up as “What’s New in the P”, which is not useful at all unless I wait for it to s-l-o-w-l-y scroll across the box. I can’t tink of any conceivable reason why you couldn’t have posted that as just “PSN Update”. I mean, if you’re posting something that you’re hoping will get people to check out the PSN Store and make a purchase, wouldn’t you want to get your point across as succinctly and effectively as possible?

    2. A post titled “What’s New in the Playstation Store?” is clearly an advertisement. Yes, I realize that *any* post relating to new items available for purchase at the PSN Store is technically an advertisement, but the point I’m trying to make here is that the mere act of changing the post title to “PSN Update” changes things completely. Now it’s no longer an advertisement, but a *news item* (not unlike this blog post), and is therefore something that I (and countless other users) am much less likely to disregard as info board junk.

    3. Marginally related to point #1 above: Is there any reason why the info board can’t be *bigger*? I mean, if I pull up the info board and then click to read the full post, then that’s what I’m *doing*. There’s no reason this couldn’t take up the entire screen. Why present information in a tiny box that can’t fit more than 4 or 5 words on a single line while 3/4 of my screen goes unused? That’s just silly. This would give you enough room to post more informative text (imagine being able to post the full text of this blog post on the info board).

    4. Would it be at all possible to make info board posts scrollable *manually*? This seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I *love* my PS3 and I *love* all the services you’re providing. It just seems to me that you chose to give users the option to have the info board ticker present at all times, and that means that (for those of us who turned it on) the info board is always in our face. I would think you’d want to make the best possible impression with any info you present via the board, and the board interface itself.

    Again, just some friendly suggestions.

  • I apologize beforehand for this, but I really am confused and disturbed at the news below!




    SONY!!! WHY????

    everyone should read this news!

    Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3 Discontinued

    Seriously, what is the reasoning for this?!?!?!

    SO YOU CAN SELL MORE PS2’s to compete with the Wii low price point?!?!?!?!

    Then the kids will of course have to buy a PS3 to play the new games….and HAVE to have a PS2 to ever play any of the huuuge game library…this REEKS of purely financial influenced shenanigans with no thought for the consumer, other than taking their money.

    SO! WHEN OUR 60gig PS3 awesome built in chip launch units break, we will have to get new PS3’s with no backwards compatibility!!!

    What is the deal with not having backwards compatibility, the PS3 is supposed to be so powerful, are you trying to tell us it can’t handle it? Or that it costs too much to produce? It’s like we are taking a step BACK as gamers to have the “new next-gen super computer system” that can’t even play the games from the previous generation.

    Then I am sure that down the road, the new PS3 models ALL will mysteriously have backwards compatiblity put back in, fully working for ALL PSone and PS2 games…lol…When Sony finally decided the PS2 should be put out to pasture…lol i called it! wait and see!


    Jeff I know you are only doing your job, and seem like a nice guy, so I dare you to spin this one positively…

    sorry to be so grumpy, but this just DOESN’T make sense for the Playstation Brand….

    So when are the American models being discontinued??? AND ONLY 40 gigs to store stuff on???? The difference in stepping up hard drive sizes is not that much…why not stick with 80 gigs to compete with the 360Elite 120 gigs?

    This is just driving me crazy!

    please someone comment on this one!

  • @frito

    LOL…now your getting it :)

  • We only got 40GB PS3’s in the U.K now!!! :-/ I got a 60GB PS3, but if it brakes down and needs to be replaced er i really don’t want a non PS2 B/C PS3!!!
    I WORRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
    Don’t make sense dropping PS2 B/C on PS3???
    Anyway PS3 is still the BEST console on the planet!!! ;)

  • Hey, guys, you want to see how much Sony hates it’s U.S. and European customers? Check out their favored Japanese Playstation Store and look at all the cool things they have. We should find a way to expose them on a larger scale. Maybe they’ll learn to like us more that way.

  • @ 50 they do filter this [DELETED] and I dont want to take it to the forums you [DELETED] [DELETED]!

  • Just a few suggestions and comments.
    Separate the posts for the PC and PS3 stores. Makes it easier to see the difference.

    Seeing as I don’t own a PS3 (and likely wont for at least another year or two), the PC store is the only thing I really care about.
    Its nice to see that you guys have added a couple things there, but I really hope the new content comes quickly. I like what is there now, but with how long the PSP has been out, and the fact that most of these features have been available for a while now, I don’t know why there isn’t more content.
    With Movies, Demos and PSOne games, I dont understand why there would be a week without something new on the store.
    I would love to see the Patapon Demo on the store, and more PSOne games are always a treat.

    Keep doing what your doing, just do more of it.


  • B/C is not a big deal as people tend to think. Make a vote of who actually uses it and you will see why Sony is dropping it.

    Then again I told my sister to get her kids the 80gig for the b/c and already lent him some of my PS2 games and have options to buy games like Buzz the game show etc… So I would say it’s not a huge deal but is a nice feature.

    Maybe the theory is that whoever has the PS3 now wanted the b/c and new people don’t know or care for it.

    Bottom line it’s bad publicity…Sony wake up…

  • Has the Super Stardust game also been updated for the JP store? I went there today and didn’t see any news about an update, just a demo. I’d hate to be out on the update goodness just because I got the version for my region.

  • Sony/Grace,

    Great update to Stardust HD. My only concern is that the update path is not intuitive nor is it explained. When I log into my game on the 360 and there’s an update, it tells me there’s one and then it automatically updates it. I had to figure out how to update Stardust manually, go to downloads list and select the game. There’s no indication even on the download list that the file is an update. I had the same situation when the Q-bert update came out. Updates are only good if you can download them! Please either make the instructions included or make the process easier in the future. Good job!

  • @ Everyone

    Resistance Fall of Man 2 is official. Check it

  • @enrichovega
    I know man aren’t the details great! Cheers!

  • Resistance 2 looks great! And they say it’s running at 60 frames a second, which is pretty cool. And nice update, I just bought the Folklore bundle, awesome!

  • @edwardelric85

    60fps in 720 maybe…LOL dont expect 60 fps in 1080 after all we are dealing with SONY here

  • @ CdnBacon (#83)
    Actually, if you’d just run SSHD, it would have told you there was an update available and you’d just have had to click ‘ok’ and it would’ve downloaded and installed the updated version.

  • @Sony

    Nice update but I have many reproaches to make about the PSN, read carefully :

    – Lack of real big games in the PSN compared to the Xbox Live, so right it’s true that PSN is a free service but remain for EU users, quite empty after all.

    – How about releasing old SNES games, like some developped by Square Enix (Secret of Mana, a few other RPG…),

    We need content and the PSN to become region free please.

  • @ 87
    2.99$ for one little tiny stupid car already included on the disc? for a game that is doing so bad on PS3?
    yes,okay thank You EA and SONY !

  • @ 89
    this NEVER will happen, this would be the right move,so they will not do that!

    didnt you get it already ? its all about they dont wanna produce a PS4 ,they makin too much easy money with the overpriced TV sector!
    this is going to be the Last Next Generation! LOL

    yes i know im a troll, so im leaving by telling the Truth!

  • thanks Sony

  • @91
    Are you on drugs?WTF are you even talking about? “overpriced TV sector”?

    And as for making a ps4, is that what you want? To buy a new $400-$600 game box every 4-5 years? I sure as hell dont…lol
    But i did hear M$ is working on a new crap box. So that should make you happy i guess….happy to spend more money.

  • Sony can you guys release a TEASER TRAILER for RESISTANCE 2 like what capcom did with Street Fight four please

  • Thank-you Sony and PS3. I downloaded the demo for Super Stardust HD and loved it so much I bought it and played it most of tonight. Great game. Not sure why all the whining here. PS3 is a great system and unlike some other boxes, doesn’t have to be returned and repaired as often as another we all know. I’d rather have a great gaming system that WORKSSure, they may have more games now, but hold on a bit and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing great gaming as it’s already started. Look at how XBOX has the HD player as an attachment you pay extra for and since the announcement that Paramount is moving away from HD and going Bluray, XBOX is saying they may be building the HD player right onto the XBOX. (are they stealing a PS3 idea ?).
    And we now have Internet Radio we can stream onto the PS3 people (XBOX can do it as well). I installed this week and it works great ! If you want to give it a try, make sure to read ALL the documentation at TVersity is a great little media player and I love being able to play Internet Radio on my 5.1 home stereo….great sound !
    Again thanks for all the great new stuff Song and another thanks to TVersity. Keep it coming.

  • I’m really enjoying Ape Quest, but for some reason, the game only gives you access to the blue and gold chapters (if you purchased them). Just not the red chapter. It doesn’t even show up at the gate.

  • Lame update for January 2008..Where is our Much needed update to fix War-Hawk with the ranking etc.And where is Home and the most wanted Xross Media Bar Player while playing our games online!..I hope there also working on a time display with a Instant Chat Client Messenger It is now Jan 12th 2008 and I have yet to see you guys keep your promise..And Sony I read about what Skype is a way for you to hack into our Cellphones pathetic! Back off Big brother!..Sorry but no thank you!..Maybe a Radio Player for the PS3?.WinAmp rules! No offense to anyone but Sony is getting way to Invasion of Privacy for my taste.My friends are the ones who told me about Skype.

  • please …. we want more psone games !!!!

  • Final Fantasy 7

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