CES Day 3: Hands-on with Skype PSP

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At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there’s a big push at Sony on new interactivity and features. The big announcement from the PlayStation front is the coming addition of Skype on the PSP. In this video, SCEA’s Cristian Cardona walks us through a few of the details, and Alyson Kavanaugh shows how easy it is to place a call from your PSP.

In the video, we used an actual setup – not some show floor mockup connection, and I was pleasantly surprised at the voice clarity. While I don’t know that this feature is meant to replace your mobile phone, it can be really handy, especially if you’re already using Skype and don’t wanna have to lug a laptop around. Between this, the recently-instituted Internet Radio features, the just-announced Blu-ray over PSP, and (oh yeah!) games, the PSP is practically begging to be taken with you every time you leave the house.

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  • @50
    I’ve been waiting for the very same answer you’re looking for.
    I think sony’s idea is to clear out the stock of all their Sixaxis controllers before shipping out the new Dualshock 3/Sixaxis ones.

  • @shadow021

    You don’t have to use isos if you don’t want to…
    but sony are making sure to do that always with the delays of the GPS, games, customizations etc., I used to use hombrews in the past and the one from you tube is awsome… sony need to do this in the future

  • Hey Jeff, this has nothing to do with Skype or PSP so I wont feel bad you dont respond to this. And also wont feel bad since there may be a PR guy w/ his band of lawyers sitting behind you haha.

    But do you have any ideas on what the pricing is going to look like on the Dualshock 3? $49.99 or $59.99 since I can import a DS3 at around $62 over at play-asia.com

    If you’re unable to answer about pricing, then can we expect to hear more information about the DS3 at GDC? (Launch Date & Pricing)


  • The two greatest pieces of HOMEBREW are MAPTHIS by Deniska and IrShell by AHman and team. The best hacks for the psp are Anything D_A touches and Pandora by Noobz.

    The best SonyBrew for psp in North America so far, Skype and remote play.

    I just want HOME. :(

  • Hey jeff I know I have been posting this a lot of times and/or that maybe you are not the right person to do something about it but maybe you can make it reach the right person
    I own a ps3 but I’m from Mexico so I can’t buy anything from the PS store but all my games say:”licensed for distribution on north America AND Mexico ” if the Blu-ray games can be bought in Mexico then why can’t we at least buy games from the US ps store?

  • Please respond and tell me if something might be done or at least give me a straight answer please!

  • I really hope that the next firmware update will enable more flash support in the browser. Watching online videos on the PS3 is so convenient.

  • With the increased emphasis on wireless features with the PSP, are there any plans to upgrade the PSP to support WPA2 level wireless security? The PS3 received WPA2 support via firmware upgrades.

  • alright all fine and dandy, videos were very informative I think I’ll be picking up a new BRAVIA and OLED 11″, as well as eventually a bank breaking 4k screen… bottom line is… this is a PlayStation blog, and I just googled ps3 news, and found that motorstorm is updating with new maps tomorrow, and it’s posted absolutely nowhere on this blog yet? you guys dropping the ball here or what?

  • And might i suggest an ‘Ask the Gamers’ section on the blog, where devs can outright ask the general community here, game/industry sensitive questions, with the tagline no question is a stupid question or something like that, and the concensus would be that gamers could give feedback on topics before developers make rash/time sensitive decisions, whenever they’re faced with a bottleneck or crossroads.

  • For all PSP Owners, sign this petition:



  • lol pay for a petition?

  • The petition is free and no registration required.



  • When is Skype for PS3 going to be announced?

  • @JEFF: will the Go!Cam work with Skype?

  • Apparently you guys are only putting skype on PSP-2000, I think this is really unfair. What your doing is leaving all your most loyal fans behind (the ones that bought the “fat” PSPs when they came out). Your replacing us with a bunch of people who wait 3 years for a cheaper version to come out because they don’t want to spend so much money on them. Do I really have to buy a new one just to get it? Is this just a way for you guys to make money or something?

  • @ DougieP

    Unfortunately, no, it’s not a matter of them trying to pry money from your oh so shaken hands. Now, I even admit, it IS a way to sell the PSP-2000, but it is also very easy to explain, and has been covered on several major websites. The short answer is the extra RAM Sony put in the 2000 model to shorten load times and help games run better. This is extremely important when trying to buffer through streaming audio chat over a Wifi network. The reason why the “fat” PSP cannot do it, is simply because it is missing that vital component. It was tested, and was hoped for, but in the end, the product would’ve been lower end for the original models, had it worked at all.

  • @Kedaro

    I too think that they should add a “ask the gamers” section. Very insightful.

  • I think the connector has something to do with it too.. they would have had to make two sets.. one set for a psp that isn’t on sale anymore.. just think of the confusion!

  • I hate to say it but I agree with the other PHP-100x users on the Skype only for the lite. If it is a technical hurdle then I can understand that. But what I kind understand is why Sony is choosing to say nothing to the majority of their installed base. I mean at least an explanation would go a long way to keeping things cooler.

  • You did not say anything about the PSP GPS.
    How about some more info on that.

  • I just read an awesome article on PSXextreme.com, I happen to read this blog,ps3fanboy,psxextreme,and pspfanboy…in that order everyday XD. Anyway, It was about “The Agency” I’m absolutely amazed and want to buy that game right NOW! But I had an idea…I think it mightve been touched on a little bit but I wasn’t at CES…so, its concerning “The Agency” and “Home” what if the characters we have to represent ourselves in Home…we use in The Agency! That’d be totally spy-riffic!!! I can just imagine going to my home in…”Home” and having a message or something that says theres a situation to be dealth with and BAM! I get to start playing some Agency! What do you guys think???

  • deadxbabiesxinc:
    Hehe yes that would be realy cool.
    By the way there are some new videos (Developer Walkthrough) of the game here: http://www.gametrailers.com/game/4932.html

  • the world needs wi fi all over!

  • @CitizenInsane27 (67): I don’t think that’s the case at all. Consider the Socom games, they have IN GAME voice chat and it works fine. IN GAME! As in the PSP has to have game data loaded into its ram at the same time it’s dealing with incomming and outgoing audio. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work with Skype when the PSP isn’t running any games. Granted, I’m sure the technicalities of Skype and Socom are different, but that’s just a technical hurdle the homebrew scene could overcome in a couple of months.

    I know sony has said that the old psp is running out of space for larger firmware updates. Is this perhaps why we aren’t seeing skype on old psps? If that’s the case, then I think the best solution would be for Sony to offer different versions of its firmware so users could do without features they never use to make room for features they want. For example, I never will use the Location Free player or the remote play feature. If I could ditch those features in exchange for Skype, then I’d gladly do it.

    Unfortunately, I think what’s really happening is Sony trying to introduce new features specific to the psp slim in order to encourage old psp owners to upgrade. And unfortunately, there’s people out there rich enough and stupid enough to do it.

  • @67

    That’s not a very acceptable explanation

    There are several games for PSP that support Voice Chat when you play online via Wi-Fi, there are several devices less powerfull then PSP, like mobile phones, etc, that runs skype and skype-alike applications.

    There also homebrew for PSP that runs skype-alike software.

    The ram is only the easier explanation to avoid the obvious.

    Take for example the TV Tuner. Nintendo has launched TV Tuner for DS in Japan. DS is less powerfull than PSP, and Sony has launched the TV Tuner only for PSP Slim, how do you explain that? Ram? Or just the proof of Sony bad faith strategy…

  • Come on ppl, keep signing the petition.

    The older PSP owners are the most PSP userbase, let’s protest with this.

    TV Tuner, Skype, what will be tomorrow?

    Sign for free and no registration needed. Write you’re proteste:


  • if Sony gimps older models can we get some sort of compesation of trade in credit.

    Also I will ask around at my firm to see what kind of legal recourse owners of the older psp can pursue

  • I have yet to get responded to by any official member on this site, and I’m an avid poster that often has a lot of ‘important’ feedback, it’s somewhat disheartening that I’m left to feel like my feedback isn’t appreciated, especially on recent subjects… I would have thought I’d had struck a cord somewhere by now. Is anyone working at the .blog today? Thursday the 10th, the day of the usual PSN update?

  • Sony please bring skype to PS3. The chat we have is great. But Skpye would cause me to never leave this couch. I’m about to go play COD4 now. Let me message my friends playing to invite me to their room before I start so I can find them!! (Its all love SONY, Dont Trip)

  • @juanleche

    Your firm will laugh at you, as Sony states in the user agreement, that the experiences you have on their hardware and software is subject to possible change, and or lack thereof in the instance of new/upgraded hardwares/softwares,…

    Sony does this for free, and at no extra charge, it’s ludicrous for you to practically attempt to threaten a legal issue over their exceeding generosity… and it should be noted that any technical issues that are brought to light in reference to the newer model vs older model running such programs as Skype, I would be wiser to assume that this was a Skype decision, and not only a Sony one, as Skype probably wanted to impress with their service on a system that would be a bit more ‘capable’ of delivering a seemless experience…

    I don’t know what everyone’s problem is, my gf and I just bought a secondary psp, it’s a slim, our first one was a psp-1000(fatty), and for all of you out there hard up about Skype access, FYI psp-2000 is a full psp with greater specs, albeit it sounds a little quieter next to the old one(headphone-less) and it comes with a bunch of extra wicked @$$ crap, and at almost half the price of the original almost a year before 2000’s release. the new psp is cheaper than A- a ps3 B- a new cell phone C- a new tv D- xbox live for a couple years. E- the new psp costs as much as 4 that’s right 4 six-axis ps3 controllers… stop whining and upgrade or buy another psp… it’s nice having two… especially when your gf is a wicked gamer, and media nut, hell she even reads e-books converted to jpegs on her psp-2000, you guys are missing out.

  • @Debo2U

    That is one area of complaint I agree with, Sometimes it seems like Sony cares a little too much about portability… When a lot of us are more concerned about spending time in our homes, especially due to winter, I’d imagine it would be wiser for Sony to consider excellent upgrades like ‘Internet Radio’ – ‘Skype'(or some form of VOIP) phone protocol – and a damn HUD of a time display somewhere other than in date&time settings… plus in game xmb, or just custom playlists during gameplay + universal messaging at least… So in this aspect of complaint, I have to full heartedly agree, as the ps3 cost most of us here over $600-$1000 depending on where we got it from, at launch… I think Sony needs to pay more attention and love to it’s core ps3 audience than even it’s early psp adopters…

  • @Kedaro

    After all the investment that I did on PSP since day 1, I demand to receive every services that Sony promises for PSP.

    They don’t this for free, because I bought a machine that promises regular updates with new features.

    I bet that if Sony wans´t announced GPS with PSP fat, today they only would do with Slim.

    Sony must suport all PSP userbase equally..

  • Looks like ill be needing to Buy a new 2000 Model PSP :D

    Thank you for all the good news

    Go SONY!
    Go Blu-ray!

  • @JackGeaven

    I completely understand how you feel, but Sony made no promises that PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 would receive identical updates, I’m sure Sony is doing the best they can with what they can, I agree that ‘if it is possible’ on psp-1000 that Skype and Sony should integrate it even if it’s lower quality than the psp-2000’s relevant use of Skype… That would be the fairest approach to be sure, but chances are Sony would have gone ahead and treated us all like Knights at a Round table regardless of our PSP-SIZE, I’m guessing there is more at play than either technical issues, or money making strategies, I’m guessing it’s something they either haven’t/can’t tell us atm.

  • Oh and one last point of fact before I get back to what I do best…

    The PSP-2000 does indeed hook up to TVs via’ high quality/affordable Sony brand cables AV or Component etc… the PSP-1000 however does not have this functionality… and it’s not currently known if there are any plans to integrate psp-1000 in this manner whether through usb-ps3 or whatever methods.

    Note to users: psp-2000 av cables allow users to watch video content, and generally display all psp content on their tvs, but only component via’ hdtv or component sdtvs will allow you to play games on tv from your psp… just a helpful forewarning, as we bought av for our smaller tvs and had to get component as well because it wouldn’t allow us to play games on our plethora of display decives.

  • i have to second that

    Skype for the PS3 please!!!!

  • does anyone know y three speech isnt posting any more on this blog

  • @djspinal
    I was asking the same question a couple days ago…nobody answered me.

    Also, what’s going to be on the store today? A Haze demo would make my day…or even DMC4 would be nice.

  • “Famed software giant’s final keynote also reveals first 360 IPTV partner, HD video download deal with ABC television and MGM–a Sony subsidiary.”


    “Sony also owns the film studio MGM, which announced today that it will be releasing some of its most popular classics–including Dances With Wolves, The Terminator, The Silence of the Lambs, and Rocky–on XBLM. The shock announcement means that, via proxy, the PlayStation 3 maker is releasing video content on the Xbox 360.”



  • and go ahead fanboys trash me for bringing the truth to you…LOL

  • pretty sad to see that even a Sony subsidiary doesn’t have faith on the PS3.

  • @Loucifer and everyone else

    You know that I never talk trash to you but anyway this isn’t new, SONY BMG music bring music videos to the 360 too…

    The thing is that Sony have different subsidiaries and they will not stop to make more money for the PS3/Playstation fault…

  • OH I KNOW its nothing new…i own a 360 as well…LOL

    thanx for not trashing me by the way :)

  • It just fortifies statements being made that SONY is no where near offering the same content or features as their competitor…not now and certainly NOT in the near future either

  • @Loucifer

    Well believe me, they are in plans in a lot of things, is just they are so slow making things that makes angry to any sony fans. Sony things they have the whole ten years to make thinks work and that a horrible think. If isn’t for the loyal fan base they have nobody will buy their product since day one.

    Anyway they are bringing Sony music videos but only in Australia… I don’t know why, anyway I don’t know if they stop to bring those videos.

  • I would like to see
    SKYPE for the PS3!!! That would be awsome. Think about it… we already have the PS Eye so we could use that for voice and video calls.

  • @Fox_Savage

    That would be awesome and I totally agree. It would make up for those PS3 owners with PSP-1000s like myself who are going to miss out on the PSP version of Skype!


  • spkype on PS3!!!!! ??

  • I got a 360 Elite for Xmas, and it blew me away to see I could download tv episodes and actual HD movies!

    Cmon Sony! Get on the ball! It’s time to freakin’ make the PSN rock!

    And release some dang PSone games like you are doing in Japan! geez!

    And any word on a Thursday update?


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