More New Folklore Tales Coming Soon

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Hi again! Following on the heels of last month’s additions to the Folklore tale, 2 new downloadable add-on packs are heading your way soon. Here’s what’s included:

Folklore Add-on #3

“The Alchemist Pack”

In this pack, Ellen heads for Undersea City in search of her mother, while other quests will find you collecting stones for a mysterious alchemy experiment and clearing away the Folks who are blocking the Elevator in Hell Realm.

Discover Scarab, a new Folk that will make sure you get the “point”, as well as a special Faery-inspired costume for Ellen.

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folklore 2

Folklore Add-on #4

“The Origin of Belgae”

The doorway to the Netherworld remains open… enjoy four more trips into the unknown set during the original adventure.

The pack challenges you to undertake the ‘rites of the ancient messenger’, discover what’s responsible for making a terrible noise and use a photo of a faery to solve a mystery…

Ellen will be gifted with the “Cloak of the Deep” and collect an additional Folk called Radian, that spins to hit enemies multiple times with outreached arms.

folklore 3

folklore 4

These Folklore Add-On Packs are priced for download at $3.99 apiece, or bundled together for $5.99. Oh, and if you haven’t already downloaded the free Folklore holiday pack, now is the time! Details on more Folklore Add-On Packs coming soon.

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3 Author Replies

  • Eric – fantastic game, fantastic story! Any chance we’ll be receiving a quest to unlock “past memories”…. aka cinematics mode???

    It is a real shame that your cutscenes – some of the greatest I’ve ever seen – to be hidden away from view!

    Would also love some minigames in an add-on. Perhaps played vs. patrons of the pub, or our friends online.

    But thanks all the same for this lovely creation called Folklore.

  • Eric, hello again! I have great news that I’m going to share with the rest of the community here. About the problem that I had earlier, it was fixed when I downloaded and installed the Holiday Add-On, which put the GDU to 1.10. I’m going to install the other add-ons when I get them later.

    Thanks for looking into the problem and for others that have this problem, give it a try.

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