CES Day 1: LittleBigConvention

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Greetings from Las Vegas! Today is the first full day of the Consumer Electronics Show – and if you’ve never attended (this is my first), let me just tell you – this thing is huge. CES reminds me of a Tech-themed Louvre; you can walk for an hour non-stop and never see the same thing twice.

Even with so much to see and try out, I knew exactly where I wanted to go straightaway – the LittleBigPlanet demo in the hugetastic Sony pavilion. In the video below, Kyle Shubel walks us through some new “Create” functions of the game. You may wanna pay special attention to an off-hand remark he makes towards the end of the video.

Watching Kyle build a tree from a few simple building blocks was really inspiring, and I know that once you gamers get your hands on the full game, we’re going to see things even the designers never envisioned. Oh, and this made-for-internet video really doesn’t come close to doing the game’s visuals true justice, keep that in mind.

I’ll be checking in during the week, finding out all I can for you (thanks again for those of you who contributed to the wish list). Stay tuned to our Flickr site for updated photos, and our Crackle page where we’re sharing video with all of Sony Electronics. Here we’ll be posting videos from the various presentations and other goings on from Sony Central.

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  • @scorpio

    isn’t that what I posted in the #46??? :s

  • Yes, I was just celebrating haha

  • Jeff whats the adverage life on the OLED TV’s.

  • @52

    lol.. yes… it really great but that take them to long like a year… maybe for security thing…

  • Sorry bout the delay, finding internet access after I left CES was harder than anticipated. Now to answer some of your questions:

    @those who asked – yes that’s me on the right. In terrible lighting.

    @darkiewonder (#14) – yes you can, I did it myself :-D

    To follow up – after posting this video, I ran into a couple of the developers, and they showed me some really cool stuff. They were nice enough to promise me some really killer video, which we’ll be sharing here on the blog tomorrow.

    See you then!

  • Now im really sad :(
    I just found out that skype will only be on the psp slim. Witch i don’t have because i try to support sony and buy there products as soon as they come out.
    Its just kinda sad to see sony crap on all the hard core fans with moves like this.
    And im still sore about buying a 60gig ps3 as soon as i could muster the $600 together just to see you not only drop the price 30 days latter but up the gigs to 80 as well.:(
    Sorry im not trying to troll. I’m just having a hard time digesting this is all. Cuz now it seems if i want the latest and greatest psp upgrades i need to buy a new psp and.. i dont know i guess sell mine to the pawn shop or something. :( not cool sony….not cool

    p.s. i kept sony in lower case on purpose…thats how mad i am!! lol

    p.s.s. Who am i kidding i cant stay made at you Sony.

  • Nice Jeff! thank you.

    This has to be game of the year for 2008, it has to be.

  • “probably doing a public beta, get a few people involved, try and expand it out as the year goes on”

    oh yes!

  • @56

    I was really sad too because I’m always a early adopter that in the case of the ps3 is a good thing… but from what I read they wanted to put skype in the old psp… but needed 48mb of ram and the old psp only have 32 like everybody knows… so, in this kind of view isn’t a rip off if you look in that way… but maybe they can just bring the messaging thing if you can’t call… I love skype… anyway maybe I will buy it the new psp for the gps, but you need to tell me if it’s works for Puerto Rico Jeff, like any normal US maps in the GPS… check that for me please

  • @ Jeff

    You’re the man!

    I can now say this is by far my most anticipated game!

  • Wait never mind…. i guess ill have to turn to the hackers for some fat psp love. After a lil poking around i found this “Furikup v0.1 PSP SIP Phone” its voice quality is not as nice as skype im sure but it works and works on ALL psp’s WOOOT!!
    And with my now seemingly nerfed psp im not as as worried about bricking it. If i do i guess ill just toss it through a Sony HQ window with a note saying “I love Sony”. ROFL


  • @61

    Fanjita, Noobz release Furikup PSP SIP Phone… maybe you want to check it out… it’s still in beta by the way… and works with old and new psp

  • @50

    Great link!


    Please bring the threespeech links back!

  • That Blu-ray PS3/PSP thing is awesome. It just might convince me to get a PSP.

  • Don’t blame it on the lighting ;)

  • Sony this web video player is better than M$ starlight. I am really impressed with how it operates and the email features are incredible. I also like what you have at CES. Skype for the PSP will become a big hit. Little Big Planet looks great. The hi-def tvs are veri impressive. Hope you do well at GDC.

  • if MM think of LittleBigPlanet as never being a complete game then skip the demo action and just give it out in March but don’t wait till Fall like everyone is saying i’d rather not known about this last year if it happens that way

  • Release the damn game already! Please! The game is already starting to feel old..

  • Great report Jeff. I’m sure some others will agree with me on the following:

    The single major thought going through the head of EVERY PS3 gamer when they are anticipating a title is this :

    How long will this be delayed for.

    Nearly all of us understand that delays can happen, but it is immensely frustrating that we can’t be given the lowdown on roughly how long these delays are. This is already a concern for Little Big Planet and dozens of other titles.

    The stock answer from any Sony rep to us , the fans, is this : “We aren’t sure, we don’t want to disappoint you with a guess”.

    No-one’s trying to nail down exact dates with these questions. All thats being asked for is an approximation, like “3-5 months maybe” so we can shift our focus to another great PS3 title until release.

    Seriously that’s all the info required for titles like: Home, Little Big Planet, Haze etc.

    I’m asking you, as you seem to be Sony’s social conscience, well, at least for me.

    Does there need to be a policy change in how Sony responds to delay questions? I think so.

    Lastly to re-cap, if you slap words like “estimate, approximate, around about” on some news about delays, people will lighten up on the title, it’s developers and Sony.

  • are we going to get any demos in the uk again because when it was leipzig we got a fifa 08 demo

  • Is there ANY way that SONY websites can ensure that their sites actually work on the PS3 (and PSP)….

    It seems silly that I can use the PS3 to browse yet CRACKLE (owned by SONY) uses a Flash version that PS3 can’t handle.

  • Wow, who would’ve thought my PSP could replace my phone…? Might have to hook my whole family up with PSPs! :) (Nah, though, believe me I’ve tried. :P ) If you could cover that crazy HDTV that can play four source videos at once I’d love that! (I know it’s not technically “PlayStation” but you could play PlayStation on it and it’s Sony so I think you could make the connection. :P ) Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Jeff!

  • @71 i agree . how come i cant use the PAIN site. i mean theres a link in the game that takes u right to the site but u cant watch the flash videos that people make. it blows

  • So far CES 08 is looking to be great for all of us int he Sony Universe. ps3 bluray to psp transfer. gps and go cam for psp, a keyboard next year for psp, confirmed. OLED’s are TEH SOOPA SEXY!!
    camcorders camcorders camcorders. Hey Jeff did you peep the mamouth 150 plasma that the other company has on display? that is freaking huge. It would not fit in my house for sure( build the house, install that tv then build the walls arounbd it. now wonders its the lifewall. anyways. i’m pleased so far, but don’t delay reading today, because you have more pressing matters to attend to like HOME DEBUT!!!! Maybe its finished and there is no need for the open Beta anymore( thats what I’m thinking) and they will give it to us today
    ( wishful thinking ;) ). Please try to sit front row centre and get those vids for us and interupt Phil or Howard in the middle of their speech to ask: WHEN DO THE PS3 GAMERS GET HOME?

    I fricking double dog dare you……..

    you’d make history at C-ES and be adored by ps3 fankin world wide( fankin=fanboy/girl).
    Thanks and enjoy therest of the show and all expenses paid.

    Oh yeah, can I have the swag you don’t want?………………

  • i would like to be
    able to watch the keynote live! How can I? like last year. we all did. I don’t want to miss out on home coverage and I took the day off work to do so.

  • @ ANY SCEA rep.:

    Regarding the recent PR statement that SCEA CEO Jack Tretton made regarding the sales for the PS3 during the holiday, when he said ‘SOLD THROUGH’ did he mean

    a) Sold to consumer


    b) Sold to Retailer.

    @ Jeff: Hi thanks for keeping us updated on events at CES, much appreciated. I have three queries.

    1) The Skype for PSP, will I need a slim & light.
    (I currently have the old one)

    2) Will there be a LBP beta this year?

    3) Do you have any plans to have in-game custom soundtracks on the PSP with the new slim&light (because it has 2X ram).

    I await your answer eagerly, and as always thank you for your time.


  • Public Beta, you mean sorta like the HOME public beta ?

    LOL !!

  • Yeah… lol… the one that never came?

  • Has anyone mentioned anything about the Playstation Eye being used for LBP?

  • The delays for this and HOME are pretty much killing the spirit, its wait, delay, silence, wait 2 more months, get a little trailer, wait, see a ship date of April 1st at gamestop less then 3 weeks ago, then this, and lets dont even talk about how long we have been waiting for ANYTHING firm on HOME, does Sony even look at its own forums and see that HOME and LBP planet forums are the second and third most populated ?

    And as a sidenote I am still waiting for Sony to offer the option the SHUFFLE photos in a slideshow, and FIX the default of throwing all photos on thier sides in photo album mode

  • Jeff:

    So do we all have to wait until September to play this one?

    Will there be a PRIVATE beta to which I seem to never get invited to?

    Can you at least confirm that SEPTEMBER is NOT confirmed by any Sony Source?

    We all bought playstations, the least someone could do is let is know ROUGHLY when a game is due out. Its the reason we all bought this thing.

    Come on Jeff. Give us some information?

  • @ Jeff

    Can you confirm that you’ve at least knocked over one Microsoft-related display and hit on a modest amount of female CES-goers?

  • wow. This looks amazing. I cannot wait for this. The wait sucks but id rather see a polished game then a near good game that gets better over time because initial reviews can make or kill a game

  • Is it just me or did anyone else hear MGS4 in the 4K TV video?

    Also who ever does the Bravia Ads deserves a raise.

  • Little Big Planet is looking great. Garry’s mod for platform fans. Kinda.. Definitely the best reason to own a PS3 right now. Well at least for platform fans like myself. :) The graphics also look to be the best on the PS3. The amount of polygons, and the lighting is superb.

    Get free PS3 Games and Controllers!

    IT WORKS!!!

  • Public Beta! Hope it gets to me, having played games like Crash Bandicoot, Tomba, Goemon, among other great platformers I could give them a lot of feedback

    LBP might turn out to be this year’s best game and to say that in the same year that Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5 are coming out is VERY VERY VERY tough to say.

    But yes can’t wait to see more of this!

  • totally off topic, but i was wondering if Grand Theft Auto 4 was going to have online multiplayer so you and your boys can go and jack some fools?

  • I’m sure this has been asked. But we will be able to download other levels people have created?

    And can we go through levels with people in multiplayer?

  • Sorry Jeff Skype never heard of it? I doubt it will work anyway in my area also whatever happened to TALK-MAN where you could talk into a microphone and use skills etc-It was for the PSP it was unique because you could learn the Japanese and the European Language’s and it was packed with a Headset nice features were with it to.And Little Big Planet has been in Development since 2006 yes it looks impressive but Good Grief! When are these games coming out?.And I hope they talk more about the Xmb music player for our games at the CES 2008 show.Also Tekken 6 online fighting heck yes!Gran Tursimo 5,Heavenly Sword 2 and Socom Confrontation.And the rumored Socom 5..Kill Zone 2, GRAW 3, The PS3 needs more RPG’s and 3rd Person shooters!..They also need to say something about Invite to chat room will be different in 2008!..An Instant Chat Messenger would kick ass in 2008!

  • Jeff-Sony delays only make it more depressing to get the big must have games like Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Or The Patriots,Grand Theft Auto 4, Final Fantasy 13, Resident Evil 5, Silent Hill 5, etc. What happened to Afrika?..and the games you had shown at last years E3-2007?..I certainly hope 2008 won’t just be a disappointment as 2007 was horrible it was ok but could’ve been better delays hurt the PS3…More games in 2008 (Yes) Fix the Download process for the PS3 demos (YES) Better demos in the PSN Store heck (yes)-More old school classics etc Centipede-Battle Arena Toshinden!.Less Spending for games because $30.00 to $10.00 bucks is absolutely Ridiculous!!

  • Okay Sony, this is my first time here, so Hi everyone. Now to get back to my sentence: Sony, I doubted you’re PS3 at first but with God of War 3 and this and Home and a million other things you’ve convinced me to buy a PS3, I will be buying one when school ends this year…

  • Is Little Big Planet ganna be available in
    the PNS Store or is it ganna be a Blu
    Ray Disc

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