What If You Could Go To CES?

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Shortly, I’m heading out to Vegas for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. While this event is huge – over 150,000 attendees – that’s only a fraction of the people who’d like to visit the booths, trying out new games and just soaking up all the tech. As I see it, my role there is to transport you – the interested, yet ticketless, PlayStation fan – inside the gates.

CES Booth

Throughout the event, we’ll be sharing new pics and video of all things Sony, from new gaming developments to amazing A/V setups to some of those new Blu-ray 1.1 movies. But if you were able to attend – what would you wanna see? Would you hunt down a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4? Would you search for new peripherals or try to get into some press conferences?

Take a look at the list of exhibitors, plot out a virtual course on the show floor, and let me know – specifically – what you wanna find out about in the comments below. I’ll do my best! Not *everything* has to stay in Vegas …

In the meantime, have a look at some set-up pics of the Sony booth. We’ll have a lot more soon!

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  • I want to see as much LittleBigPlanet gameplay as possible :P.

    I’m pretty sure that we all want to hear about future firmware updates for the PS3 too. We want dates on these too!

  • Uh, I think Jeff’s asking us what we would like to see at CES if we were able to go, not the exact same whining about missing features for the PS3, PSP etc.

    I’d like to see:
    – New footage of 2008 games, demos and hands ons
    – Developer interviews
    – The Sony invite-only conference on the 6th, on video
    – Some new info on the OLED tvs, gaming unrelated I know but it’s be nice to see and I think the display of Sony high-tech would benefit all divisions
    – any new announcements/info on new devices, software, additions, etc to come would be appreciated

    Thanks for the effort, have a good time at CES!

  • Jeff I want to see a picture of you flipping over the MS stand, giving Mr. Gates a noogie, then dropping the people’s elbow on Microsoft’s Social Media Manager.

  • I love Vegas, but I wish the CES was held in NY. The show is to close after christmas and I need to do more that watch a show in Vegas :D.

  • First off, congrats to Sony on basically winning the HD disc format war. Finally it’s all about the movies.

    I would love to know anything about Sony’s new MDR-DS7000 virtual 7.1 surround headphones (assuming they make an appearance at CES)… and any details on their US release date and price (although they’ll probably be too expensive for me).

    For those who don’t know, these new headphones have a ‘gaming mode’ that was designed with the help of SCE’s sound staff for optimal PS3 performance.

  • Just wanna to say congratulations with Warner going Bluray exclusive!

  • Dear Jeff,
    There are three things that I would like very much for you to do at CES this year.
    1. Bug the hell out of Sony execs about HOME. Tell them how much we all want it. Especially since They have met their projected user base for this time of year.
    2. Find out about the 2 New Socom Online games for PS3, that are due out this year.( if you know already, do tell)
    3. Tell them they need both eye ps3 type interaction with sixaxis and analogue movement within more games. Utilizing Dualshock 3.

  • well i would:

    – test out the new DualShock 3 and ask around for a specific release date
    – Poke around to find out if a “Playstation Phone” is really coming
    – Get hands on with whatever games Sony has on display
    – Get chained to the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue kiosk and never leave
    – Get a straight answer on the Home beta and when the final product is coming out
    – Buy unreleased Playstation Network Cards and sell them on eBay.
    – set up a photo/video stream for mere mortals like me that can’t get into CES

  • -Do everything possible to see IN-Game footage of GTA IV.
    -Check out ALL THE GAMES.
    -Try to get into the Sony Conference, I so want some news on the PS3, straight from the source.

  • @54
    I second that. Holding CES in NYC would be sweet. I see you’ve got your zip code on you name to.

  • Warner goes Blu Ray exclusive, yipeeee HD DVD is Dead. Congratulations Sony for Blu Ray integration in the PS3.
    Next level f..g X360

  • Stallone that is a great point. If I was going to CES and I’ve followed it for some years now. I would definitely try to get some hands on footage. There is going to be hands on? Hopefully. I guess I kinda got off track with my earlier post. I would also go wait in line to try outhte new Wipeout. That is one sick ride.
    I would check out the phones and take a look at the MICRO PROJECTORS that some vendors will be displaying for the first time. 3m has one and a coule other companies do to. I wonder if the’l support playback of the Slim&ite? How would that be for portability.

    Maybe a possible upgrade net time.

    Another thing I would try to find out more info on is the Skype on PSP. With the new headphone remote dongle, the old Socom headset still works with it. So Skype would work seamlessly with the PSP. That is something that I’ve personally bought an official psp for. (2 psps one HB the other Sony)

    Another nice thing to get some pics for us to drool over are the new oled tv’s. I just bought a 40 inch LCD and already it’s obsolete. It would be grand to be able to attend.

    I thought my video watch was cool.

    CES is where Cool is Born!

  • All I really want to see are some press conferences, some release dates for some highly anticipated games, and maybe to check out those new OLED tv’s. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those. By the way, you guys are doing a phenomenal job lately, and I think you will have an amazing ’08. Just keep it up Jeff


  • Hey Jeff, I would like to know if the PSP camera coming to the US. And if it is will it be better or the same as the one in Japan and Europe. Also what does Sony plan to feature in future PSP update besides the Skype thing. And any other PSP news. Thanks.

  • I would also like to see Playstation Home and LittleBigPlanet.

  • sony’s OLED tv’s and new the 2008 XBR line of Bravia tv’s if they have them on display.

  • I’d just like to see the bigger OLED tvs and playstation home.

  • Home and LBP hands on, info, and basically anything related to them would be my number one priority in the visit. It is still the number one priority in my monitoring this web site.

  • Personally I would like to see a video series posted here and on PSN. I would like to see ALL things sony and PS3 related. Interviews, insider tips etc. Again in video format. Maybe even have a guest host etc.

  • psp skype???? ilusion or what??

  • Nice-looking booth,and hoorah to Sony for Warner Bros. sticking with Blu-Ray exclusively!

  • Can we get some live video feeds or even coverage of the floor dude? Set up a few camera men and get them to do like a floor coverage…that would be cool.

  • I want more videos of Sony presentations on the PSN, that was pretty sweet. And perhaps if there’s any viable chance you could upload that Metal Gear Solid 4 demo to the PSN, that too would be gravy. Everything has pretty much been said. It’s a gaming conference, and we all want juicy details of course.

    ORIGINAL TO KICK Microsoft’s !@#

  • Sony has (still?) a licensing agreement with Tivo.

    I’d like to see a small/cheap Tivo attachment for the PS3 that would give us Tivo/DVR functions for sub $100.

  • Check out MGS4 for sure (and try to make away with the demo). Also try ti find where all the Killzone 2 info is hiding. Lastly will you guys have some of the OLED displays there?

  • I’d also call for a 3mpx camera for the PSP and a North American release of the GPS for PSP.

  • @75
    That is one of the feature I want to see in the ps3.. really… maybe some guys here just want game and all that but I bought my ps3 for being superior in the 360 in the multimedia side because I had the 360 first

  • 1. Home
    2. Dualshock 3/Sixaxis
    3. New intergrated PLAYSTATION STORE (not that web page)
    4. In-game XMB or some alternate means of communicating without leaving your game. Custom songs from our own playlist.
    5. Shows us games that cant be done on any other system but the PS3.

  • I would like to hear about your tv’s an what you have coming for us in the near future(OLED)…

  • And as mentioned before by someone else, maybe some videos on the psn like you did with E3 but with more videos :)

  • I would personally LOVE to see some more info on your paper thin screen you guys developed…that would be so KICK ASS in a PSP. make it happen SONY!

  • i would love to hear a definitive announcement about the release of the dualshock 3 and the psn card for north america!
    as for booths i would probably visit the namco-bandai booth(if they have one?) and nippon ichi too (also if they have one) because i’m a big fan of rpgs .then later i would check out your booth.btw,i also wish they ported more role playing games to north america. for the ps2,psp and ps3! any news on that from jeff? thanks

  • Thanks a lot for the update. I would like to hear some more news about the Dual Shock 3, as I have imported mine from Japan and absolutely love it and believe that it should be on store shelves in the USA.

    Also, I would love to get some more news on the Killzone 2 online beta test and how we can get involved with that.

  • 1.i want to see LBP
    2.a big list of PS1 titles for the psn ideas for the PSEYE ideas for remote play
    5.if you can info on playtv for the US
    6.come to NYC i wanna go to this :P

    ps:congrats on WB going to blu-ray
    i knew they would make the smart choice

  • i’d say kidnap one of the people from Media Molecule and push for a demo of LBP within the next 3 weeks
    then get a demo of Killzone 2 out within the next 3 months
    oh and get that camera for the PSP out in America for crying out loud

  • lots more info about what’s going on with home, and release dates for dualshock 3 and playstation network cards for the US. that’s all I care about, that’s all the kind of info I need, thanks!

  • If there were a playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 4 at CES, well I think I would run to Las Vegas (Thats right, RUN) all the way from Vancouver. :P

  • since i cant be there, id like a couple movies up on PSN showing the whole sony area. i’d like to see what you’ve got in store for us this year.

    also, id like any trailers of games on PSN. I’d also like a couple demos next week… like a turok demo or a devil may cry 4 demo. both or just one of those would be awesome, or also a Gran Turismo 5 proluge demo. PLEASE!

    also a some new info on any games that are coming out this year, or even info on and entirely new game.

    release dats for the PSN cards and dualshock 3 controller would also be nice!

    Games i’d like to see at CES:
    Resistance 2
    God of War 3
    Motostorm 2
    The Getaway
    and many other games!

    (i dont even wont to go to work 2morrow, just so i can see what you guys are bringing us.)

  • games or utilities of playstation eye.

    plenty of mgs4 :)

    would like to see anouncements but i don’t think u guys will anounce any game at CES :( maybe at GDC?

  • Jeff,
    I would hunt down OFFICIAL Sony gear (i.e. T-shirts, hats,Etc.) I can find that stuff any where (only bootleg stuff on E-bay). Why does’nt Sony put that stuff on playstation store for purchase? Just a thought, It would be cool if Sony had the copy rights to: “Red Ring Of Death” and used that in a clever way on a t-shirt.

  • I would like to know when H.O.M.E. is coming out,When is MGS4 coming out and could we please get that demo over PSN,when is DS3 coming out i cant wait for rumble,in-game video of GTA4 and release date would be nice aswell,and welll we be getting exclusive missions aswell for GTA4? thanks

  • Well basically if I was able to go to CES, I would like to get up close and personal details on games like MGS4, LBP, etc. Also I would like to see some of the new peripherals that Sony is gonna come out within this coming year of 2008. Just keep us all updated with all the goodies that will be coming to us Sony fans soon Jeff.

  • @92
    I doubt that there will be any exclusive content on GTAIV on the PS3 version, but hey you never know how the industry can be now of days…

  • Your set-up looks very impressive.

    I’m looking forward to hear many good things from Sony @ CES.

    What I would do @ CES is simple. Entering the hall walk around and then go to the sony booth for staying there the whole day.

    – I would like to see/hear some more off Killzone 2 (when the open beta (if there’s an open beta off course) will be released, and if it’s coming to Europe also?
    – Also more info about HOME
    – Some new games or info about already announced games (Africa, 8 days, etc.)
    – Some more info about PlayTV (and also where and when it’s coming, I mean release dates for EU, US etc. by that)
    – More info about the prepaid cards and when there coming (ass well in the US as in EU!!!!!)
    – Maybe some info about coming Firmware updates for PS3/PSP

    To close I want to thank WB for choosing the right format! Blu-ray FTW!

  • tells us more about the beta of home

    PLEASE HOME released date , information anything ,
    – info on playtv
    -info on HOME beta
    -info on tvtogo for psp
    – info on skype for psp
    – info on playstation cards
    – info on news games ( screenshot , trailers…date…)
    – newxs exciting things

    thank you ^^

  • This is good! I can’t wait for all this cool PSP/PS3 stuff to hit! Man what another great year of gaming it will be!

  • Oh Jeff, the most important thing to take PICTURES of is:

    BOOTH BABES in skimpy outfits, the skimpier the better, get em to bend over for ya~!!!! hot shorts on hot BABES! BOOTH BABES OF CES

  • I’d like to make everyone buy a PS3 X3 Best console ever. Hug Kojima and praise him.

    I’d like to see more videos of FFXIII, VSXIII and God Of War III, a Demo of MGS4, PlayTV and also In game XMB (or at least in-game messaging!) PSN support for Latin America.
    Be able to change ur PSN once a month or so.
    LBP Demo
    Be able to watch the conference via your PS3. or at the very least download it.
    Since i alrdy have my Dualshock 3, i dont ask for more,


  • BABES FTW! Anyways, I’m expecting to see alot more community features and a rejuvination of the friends list (more features) on the PS3’s end…
    So here is what I am hoping to see:

    -Home, just everything we can possibly know.
    -More community features
    -More “customization”
    -GAMES GAMES GAMES – shoot out some release dates.
    -New Service/program exclusive to PSN.
    -Something that’ll just make us yelp, kind of like what you do at every Press Conference, Sony always have/a surprise/s be it small or big.

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