PlayStation Tips #3 – Remote Play/PS Store download head start

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Let’s say it’s a Thursday, the PLAYSTATION Store was just updated, and you can’t wait to get your hands on a new PS3 demo. The only problem is you’re not home. With the PS3/PSP Remote Play feature, you can get a jump start to your download from the road.

Here’s how it works:

*To use Remote Play for the first time, you must register (or “pair”) the PSP with the PS3 system at home – go to the “Settings” icon on your PS3 XMB, then “Remote Play Settings,” select “Register Device” and follow the instructions
*Go the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot (if you haven’t taken advantage of our promotional offer with T-Mobile, now’s your chance), and connect your PSP to the Internet
*Select “Remote Play” under the “Network” icon on your PSP XMB
*From the list of connections, select the connection for the access point to be used for Remote Play (“Internet” or “Private Network”)
*Enter the PLAYSTATION®Network sign-in ID and password for the account in use on your PS3
*Once you’ve activated Remote Play, you should see your PS3’s XMB on your PSP’s screen
*From here, you can navigate to PLAYSTATION Store, browse as you normally would on PS3, and start the download process…by the time you get home, your PS3 will be ready to go!

There are a number of interesting ways the PSP and PS3 can work together. We’ll look at another one tomorrow.

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  • Yeah please do a video feature with all of these tips. Make them PS friendly as well.

  • you know what would really be cool with the remote play, control of your ps eye, or the ability to see your house through it from anywhere in the world

  • Remote Play does not work for me.

    Specifically, it does not work while trying to connect to my PS3 from a Wi-Fi hotspot or friend’s router on a network outside of my home.

    I can connect to my PS3 while on my OWN NETWORK but I cannot travel to a coffee shop and connect to a hotspot and get remote play to work.

    I have pretty much tried everything. I made the PS3 a DMZ server, I enabled UpNp, I made the Playstation a static IP, I reconnected the PSP and PS3 after the firmware upgrades, I turned on all settings that allow the PSP to connect to the PS3 for Remote Play.

    I am completely at a loss as to what I do now…

    My router is NAT 3….but that shouldn’t matter. I have no issues with connecting to online games or chatting or anything else.

    The only thing that doesn’t work is Remote Play.

    I go to the hotspot, I sign in, the screen on the PSP says “please wait” and then I get an error that says “Connection to the Playstation has timed out”

    What gives??!!?

  • @ #50 Broken Haiku
    see Grace said that there will be no update this week

  • the6one…….here, congratulations to everyone at SONY Computer Entertainment Inc. I was worried for a minute Sony, but I must say you guys are back in the game. With a total of now almost 9 million PS3 sold as well as blockbusters like MGS 4 and DMC 4( which reportedly runs smoother on PS3) you guys “will” have an awesome line up for the entire year of ‘O8. I want to share with everyone why the PS3 is now back in the game and in the hunt for being market leader. You guys over in Japan, America, Europe, and elsewhere have indeed gone back to the basics. PS3 is a revolutionary computer entertainment system with the cell processor at its core and secondly it’s a bluray player built with an interal blu-ray drive and so on……. SONY…….Like. No. Other.

  • I love this feature, and have used this method a couple of times now. By the time you’re home from work, you have a new Demo/Game ready to go!

    I really appreciate what Sony has brought with the PS3, great advancement in tech.

  • To Al De Leon,

    Since you are the PR Manager, it would be very much appreciated by everyone who owns a PS3 if you could answer 3 questions:

    1. Please comment on this thread:

    2. Please let us know when and if North America is getting Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

    3. Please update us on the status of In-game XMB.

    Sony is using Home and GT5 extensively to sell systems while not being forthcomimg with the products or even a statement about them. This is really starting to turn consumers off, as we feel there is some “slight of hand” going on with the advertised products and services and the actual availability of said products.

    Thank you very much. :)

  • I am reposting this as it seems like an Appropreiate place to post this.

    I would like to request that you Please fix things that got messed up or didn’t work in previous updates. For Example: The Remote Play Feature that was introduced in FW 2.00 was a great feature but never worked correctly for me and many others. Since in the FW 2.00 all it did for me was turn the PS3 on and off continually until I shut off the remote play feature. it was useless. Then comes along FW 2.01 and I think “ohh it’s fixed” but it wasn’t. It was simply a Stop-Gap Method by simply disabling the option of Remote play via the internet if your PS3 Turned on and off Continually. Now I really want to use this feature via the internet as that is what it is intended for really but can’t. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

    I want to enjoy the Remote Play Feature but can’t since it is broken for me and many others. At least Pretaining to me I am using a Linksys WRT54GS Ver. 2. Please Respond to us to let us know that you are still working to solve this problem.

    Thank You

  • Hi
    The only problem I have with Remote play is that despite the last two updates, the PS3 still switches itself on every few minutes, tries to conect to the PSP and then switches itself off when it can’t. It then repeats this until I switch off the remote connection option.

    Other than that I can switch the PS3 on, download (through TVersity) files from my computer and play them on my PSP.
    The only other problems I have is that a 45 minute TV program still stops before its finished, something to do with the 2gb limit from what I understand.
    I bought my 60 gb PS3 (UK Version) on day of release and it was the same for the PSP (once again UK version)
    Any news on a fix would be greatfully appreciated.


  • First off, I would like to say I have never owned an MS X-Box game console of any type, nor do I plan on buying one. Ever. But all these supposedly ” New Features ” the PS3 and PSP are completely useless to me, simply because I CANNOT GET MY PS3 TO FUNCTION CORRECTLY. Since purchase, my PS3 has been full of Error Codes, timed out internet advisory’s, unexplainable playstation network disconnections, and anything to do with remote start/play- forgetaboutit. I have called Sony, adjusted settings/ports on my PS3 and home network, but none of that made any difference in system performance. Did Sony sell me a lemon? Is there anyone else experiencing these issue’s as well ?? As I read most playstation blog comments during firmware updates, most of these knuckleheads yap about ” In Game XMB “, as for me, I just want my 1000.00 investment with Sony to work as advertised..

  • Buy stuff?.Sony over dues it with over charging on certain games An example would be Tekken Dark Resurrection the online bundle is $29.99 Now that to me is absolutely Ridiculous!!..They need to also fix the PSN network..I can’t stand it that I have pair up my Blue Tooth Headset everytime I use it..This feature wasn’t on the 2.00 etc.Now its a whole mess with the new update 2.10..And theres not enough cool stuff for free on the PSN more character icons when you make a user profile! or you can use your own pictures from your Computer Duh!. anyway..PAIN and HVB is way to over priced and I think its a ripoff that they didn’t provide a online feature nice going Al De Leon and all you gamer developers! You rush out a game that is not finished just to satisfy all the other countries Japan etc.But then we get the crappy version. Not a smart idea!..Hurry up with the Instant Chat Service Client and Xmb music for our games!

  • This is a sweeeeet addition to the plethoria of options we have with PS3 and PSP connectivity! Thanx guys!

    Just one thing… RUMOR to kill, please…

    The Rumor is that there will be a subscription fee introduced for PSN.

    Please say this is not so. If I have to pay a subscription fee – I quit and will just stick with free PC gaming.

  • remote play works fine in my local wlan at home, but as soon as i am anywhere else, for instance my university, i cannot get a connection… :(

  • Wow what a novel idea!!!! Now just figure out how to make remote start work for the thousands of us and we’ll be happy. Remote play works if you leave PS3 on over internet but Remote Start does not, and yes I checked the box to allow remote start via internet but it does not stay checked. FIX IT ALREADY. Talked to Sonys CS people and they know there job so well they left me with “Well that’s just a big question mark.” they couldn’t even figure it out.

  • does any one know if it is possible to rent a game and save it to my hard drive so i can play it later?

  • Is there a possibility, in the near future, to use ps3 with sony location free the same way you use it with psp?

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