A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!

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To celebrate the holiday season, I’m happy to announce that we will be releasing a free holiday-themed Folklore add-on pack this week on the PlayStation Network!

The pack will come with 2 new winter outfits for our heroes Ellen and Keats, a new quest to play with Keats called “Holy Night Visitor”, and a brand new Folk for your collection called “Grab Bag” who you have got to play to believe.

A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!

Ellen is sure to get Mrs. Claus jealous with her sweet red snow-bunny outfit complete with the earmuffs.

A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!

Keats will sport a slick white trench, festive beanie, and if you can believe it, a holiday sweater. (Keats is the only person that could make a reindeer sweater look good.)

A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!

Keats will have his hands full this holiday in the new quest you can play.

A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans!

The new Folk, Grab Bag, will take his enemies down by spreading holiday cheer!

This is a thank you from the developers at Game Republic and from us at SCEA for all you Folklore supporters out there. Be on the look out for more great Folklore content in 2008.

Have a happy holiday and a great New Year!

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7 Author Replies

  • Sweet thanks for the the free stuff!! Keep it coming ;)

  • “FREE”?
    My other favourite four letter word beginning with “F”!

  • cool. My friend who has Folklore will be pleased. :)

    Sony- can we get GT5 Prologue demo as a freebie Christmas gift this year? It would be a nice pattern to follow from last year’s GTHD gift. Please?

  • Can I download this now if I don’t have the game yet?

  • Very cool. Free is always good, and its even better when it is adding to a great game.

  • Wow this was very unexpected. Free content is incredible. Merry Christmas

  • Free = great! Also: in-game messaging would be nice, too.

  • Thanks so much for the freebie guys, especially since it’s furthering all of the goodies going around like firmware updates and game patches/expansions.

    Also, a personal thanks for keeping the pack (seemingly)P.C.

    That way everyone can enjoy! :)

  • Thanks for the free stuff!

  • Free stuff for a game no one cares about. Thanks for nothing.

  • Great support for your fans share this idea with other Devs, Ninja Theory, Factor 5 I’m looking at you.

  • Free stuff on a game that I care about. Thanks for the awesome gift.

  • those are cool! i’ve been on the fence about getting folklore, but this might push me over the edge :)

    for how long will these downloads be available?

  • Thanks, ‘ll definitely get this.

  • Awesome :)

    I think I speak for all folklore fans when I say, Thank you.

    Keep the new content coming :D

  • woa, I dont own the game but thats a very cool Xmas Gift to all. Keep it up Sony staff :)

  • I don’t have the game, but I DO like that you guys are sharing some of the Xmas spirit!



  • Nice! I’m gonna download this as soon as its available.

  • Thank you very much guys, happy holidays!

  • aw. Still need to pick up this game! I like the christmas outfit! Thanks for the pack! will it be up still after the holiday season? ;o

  • Nice.

    Now you’ve made this into a very merry Christmas. Thanks.

  • An update for F@H, PS3, PSP, and Warhawk, and now a free Folklore add-on!? You really do love us don’t you? (In a platonic way- don’t get any ideas. :P )

  • Nice work guys, thanks.

  • It would be even cooler if you added 1080 scaling to folklor so that we all could play this game in HD on our HDTVs

  • @24 juan
    Indeed… I was really excited about this game until I saw that it would only run in 480p on my 1080i TV. Low-def, no thanks, not this gen.

  • #24, I think 720p is considered HD. Maybe your TV doesn’t do 720p?

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  • Thanks a lot! These add ons are available in Europe since last week and they’re great. Folklore is quite awesome.

  • not-buying-incognito

    SWEET !!!! NICE SONY….
    Now to the real stuff……..

    We really want
    In GAME voice chat with any friend that is online
    In GAME XMB …..
    And I’d like to be able to do more while in chat
    Like listen to music……..
    Browse the web………….
    I really don’t care about seein someones avatar
    during a chat..

  • I love it that devs are using the download capability of the PS3 to give out fun holiday themed freebies!!

    It keeps the games fun and fresh! :)

  • It’s bizarre how this game be packed with so many great character designs when so few games can barely create one memorable one.

    Cheers for this.

  • lmao, that is freaking awesome!!!

    oh btw, shut up about in-game xmb, they already said they’re working on it. Do any of you keep up with the news? Geezes, someone ban people that mention “in, game, and xmb” in any combination

  • @bunnyhero/darkiewonder (#13/#20) – I just talked to the Store folks: once it’s up, the Folklore Christmas pack will be up for roughly a few months. So don’t worry if you can’t get to it in the next couple of weeks – but don’t expect it to be there this summer or anything.

  • That’s really fantastic. I’m really happy to see development studios putting out free DLC in this era of micropayments. It’s really good for fan relations and not too bad advertisement either.

  • Thanks, you guys are the best.

    This pack came out last week here in Europe, and i downloaderd it straight away. Ellen looks very cute in her new outfit, i must say :P She now rivals Nariko lol.

    Thanks to everyone at Game Republic for making such a great game.

    Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope Santa brings you what you want (as if he ever does lol)

  • This is awesome! Thanks! Now if you can release a Christmas skin for Piyotama the holiday season will be complete.

  • amazing, this game keeps getting better and better and free is always good

  • Thank you Game Republic and Sony. If one game was worth the price of the PS3, Folklore is definitely it. Can anyone tell me if a sequel or a next installment is going to be in the series? I’m really hoping for a sequel. Such great art direction in Folklore. I hope this game sold well, I hate for this game to be unappreciated and overlooked.

  • Mr. Jeff Rubenstein, do you have any idea if a possible sequel/next installment has been considered to Folklore? Thanks.

  • @edwardelric85 (#40) – haven’t heard anything about a sequel, but personally, I hope so too. If anything were ever to be announced, you’d read it here on the Blog.

  • I believe you can download the holiday pack before purchasing the game – it should show up as an installable package file.

  • leetfoo – the game definately runs at 720p. Are all your games running at 480?

    I play Folklore on my 720p 121″ front projector and it looks great… wonder if there’s a way for me to post pics…

    Also, if you guys aren’t playing in 5.1 audio, definately check it out – really makes a huge difference.

  • I really appreciate this. Happy Holidays to you as well.

  • @ Jeff and Eric.

    Awesome. I’ll go and install the expansion while it’s there!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Holiday!

  • darkiewonder – you can download the pack now, not sure if you can install until you have the game though…

  • not-buying-incognito

    @ dead babies…. sick my duck

  • Wow, that’s awesome. And thank you Sony for giving aways this for free.
    Hope its still there when I have the game…

  • I have to say Folklore trully was a different but great game.

    I want to know what is next for Game Republic will it be another new IP or may be a new version of past games.

    Also will Dark Mist come out on the US PSN servers that game looks nice.

    Another thing when will Toy Home come out too.

    Plus thanks for the free stuff. The team at Game Republic is setting a high standard for other devs to give away free stuff every now and then.

  • sweet! gonna dl it right now.. but i won’t install until i beat the game first

    thanks sony! you rock!

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