Unreal Tournament 3 Strategy from Epic Games

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Hey there – I’m Chris Mielke and I’m the Art Production Manager at Epic Games, developer of Unreal Tournament 3, which hits the PLAYSTATION 3 this week.

I’ve been asked to talk about one of my favorite Unreal Tournament 3 Vehicle Capture the Flag (vCTF) maps – Suspense. There are so many good nooks and crannies in this map that I had to highlight a few!

Unreal Tournament 3 Strategy from Epic Games

If you haven’t played Suspense – this map is a giant suspension bridge that has a flag base at each end. You can set up killing zones by using the towers as blockers, snipe or infiltrate the base by using the suspension bridge itself or use the various power ups to do flag runs. I’ll go into each one of those below and give a couple random tips at the end.

The main weapon on the map is the Goliath Tank – most people just drive it down the bridge and it usually gets blown up by an AVRiL, but there is a way to maximize your firepower. If you take the tank from its starting position and drive it diagonally across the street to the right to the first large bridge support pillar – then you can use the pillar as a barricade against AVRiLs and tank fire. By poking your turret out around the corner of the pillar and rocking back and forth to avoid incoming fire you can control the whole street and take out snipers on the far side by the SPMA. However, crafty people usually try to flank you in the Manta or by jumping to the building behind you – so be vigilant! If you get good at this maneuver you usually can easily get a Rampage every time.

Next – the bridge suspension cables provide access to the upper reaches of the bridge. To access this area you run up the cables, use your hoverboard to skate up the cables (kind of tricky!), or have a Raptor pilot drop you off on the top platform. Before you journey up to the top – take a Sniper Rifle or the AVRiL! If you want to snipe – on each suspension bridge tower is a UDamage (for a total of two… which you can easily grab one and then the other in a loop using a narrow walkway). The only way people can reach you on the top platforms are the same ways you got up there (which isn’t easy), and you can have some fun while they scramble to reach you. By using the suspension cables to facilitate your getaway is a fast way to get the flag and escape quickly. Usually people are looking on the ground for the stolen flag/flag carrier – not in the air!

When you are doing your flag runs remember to power up using the Body Armor and the Jump Boots (to help you escape). These are located in the “middle” of each bridge support (between the ground and the AVRiL platform). The Body Armor is on the on the right side as you look down the bridge from the base and the Jump Boots are on the left. Once you grab these items you will have a good chance at grabbing that flag and making it back to your base alive.

Unreal Tournament 3 Strategy from Epic Games

Finally, some random tips:

· When the Redeemer under the bridge appears, the manhole covers in the center of the bridge open – providing easy access to this weapon.

· Use the “lock on” function with the Rocket Launcher to kill any Mantas or Raptors strafing your base – too many people use the Stinger against aircraft and the results are much more effective with the Rocket Launcher.

· Crouch while grappling to a vehicle on the hoverboard – this keeps you steady, closer to the back end of the vehicle to avoid incoming fire, and doesn’t bounce you around as much.

That’s it for me – have fun and I’ll see you on the battlefield in Unreal Tournament 3!

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  • sure i buy it :) look crazy and the graphic oOo my god

  • The fact that it wasn’t even known for awhile when UT3 for the PS3 was going to be released. That might explain why we have yet to see any marketing for the PS3 version. Hopefully that will all change soon. It would be real nice to here from someone from Epic or Sony. So that we can find out what the advertising plan is for UT3.

  • Hmmm….what to buy this week-end…UT3 or Uncharted?

  • Ok I just saw a commercial for UT3 on the PS3 — on SciFi tonight. Monday 10th

  • Men i never play UT before, i hope it have Campain not just multiplayer, only like that i’m going to buy it

  • Looks awesome!

  • i have a few questions.. does this game have jaggies?? like does it use anti-aliasing .. because i have like 25 ps3 games and i can see jaggies on them all .. and i for one really hate it… and also.. how many online players can it support? 40 like resistance? ? ?

  • I’m the same way #57, I was playing PC games a little before the PS3 came out and it seems like nobody notices those “jaggies”. Don’t get me wrong Uncharted, Ratchet, Heavenly Sword and even Lair look good. But is it just me or do screenshots of games look a lot better than the actual games this generation? I played MGS4 and when I compare it to the screenshots posted everywhere it doesn’t even come close.

  • Why didn’t you add the cool headshots from gears of war?

  • I got a good strategy for everyone… stay out of my way. :P

    Kidding…see you guys online!

  • not-buying-incognito

    never played any of your games before.
    But Unreal*T*3 looks like the one to try.
    not sure bout buying this game yet.
    A demo sure would have been sweet.
    i guess i can rent it, bBuster will have it.

  • any review out yet?

  • The reviewer from the link I posted earlier does compare it to the PC version quite a bit, which I think is unfair due the fact that the PC game engine of Unreal is probably at about v5.0 ( because it’s been used in so many PC and Xbox 360 games ) while the PS3 version of the engine is at v1.0.

    For a v1.0 of their PS3 engine I think 9 out of 10 is quite good and bodes well for anyone thinking of licensing the engine for cross-platform games.

    It will be interesting to see how other reviewers rate it.

  • still wondering if this is gonna have jaggies .. i remember when i first got my ps3.. and it was beautiful for all my games.. i think somebody somewhere screwed up the firmware…i called sony about it.. they had a guy call me back.. who tests the firmware.. and he said he see the jaggies in games too.. and said that it will be reviewed… as for poster number 58..these jaggies i never notice till around 2.0… hmm havent you noticed hoe games dont really lag as much.. i mean the simpsons game god its awful to look at.. i just hope they uses 4x aa for this game

  • UT3 day today woot!! all i gotta say is UPS says – OUT FOR DELIVERY :)

  • Please Epic answer our questions!

    Does UT3 have global worldwide servers?
    Does UT3 have splitscreen play? 4player?

  • Hells yeah!

    I will have this game in another 3 hours. Thank you Epic Games and SCEA.

  • @65 : the moment you start using AA, albeit 4x, you will get a smoother image, but is comes a the price of processing power. I’d rather have the processing power spent on better AI than on better visuals.

    The only time I would notice jaggies is if I am stationary for a long period of time. Frankly if the game is about not moving, it would certainly win a prize for innovation, but not sure if it would be very fun.

  • Epic really blew it by taking out SPLIT SCREEN in this game. That was the whole reason I wanted to buy it.

  • Ok… I’m seeing confirmations on your website (and others) that UT3 does NOT have any splitscreen modes… even the campaign splitscreen mode as previously mentioned in a dev interview. Others are saying that voice support doesn’t seem to be working, and that the PS3 mods aren’t working.

    The lack of splitscreen is a HUGE disappointment. The lack of confirmation and information from the devs on what the game DOES contain is even more disappointing… we find this information out from those that bought the game … because it is apparently beyond the capabilities of the devs to put on their webpage that the game has no splitscreen or why the voice support isn’t working. Possibly the devs are too busy working on the Xbox version – and if the Xbox version has 4 player online co-op AND the splitscreen mode mentioned in those early interviews – Epic will alienate PS3 gamers for life!

    I respectfully suggest that Epic go into damage control mode… give us some information!!! I put this game on pre-order based on the splitscreen mode… if it’s never coming, I want to know. I want to know if the same disc can be used in 2 PS3’s in the household so that optionally I could still play the game with my husband when I get a second PS3 for him for Christmas… basically.. please, please, please give us REAL information on the game… I don’t much care about the cool maps or cool weapons if the game doesn’t have online voice support!

  • What health system does UT3 use? I refuse to play a shooter that doesn’t use timed regenerative health.

  • Why is there no advertisements for the PS3 version for this game?

    I know Midway is the publisher and not Sony but hopefully something gets done soon.
    I wont be spending 60 bones only to realize there is hardly anyone online.

    All in all I don’t think PS3 games are being marketed as well as they could be.
    Someone doesn’t really have their hand on the consumer pulse.

    Those boom boom onyx advertisements on TV mean nothing to the average consumers.
    The only way you can associate the footage with the actual games is if you are familiar with the games themselves.

    The last few weeks leading to the holidays you guys should be taking it up a notch while the competition is dialing it down and getting drunk on their own Nogg.

  • @ 47: “i just posted on gamepro ..there top write Blake snow … always post negitive things about the ps3 or sony in a whole and prasie the microsoft 360”

    Haha! Is that where he ended up? This guy is the biggest joke, and most blatant PS3 hater. I’m surprised any website would have him. Over a period of many months when he was writing for Joystiq, I called him on his poor facts and disinformation so many times, it was just getting embarrassing. I’d assumed he crawled under a rock somewhere to hide his head in shame. He was the primary reason I stopped reading Joystiq, and I guess I won’t waste any time on Gamepro, either. He fully earned his nickname of Snake Blow.

    Sorry, OT.

  • Alright, I have been playing UTIII for like 5 hours now and had to say that this game kicks ass.

  • I’m hearing this doesn’t have splitscreen???

    What the hell man…

    The original UT on ps2 had 4 player splitscreen…And I had a blast with my friends… This not having splitscreen makes me not want to buy the game anymore….


  • k well i just bought ut3 .. and i loved the intro to the campaign.. but why the hell does the gameplay graphics look like xbox 1 ?? seriously my gun looks like a cartoon.. soo far in gameplay i find only the water looks this gen graphics.. every new ps3 game i play supossed to have amazing graphics.. and all thats really amazing is the water??… also another thing i dont like and i want a patch for is for you to be able to use the mouse and keyboard to acctually start the game… also when your done a match continue… oh yah and so i dont have to keep my sixaxis on when i play with my mouse and keyboard

  • This game keeps freezing on me anyone else?

  • what good reason is there that europe gets the game 2-3 months later?

  • it will be properly finished lol

  • Great game. Glad you guys were able to release it this month!

    BTW, when are we going to start seeng mods for PS3? There’s nothing at the site yet (http://udn.epicgames.com/PS3Mods/WebHome.html).


  • http://www.psxextreme.com/ has an interesting review of it. I played it on a PC @ E For All and it looked amazing, and was real fun. I hope it looks the same on the PS3.

    I have been enjoying Playing UT3 on my PS3 and my PC for a couple of days now. What I was REALLY was looking forward to was Split Screen Co-op and Vs. There is NO EXCUSE for Midway and Epic Games to not include this in the game. It is customary now to be able to play offline with a friend or family member via split-screen. I have been enjoying this type of Game play with my wife, brother, and nephew, and friends who come over. They were all looking forward to some great split-screen action…Sadly there is NONE. I can only hope that a Patch is put out that will fix this. This game looks quite good on the PS3 and runs fairly smooth, the graphics are very good in HD, 720p. I hate to say this, but if the 360 gets split-screen when it is release later in 2008 and no patch is made for the PS3 version I will be trading my PS3 version in. Its not fun for people to just sit there and watch me play, when they want to jump in too! So come on give us split screen where at least the bare minimum of 2 people can play…though it would be a nice option to have a 4-way split screen so up to 4 can play….The computer is nice for online, but the PS3 version would have been great for Split-Screen play…I am sorely dissappointed.

  • Im very pleased with the style of gamplay with this game. Its the shooter I have been waiting on!

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