You Can Change Your Password!

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When we upgraded the WordPress install on the blog last week, one of the things that many of you asked about was changing your own password. As I said then, we’ve been working on this feature – and now it’s ready.

If you’re an existing user, you can click here to change your password. You’ll need to enter your current username and password, then select a new password.

New users will still receive an auto-generated password, but you can update it upon first login.

We hope this feature helps enhance your PlayStation.Blog experience, something we’ll continue to strive for in the months ahead.

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  • Thanks for the update, this is great.

  • Thanks, Jeff!

    You still working on getting us the answers you promised from your first blog entry?


  • Thank you, no more going back to my email!

  • Thanks. been waiting on this for a while.

  • Aloha and thanks…

  • For god’s sake! Yes we need in-game messaging!! Now get or ur buts and do it!

  • I agree I can’t stand invitation To Chat when I’m playing War Hawk it pisses me off I can’t Concentrate!..So please Sony 2.2 soon with the features I’m mentioned over and over again.

  • THANK GOD. It was getting so annoying having to go copy and paste the auto generated password from saved emails everytime I wanted to log in! Good call on that update PS Blog Staff.

  • this is great now i can create my own password.

  • Great, now i can make my password in to “blindlypurchasingsheepwoman” like i always wanted!

  • This is pretty decent. Now I can use something that I can easily remember, I have too many passwords to remember, and now thanks to the new feature I can at least remember this one, leaving me with another password to keep track of. Thanks for the update :)

  • Great! Good Job!

  • make the blogs, so that i can work everything without my pc… can’t do everything like post forums only using my ps3… i would like to be able to do so…

  • Sweet! this was really frustrating to deal with.

  • thanks for that update.

  • Thank you for this feature; it was needed.

  • Thats why i let my PC remember my PW

  • Finally!

    This alone will bring me here daily instead of once every two days.

    Sure some of you will say “why not click on the remember password option?” Well some of us use different computers in different places.

    So much easier now, thank you.

  • why does my gravatar not get shown?
    i have a gravatar account and the same email adress :(

  • Jeff, I know this is not the ideal place for this, but I can’t find a way to send you a PM or an email, that’s good I suppose.

    Probably the HOTTEST topic on PS3 right now is GT5 Prologue. Yes, many of us are importing it from Japan. Many more of us do not want to buy it twice and there is this whole language barrier thing.

    I was very disappointed by “SpikeTV’s Video Game Awards” last night (Sunday 12/9). I had been expecting a release date for the the US market to be attached to the new trailer. But, there was no date.

    I’m sure you are aware of the rumored date on Amazon touting of Feb. 19, ’08. Unfortunately, many people are taking this and running around as if it IS the definitive date.

    Dude, when are we going to have a release date?

    Many of us decided to get a Playstation 3 because of loyalties to GT, including myself. I had to choose between the PS3 and the ‘death ring’, GT was what kept me in the Playstation camp.

    Please Jeff, help us out. Bring an end to all of the ridiculous rumors. Give us a date to look forward to.

    Come by the GT boards and post the press release please. Don’t give it to IGN or GameSpot or some other site. Feed the starving GT fans on the “official” GT board….please.

    Thanks for your time,

  • Well Jeff that is great news. Now how about you help me get my Gravitar to work?!

  • yeah these are my 5 top ps3 games of duty 4 2.warhawk 3.rfom 4.heavenly sword 5.rachet and clank(for ps3)

  • Yay. ^_^

    No I can leave more comments, haha.

  • Is there any way to update/upload avatar here?

  • Orrr!! I get it :)
    and your email on this blog! :D

  • Silly people in here use a tablet if your worried you might lose your password lol…I have the PS-UG or G.A.P Members only tablet thats where I put my Password…But it is cool it can do those features now but why is there no demo for HOME or any other games that have been delayed a long time now?…I wish we had the update to use our Xmb for our games be it all our games! taht would kick ass!..But they definitely need to improve that annoying Invite to chat room!..Its so annoying in War Hawk etc..So please can you get to the bottom of this Jeff?.Thank you! Have A Save Happy New Year!

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