PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

High Velocity Bowling ($9.99)
Meet the High Velocity Bowlers each with their own unique personality, skill-set, and attributes. High Velocity Bowling uses the SIXAXIS controller to simulate a genuine bowling swing with real lane environments, providing a truly next-gen bowling game. Players will compete to unlock 8 distinctive characters and progress through 8 themed alleys on their way to bowling domination.
File size: 514 MB
ESRB Rated E10+

Add-on Game Content

Folklore Add-On #1 “The Kidnapped Folk” ($3.99)
This Folklore add-on includes four additional side quests, which take place during the events of the original game, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costume for Ellen.
File size: 73 MB

Folklore Add-On #2 “Bottom of the Sea” ($3.99)
This Folklore add-on includes four additional side quests, which take place during the events of the original game, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costume for Keats.
File size: 91.2 MB

Folklore Add-On Bundle #1 ($5.99)
Get two Folklore Add-Ons for one low price!
This Folklore™ Add-On Bundle includes- “The Kidnapped Folk” and the “Bottom of the Sea” Add-Ons. Each includes four side quests, plus an extra Folk to capture and an alternative costumes for both Ellen and Keats.
File size: 164 MB

MotorStorm Falfer Domino ($0.99)
Increase your range of MotorStorm™ vehicles with this unique ride.
File size: 100 KB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing “N.I.B.,” “Sweet Leaf,” and “War Pigs,” which are cover versions of songs made famous by Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath Track Pack 01 includes all three songs. Please note: you need to actually own Rock Band in order to play these tracks:

* “War Pigs” – Black Sabbath ($1.99)

* “Sweet Leaf” – Black Sabbath ($1.99)

* “N.I.B.” – Black Sabbath ($1.99)

* Black Sabbath Track Pack 01 ($5.49)

File sizes: 27.8 MB – 60.6 MB (singles), 128 MB (Track Pack).


TimeShift Multiplayer Demo
Download the TimeShift Multiplayer Demo and encounter a multiplayer experience like never before!
File size: 757 MB
ESRB Rated M

PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP

Wild Arms ($5.99)
The metal demons, legendary destroyers of Filgaia are returning. You must destroy these demons of ruin and save the world from destruction.
File size: 300 MB
ESRB Rated E

Game Videos

GTA IV – Trailer 3 “Move up, ladies”
Grand Theft Auto fans get their next look at one of the best-selling game series of all time. The third official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV is here.
File size: 87 MB (HD)

MGS4 – TGS 2007 Trailer
The Tokyo Game Show 2007 trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots features a montage of characters and offers a candid look at the game’s narrative – the epic, final chapter of the Solid Snake saga.
File size: 169 MB (HD)

Uncharted “Environments” Video
Take a deeper look into the technology behind the amazing environments seen in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune™.
File size: 537 MB (HD)

TimeShift FPS Video 3 (free)
Watch this series of videos on how you can Master Time to Become the Ultimate Weapon!
File size: 79 MB (HD)

Turok Interview Trailer 1 (free)
Join us as we speak to Josh Bridge, Lead Level Designer for Turok, about his experience developing the game and his thoughts on A.I., game strategy and his favorite aspects of the game.
File size: 102 MB (SD), 259 MB (HD)

Battlefield “Frostbite” Video
Get behind the doors of Battlefield: Bad Company with DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson as he leads you through the new Frostbite game engine. With commentary from his colleagues, the true depth and potential of Frostbite is revealed through exclusive gameplay. See how each part of the Frostbite engine was designed to bring out even the smallest details and mesh it all into one unique experience.
File size: 185 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

The Legend of Zorro Blu-ray Disc Trailer (free)
Despite trying to keep his swashbuckling to a minimum, a threat to California’s pending statehood causes the adventure-loving Alejandro de la Vega (Antonio Banderas) – and his wife, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) – to take action.
File size: 157 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

Ratchet & Clank: ToD Theme (free)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 952 KB

Uncharted Theme (free)
Customize your PS3™ system with a cool Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune™ theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB™ icons. Download today!
File size: 2.97 MB

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Ok Cool!!!

  • Good stuff! The new GTA trailer today….excellent.

  • Wild Arms!!!! Thank you. We need more PS1 rpg for the psp/ps3.

  • OMG Wild Arms. I am so happy.

  • Great update!

    Beats today for PSP? :)

  • Themes look amazing! I also like that they are free compared to, ahem, other consoles. Keep them themes coming.

  • Are we getting our promised late November, early December home beta?

  • Is the beta of Home coming or not?

  • thanks for the update.

  • Downloading now, should be all set for when I get home.
    Hooray for new themes and hooray for Remote Play.

  • @ Coolguy2000

    You can say that again. Plus I can’t even download new Themes on my 360 for another week ever since I let my Gold membership expire.

    Anyway great update, I’ll definitely download the themes, some trailers and the demo. Any word on when we’ll start seeing more PS Eye games?

  • how come SCEE put up alot of theme’s and the Japan PSN got a PixelJunk theme

  • Good update. But the PSN games are getting pricey.

  • Any news on if the PC store will update as well, or are you just in control of the PS3 PSN?
    If so do you know what will be added?

  • I’m gonna buy High Velocity Bowling, looks like it could be a lot of fun (I got sick of Wii Sports a while ago, hopefully this will be able to replace that).

  • Man, thats a great update, but when are we getting the Home beta? I think everyone that owns a Playstation 3 could agree that we need some kind of information on the Home open beta. Sony, please let us know! It’s getting out of control on the forums!

  • Thank you sony, DS3 support for folklore included with the packs!!!! Where is my holiday theme like Japan got yesterday.. Seriously thank you for the downloads!

  • Woooo. MGS4 trailer finally out!

  • THEMES lol

  • @Stoffinator
    How much do you pay for a 2 hour movie?
    10$ in theatres, 4$ on video.
    Most people spend more than 2 hours on these games, especially games like this and PAIN that are fun party games with real people in real life.
    Besides, they’re the same general price they’ve been since the start. How are they “getting pricey” when the price hasn’t gone up, and, in fact, has gone down for several games?

  • Wild Arms, and Themes. awesome! Prices on add-ons not quite as nice.

  • Thankyou fo the new themes! One thing though, it would be nice to get the themes the Europe store got. Maybe next week hey? Killzone 2 theme and Burnout Paradise demo for next week, dam it couldnt get better.

    Also great job on getting the GTA 4 trailer up less than an hour after release. Much appreciated.

  • Ratchet icons are awesome, it replaced my custom kingdom hearts one, except still using my warhawk background :D

  • Nice Update, great job guys :)

    @ Lp47

    Can’t you just d/l the other themes from the European Store? Same for the Kanye and Lynch Demo I assume.

  • could u guys tell us what Ps1 games ur working on? i think little updates on whats coming soon or whats planned might be helpful,

  • New themes! I can’t wait to get them, keep adding more.

  • Cool.I’m sure the themes will look pretty good

  • Damn… I was hoping for the Warhawk expansion. Oh well. Good update, I’ll most likely get HV Bowling. Finally looks like something that makes good use of the SIXAXIS. I wish more games had actual innovative uses of the SIXAXIS. Using it just to steer sux IMO.

  • You guys should have added UT3 videos, since it is released next week. Also update us on “Home Open Beta”. A simple yes or no that we will get a taste of it before release next year would be nice.

    So how about it Jeff? Will we see a demo/beta of home before the release next year? A Christmas present would be sweet if we got nothing more then our apartment to setup until it is released.

  • NICE man I may have to try WilD Arms…

  • Next week update (Dec. 13th) could very well be the best PSN update ever.

    If…. the new Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn— booster pack is released. Also the Burnout Paradise Demo, and more themes like Killzone 2 and others the Europe store got today.

    Great update today, thanks again for the themes, and full games.

  • @20.

    And thats why I don’t go to the movies. :-)

  • I only had three wishes for this weeks update.
    HVB game(check), GTA4 trailer(check), and MGS4 TGS trailer(check).
    Congrats on reading my thoughts!!!

  • who isn’t talking about home (open beta) these days…where is it sony? you can quit playing around like it doesn’t exist now.

  • Nice update, but where’s the home beta that phil said would be coming out in late nov early dec??

  • the warhawk expansion is being released on the 28th, according to IGNs Ps3 release date list thingy

  • Thanks for Wild Arms!

  • Why are Canadians paying more for games than our American counterparts, when our dollar is worth more? Just wondering. At one point the store changed to reflect this but has since gone back to the old prices????

  • grace, r u hot?

  • Awesome. I Sorta fixed my problem with my credit card.

    I heard that BEATS will arrive on the PSP Store sometimes today? is that true?

  • lol @ Ric Flair (#39)
    What a perv haha

  • Home . Where is Home ? (Early December) where is your word ?

  • Thank you so much for WILD ARMS!

  • WILD ARMS! OMG! YES! BOUGHT NOW. SONY! You are beginning to get onto the right track with the PS1 classics! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  • ok update, bought a vehicle pack from the UK store though, don’t bother with the kane and lynch demo on there though, it sucks balls.

    forklore packs? i know no-one who bought that game yet.. all the add-ons!

    kudos for the GH sabbath tracks, i used war pigs for my COD4 video on YT.

    thank you Sony, now how about a nice xmas pressie for all your loyal customers!?

  • @38

    Our dollar has dropped again thanks to our government making it drop. Though we should still pay the same as the US.

  • crap – it’s Rock Band not Guitar Hero!

    *takes kudos back* -haha-

  • @45 mobiletone: It’s Rock Band tracks, not Guitar Hero. Would be nice. I’mma toss GH in the trash as soon as I get Rock Band unless they step up their downloadable songs!

  • This is a great update. A lot of different things to download and try…

    I’m hoping HVB is a fun game…

  • This was a great update. I look forward to the day we get Alundra onto the network.

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