Operation: Omega Dawn

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We’ve just finished development of our v1.2 patch and our first Booster Pack, Operation: Omega Dawn!…which is very different than “Red Dawn” or “Dawn of the Dead” :-)


I’d like to give our blog readers a bit of info on our first downloadable content – and I’ll try to keep in away from sounding to much like a sales-pitch filled with shallow marketing-speak. The team and I really wanted the Omega Dawn Booster pack to add a new gameplay experience and to enhance the replay value of the core Warhawk game. Not be some nickel-and-dime upgrade that takes advantage of our player community!!! (That’s my own personal opinion on DLC so I’ll get off my soapbox now)

So without further ado…

The Omega Dawn Booster pack adds 3 key things:

* A night-time battlefield with 6 layouts called the “Omega Factory”. It’s huge btw.
* New 7-player aircraft called the KT-424 Combat Dropship.
* And 5 updated bonus layouts for battlefields from the original game so that you can play using the new Dropship.

First let me ramble on about the new battlefield: Many of you all wanted a night time level so that’s what we did. The battlefield takes place at night well… actually at early dawn. We wanted to make this level a bit more challenging and visually improved than our previous levels. It has more involved building layouts with more vertical structures, platforms and detailed spaces for ground troops.

Here’s the map of the entire battlefield.


This more advanced layout compliments the dropship really well as there are some places in the level that are only accessible by air. This is especially cool for transporting vehicles! We also added some macro scale color changes to the bases to help players communicate locations within the symmetrically balanced battlefield.

You’ll see all of this more in these screen shots so I’ll stop talking about the new battlefield now :-)


The Combat Dropship is pretty damn sweet I gotta say. During the entire Omega Dawn dev-cycle I was trying to have us deliver on the crazy notion of a “Multiplayer BOSS”. Something that a team could all work together to control and that would require other players to work as a team to defeat the opposing team’s “BOSS”. We’ve had several just wicked memorable moments playing with our testers that felt like classic BOSS battles … but in a fast-paced multiplayer game!

What else?

Oh yeah…we also integrated the Combat Dropship in the 5 biggest layouts from the original game. It really changes the way those levels play which is good ‘cause it gives them a fresh feel … like an Irish spring!

Ahh…there are 2 things you will all ask immediately I’m sure: “when does it come out?” and “how much does it cost?”


We are in our final global test phase right now (internally it’s called format testing). Once we pass and go “gold” (which is a pretty odd term given a purely digital distribution but whatever) then I can announce a specific date. But we are still on track for our “December” release.

And as far as pricing goes – the Omega Dawn Booster Pack will sell for $7.99 on the PlayStation Store. Why don’t we just charge $8.00? I mean seriously? Does that one penny really fool anyone? :-)

I’ll probably need to make some follow-up posts once you all have had a chance to comment. So smash this site with questions and I’ll do my best to post a FAQ about the upcoming Booster Pack!

As always … Rock on!

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  • Cant wait!! *hopes for early december release*

  • $7.99 for 1 map and 1 vehicle? Really?

    Wow, I’m gonna hate seeing Confrontation DLC when they said they’d be adding multiple maps and more gear to the game.. gonna be like $29.99.

  • Looks sweet. I’d love to buy this… but I don’t have a credit card and sony has still not come out with the playstation cards. So if you read this Dylan maybe you can tell sony that you are losing out on sales due to the fact that there are no Playstation Cards. Thanks.

  • $7.99 is a reasonable price. Too bad the “Booster” in “Booster Pack” didn’t mean actual rocket boosters for players to use. It was fun speculation at the time. Night time map = snipy time.

    Question for you, Dylan. My friend xX__Shan__Xx was killed 513 times by some random douchebag, but he knows for a fact that he NEVER let anybody do that to him. Is that some kind of glitch that will be fixed with the new patch? If so, what will he have to do in order for his killed by stats to revert to the correct state? Hope you respond to this. Keep up the good work.

  • What kind of defenses will the dropship have? I know it will have that cannon, but what help would that be against a missile turret? Will there be a stealth mode for it? Can it pick up the same powerups as the Warhawks?

  • @5 Sashy
    lol dude they are INCOGNITO, not insomniac lol

  • I’m a little disappointed with the price. I bought this game on day 1, and probably logged in a good 15 hours, but it never recorded my stats, and once the 1.1 update came out I played a few games to see if it would update my profile. It finally enlisted me, but demoted me down to a Chief Sergeant (I think that’s the one, the one before Wingman).
    With all the bugs, I was hoping this would be a free update, or at a bargain price of $5.

  • @mywhitenoise

    you were not “demoted”. right now, your rank IS WHERE IT’S SUPPOSE TO BE. you were only at your other rank because of a bug in the ranking system. you are now at your correct rank determined by points AND badges/ribbons/medals

  • Is it possible that we will see games with more than 32 players and also more official (ranked) servers?

    i am definitely getting this map when it is released.

  • Oh, will we be able to share the add-on content with other users like other PSN games? Because if we can, I’ll split the cost with a friend, and I’m all in.

  • It’s pretty easy to get shot down in a Warhawk, so how is the Dropship going to avoid being a flying coffin?? Since you talk about it like a giant MP “Boss,” I’m guessing it’s got a lot of hit points to it?? Also, will players be able to drop out of it at any time or will it have to land? I’ve always wanted the ability to bail out of a Warhawk, especially if I somehow end up in the passenger seat and some idiot is flying :P

  • @ Dylan
    Will you ever allow more than 32 players in a match? I know that at least Eucadia seems kind of empty even if 32 people are using it. If Omega Dawn is even bigger….
    Also, if there is any way that you could make it so that more than one person per console can play in a ranked game, I would really appreciate it because I have 4 people at my house that like to play Warhawk.

  • @ #60 Johnny Sasaki
    KUDOS on being able to bail out of a Warhawk

  • $8 is pretty steep, but i’ll probably still buy it… it definitely looks like the old maps are played at dawn as well, but i hope it’s not EVERY time you play the old maps with the dropship.


  • So I’m guessing America will get this a month before Europe?

    That’s customer service for you.

  • you know i just read a users comment about bailing out of a warhawk and while initially i thought that it would be impractical it may be a good option after all.
    What if a warhawk could collect a parachute “item” (like how we do cluster bombs,etc) and maybe only have 2 parachutes per map. it would actually give a tactical advantage if the passenger is able to parachute behind enemy lines or if the pilot is able to bail out (maybe auto) if the currently “selected item” (in weapon/item list) is parachute when his/her plane is being shot down.

    i think that would be fair.

    P.s. I am not sure how a passenger would be able to select the parachute when in a warhawk (he would not have access to the planes item-list)


  • Cant wait for it :)

  • WOW i actually cant beleive i saw some people crying about 8 dollars. Well you can tell who has a job and who doesnt.

    But this is pretty awesome. Im definately buyin this!

    Have you guys heard of Simon Giftcards? They are gift cards that work exactly like debit cards. Except you dont need a bank account for it to work. The money is stored on the card. Ive used it plenty of times for online transactions. Just make sure you register the card on the website, Simongiftcard.com before you try to get something online with it.

  • WTF happen to FREE downloadable content? My god, so instead of my 59.99 to buy the game its now [DELETED] near 70bucks? You’ve got to be [DELETED] me.

    Maybe i should buy a [DELETED] gaming rig computer so i can get free updates and a modable community and $49 brand new games.

    Owning a console is getting more expensive than owning a [DELETED] gaming rig jesus h christ.

  • $8…that’s like 2 gallons of gas!!!! Wow, can’t wait. I’ll just not go out for one day and “bam!!”….there just saved me my $8.

  • Sounds freakin’ sweet! its been a minute since I played Warhawk…you guys are making it hard for me to choose what game to play when I sit down in front of that PS3! Good work!

  • @64 – you can have it when you give us home! lol, kidding.

    @ dylan – im stunned, I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been itching to see some new screenshots. I’m impressed. Despite its early flaws – game of the year on ps3 in IMO.
    The parachute thing doesn’t sound like a bad idea either from what the others are saying.

    Oh yeah, and isn’t there a new CANNON or something? If I recall I didn’t see that in your post and I can remember reading it in some articles. MBEC-3 Heavy Support Cannon???

  • people complaining about $8? it is not a bad price. How about thinking it this way, you get a game w/ 6 big configurable maps, 2 types of jets, a dropship, two types of tanks, jeeps, cool weapons, and a still a whole bunch of medals, ribons, and awards to attain for $48.

    By the way Dylan, will we see new troop weapons in the near future? Next Warhawk iteration should include ships w/ cannons all around them… then you can say “on foot, on ground, in the air, and even on the water!

  • How will it work for those that do NOT d/l the content?

    Will they be restricted to not being able to use the new vehicle? Or will they only not be able to get on a server with the new map?

    Thanks Dylan :D

  • @71 i cannot wait for a heavy support cannon at the moment when i play the island battle i stay on the first ledge near the base in my tank and bombard the enemy base on the other side of the map but in these larger maps i imagine that i will not be able to do that so i really want a BIG GUN !! but it would be good for someone to be able to mark a target which would prevent me from doing “blind” fires (potentially killing my team-mates), hmmm, maybe a remote drone or two per map ???
    damn this game rocks, and the potential for improvements are staggering !!

  • $8 bucks for all this is better than $2 for horse armor I’d say.

  • I have $7.49 in my playstation wallet right now And I refuse to pay a penny more, take it or leave it :P

    Seriously when is the release date, It needs to be before UT3 is released or it may be severely overlooked by the masses.

    And if you guys have more booster packs planned I suggest taking a look at what it will cost us to own them all including the $40 we payed for the game.

  • what’s the UK price and release date going to be? are you going to rip us off with a 1 dollar = 1 pound exchange or will we get a fair price? ie: 4 quid.

    *waits to get ripped off*

  • well this is great and all and i would love to play this addon, but, when are sony gonna release the damn psn cards!!! they should have been released along with the ps3!!!! please just get sony to release the psn cards ASAP!!!

  • People want everything for free these days…..what the heck….

  • This is SO uber. Can’t wait!

  • This is great. Next maps can we have some non-symetrical large maps. I know it will be hard to balance but it adds a lot to the gameplay (well at least to me).

  • Wow alot cheaper then i thought it would be. dont know why though. I cant wait for this to come out.

  • sweet ..and great price too… couple questions tho.. in the e3 video of 2005.. warhawk showed the drops ships… but also like 60 warhawk’s flying around… any chance on increasing the multiplayer too .. i dunno 64 or something like that..also i have notice jagged lines on the warhawk’s and tanks and terrains.. will that be fixed.. or will the new levels use anti-aliasing

  • I might end up purchasing this, still not 100% sure though.

  • The add on looks great! Like the price too. People will complain about having to pay but don’t let it get to you dev guys. You worked hard and deserve something for it! Amazing how a pack like this at $7.99, which gives potentially hundreds of hours of playtime, gets price whiners while PS1 classics at $5.99 are lapped up without complaint. Some of you are buying these for a second time! Is two dollars really that important to your peace of mind?


    maybe warhawk II?

    As for this update anychance it will be free after a while?

  • I enjoy this game immensely, but I gotta say it would be great to be able to play this game off line with bots. Think Counter Strike.

    Dont get me wrong, i love Warhawk, but bots would really be awesome, maybe even online as well mixed with human players.

  • This is awesome, I for sure will get it, but what about some of us who are stuck at Airman or similar ranks? Please do something to fix this, ranking up and getting the cool skins is as much an incentive to play as this new booster pack. Please fix it so that we can rank up correctly. Thanks.

  • Ouch. Costs money…..Meh!! ME WANTS NOW! :P

    Great work guys!! I want this update so much :D

  • 77: it should be a fairish price. if you compare the addons on each store you can see that UK is paying an extra pound or so usually.

    Resistance Map Pack 2: £2.99 ($6~) / $4.99 (£2.49)
    Motorstorm Revenge Weekend: £3.99 ($8~) / $5.99 (£2.99)

    US price being $7.99 (£3.99) should mean UK gets it at £4.99.

  • @88
    Dude, the ranks are fixed and working fine. If you’re not advancing it’s because you don’t have all of the requirements. Checkout the website http://www.warhawkstats.com for all of the info.

  • what the hell i thougt it will be free <_<

  • my contry is arabic … its bahrain ….. there is no store for bahrain … sooo what can i do to get this maps …. i am a fan of this game ???????? PLEASE READE HERE

  • get an US account, that’s what i did =/

    it sucks that sony thinks there are no PS3 owners in south america or bahrain like me and you.

  • you can already count on my 7.99

  • Wow that’s really cool.

    Are the dropships the big ships we saw when Warhawk was still in dev?

    By the way, Dylan can’t spell!!! lawl

    “and I’ll try to keep in away from sounding to much like a sales-pitch filled with shallow marketing-speak.” – Dylan Jobe

  • I like the update a lot, Dylan. It really does look like it’ll bring a whole new feel to W.H. I was, though, hoping for a cheaper price at around $4.99 (I care about the extra penny lol jk.) The reasons I say this are: 1) I really had a lot of problems with WH in the beginning and was quite upset leading me to hope the first update was going to give us a lot to make up for it. At the price of $7.99 I feel more content should have been included. Great job though, Dylan. I’m buying no matter what, but next time will you give us a lower price or more content? The drop ship looks kick @ss.

  • yeah …. i cant get store games like TEKKEN or any thing … only the sucks demos ><

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