New PLAYSTATION Eye Games Available Today

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What’s up PS3 fans? By now, you’ve probably tried EyeCreate and made some pretty impressive videos. But now you’re wondering what else is out there for the PSEye? Well, I’m pleased to let you know we’ve got 2 more cool titles coming out later today: Operation: Creature Feature and Aquatopia.

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In Operation: Creature Feature, you control tiny creatures from another dimension through the motion of your hands. Help them navigate obstacles through earth, water, fire and ice to escape from captivity. The more you save, the happier these creatures will be. They’re completely attracted to motion so watch out for other objects blocking you through the mazes. Be sure to check it out on the PS Store and download it for $4.99.


Have you ever wanted an aquarium but didn’t want the hassle of cleaning the tank? Well show off the awesome power of your HD display with Aquatopia. Now, using your PS3 combined with the PSEye, you can have a virtual tank with both salt and freshwater fish. It’s virtual, so mix and match all you want. Remember when they said don’t tap on the glass? Well, feel free to with this tank. The action your PSEye captures will interact with the fish. You can even feed them by dabbing your hands in the top of the water. Get it from the PS Store for $1.99

That’s it for now. Hope you like the new projects coming out for the PSEye on PS3. Be sure to check back as more will be on the way in the coming months.


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  • nice

    hope this doesn’t mean no new content on Thursday

  • everyone should get the ps3 Eye it’s cheap, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun, even without eye of judgement, hell you can make stop motion animations, parodies, skits, paper stop motion animations, video comic strips, youtube vids, and that’s without eye of judgement, I hate card games like Magic etc, they were too confusing when I was younger, and too boring now that i’m older, but Eye of Judgement was/still is a blast and i’ve been playing it for a week straight.

  • Will the prices on the store in Canada reflect the strength of the Canadian dollar. I’m tired of paying an extra dollar for the PSN downloads.

  • @ #46: Haze is still listed for December 4th on GameStop and Sony’s site.

    Links for your review:

  • As many have said before:

    Eye of Judgment = Awesome game. Even if you were not into such cards game before, you will become another addict soon

    Aquarium = Cheap, thank you. Should definitively autostart if PS3 is idle.

    There’s two demos I think: Syphon Filter and Socom, tactical strike

    Check the store online with your PC:

    Sony, keep up the good work!

  • @Real Gambler

    Wait a minute…. since when can we browse the Store on the PC? And for that matter, since when have PSP games become available for purchase from the Playstation Store. Wipeout Pure? Gangs of London? SOCOM Tactical Strike and Logan’s Shadow demo? All that’s PSP stuff!

    Where’d you find that link? This is huge news for PSP owners without PS3’s!

  • WOW, just checked out the Playstation Store via the web.. WICKED!!!

    I almost d/l a software to move PStore items to my PSP,,cool.

    Why no anoucement?


  • @51 EVID

    There is no new content on Thursday. The update was posted today instead. In addition to these Eye games, some other downloadable games are temporarily discounted, some trailers have been posted, Rock Band DLC of some sort is available, and there is a demo for MX vs. ATV.

  • I was thinking of getting the EYE. I had the eyetoy and used it for a while. With video conferencing and games like these it’s make me re-think getting it. Maybe even try eye of judgement if its only a few bucks more to get….

  • dissapointing update to me

  • Wow, Aquatopia is $2.99 CAN, even though the CAN$ is worth more than the US$. Sony had similar prices for CAN and US one week, but now they’ve gone back to jacking Canadians around. I would have snagged Aquatopia for $1.99.


  • SONY please adjust the CAN costs…


  • @ real gambler – What the deuce!!! when did sony launch the new playstation store for psp???? i haven’t heard anything about it…. did it just go up recently?

  • Do I have to use the new PlayStation eye for Aquatopia, or can I use my “Eyetoy” from my PS2?

  • @ 61. I also would like Sony to adjust CAN costs. Also i wasnt expecting a store update today, do we get one on thursday to???? HAZE demo would be nicee, since im very, very sad it got delayed. :(

  • I don’t have one of those Eye Create Camera’s as of yet the games for it look cool Definitely!… I also think the people who are in charge of the PSN Store need to drop some of there prices Tekken Dark Resurrection etc..Because I am not being charged $29.99 for a fighting game..I hope your listening Greg Lutton.


    I am trying to make stop motion animation with my snapshots in Eyecreate, like you guys demoed here in the blog (of some kids racing through the office)-

    Is there a way to decrease the default 2 second time designation for snapshots when placed into the Eyecreate timeline? Because 2 seconds make the animation of course very slow and choppy, you have to manually snip each clip and delete the excess for EVERY snapshot, it is very frustrating!

    Thanks for any help!

  • #24 What the hell? Who does that every time?

  • Just for the FYI of all that are asking.. no this can not be used without the eye..

    Someone on the forums found out, I went and unplugged the eye and it will not boot without it

    Just as a FYI

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  • I just got the Aquatopia game/fishtank sim

    and it’s AWESOME!!!


    If there could be a way to listen to your own music while you have that in the background, that would be awesome!

    So you could chill and hang out with friends, look at the fish and listen to music!

    Also, any way to eventually change the background tank to other colors or even a whole new fishtank update would be great!

    thanks for any feedback!

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  • Oh hells yeah Operation: Creature Feature and Aquatopia will both be mine. Just picked up Time Crisis 4 today and have to say that it kicks ass.

    PS store online for PC and a ton of new content. Thanks.

    And yes the EoJ rocks. The friends and the wife love it.

  • Aquatopia need custom soundtrack and it will be perfect

  • So, do you NEED to have the Eye in order to download and run/play/watch Aquatopia? obviously it’s needed with Creature Feature but what about the fish? do you NEED an Eye?

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  • Creature Feature is a work out!!

  • In my humble opinion, this was a perfect store update, I bought both, for all 3 PS3’s and I will be demo’ng them in public for the next several months.

  • Creature feature is Crashing for me! i don’t know whats wrong, I start it it goes to loading screen and never escapes and then when i exit the software it resets my PS3 :( I am having Creature Feature Problems. I want to play!

  • Not sure if anyone posted the answer to the question as to whether Auqatopia will work without the Eye, but it wont. I have an Eye, downloaded this application and tried to launch it without the Eye plugged in – it doesn’t work.

    I’m glad it’s only $1.99. Not much depth here (if you excuse the pun!).

  • In response to the questions about Aquatopia and the PSEye, you will need a camera to get it to work. Without it, the title won’t load. Be sure to pick on up as there will be more titles coming out in the next few months.

  • @Greg: Can you explain why canadians have to pay 33% more for the same download… Sony did a great job with the hardware price, but why paying more for the same download? I would get the aquarium, but on par with U.S. I know, it’s only a buck, but it also means getting 3 $3.99 games instead of getting 4 $2.99 games…

  • @Greg

    I live in Argentina. How could I do to BUY your games? I mean, I know that our credit cards might not be good for you guys but I don’t know how to get the PSN cards.

    Please add another way thats its secure to you, but that lets us BUY things.

    I want, aquatopia, creatures, flow, shooter, pain, bowling, tekken…

    I mean…come on..

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  • Cheers Greg, this is going to be awesome man, I like surprises.

    Can you do a pet rooster? I’ve always wanted one of those, it would make a good alarm clock as well.

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  • Wanna know something cool about Aquatopia?

    Try it with Remote Play!!! :)

    Yup – PSP Aquarium!!!!


  • How come the Lion Fish doesn’t eat the Neon Tetras? How come there are Neon Tetras in a saltwater tank? Is this an inside joke with you programmers? Or do you want to see if anyone would notice?

    – Confused and bored!

  • Is the PSP Eyetoy coming to the U.S. any time soon?

  • Whatever happened to the Playstation Eye being HD? My older brother bought “The Eye of Judgment” and it came with some cheap web came by Sony.
    From what I remembered…This was suppose to be the next big thing in web cameras “HD.”
    Now I’m not even sure if I want to spend my money buying that PS Eye.

    Not to mention, some people are saying that it’s not as good as the PS2 Eye.

    (Any info will help)

  • Ghostm, compared to regular webcams and EyeToy, the PS Eye has better framerate (2x), more sophisticated microphone to get a crisp voice input, wider viewing angle and produces much better image under poor lighting conditions.

    The tech specs is as follow:
    *4 channel audio input:16 bits/channel, 48kHz, SNR 90db
    * 56º to 75º Field of View zoom lens
    * 2.1 F-stop, 1% distortion, fixed focus (25cm to 8 at 75º FOV)
    * 640 x 480 at 60 frames/second
    * 320 x 240 at 120 frames/second
    * USB2 high-speed data transfer
    * Uncompressed video or optional JPEG compression

    You can see some comparison shots here:
    (Left is EyeToy, Right is PS Eye)

  • I would love to se implementation for the Eye on the XMB, that would totally rock, at least as an option, just like when u use the mouse to scroll it…

  • @ 93
    I understand all the specs of the new PS Eye.
    But from what I remembered, Sony had promise and HD PS Eye.
    What’s up with that? I think that was a lie to begin with.

  • I remember an article that talked about this. Sony debated internally on whether to go HD. But in the end, they settled on this because:
    * It would be affordable to more people
    * The higher framerate, better audio and better lighting are more crucial for input devices.

  • you’re great Sony. Cause I believe you’re the first that popularized social and casual gaming with pseye and the micro as input tools. Other companies just copied you’re ideas by using other input tools. And I think the pseye is capable to do what a motion sensing controller can do!

  • What is the resolution on Aquatopia? 1080? I know they say HD but most of what I’ve seen of PS3 software is actually 720, which I don’t think of as HD.. more like Mid Def. I refuse to buy anything less than 1080 and the online descriptions never tell you what the res is. And can we get an update to make it run while the machine is idle… Do this and I’ll buy it.

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