Time Crisis 4: From Arcade to PS3

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While our team was in the process of creating the Guncon3 for the PLAYSTATION 3 release of Time Crisis 4, we were simultaneously working on the arcade version of the game. There are considerable differences when creating a game for arcade and home release. While the Time Crisis series has been a huge success in arcades for along time now, we decided to make some changes in our formula that would ultimately benefit the PLAYSTATION 3 version.

Time Crisis 4: from Arcade to PS3

For our character designs, we knew that the game would eventually be released on the extremely capable PLAYSTATION 3 hardware, so we felt confident in adding a great deal of detail to our models. For example, if you take a look at our enemy soldier designs, you’ll notice that they wear a green radio-type device on their shoulder. As the game features insect-like biological weapons called Terror-Bites, these are devices that emit a pulse that deters these creatures, ensuring that they are not attacked by accident. When enemies unleash the Terror Bites, you’ll notice that this green device blinks and emits a low buzzing sound. This is a pretty minor detail, but there are a lot of these touches throughout the game. Again, as we were confident in the PLAYSTATION 3 to recreate the arcade experience, we put as much care as possible into designing our characters and game world.

Time Crisis 4: from Arcade to PS3

As soon as the Arcade version of Time Crisis 4 was completed, we started development of the PLAYSTATION 3 version. Since we already had our graphics in high-res, it was a relatively simple process for us to get the arcade stages up and running smoothly on the PS3 hardware.

Time Crisis 4: from Arcade to PS3

Time Crisis 4: from Arcade to PS3

Our team hadn’t created any FPS stages prior to this point, so it was a fun challenge for us to try and meet our goal of implementing control via the Guncon3. We were always concerned with giving the player full movement over the character while also putting them in the fun shooting scenarios that the arcade game is known for. As you can see in the image below, our FPS stages are much larger than our arcade stages. On the left is the game’s first arcade stage, with the first FPS stage to the right. I think players will be surprised by how substantial our FPS mode actually is.

Time Crisis 4: from Arcade to PS3

We’re now working the European version of the game, but can feel a sense of relief with the game shipping to stores this week in North America. For the Japanese and Asian versions, there are still a few details to finalize, such as packaging. In the photo below, I am comparing the final Japanese packaging on the left to the Asian version on the right. I’m always concerned with selecting the right type of packaging for each region, so I take this step very seriously. You can also see the final US packaging in the below image – it’s very different from the packaging for our other regions.

Time Crisis 4: from Arcade to PS3


Our team put everything we had into making Time Crisis 4 as good as it can possibly be. I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog postings, and hope you found them informative. The game will be hitting stores this week, so I hope you enjoy it!

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  • First one to comment! I would love to see Guncon 3 is compatible with Time Crisis 2 and 3

  • The Gun is to Ugly and i don’t think it would work as good as the wii!

  • Time Crisis: From retail shelves to bargain bin.

    Sorry, had to do it. The light gun genre is dead, and even moreso at high retail price.

  • I love the black guncon3 for Japan. I dislike the ultra orange one for NA. :o So will the guncon3 be sold separately?

  • Awesome series, but the gun doesn’t look like a gun :(

    Still going to get this game once I get more money

  • I hope this supports 1080 output for users whose TVs don’t do 720p. I could see picking this one up- especially if the multiplayer is any good.

  • This game has multi-player >_>?

  • From what I’ve heard this only supports multiplayer via splitscreen. I’m still getting the game, but that’s really a deterrant for many people. Are there any plans or possibilities for a patch to add LAN as featured in the PS2 Time Crisis games?

  • To: darkiewonder. The color of Guncon in the U.S. is orange ,not black, so that Police officers won’t shoot you by mistake. (I learn that from watching COPS :) Alternative color (if there is any) for orange would be blue, not black.

    To: reson8er. This game was based on arcade game, I doubt it has multi-player. Although if you have second Guncon 3, I am guessing that you can play with your friend in split screen. :) (Just like Time Crisis 2 and 3 for PS2)

  • I’m looking forward to this game!


  • @ Nathan Hale (great name btw :) ) I thought so, but the comment above mine made me second guess that.

    Now that I think about it, maybee in the future they could implement the PS Eye and do multi player :O that would be awesom lol

  • Congratulations on getting the game out to everyone.

    Now we need some older PS1 and PS2 shooting games that’ll make use of this controller like Elemental Gearbolt.

  • @ Nathan Hale:

    Will Time Crisis work with a Projector?

    My setup is pretty much a home theater with a projector setup.

    I don’t mean a projector TV.. I mean literally a Projector. like the Optoma HD-70

  • You know an update of what we are getting tomorrow would be really nice.

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  • are we getting stuff tomorrow or thursday???? PSEYE GAMES!!!???! IN GAME XMB??!? REMOTE PLAY W/ PS3 GAMES!!?!! I thought we were supposed to be able to use the PSP with games!!!!?!?

  • Very cool post thanks for the info. I always loved the arcade Time Crisis games.

  • Congrats on shipping the game. Day one purchase for me…however when I actually get to it is another story with all the titles out this week!

  • VERY Very very nice, though you guys talked about the gun for two post. Give us in game screen shots, bonus features in game, and videos.

  • BTW…any chance of getting Time Crisis 1,2,&3 via download on the PSN? I would love to have the entire series to give the guncon 3 a full body workout. lol

  • When is this coming out??/

  • Finally, some light gun action :)

  • I’m getting this to review. Looks like fun :)

  • I saw a video of this game in action, it…doesnt…look…good.
    I’ll wait for the reviews, but unless you see a video you can’t judge, it looks great in pictures, once you see a video the controls look poopie. Umbrella chronicles stuck with On the rails, i think it was a good choice.

  • sweet i agree with #11 that would be amazing glad to see europe aint being left of of your posts :D

  • Nice! I own all the other Time Crisis for the Playstation 2…getting this one tomorrow.

  • Hell no it aint dead! I played Time Crisis 4 in the arcade and i love it! I will MOST DEFINITELY get this for the PS3!

  • Time Crisis rocks. I can’t wait to play this. :D

    I hope Namco Bandai and/or other devs consider PSN games in the future using this gun.

  • Can we get any sort of info if the GunCon3 is compatible with the previous games?

  • Looks like fun, That new Gun Con rocks!!

  • I want this game right now but because of that damn day called christmas and all the crap I have to buy for other people (kidding)

    Looks like Im just going to have to wait.

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  • It’s great to see so much care go into a game and it would be great to recreate an arcade experience in our living room. But the retail price is USD 90!!! I can ALMOST get a PS2 for that price. Sorry, but these prices just don’t work for home games. This doesn’t even count the extra dollars needed for a second controller to make it a great experience (comparable to the arcade). This is the same reason I am not getting Guitar Hero or Rock Band. How do people afford these things?! Definitely not the masses.

    Good luck with sales and thanks for the hard work!

  • I just read the review on IGN and obviously it’s a pretty good game.Good job guys!!

  • @34

    Amazon is selling it for $80.

  • I am a huge fan of the time crisis series! It’s probably one of my top five favorite arcade games of all time and i’ll definitely be getting it for my ps3 but i refuse to pay more than $30.00 for a controller i can only use for one game. I think that with bluetooth technology there’s no reason the new guncon can’t be cross compatible with other games. FIND A WAY!

  • $80 is way too much man does it at least come with 2 controllers?

  • Im not into this stuff, but many ppl like these games, so atleast the ps3 is a friendly machine to all game genres and likes.

  • I’ll be picking Time Crisis up soon.
    I haven’t played rail shooters in years but with a large screen HDTV this is something I can’t pass up on.

  • $80 is a $60 game plus a $20 controller.

  • @ willacuz. (Post #13) I played PS2 games with my buddies using projector in my campus :) (Played 5 hours until faculty members asked us to leave :) The only problem is that Guncon must shoot TV screen and projector makes it problem as you have to shoot projector lense not the screen. Therefore, my answer is no. It was nice try though.

  • @ willacuz (Post #13) I just realized that post above was for the Time Crisis 2 and 3, not 4. -_-;

    According to the IGN, Time Crisis 4 will work on a flat-panel LCD or plasma set, a rear-projection display or even a projector. :)

    Therefore, you are in luck. Sorry for the confusion. ^_^

    If you want detail info, here is the link: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/796/796338p1.html

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  • I HOP THIS GAME (Time Crisis 4) SELLS WELL.

  • Great effort on the game development! I’ve always been a light gun fan. Some ideas I hope u can fulfill:

    1) The one everybody knows: Make the guncon 3’s side detachable (and attachable) so that we can choose to play it at a more comfortable position.

    2) Give the drivers for your guncon 3 to all the FPS game makers on PS3 (or any other applicable game genres like resident evil). That functionality would attract a whole lot more people to play FPS games using the guncon 3, and also boost the sales of guncon games and the guncon itself. I’d love to see more guncon games, since the number of light gun games on the ps2 was pretty weak.

  • @ waddling penguin (Post #34)

    You spoiled americans, you know what a normal PS3 game costs in Sweden? 90 USD, that’s for a normal game. And you go nagging about it being to much of a cost for a game AND a guncon3. That’s just sad.

    And also, you know what Time Crisis 4 will cost here in Sweden? 142 USD, think about that before you say that 90 USD is WAAAAY to much of a cost.

  • What no rumble for the new Guncon? I’d love to feel simulated recoil!

  • WAIT!

    Multiplayer is only in split screen?!?!?!!?!?


    The only reason I was going to get this was to play with my girlfriend, just like at Dave and Buster’s….

    I was even going to buy another freakin gun just so she could play…

    So can anyone confirm that 2 players have to play in friggin Split screen??!?!?

    That’s not like the arcade at all…


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