Firmware Update (v2.01)

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The latest System Software Update is now ready for download for the PLAYSTATION 3. Here are the details of what this firmware accomplishes:

• Stability during playing some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

• Stability of System Software including Internet Browser and Information Board has been improved.

• Stability of the upscaler for PlayStation 2 format software has been improved. (Playability of PlayStation 2 depends on model)

• [Remote Start] feature is changed to avoid unintended power on.

As always, we’re continually evaluating and improving your PLAYSTATION 3 experience. We will continue to share similar updates like this on the blog, so keep an eye out. Thanks for your ongoing feedback!

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  • Thank you for addressing these issues so quickly. Sony your doing great keep up the good work. Also notfiy us when we are getting the next major update which contain those features that everyone is asking for,i dont need to mention them because we have alreay mentioned them enough. THANKS KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you I gave up on remote start because of my PS3 turing on every few minutes then back off cool..I will try to see if it actually works now…

  • Pleased to say I can now play streamed MPEG2 files which are longer than 20mins again. But AVC still stutters like crazy.

    If I could downgrade to 1.94 or whatever the pre-2 version was then I would!

    Come on Sony…. 2 steps forward and one back…

  • HEY! great! but it seems like my ps3 still restart itself after putting the “remote start” settings on, it is very annoying!

  • Stabilizing is always a good thing.So thanks for the update!

  • All we need is the playable music with the games and well be good to go at least i will. it would be great to have it.

  • I just installed this, and i played Assassins creed right after and it still froze! what the deal with that sony? Talk with Ubisoft and get this figured out. I didnt spend 500 for the Ps3 and 60 for Assassins creed for a pretty game that freezes every time i start it up. Its not even like other people whos game freezes after an hour or two, mine freezes after 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Sure it helps with the Stability like you said with all the other updates?.I doubt War Hawk game is always dropping my rank so I quit with those useless rank games since 2.00 came out.I should be by now General Brigadier!..Instead you guys dropped my rank for no reason at all..And no I don’t cheat…Anyway’s When is 2.2 going to be coming out And I hope its the big one that everybody else has been waiting for..XMB MUSIC IN YOUR GAMES BEING ABLE TO CHAT WITHOUT LEAVING A GAME!..DUH! Sony Get You Act Together..

  • Installed the 2.01 and about the PS2 upscaling i have to say that now i have blach borders left and right, before (2.0) there was a lot of overscan and now it’s the opposite. I also think (i can’t prove) that the smoothing in 2.0 was better/stronger, even though some text was blurrier, but in general to me it looked better. I do understand that it’s difficult to make everbody happy, but at least they should let us use older firmwares if you were happy with them….

  • Remote play is still broken ! My PS3 still turns on randomly. However I found that if I take my PS3 off of the DMZ on my router, then it seems to work (not turn on randomly). Any word on this ?

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  • Does the PS3….go online faster? :)


  • remote play is broke fix it, how can you put out this feature instead of what people want and then not even have it work?

  • Thanks for the update. My remote play works great now! All I had to do was follow the directions about port forwarding on my router and it worked like a charm!

  • this update is [DELETED], i cant read any discs now WTF! fix this [DELETED] I just got COD4 and Assassins and i cant play anything

  • Hi,
    new member here on the blog. I would like to know if anyone here has a PS3 model 80Gb and after downloading the update 2.00 the system doesn’t recognize any type of Disk; and then after downloading the new 2.01 update if it fixs that problem?. Cuz I can’t believe how Sony destroy my PS3 with that update, is just frustrating…

  • Sony thanks for the update, but in the part of PS2 games upscaling to full screen on my HDTV isn’t working because there’s two black bars on the left and the right of my tv, this problem was fixed on firmware 2.00 for me but then after I updated to 2.01 I lost it. Note: I have the 60Gb model and a 32″ Viewsonic N3251W connected via HDMI.Please fix this! Thanks for everything and keep bringing the firmwares.

  • I Just want In Game XMB To Be Heard everybody wants the xbox 360 for its xmb not just the music but it has a good one but Sony Can Do Way Better I mean come on its SONY. wheb will we see it

  • Well, my 80 GB iPod classic still froze the PS3 when I plugged it in, so they didn’t fix that issue. Why does the summary of the update have to be so vague?

  • Yes, it seems the 2.01 did actually reverse some of the Playstation 2 upscaling progress…unfortunate..

    Sony please look into this!

    Backward Compatibility is a must! I have a 60 gig launch console!


  • Thank you for resolving the issues with Devil May Cry 3.

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  • PLEASE bring back DTS decoding of SACDs over optical connections!!!!

    Was this intentionally removed, or is it a bug? Please please please bring it back!


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  • I have a 20GB PS3 connected with HDMI and the PS2 upscaling got worse since 2.01, it’s not fullscreen anymore and the smoothing is also worse than in 2.0, no matter if i put it on normal or fullscreen, there are black borders left and right. Hope Sony fixes this, was much happier with 2.0 and had no stability issues.

  • it broke mine, it cant read discs anymore. Sony said to unplug its power for a few hours and try again. It better work or ill be pissed

  • I tested the PS2 upscaling now with sveral games and turning the smoothng on or off doesn’t make any difference, with 2.0 yu could really see an improvement in the smoothing…i feel a bit pissed that i updated, from now on i will wait when a new firmware will come out until people really let you know what has changed…information politics of the updates could be better and please put the upscaling of firmware 2.0 back in…

  • lol now i cant get into my ps3 remotely… the F ing option was defualt off anyways, what the heck???? come on now DISCLAIMER!!!!! like “when Using remote power on, there may be an extra FireRisk, IF YOU ARE CHEAP and have your beloved PS3 pluged into an electrical octapuss of power outlets and and cords….” i was prepaired, its safe and secure… Remote play was one thing i enjoyed the most… playing with my ps3 away from home with my psp….. playing movies, off the PS3, i didn’t try to watch my movies/music/pics off the computer…

  • To the guy who said gamespot only gave uncharted a 8/10 when will a true AAA come out? uncharted is AAA, your talking about the people who gave Ratchet and Clank future a 7.5/10 i’d trust gamestats over gamespot

  • dear members now that you have informed me that the 60 gig model was the one to buy. guess what there are none left to be found if I were to but 80 gig model would I be able to play any of my old ps2 games? and why would sony stop making there systems as good as they can.? there allready in 600plus range how much more profit do they want? needless to say back to my question the way I under
    stand 80 gig only has about half of back. comp. then. of 60 gig but 40 has no backwards comp. so 80 would be my best buy now???


    IT IS WORSE AFTER 2.01!!


  • Firmware 2.00+ is just horrible. I can’t even play older games like Oblivion anymore let alone Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted. Sony, why would you release a firmware that makes your system worse? I hate how you basically force people to ‘upgrade.’ You guys are doing a poor job. My PS3 has locked up four times since I woke up 5 hours ago and ‘upgraded’ to 2.01, the so-called ‘stability patch.’ At least on 2.00 the crashes/lock-ups were far less frequent like 1 crash out of a whole day of playing. Nice job.
    Now you guys have to play EVERY PS3 game the whole way through every time you release a new f/w just to check for stability issues. Or maybe it’s just one issue that is messing up all the games, in which case it would come down to one person who dropped the ball.

    To summarize: “NOT HAPPY JAN!”

    P.S. Also, I know that you guys ‘SCEA’ aren’t directly in control of how the firmware is made, but being part of ‘SCE,’ I know you can take our displeasure and funnel it through the correct channels to ensure that it (eventually) gets fixed.

    P.P.S. If you guys need someone to play test games for the new firmwares, I’ll do it for free if I get to keep the games. ;) hehehe

  • Alas poor DTS, we loved thee. But not enough to include DTS-MA support. Perhaps Bravia Theater Sync will be included at some point.
    (whine mode: off)


  • My PES 2008 works better hehehe
    …thanks !!!

  • @ cricket

    The 60GB model is still the best buy IMHO you should search all the Mom and Pop stores in your area. You may also want to look at ebay or perhaps if you still can’t find it than the 80GB would be your best choice. The compatibility isn’t as good but it’s better than the 40GB one. As for why the did it well it is so they could cut costs since they were planning on taking out the EE = Emotion Engine Chip and that was the only model that had it and was still available at the time. So they discontinued it. I would still recommend searching out the 60GB though for sure.

    As for you Sony you know you haven’t fixed the issues with the remote play all you did was disable the option to use remote play over the internet if you are one of the affected users with the Remote Play problem where your PS3 automatically Turns on & off on its own. This is simply a stop gap method, I was hoping it was going to be fixed. I am pretty dissappointed to find this out. :-( I hope the Next update will finally fix this.

    Second I would like to request that you update the PSP’s Router Support thru a Firmware update. So the PSP will be able to use WPA 2 Personal instead of just WPA Personal,

    Lastly Please create a system for this blog so I can create my Own Password on this blog. I am never going to remember this random # and Letter combo.

    I don’t think my requests are so difficult so I hope you take them into consideration.

  • does anybody of them even read the sh!t we are writing hear? since opening this blog ppl come up with ingame xmb and nothing happend…. ppl describing their problems and noone says “guy we didnt knew this occured, we’re working sooo so hard on it”
    just only this positiv selfporpaganda stuff “we’re so happy releasing a 12 hour game for 66 bucks”
    “we got bashed over a year, but ppl still love us” shure you have to do this, but damn, respond a bit. why the hell having a blog, with out even responding? put up polls and votes , give the customer the feeling of beeing acknowledged.

    you build great machines but your service big pile buggle.

  • I upgraded to the new 2.01 firmware and I sill have problems whit Assassin’s Creed. I love the game but every time it goes to a new area I have to pray, cross my fingers, kiss my rabbit foot, and stand on one foot wield screaming is my birthday, go shorty you know is my birthday. Please fix it.

  • guuh
    I have very limmited amounts of time on my PS3 and I don’t want to download some update that harldy does anything
    i hate how I can’t go on the playstation store untill I downlload it. you should chnge that

  • hi my ps3 comes up with system update error 80710732 when it gts to about 1 to 30 percent wat should i do

  • hey danny5678, try again and again till it works or try downloading via pc.

  • It really feels that for “compatibility reasons” they reverted the PS2 BC to FW1.50 level, the games look just the same as if i would play it with my PS2, no mather what filter or scaling method i use…maybe it was a bit unstable with 2.0 (not for me) but at least the games looked much better…the way it is now, you don’t need stability, because the games look so ugly, i don’t want to play them….they should really fix this…themes and all of this i don’t need, i want to play games with the machine…

  • First of all, thank you for allowing us to copy our store bought disks to our ps3 hard-drives so easily and then for the opportunity to listen to our tracks while reading web pages. That is great. Thank you very much. However, I would kill for a simple little “notepad” type application. It doesn’t even have to have spell check. Please give it to us. Also, support for many more variations of movie types would also be nice. Thank you and keep up the good work. PS3 60GB owner since 12/24/06. Finally getting my HDTV in a couple of days, hopefully. :) j

  • i meant music cd’s, not “disks”.

  • Well, thanks for the update, but now I can’t remote start my PS3 through the internet on my PSP. It worked fine with 2.0, but after 2.01 it won’t work anymore. It gives the message: “A connection error has occurred. The connection to the PS3 system has timed out.”

  • Eric, I am disconnecting my PS3 from the Internet until the various freeze issues and PSP remote start complaints are addressed. I will not update the firmware until you respond to these problems. Please reply to these complaints ASAP.

  • Quote: Eric, I am disconnecting my PS3 from the Internet until the various freeze issues and PSP remote start complaints are addressed. I will not update the firmware until you respond to these problems. Please reply to these complaints ASAP.


    I have the 60GB version. I have had zero problems with any firmware update. The only problem that I have is that my media server, windows media player 11, keeps getting disconnected. I think it is a problem with my router settings, and Vista. WMP11 with XP has given me no problems. TVersity gives me no problems.

    I was hoping that this update would give us full support of DIVX. DIVX looks great when I use TVersity.

    So, no problems with any firmware updates using my 60GB version.

    Find the 60GB version. That is the easiest way of playing RockBand, it has enough USB hubs.

  • well the 20gb and 60gb should be the same, Emotion Engine etc. except the hard drive and i didn’t have stability problems either, but the upscaling of PS2 got definitely worde sinc 2.01 and it was good before so it has nothing to do with the version of your console….

  • Well done! Thanx for the bugfixes. DNLA works fine again.

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