PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.


Blazing Angels 2 Demo (free)
Discover the Secret Missions of WWII by playing the Blazing Angels 2 PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system demo today. Experience the single-player campaign and engage in the “Rain of Death”, or play against your friends and fire-at-will via the PLAYSTATION 3 system multiplayer mode.
File size: 1.08 GB
ESRB Rated E

Toy Home Demo (free)
Toy Home is an exciting toy car racing game where your house becomes the racetrack. Weave between other toys strewn across a bedroom floor, hurtle across kitchen tables, dodge toy soldiers and zoom along model railway tracks in moonlit playrooms. Download the demo today!
File size: 503 MB
ESRB Rated E

Game Videos

TimeShift FPS Video 1 (free)
Watch this series of videos on how you can Master Time to Become the Ultimate Weapon!
File size: 119 MB (HD)

Battlefield: BC Teaser Trailer (free)

A first look at Battlefield: Bad Company™.
File size: 151 MB (HD)

Burnout “Playground” Video (free)

Take the tour of Paradise City and step into the ultimate driving playground of Burnout Paradise.
File size: 108 MB (HD)

Ratchet BTS – Animation (free)
Get a behind the scenes look and learn about the animation system used by Insomniac Games to create Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Download it now!
File size: 292 MB (HD)

Ratchet BTS – Gameplay (free)

Get a behind the scenes look and learn about the incredible gameplay design of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Download it now!
File size: 243 MB (HD)

Time Crisis 4 Trailer 2 (free)

High-def and hardcore meet to propel the premier arcade experience into your living room. Featuring all new FPS stages, revolutionary graphics and the most advanced light gun available.
File size: 13 MB (SD), 46 MB (HD)

Uncharted “MTD” Video (free)
Meet Naughty Dog! Get a unique behind the scenes look at the talented team behind Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.
File size: 464 MB (HD)

High Velocity Bowling Trailer (free)
Meet the High Velocity Bowlers each with their own unique personality, skill-set, and attributes. High Velocity Bowling uses the SIXAXIS controller to simulate a genuine bowling swing with real lane environments, providing a truly next-gen bowling game. Players will compete to unlock 8 distinctive characters and progress through 8 themed alleys on their way to bowling domination.
File size: 27 MB (HD), 37 MB (1080)

PAIN Launch Trailer (free)

PAIN boldly tackles a rarely explored area of video-gaming… comedy. The unique mechanic of the game allows the player to load a character into a human-sized, ultra-powerful slingshot, and fire the character into an active, physics-controlled environment filled with precarious and humorous situations. Download the video.
File size: 62 MB (HD), 77 MB (1080)

Toy Home Trailer (free)

Toy Home is an exciting toy car racing game where your house becomes the racetrack. Weave between other toys strewn across a bedroom floor, hurtle across kitchen tables, dodge toy soldiers and zoom along model railway tracks in moonlit playrooms. Download the video now! File size: 24 MB (HD)

PLAYSTATION Network Video (free)

PLAYSTATION Network grants you free access to online gaming, friends and text messaging, internet browsing and the PLAYSTATION Store.
File size: 87 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

This Christmas Trailer (free)
This year, Christmas with the Whitfields promises to be one they will never forget.
File size: 109 MB (HD), 144 MB (1080)

The Dark Knight Trailer (free)

The sequel to Batman Begins.
File size: 12 MB (SD), 23 MB (HD), 40 MB (1080)

Remember That Night Trailer (free)

The latest from Pink Floyd’s guitarist features a live version of On An Island, David’s long-awaited third and best selling solo album.
File size: 28 MB (SD), 99 MB (HD), 134 MB (1080)

PS3 Wallpaper

(4) Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Wallpaper (free)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Game Wallpaper
File sizes: 1.46 MB – 2.59 MB

Hope you enjoy!

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  • nice update nothing i want but alot of content europe update sux as normal

    PS EYE games not sure why we have them in europe the EYE aint out stand alone till december 7th and i aint paying £75 or $153 for eye of judgement just to get the EYE early i dont like TOP TRUMPHS i mean the PS EYE is only £25 or $51 so they want us to pay £50 or $102 for the game when COD 4 is only £45 or $91 and for the type of game that EOJ is thats nowhere near worth it i would say EOJ is a £15 or $30 game if that

  • How about for the next update we see a good feast on thanksgiving and have some nice PS1 games to be able to download. Plus on the PS1 games put the multiplayer back in the games.

    It would also be nice to see some imported games like you can do on the Wii too.


  • Hmmm. That is odd Saunder. So the eye isnt out in UK(save with beholder) and you(being the UK) have all the games for the Eye. In the US its out and we have none of the games. Maybe since it is a London Studio production(I think).
    Grace could you give us a little insight into this ?

    The Holidays are coming up and I have 20 or so people who want to play some games. I would love to show them some EYE candy(I know it was a bad pun). If not WII it shall be.

  • not on it own we can get it with EOJ

  • Playstation network video? FOR WHO?
    If you can view this video it’s because you already in PSN !

    I didn’t know that PSN is FREE… Now I understand why I didn’t receive any bills. :]

  • I just remembered, please anyone connected with Sony please put Intelligent cube on the Playstation Network for Download, people are getting 100 dollars for it on Ebay!!!

  • yo Grace Chen where is the:
    1-High Velocity Bowling demo.
    2-PAIN demo
    3-Haze demo
    4-Toy Home game
    This is not what I was waiting for Grace I hop the next update well be better.

  • Hi, With the big back catalog of Playstation 1 title just sitting there to be seen on the PSN store, it’s like everwhere BUT SCEJ feels the need to update, not only once but TWICE, the PSN Store with PS1 games.

    Is it everywhere else you are playing it “Safe” or just feel the need that “We have a lot of games and we could release it but we won’t” or “We have lots of NEW games in works and you guys don’t want to buy old games”. Umm. People like games. period.

    It would be healthy to you know at least ATTEMPT at LEAST once to update the PSN store here with 2-4 PS1 Titles so that at least there’s some meat in the updates.

    Just a thought.

  • Hi everyone. Just to let you know, we’ll be updating the PS Store next Tuesday, instead of Thanksgiving Thursday.

  • God its always good to get something for free but Ey TOMORROW UNCHARTED DRAKE’S FORTUNE. YEAHHHHHHH

  • Thanks for telling us Grace, can you give usa hint of whats going to be in it? i know the bowling ppl said probobly next week but give us something to chew on!

  • Hi Grace.

    What’s the logic behind making us wait over a month for the Eye games in the US?

  • I don’t think I even have to say it because so many other users are complaining. Seriously Sony–PS1 is considered one of the best systems of all time. Give us the games already…I’ve literally been waiting a year to put FF7 and Chrono Cross on my PSP and PS3. Plz–just give us our retro already.

    About PS3 sales, sales did increase, so the whole 40GB bombing this is moronic. How will it compare to Wii or X360 this Holiday season is still up in the air. But with a slew of HUGE games coming only on PS3 in 08–having just a decent Holiday 07 is pretty good for Sony.

    Being 3rd place doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, it’s all about the games. And I don’t see PS3 being absent in that category–some of the biggest games in the industry will be exclusively on PS3–so plz with the sales numbers crap–GET OVER IT ALREADY…

    PS3 is not PS2, but it will more than likely be more than successful enough for Sony to make PS4, and really–isn’t that all that matters anyway?

    Ok–rant aside, PSN needs a retro overhaul. A cleaner look would be nicer (it’s a bit clunky at the moment.) In-game XMB PLZ SONY!!!!

    oh and one more rant–a user generated section in the PS store for Eyetoy/Singstar creations etc…

    I think limited that type of thing to PS3 owners only is kind of defeating the purpose of creating a Playstation community? Unless Home is supposed to be the answer to all of that–then yea, there needs to be a user generated section on the store.

    Having said all of that–my PS3 hasn’t been off since September;) Keep the games coming Sony!

  • Did anyone else notice there are loads of PSeye games on the eu store but the PSeye is not available in european shops, only with that expensive card-trade-game ? whilst americans can buy the PSeye alone but ,yes -guess what- no games for it on PSN….
    What`s this SONY ??? r u kidding us? Unify the PSN immediately, ONE WORLD —> ONE PSN ! ! !

    Otherwise you`ll lose totally against ms , you don´t really want that,do you?

  • While you’re updating the PS store could you update this blog? Most of the time I come in here and then try to leave the page freezes up and I have to end task it.

  • Im posting for the first time in five months of reading the PSblog, sadly only to make known my unhappiness about the lack of EYE games in the states. I undestand that the demand looks pretty high, so some action/info on the topic would be very appreciated.
    PS:This is not a rant, haha!

  • Solace,
    Thanks for your ingenius solution, but I’ve already purchased the games that appeal to me.

    … and get yo filthy hands off me!! ; )

  • “As promised, the group’s monthly recap also included hardware sales figures, and the Xbox 360’s Halo 3-sparked reign atop the charts was short-lived. For October, the Wii retook the sales crown with sales of 519,000 systems, followed by 458,000 units sold for the Nintendo DS. The Xbox 360 posted sales of 366,000 systems, while the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 followed with 286,000 and 184,000 sold, respectively. The PlayStation 3 trailed with 121,000 sold, perhaps hurt by Sony’s advance notice that it would make a less expensive version of the hardware available in November.”

    Quoted from

    Where was Sony lieing again to all you people incapable of reading?

    Anyway, pretty average update this week but that’s to be expected. Keep up the good work though Sony.

  • SimStim –
    If it’s so easy to do, why don’t you make the emulator and send it to Sony instead of spamming the blog?
    *you get a hug to, you little glob of spam, you!*

  • That was crazy dude, I’m sure SONY knows what games they have, though maybe a little reminder doesn’t hurt. WHERE ARE THE PS1 GAMES? MORE WE ASK! Hey PS2 games would rock EVERYONE’s world. Since you’re discontinuing the backwards compatible models you might as well offer some way of playing PS2 games for the people that got the newer models.

  • Anyone remember the PS1 Warhawk?

  • Solace

    That list is a reminder of all the great games that Sony should be releasing on the PSN, and they DO need a reminder because PS1 Classic selection is a joke right now. Hell, a fifth of those games are Sony propriety titles.

    I don’t know who the asshat-in-charge is at Sony who thinks his company is doing a good job right now with the PSN.

    Demos that are released weeks after their release on the XBLA.

    An XMB that lacks basic online functionality.

    A cumbersome, hard to navigate PS Store.

    A lack of movie trailers content compared to other websites like the Apple store, that should come in Hi-Res, HD 480p, HD 720p, and HD 1080p for download, and uploaded as they arrive not every Thursday.

    Sony runs their PSN the the USSR ran its country.

  • @ Grace Chen

    What’s that? the store will now be updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays??? WOOHOO…. you herd it here first! :-)

    Anyways, too bad we didn’t get that Haze demo… Dam rumors!

  • @Simstim
    I don’t know. PSone games are great and all, but I bought my PS3 to play next-gen games. If you want PSone games so badly, just go to your local GameshellStop – they’ve got tons for ya.
    Personally, I like the steady improvements we’ve seen in not just the firmware updates, but also in the PSN.
    We’ve been getting more demos on a regular basis. Yeah, some of those have been coming out after the demos for the other console, but that’s the developer’s fault, not Sony’s.
    As for the movie trailers, funny – you’re the only person I know of who wants MORE movie trailers.
    Then again, maybe you just got your PS3, since you obviously haven’t heard about these “little projects” like Home and the store redesign that they said are coming next year. You want LIVE? Go play on your 3fixme.
    I’ll stick to my PS3 and its scheduled updates that don’t require me having to guess if and/or when something new has been uploaded.
    Till then, take a chill pill, learn that we’re barely at a year in to the PSN (instead of 5 years!) and look at how far we’ve come. Can’t make up for all those old games you want to play on your next-gen system, but I will give you a big ol’ hug. How’s that make you feel, buddy? ;)

  • Solace

    Listen fanboy living in lala land. If you care so much for the Playstation brand you are going to want to best for it, and for the PS3 to pull out of 3rd place in this console generation.

    Who cares what your particular tastes are? There is obviously a demand for more PS1 releases, every single PSN update post is filled with comments from PS3 owners saying they want more PS1 Classic uploads. And a lot of those games, particularly the limited release rpg ones, go for $100 on ebay, but there is no demand for these games? Take your head out of the sand. It costs next to nothing for Sony to emulate these games for DD. Right now XBLA and Nintendo’s Virtual Console in numbers of classic games releases. Its a NEGATIVE for Sony.

    That crap you said about demos is a lie, game devs send out demos for both consoles ASAP and then Sony, in its infinite wisdom, sits on them until a week prior to release. We are getting more demos because of all the Christmas season releases which always sees more game releases than the rest of the year. That doesn’t change the fact that Mircosoft is beating Sony on demo releases because of some silly corporate protocol at Sony.

    They can upload content as it arrives and give a Thursday summary of all the uploads that week, and then people like you can make pretend that it has all been uploaded on Thursday.

    The competition isn’t going to wait for Sony to get its crap together as they improve their services, PSN has a lot of lost groudn to cover versus the XBLA and PS3 doesn’t have 5 years to wait for excellent service. If Sony wants to do better, sales wise, this generation they are going to have to make dramtic improvements with their online services.

    But wahtever fanboy, keep living iwth your head in teh sand.

  • @Simstim

    So…go play 360 and be happy?

    I don’t really understand why people come here and complain about how the PSN isn’t as good as Live. Well, duh. It’s not hard to understand why, such as how Live sucked a lot in it’s first year too. Starting an online platform isn’t nearly as easy as you make it out to be, let alone putting forth the resources to port all those PS1 games. And now I expect you to claim “Sony’s a huge corporation, they can afford to do them.” Well see the problem with that, is that idiots like you, go around trolling and talking crap, and the uninformed public come here and see your negative words, and then it only hurts the PS3’s public image. The result is lower sales, more monetary losses, and less resources to make these PS1 ports that you so desperately want. Do you see now that it is, in fact, your own demise? The truth is, and I would know, owning BOTH SYSTEMS, that while Live has the edge, the PSN is still a great competitor, and in time, will become better than Live, strictly for the fact that once the content catches up, it will be the same experience, for free. FREE. GIVE US US FREE.

    Sony doesn’t need a list of games to put up on the PSN, they freaking own the licenses to most of them, it’s just not like they can copy paste the code into the PSN to make us able to download it. They actually have to modify the code to make it playable on PS3 and PSP. And then run beta bug tests, and all that jazz. Don’t EVER assume that this is as easy as you wish it was. Basically in order for you to get these games, there is a whole group of people up at SCEA who are digging through all this old game code, and basically RE-developing the whole game, one by one, to satisfy people like you.

    And which Sony official came up to you, and said, “The PSN is in GREAT shape, heck, it’s better than LIVE!”

    Because I’m pretty sure they didn’t say that. Jack Tretton said that they are confident in the progress they’ve made with their FIRST ONLINE VENTURE, but he never implied that it’s the best thing in the world. And how is it not getting better?? The XMB is getting better, adding features like CUSTOM FOLDERS, oh, bet you didn’t know you could do that, and they just announced DivX support! People wanted support for more video codecs, BAM, Sony stuck up for YOU, the gamer, and went with one of the most heavily pirated formats in the world. At their own loss nonetheless! They are also a media company, and do you think they make money off pirated movies?? The PS store is fine, stop complaining, I never have problems getting around, unless you have like tourettes and constantly button mash while browsing. Oh, and the media they provide us, the HD trailers have to be LICENSED TO THEM, just as they do to Apple, which is why Apple doesn’t get every trailer all the time either, I know, go ahead and ask Yahoo Movies about that.

    I almost wish that Sony would run their stuff like the USSR, because people like you would be silenced by the PSKGB.

  • @Simstim

    Oh, and go ahead and throw around the “your a fanboy” excuse, I like both systems equally, I just tend to believe that for this industry to move forward, people have to be patient. If the PS3 had come out the same exact day as 360, there wouldn’t be a damn thing you could say. Because both systems would be in the exact same place right now, only the PS3 would have more tech savvy features. Like custom background and icons you don’t have to pay for, better movie and music codec support, and an internet browser.

  • CitizenInsane27

    What planet are you from, people have been pirating PS1 games for years! On the PSP no less. It is not friggin brain sugery. Sony needs to make an ISO and plop it online.

    Where do people like you come from?

  • I’m from the planet of reality, or as some like to call it, Earth, actually. So, why don’t you go and pirate all those awesome PS1 games to your PSP, and stop arguing with people here. That seems a bit jaded.

  • CitizenInsane27

    Haha, your argument about the difficulty for emulating PS1 games is destroyed by a commonly know fact. And I don’t game illegaly, I want to give Sony my money.

  • “It costs next to nothing for Sony to emulate these games for DD.”
    It doesn’t? Really? I would’ve thought that licensing, re-coding and all the other stuff that’s required to convert something from a physical product to strictly digital for distribution on multiple consoles it wasn’t designed for would’ve cost money, but I guess in the world you live in, they don’t, and since I live in LaLa land, what do I know.

    “That crap you said about demos is a lie, game devs send out demos for both consoles ASAP and then Sony, in its infinite wisdom, sits on them until a week prior to release.”
    Proof? If you want to talk about demos being delayed, let’s talk about skate. Right here on the blog, one of their guys even stated that they didn’t get it when everyone else said they did, but they’d look in to it. What ended up happening? We got it the next week. I guess instead of looking at that as listening to their customers and following up on what they want, you’re going to cry about “Sony LIEZ!!!”
    Oh really?
    When did we get the Heavenly Sword demo? On the date they promised we would.
    When did we get the Ratchet & Clank demo?
    On the date they promised we would.
    When did we get the Uncharted demo?
    When they said we would.
    What happened when it was discovered the Uncharted demo has a region-lock bug in it?
    They fixed it within 24 hours.
    Yeah. They are a bunch of liars when it comes to their titles.
    If you have PROOF that Sony receives demos and doesn’t release them, present it. Till then, like a flaming paper bag on a doorstoop, you’re just full of poop.

    …but I’ll still give you a big hug cuz disgruntled little trolls need love too! :)

  • Simstim, your argument is flawed by the fact that you have absolutely no idea what is going on at Sony right now, for all you know, they could be preparing to release 30 PS1 games on christmas, saving it up for an occasion worth giving it to us. But until you learn to stop playing straw man and yelling at their invisible face, you are gonna be constantly disappointed. Your complaints are not made for this message board, that’s what the “contact us” link is about up top.

    Oh, and your attempts to make me feel dumb are kind of, well, childish, I already knew said fact, but that in no way has any relevance to actual non pirating half of it. If you want these games so bad, go get a job with Sony and make them yourself.

  • Solace

    The Uncharted demo was completed weeks prior to its release on the PSN, this is confirmed by Naughty Dog people if you follow gaming news.

    But the games in question are multiplatform games, that do have their demos released weeks earlier on XBLA.

    You are so delusional its like I am reasoning with a cultist.

  • CitizenInsane27

    Something might happen in the future, theoretically pigs may fly. Your argument is the actual logical fallacy, but I forget the given name of it.

    Hopefully Sony does improve their PS1 updates, nothing would make me happier.

    It would actually be easier, because Sony has actual professional programmers and game testers who know the PS3 emulating software and hardware rather some some guy in his basement coding pirating software for the PC or PSP.

  • What about the Guitar Hero 3 Boss Battles Pack that the 360 got? Was that delayed from Sony’s end or Activision’s end?

  • “The Uncharted demo was completed weeks prior to its release on the PSN, this is confirmed by Naughty Dog people if you follow gaming news.”

    Even if so, you do realize that in between “completion” and “publish”, there has to be:
    – the testers have to QA it
    – marketing needs time to hype it
    – and sometimes journalists need to see it in advance so it gets even further exposure.
    You know, I really hate to ruin the illusion, but you know that grocery stores don’t have a real orchard or slaughterhouse in the back, right? Well, it’s the same thing.

    I do chuckle at your vision of Sony having all these tech folks just sitting around working on, no, not new games or tech, but emulation of old games. Right. I’m sure that that’s top of their priorities! Like CI27 said – if you think it’s so easy, you should do it yourself or work for Sony. I know I don’t know enough about it to complain, so I learn to accept the things I cannot change. :P

    soulscreme – I’d be willing to bet that if it’s going to be made available for the PS3 version, we’ll be seeing it relatively soon. Maybe this Tuesday? Who knows. Good question though.

    Group hugs for everyone!

  • wow. People never seem to stop [DELETED] and crying. First there was too much video’s and such.

    Then they give you Demo’s and Videos and Themes and such and its still not enough. The people on this forum are so destructive towards their brand, its amazing.

    Im not saying dont ask for more. But dont be filled with so much hate. We all want the PS brand to be full of energy and ground breaking, but crying about it and pissing about it wont change it.

    Everybody needs to calm down.

  • I was really hoping the Guitar Hero 3 boss battle songs would be in this update, since they’re on another console to download. Damn it. :(

    Well I’m really hoping you guys pull through for us on this content on Tuesday! Hooray Sony!

  • @Solace

    I’m in for that whole group hug thing.

    All this bickery aside, I’m happy with my PS3, and owning both a PS3 and 360, that’s saying something.

  • Solace

    You are talking about when the final version of the game goes gold, not demos.

    Some devs even release multiple demos for games as they progress.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that Sony sits on demos they have in their hands for weeks so can upload it a week or two prior to the game release. Weeks, sometimes months, after the demo has been up on XBLA.

    It is a purely arbitrary protocol on Sony’s part that has nothing to do with game development or publication.

  • Ok……I think getting MORE PS1 titles may not be the answer to a better store update. Its more the kind of game were getting thats MY issue.

    Think about the fact that the LARGE amount of RPG titles on PS1 has not been tapped at all. Im the biggest Sony fan I know but every day I groan over this. Atleast when i turn on 2xtreme…..haha.

    O, and one more time for good measure.


    other than those two things Im drunk with content, thank you.

  • Oh, silly little Simstim.
    You think demos don’t need to be tested or run through some sort of marketing machinations.
    Your naivety is so adorable, it makes me want to pinch your cheeks off.
    And the fact that you have no proof Sony sits on the demos but still cling to that notion; it’s like I’m talking to a little kid who, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, still believes in Santa. It’s simply priceless, I tell ya…
    You believe they have all these engineers and smart people, but their decisions are all arbitrary. Either you don’t know what the words you’re using mean or you honestly believe that the decisions at Sony are made by dolphins bumping balls in a giant tank.
    But then again, who am I to tell you you’re wrong for believing in dolphin balls and santa.

  • Solace

    Oh my god, the devs test their own demos, market testing throughout development is a part of game devlopment.

    Demos for the same game are released weeks earlier on XBLA. Devs have come out and said that their PS3 demos have been sent to Sony and are ready to use. I am not the first person to complain about this.

  • @Simstim

    but aren’t the devs the same people who say that it takes them longer to complete the ps3 versions of the games they are working on…?

    So in theory, the demos are sent later, which still have to go through the QA testing stage before we see them?

  • Oh, and Sony has said, multiple times, and even MS has said that both platforms have first party QA before release, because otherwise if theres a bug that someone missed, Sony is automatically responsible for damage control.

  • The devs may test their own demos, but they still need to be sent to Sony QA for them to evaluate.
    I have a cousin who worked QA for M$ and that’s how they did it. What makes you think Sony would do any different?
    They can’t just send it to a company and have that company go, “oh, okay, we trust you!”
    This goes for any developer. Just because they claim to have sent their demo to Sony doesn’t mean that it passed all of Sony’s requirements or isn’t broken or violates some sort of their standards.
    None of us know what happens behind the scenes, but since it makes no sense to sit on demos, the logical reason is that there’s a reason why a demo wasn’t released.
    We could go round and round like this all day and night, but I’ll let you go back to your bliss where ignorance reigns supreme.
    *hugs the little troll goodbye*

  • It’s not may, the devs do their own testing, its part of game development.

    The devs, including Sony’s devs from its various studios, do the game testing and perform focus groups. When a demo is ready for release, it is ready for release. And there have been multiple occasions where devs have demos ready for both systems (PS3, brokebox 360) and MS decised to release the demos as they come in on XBLA while Sony sits on the demo till a week or so prior to the final game release.

    This has nothing to do with game development, its an arbitrary policy decision for the PSN on Sony’s part on high.

  • The Battlefield Bad Company video made me laugh. I can’t wait to play that game.

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